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2. 23 hours of nothing

23 hours of  nothing

nothing at of , which is

3. Episode 48: You've unlocked Listened to 60 Hours of Nothing

Episode 48: You've unlocked Listened to 60 Hours of Nothing

On this week's show, Kevin and Gavriil talk about achievements in the World of Warcraft. Detailed show notes can be found at Email: [email protected] Discord: Twitter: ACTC: Kevin: Chris: Gavriil: Intro Music: DOCTOR VOX - Hero:

nothing at of , which is

4. Comic Sans

Comic Sans

So badass. So effin badass. Like Sky tractors from Nigeria. Dive into the depths of nothing. Enhance your phallus for free. A new game inside every box. This album is a collection of after-work jams that we recorded for fun. Each being a unique track that took life during a brief moment in humanity. We didn't feel the need to rehearse or compose, we just enjoyed jamming together. A couple months/years in, I decided that it would be a good exercice to take these ridiculous tracks and see if I could make something of them. And thus, Comic Sans was born. Feast your ears, you glorious mammals. Anecdotes: - The seat for the electronic drum at Mike's was a pile of empty beer cases. - The mix took about 10 hours to do... spanned over 1 and a half year. - We named the "songs" right after we played them. There were recurring themes and a lot of very inappropriate language. - Fuck les violoncelles 2Bleeps1Bloop is: -------------------------- Bass: Michael Aspiros Keyboard: Ian Fillion-de Kiewit Drums: Frederic Charette Special Guests: Guitar: Robin Gauthier (Chiche Mobile, Magma Chamber) Recorded between 2012 and 2013 Studio A: Mike's living room. Studio B: Fred's living room. Mixed and mastered by Frederic Charette

nothing at of , which is