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1. Somewhere i belong

Somewhere i belong

I find my self-surrounded with lots of spiritual track, and that was new to my soul .. It changed how i hear the music, yet am still searching .. Maybe am not yet in the right place, but i know i felt something to this genres . . . I hope you all enjoy this journey cuz i know its not for clubs ( maybe where i am now ) as i am a commercial dj .. I see through ppl, but no one sees through me .. and i knows specific ppl will found peace in this set, lots of ppl here on soundcloud support me .. thank you all for your kindness Cover Art by Natalia Sedyakina .. thank you for your lovely mind @natalie-sedyakina The credit goes to the original producers, i just use my vision to let ppl feel what i feel... @deep-dive-corp @iorie @moguz @Tyrant's Shore @barubass @krooks-amsterdam @heloumarc @derrok @mira_chris @christianloeffler @davidaugust @lucidiqueboncaoglu @bedouin-official @monolink @ryan-davis @andmeandyou @recondite_music @hraach @dead-tones @fassii @neil-flynn

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2. Wounds From Past

Wounds From Past

Artwork Cover Designed By @raf-7 its my last journey to the soul of what am trying to find in music, i've just try to express what i feel when i found this amazing tracks .. thx to @amina-nu @leaveherwild i collect the track list from there profile, i hope you sense deeply and let your mind take you to the core of your soul .. there is a lots of feelings lost .. and am tryin to found whats hidden behind the tune ,, hope you all like my set and feels good when you listen to it

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3. State Of Chaos " Attraction "

State Of Chaos

Despite all the confusions in my world, there is still attraction ... thanks for all your support.,

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4. Intoxicated Mind

Intoxicated Mind

Special thx @raf-7 for the lovely Cover Design.

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5. First Creation

First Creation

My first creation with ableton.

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6. Late Night Memory

Late Night Memory

A new journey to the past, searching for what we made for .. lots of feeling lost in the past, but its only remains the memory of it! take ur time to find what've lost and rethink of the soul of the older.

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7. first creation '' preview ''

first creation '' preview ''

my first creation with ableton. it supposed to be 5min track but am already reach the 25min and still on, here is 10min from it.. i wish you all enjoy it and share me your feelings with comments .... thank you all and special thanks for @stanisha

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8. Hoary Decade - ْإستِشْرَاق

Hoary Decade - ْإستِشْرَاق

Music meanders mightily moving my soul seeking songs sung by strings and piano plays purposefully pounding perfectly pretty rhythms running round through thick thought of only one nicely named note.

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9. Zara Konstantin - Reminiscence

Zara Konstantin - Reminiscence

for #homs

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