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2. LAS "Traveling" b/w "Omega Dub" ZamZam 35, 7" vinyl rip


With releases on Black Box, Box Clever, System - and of course firmly planted in the mighty Innamind camp of artists - ZamZam is proud to forward our first 7” from the enigmatic LAS (Love and Sound) AKA Lassi Vainionpää of Helsinki. Well-known to those that have journeyed alongside LAS during his live shows the last couple years, “Traveling" is a deep journey into the post-dubstep ether - a classic Upsetters sample rotates and swims in strange orbits around a rubbery sub and LAS’ signature conga-led percussion. Half way through the tune a 4/4 pulse takes over and the dubbing goes recursive and non-Euclidian, even while it drives that much harder. "Omega Dub" takes a turn for the darker - the darkness of space. A hollowed out lead that sounds like throat signing cyborgs navigates the craft, propelled by insistent skanks. Spectral key flourishes bloom from the beyond, and hats and snares are pushed into an ever deeper reverb void. Released mid-February, 2016. Limited to 800 copies for the world. No digital, no repress. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. Contact [email protected] for any information (including subscriptions and direct mail-order, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be kept in the loop!

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3. Egoless feat. Tenor Youthman "Non-Immigrant Song" b/w "Non-Immigrant Dub" ZamZam 50 vinyl rip blend

Egoless feat. Tenor Youthman

There are few producers in the world of underground bass and dubwise music working today with the breadth, depth, and genre-busting powers of Ognjen Zecevic, the man called Egoless. From post-everything blasts of wonky crunch & bass, to the most sparkling, orthodox reggae, his mastery of analog and digital production, and his free-roaming imagination and intuition make every Egoless plate a special, surprising, and rewarding experience. We’ve been holding this tune for some time… we kept it back as we knew right away it was fully deserving of the #50 spot in our catalog, a release we’ve been steadily working towards for a full 5 years. It exemplifies what we have tried to build with ZamZam - a body of forward thinking heart and soul music, message music, physical music, sound system music. For "Non-Immigrant Song” the Croatian Gorgon linked with rising sing-jay star Tenor Youthman (virtually unknown outside of his native Russia when the tune was recorded). Egoless says "It was one of those moments when I received a message and some tunes from a guy in Russia, expecting the worst English ever... Oh how I was wrong, this guy blew me away with the natural organic quality of his voice and we did this tune shortly afterward.” The lyric was extremely relevant when we first heard it, but we could not have imagined how relevance would turn to urgency with the rise of anti-immigrant extremism, Brexit, Trumpism and full-blown fascist infections spreading in so many parts of the world. A plea to all those who lose touch with our humanity when we treat anyone as ‘other’ - native-born as immigrants, immigrants as refugees, refugees as less than human. As for the music… an effortlessly swinging, massive rub-a-dub riddim in classic formation. Buttery bass and thick kick hitting hard in unison. Sparse and spare. Strictly analog effects and flawless instrumentation. We asked Egoless for a truly OUT dub version to back the vocal, and he obviously didn’t disappoint - absolute desk & tape madness in the tradition of the most dub-me-crazy Ariwa or Black Ark meltdowns. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this record and this milestone arrived at through so much work and so much support from our worldwide community. ****As a special gift to celebrate ZamZam 50 we are including a full color poster documenting the art of ZamZam 01-49 folded into every copy.**** Mastered by Egoless himself, cut by Lewis at Stardelta. Released late February, 2017. Limited to 800 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & 2-color screen print by Polygon Press. No repress, no digital.

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4. Von D feat Digital Sham "Over" b/w "Chalice Overdubs" ZamZam 58 7" vinyl rip blend

Von D feat Digital Sham

2017 was a serious year for Von D, with releases on a number of great labels including our long-format imprint Khaliphonic, plus Amar, Moonshine, Lion Charge and more - and it's not over yet! For ZamZam, Von D has delivered “Over” - a brooding, burning 140 anthem providing serious heat as we head into the dark winter months. “Over” features a powerful half-time reggae riddim built from Von D’s signature warm, enveloping bass and restrained but powerful drums. Tambourine and guiro add flavor while the snares slap, and Meekman’s kete drum rocks throughout, adding a swing and live feeling missing from many contemporary in-the-box sound system tunes. Melodica and synth skank in unison, underpinning a dizzying spread of analog signals & sonics. With reality lyrics straight from Kingston JA courtesy of Shamarie Kamar Bogle AKA Digital Sham, the tune is brought to a boil with heady verbal vapors on poverty, struggle, corruption, daily stresses caused by the political shitstem, and the inevitable end of the wickedness that is so prevalent in these times. The dub version spools out the echoes and forwards the kete drum in fine style, displaying brilliant filter-sweep moves and reverbs so luscious the space they define seems to breathe. “Chalice Overdubs” also features gorgeous guitar work starting halfway through, adding another melodic, rhythmic and textural element for much more than a simple version. Mastered by Sam at Precise, released late November, 2017. Limited to 800 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. No repress, no digital. Contact [email protected] for any information, including subscriptions to our 7" series, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be kept in the loop!

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5. Deadbeat "Wail Ball & Cry" / "Dub Ball & Flange" ZamZam 65 vinyl rip blend


Deadbeat graced ZamZam with a release in our very first year of operation. Lending his name & gravitas to our young effort with Zam 06 meant a lot to us at the time, and is something we never forgot, so we couldn’t be happier to have him back for a second outing. Canadian by birth, now residing in Berlin, Scott Monteith is known the world over as one of the most adventurous and reliable producers in the areas of techno and dub-inflected electronic music. Extremely tight quality control over multiple full length albums and countless singles on seminal labels including ~scape, Echochord, and his own flawless BLKRTZ have made him a household name in dub techno and beyond. Deadbeat’s second ZamZam sets aside obvious techno constraints for a mid-tempo reggae scorcher that sounds like it was beamed straight from the humid & heady glory days of the Black Ark studio. Anchored by a tar-thick bassline recalling Lee Perry’s “Dub Organizer,” “Wail Ball and Cry” leans hard into its rockstone drum kit, with whip-sharp turnarounds, clattering Binghi drums, melodica stabs and restrained yet ever-present flange and reverb keeping the atmosphere swampy and sparkling. A sweet falsetto intones on the loneliness and alienation we all navigate in these times of political debasement and (social) media spectacle. “Dub Ball and Flange” mutes the vocal for a traditional version focused on nuance rather than over-the-top effects; high hats take the spotlight through expert filter & phaser work, as the heat inches up in the room with a stew of bubbling reverb & delicate echo trails adding to the already simmering & shimmering vibe. Mastered by Sam at Precise Released 27 JULY, 2018. Limited to 700 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. No repress, no digital. Contact [email protected] for any information, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be kept in the loop!

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6. Alter Echo & E3 "Nubian Dub" Egoless Remix b/w DJ Madd Remix, Khaliphonic 05 10" vinyl rip

Alter Echo & E3

ZamZam 19, Alter Echo & E3’s “Nubian Dub” backed with “Warning Dub” was an underground hit that sold out its run of 600 copies almost instantly, and has been in constant demand ever since. It is consistently named as many completists’ top ZamZam release. Championed by selectors as diverse as The Bug, J:Kenzo, Alpha Steppa and Joe Nice, both tunes developed lives of their own, spawning remixes that we are now extremely proud to release as a pair of limited 10”s: Khaliphonic 05 (Nubian Dub Remixes) and 06 (Warning Dub Remixes). Egoless’ live dubbing of the tunes in his sets early last year morphed into heavyweight remixes of both cuts. His Nubian version is a funkdafied 140-affair with added clave, cyborg saxophone flavor, retooled low-end and a strangely uplifting mood animated by his unique sense of spatial dynamics and movement. ZamZam veteran DJ Madd brings the 85 bpm slow-jungle rockers vibrations with his signature 808 depth drops, spacious synths and tuned tablas anchoring the original atmospherics in a completely different and unexpected riddim matrix. Microphone commando Rider Shafique introduces Ishan Sound’s refix, which began life as a special for Ishan, Alter Echo, and E3, but demanded a wider release. A militant steppers of the highest order, a haunting melody floats above the pounding kick and galloping percussion while machine-gun percussion and snares cut through the miasmic swirling textures. Egoless’ Warning remix seemingly pitches the entire original tune up an octave to make room for the monstrous, swollen, lurching bass, kick & claps that has become a swaggering anthem that demands multiple reloads wherever he performs it. Raising the visual aesthetic bar once again, in-house design & print master Polygon Press blesses each 10” with a striking, complementary geometric construction, teasing 2 and 3D in and out of each other in a captivatingly original style. Screen printed by hand on heavy chip board jackets. Mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta, Devon, UK. Limited to 800 copies each for the world - no repress, no digital. Shipping mid-January, 2016. Now accepting direct preorders: $11.00 each + $4.00 shipping in the US up to 4 records. 2 pair limit per customer. Add $7.00 each for ZamZam 29, 30, 31, or 32. (no additional shipping charge to add ZamZams). ** Paypal to [email protected] ** Make sure to include your shipping address. Outside the US, please order/preorder from your usual stockist, as shipping internationally is ridiculously expensive for small orders. Thank you in advance & big up one and all.

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7. Von D "Politricks" w/Cotti, "Poly Dub," "Ygrec Dub, "Ygrec Dub 366" Khaliphonic 07 12" vinyl blend

Von D

Jerome Meyer AKA Von D is a master craftsman, well-known for releasing dubstep and bass music since 2009. On an increasingly prolific trajectory since last year, recent 12”s on Infernal Sounds, Trojan Audio and Scotch Bonnet have signaled his renewed focus on dubwise productions. We are proud to say that Von D’s Khaliphonic debut sees him fully committing to reggae and dub - in his words, “going back to my musical roots.” “Politricks” is a masterwork, cut from the same living rock as the classic Cuss Cuss riddim, a simply huge bass and drum workout that is truly one for the ages. Politricks is an anthem for now, a call to avoid the dead-end of politics-as-usual and a warning to beware of the lies politicians tell to keep themselves in power - full of promises but changing nothing. Von D says that “working with Don Cotti was very natural,” and their easy relationship is audible - the tune fits the vocal like a glove, and Cotti’s instantly-recognizable singjay style gives even more gravitas to an already heavy track. The dub version spools out Von D’s signature saturated echoes even further, and opens up spectral chambers of reverb that shimmer and glow. The B side “Ygrec” is an equally massive tune, just as compelling if more meditative and mysterious, coming in both one drop and power-steppers mixes for maximum versatility and vibes. Both tunes and their versions feature an incredibly robust, warm, human sound - one that simply can’t come from machines alone - live drums, bass, and kete drum among other instruments maintain the tradition of live musicians in dub - to say nothing of expert desk-based mixing and deployment of live analog effects the way the elders intended. Both tunes dial in at 140 making them perfect for roots and dubstep selectors alike. Von D got his start as a drummer and engineer outside Paris, in the heady days of original jungle. Early releases on Disfigured Dubz, Hench, Boka, Black Acre and the seminal V Recordings, as well as his reggae-oriented Liquid Wicked project, cemented his reputation. Don Cotti is a prolific producer, DJ and MC with releases stretching back to 2006 on labels as varied as Bass Face, Studio Rockers, and Soul Jazz. Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta. Art & design by Polygon Press. 12" vinyl only, limited to 800 copies for the world. No digital, no repress. Ships mid-January alongside ZamZam 49.

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9. Dub Dynasty "Dub Cure" b/w "Kut" ZamZam 42 7" vinyl blend rip

Dub Dynasty

ZamZam Sounds’ Tracy and Ezra have been close followers of Alpha & Omega and Alpha Steppa from day. ZamZam is well-pleased to finally be able to present two exclusive tunes from the UK powerhouse. Now three fantastic albums deep via Steppas Records, Dub Dynasty is composed of Alpha Steppa and Alpha & Omega (Alpha Steppa’s father and aunt). Two generations of UK dub combine for a sound with roots in orthodox 80s UK sound system, pushed into new post-dubstep territory. For their debut ZamZam the trio unearthed two early sessions, recorded and mixed during the formative months of the Dub Dynasty project. Unreleased until now, these two staunchly 140 pounders marry the weight of classic A&O to the digital space and sensibility of Alpha Steppa for maximum pressure in the dance. Dub Cure combines the bucolic ambience of Christine Omega’s chickens (!!) with majestic horns and an absolutely storming steppers kit. The massive bassline propels a stripped yet anthemic tune for sound systems of every size and stripe. Named for "the ritual performed by Korean shamans, involving offerings and sacrifices to the gods and ancestor worship, rhythmic movements, songs, oracles and prayers,” Kut (굿) is powered by a driving riddim that skillfully rides the knife edge between steppers and one drop, featuring a detuned melodica figure alongside plucked guitar, punk skanks and the masterful dubbing we expect from this regal concern. Released mid July, 2016. Limited to 900 copies for the world. No digital, no repress. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. Contact [email protected] for any information, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be kept in the loop! Check for exclusives and giveaways.

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10. J:Kenzo "Without" b/w "Within" ZamZam 44 7" vinyl rip edits


It’s no exaggeration to say that J:Kenzo is one of the leading lights of underground bass music today. As a producer for labels as diverse, venerable, and crucial as Tempa, Metalheadz, and Exit Records he makes much of the music defining the moment, from drum & bass to steppers. He also shapes our listening and dancing through the careful curation of his own Artikal Music UK and Lion Charge imprints, to say nothing of his monthly Rinse FM show and non-stop global touring. Needless to say we were extremely pleased when he approached us with two tunes tailor-made for ZamZam. “Without" is a 140 workout, at once minimalist, muscular, meditative and sinister. A deep skanking pad and synthetic percussion set the stage for the leaden kick and steady hi hat pulse calling all dancers. Rockers’ drum fill and test tone sprinkle dubwise flavor as the haunting melodics waft through, as hypnotic as smoke trails in a dark studio. “Without” is perfectly crafted in every respect. The flip side “Within” is another expertly honed journey into deep 140 waters, heavy on atmospherics that recall wide open vistas and treacherous seas. Synth and bass work as one, surfacing and diving to both anchor and propel a massive riddim both heady and totally physical. The hi hat is again steady with punctuating snares & claps , huge chasms of space open up leaving the listener stunned at the depths within. Shipping mid-August, 2016. Limited to 900 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. No repress, no digital. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be kept in the loop!

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11. Carhartt WIP Radio October 2015: Alter Echo & E3 - ZamZam Sounds Radio Show

Carhartt WIP Radio October 2015: Alter Echo & E3 - ZamZam Sounds Radio Show

This month Carhartt WIP Radio welcomes ZamZam Sounds - Portland Oregon's very own dub and beyond label. Formed in 2012 by Ezra Ereckson and Tracy Harrison, ZamZam's approach is more artistic than commercial, releasing only on 7 inch vinyl, in limited quantities. Soundwise ZamZam delivers the freshest and weirdest takes on roots Reggae, steppas, and dub-tech from around the globe. Each record is packaged with a hand-made customized screen-printed artwork that makes it unique beyond the music, too. ZamZam Sounds manager Ezra aka E3 and DJ and producer Alter Echo, mixed a show with upcoming ZamZams, in celebration of their third release on the label which is out now. Included are also dubplates from ZamZam Sounds’ companion label Khaliphonic, that releases longer format vinyl as 10inch and 12inch. Furthermore you hear stuff from their befriended Brooklyn based label Feel Up Records, totally fresh E3 material that will be released on Boomarm Nation soon, and a Monkeytek VIP. Tracklist: Alter Echo & E3 - Warning Dub (Egoless Remix - Alter Echo Mad Ting Edit) [forthcoming Khaliphonic] Alter Echo & E3 - Heights (feat. Rider Shafique) Alter Echo & E3 - The Sound Tonight Twilight Circus - Why Can't We All Be Friends (feat. Big Youth) [forthcoming ZamZam] Alphadub - Look To The East (Alter Echo Remix - Monkeytek VIP) [dubplate] E3 - To The End (El Mahdy Jr. Remix) LAS - Omega Dub [forthcoming ZamZam] Compa - Shaka's Truth [forthcoming ZamZam] Titus 12 - Bury Dem [forthcoming ZamZam] Gulls Rhythm Force - Message To Rogg [forthcoming ZamZam] Alter Echo & E3 - Original Rock (Rif Mountain Dub) [dubplate] Teleseen - Distant Drums (Alter Echo Remix) [dubplate] Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto - Mi Gaita

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12. Babe Roots "Be Still" feat Kojo Neatness b/w "Rawness" ZamZam 59 7" vinyl rip blend

Babe Roots

Babe Roots are a relatively young duo from Turin, Italy, making a unique brand of atmospheric, techno-infused dubwise. On our radar since their splendid debut 7” on Rohs! Records in early 2016, we are very pleased to invite them into the ZamZam fold with two mesmerizing and contrasting tunes. “Be Still” is a deeply meditative yet driving dub techno trek in classic fashion, featuring rastaman Kojo Neatness intoning on righteous living, working the land, guarding the tongue, and avoiding Babylonian schemes and traps laid by the wicked. Maternal bass and shimmering reverbs envelop a heartbeat rhythm of kick, shaker and distant snares for a timeless vibe that shows mastery of the idiom while updating it for contemporary sound systems. “Rawness” is an extraordinarily deep 140 journey that opens with rich pads and swirling atmospherics, creating a psychoactive ambience that builds into a steady kick. The full riddim hits and plunges us even deeper with restrained, syncopated drums and percussion. Churning bass powers us through the dense, hallucinatory fog as tendrils of electricity probe and zap, and serrated snares cut through the tape haze and studio clouds in the last third. Carving out a gorgeous edge between deep dubstep and dub techno, “Rawness” hits all the marks and will find a home in a huge range of sets. Mastered by Sam Precise. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. Limited to 600 copies for the world. No digital, no repress. Contact [email protected] for subscriptions, wholesale, or other info. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay in the loop!

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13. Compa "Shaka's Truth" b/w "Atha Dub" ZamZam 39 7" blend


ZamZam is very pleased to welcome Compa to the family! With his sparse, tight & driving signature dubwise sound, his first 7” for ZamZam is a serious scorcher, the latest in a growing catalog of crucial releases on labels including Boka Records, Lion Charge and Deep Medi Musik. Compa’s increasingly intense touring schedule is winning over crowds from Australia to Asia, and support is steady from luminaries including Mary Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson, Toddla T, the legend David Rodigan, Joe Nice, and of course Deep Medi boss Mala amongst many others. “Shaka’s Truth” is a lean beast of stop/start riddim dynamics and meditative synth melodics. A massive oscillating bassline pumps in unison with the pounding kick, while a disembodied voice of wisdom intones on the nature of truth, and the importance of trusting the inner voice. “Atha Dub” is a missive from deep space, marrying a shimmering melody to laser volleys and distorted echo trails. A melodic 808 bass doubles the merciless, staccato kick drum, while distorted snares are overtaken by reverb, and tape delay spools out only to be reeled back from the intergalactic abyss. Two 140 stormers for the system and the headphones alike. Mastered & cut by the one & only Lewis at Stardelta UK. Released end of May, 2016. Limited to 800 copies for the world. No digital, no repress. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. Contact [email protected] for any information, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be kept in the loop!

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14. Schlachthofbronx "Dun Dem" / "Soundbad" ZamZam 64 vinyl rip blend


We at ZamZam have long been fans of Schlachthofbronx’s genre-smashing club tracks that harness and hybridize bass music styles from Germany, UK, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, and beyond. But when we heard the dark dub of last year’s “Blurred Vision” we knew we had to reach out. Little did we know the duo was already into ZamZam, paving the way to an eagerly anticipated release championed on dubplate by selectors from The Bug to O.B.F. to Toddla T. The Munich pair's ZamZam pushes a sound that's intutive and familiar, yet unlike anything else out there. Schlachthofbronx have carved out an absolutely unique and steely-eyed take on punishing dubwise informed not only by post-punk, house, electro, industrial, and traditional dub reggae principles, but by the legendary 60,000 watt Elemental Wave rig they host their Blurred Vision night on. Imagine an alternative musical universe where PIL, Mad Professor, and Basic Channel hole up in the Batcave for a pitch-black sound system rave and you’re getting the picture. “Dun Dem”’s ring-modulating lead works its way into unsuspecting ears while the projectile kick drum calls in an extended intro that builds into one of the most satisfying drops we’ve ever heard in a steppers tune. A blackened bassline of pure dub fire drives galloping clave and 4/4 sleigh bells deeper and deeper into a flooded cavern of reverb and dark delights. “Soundbad” is more maximal minimalism, wringing super-saturated color from deceptively simple elements, marrying a massive dub bassline to smeared white noise snares and rockers hi hats, twisting and rebounding lasers and warped FX into claustrophobic reverb traps. Both tunes were tested, worked, & reworked through Schlachthofbronx’ non-stop global touring schedule. Results in the dance speak for themselves - we think you’ll have trouble knowing which side to reach for first. Do you want a sound system missile, or a sound system bomb?? Mastered by Sam at Precise Released 27 JULY, 2018. Limited to 800 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. No repress, no digital. Contact [email protected] for any information, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be kept in the loop!

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