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2. Premiere: Pisetzky - Adria (Original Mix)

Premiere: Pisetzky - Adria (Original Mix)

♫ Read More ♫: Approaching music as a form of research, Pisetzky loves to get deep into bass lines of different sound dimensions.

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3. Spek Won, Dey, Leisha Cameron, Adria Kain, Boko Maru - GOOD WEED GOOD WINE

  • Published: 2014-07-17T17:37:17Z
  • By Spek Won
Spek Won, Dey, Leisha Cameron, Adria Kain, Boko Maru - GOOD WEED GOOD WINE

GOOD WEED GOOD WINE ft. Spek Won | Dey | Leisha Cameron | Adria Kain | Boko Maru. Instrumental By: IAMNOBODI "Good Wine" Mixed By: Marty McFligh @spekwon @deyinthelife @LeishaCameron @AdriaKainMusic @MartyMcFligh

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4. Falling

  • Published: 2015-03-23T09:37:35Z
  • By Adria

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5. Pull Me Under

  • Published: 2014-11-18T13:32:39Z
  • By Adria
Pull Me Under

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6. 13.LOST ANGELZ ft. Dey, Leisha Cameron, Adria Kain, Boko Maru

  • Published: 2014-06-11T20:27:06Z
  • By Spek Won
13.LOST ANGELZ ft. Dey, Leisha Cameron, Adria Kain, Boko Maru

WRITERS = Spek Won, Dey, Leisha Cameron, Adria Kain, Boko Maru PRODUCTION = Marty McFligh MIXED/MASTERED = Marty McFligh Download Available at :

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7. Pisetzky - Adria

  • Published: 2016-03-18T15:34:16Z
Pisetzky - Adria

JT007 / Pisetzky - Elevation EP Beatport: A1 - Pisetzky & Primal - Elevation A2 - Pisetzky & Primal - Elevation [Distant Echoes Remix] B1 - Pisetzky - Hide B2 - Pisetzky - Hide [Inland Remix] DIGITAL - Pisetzky - Adria Pisetzky Pisetzky’s sound comes from a walk through elevated paths, passing through obscure lanes of a mysterious soul. Hidden between its urban inspiration, his music expresses a unique vibe that drifts from a dialogue though this inspiring metropolitan nature. Shy spirits whisper wistfully synths of a never ending voyage, five alluringly deep tracks that hit their hypnotic impetus as soon as you let them lead their full ambitious course. Elevation, born from a collaboration with Primal, has been produced in a nordic desolated environment in the outlands of Copenaghen. It's a strong melting pot of numerous energies with its expansive arpeggios that introduces a darker twist with icy melodies and a grand break. Hide, an enthralling voyage between the depths of a contrasting yet soothing discourse between soulful psychedelia and dark atmospheric synth explorations Adria, is a merger between emotions and techno layers that convey in a visionary path that swallows you into soundscapes and abstract atmospheres. Being the main-belt asteroid and the most dance floor-driven track, it will be published in Digital Only. Distant Echoes Remix, is a concrete acid induced groove concretion with a psychic rawness drawn by a strong techno base that keeps the track to an intense breathless tempo and mysterious soul Inland Remix is the techno adaptation of an abstract mystic journey, where melody surfaces shyly from behind a curtain of reverb and industrial drums to tell you its story.

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8. Reverse Psychology ( Full EP )

  • Published: 2016-02-29T03:27:19Z
  • By Adria.
Reverse Psychology ( Full EP )

Nothing is what it seems. We never really pay attention to that saying until the moment suddenly changes and the vibe surrounding us becomes completely different from how it began. It often increases thoughts within the mind that allows us to realize the different sides of certain situations we may have never noticed before. Almost like an alternate universe... "Reverse Psychology" ( EP ) | © 2016. Written, Performed & Mixed by. Artwrk by. WolF. J McFarlane "Kainthem" Produced by. Monte Booker Writing & Vocals by. Adria. Mixed by. Adria. x Moose "Colours" Produced by. Elaquent Writing & Vocals by. Adria. Mixed by. Adria. "Dawn" Produced by. Moose x Jessy Aarons x Adria. Writing & Vocals by. Adria. Added Vocals by. WolF. J McFarlane Added Instrumentation ( Guitar ) by. Jessy Aarons Mixed by. Moose x Adria.

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