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1. Boss


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2. R'n'B #RNS

R'n'B #RNS

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3. Instrumentals


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4. Azonto


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5. DuB #base DnB messy

DuB #base DnB messy

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6. Audio books

Audio books

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7. 057: $500k of "beginner's luck" and how to thrive as a part-time trader w/ Jesse aka @PsychoOnWallSt

057: $500k of

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nothing at of , which is

10. Welcome To My Crate 006 feat. Aaron Paar aka Teflon Dons

  • Published: 2017-03-13T04:40:22Z
  • By MANIK
Welcome To My Crate 006 feat. Aaron Paar aka Teflon Dons

MANIK presents his brand new Radio Show entitled "Welcome To My Crate." In other words, 'welcome to my house.' By only selecting music from his diverse Vinyl collection, the show's eclectic dance music range showcases Chris's love for all types of music... Episode 006- "In this months episode we head to Los Angeles and speak with Aaron Paar from the legendary house duo Teflon Dons! We speak about using the SP1200 in the studio, underground Los Angeles dance music in the early 90s, and making some of their hits like "Planet Eater" and "Tomorrow People feat Gregory Porter." Alongside house music legends Doc Martin, Fred Everything, and Seven Davis Jr, this show is aired on a monthly block entitled "Underground Sounds of America." Welcome To My Crate is the 2nd week of every month- airing every Wednesday 14:00 CET and a re run on Thursday at 3pm LA/ 6pm NY time! Hope you enjoy this months episode, we'll be back next month with a fresh 60 minute DJ mix, and a brand new Six Minute Story! Follow on Instagram & Twitter: @manik_nyc Follow on Facebook:

nothing at of , which is

11. Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween) Plays Songwriting Legend Rod McKuen - Public Radio's The Dinner Party

Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween) Plays Songwriting Legend Rod McKuen - Public Radio's The Dinner Party

Aaron Freeman aka “Gene Ween” co-fronts the cult pop band Ween. He’s also an unabashed disciple of Rod McKuen — the poet and musician whose work has been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Madonna. As he readies to release the tribute album “Marvelous Clouds” (out in May), we asked him to list his favorite tunes by the venerable songsmith. -- "The Dinner Party" ( is a smart, funny public radio show about everything excellent in culture, from the company that brings you "Marketplace." Think NPR meets Vanity Fair. In each episode, hosts Rico Gagliano & Brendan Francis Newnam talk with some of the world's most interesting celebrities, and along the way equip you with bad jokes, fresh drink recipes, hot food finds, odd news items... and etiquette tips from the likes of Henry Rollins and Dick Cavett. Past guests include Michelle Williams, Judd Apatow, Kid Cudi, Sir Richard Branson and others. Wallpaper magazine calls us one of their "30 Reasons To Live In The USA."

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12. Warmth (ep)

Warmth (ep)

nothing at of , which is

13. Spiked Punch - Guinea Pig 7" single (aka Eric & Aaron / Black Dice)

Spiked Punch - Guinea Pig 7

VINLY & DIGITAL: bandcamp: spotify: itunes: Spiked Punch is a new project from 2/3 of Black Dice, Eric Copeland & Aaron Warren. After the third member Bjorn Copeland relocated to Los Angeles in 2015, Aaron & Eric worked on a Black Dice remix commission for Awesome Tapes From Africa, for artist Aby Ngana Diop. Through this creative process, they hit upon a new sort of inspiration for making music and Spiked Punch was born. These two tracks were born out of long form improvisations between Eric & Aaron. It is most definitely music born of their environment in Brooklyn - the lo-fi bodega beats seeping out of the dozens of delis, trial and error with early sample chopping, watching YouTube tutorials for help, the eerie comfort of late nite local tv, and a sweltering Brooklyn summer cooled and fueled by Tecate. The duo also emphasizes the music was recorded on an iBook from 2004. The music Spiked Punch have created is wildly percussive and zig zags around tweaked vocal stabs and dubbed out bass lines. When pressed for more personal descriptors for the music the band responded with this: “Coconut bongos, pineapple kick drums, stolen bike vocals, peanut chew bass-lines”. Make of those phrases what you will. Like this new music, as well as song titles like Vanilla Meatball, it makes no sense and and also perfect sense. and similar to Black Dice and the solo work from Eric Copeland, this duality is one of the greatest gifts of Spiked Punch. Hoping there is more in store…. Release date: 11 November 2016

nothing at of , which is