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1. Albion (feat. Junior)

Albion (feat. Junior)

The Bloody Beetroots 'HIDE' OUT NOW':

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2. (FREE DOWNLOAD) Albion prelude (new dl link in description)

  • Published: 2013-12-07T01:18:57Z
  • By Fatkids
(FREE DOWNLOAD) Albion prelude (new dl link in description)

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3. Albion Collective Presents - Phaeleh

Albion Collective Presents - Phaeleh

Phaeleh spins a collection of sublime, deep dubstep from an array of underground artists in this beautiful mix for Albion Collective. Co-owner Ben gets chatting the man himself over at the Albion Collective website ( ) for more information on our collaboration with the master of ambient one-forty sounds and an in depth interview. Use the links here to keep up with Phaeleh and Albion Collective, and enjoy this blissful collection of music. Albion Collective Soundcloud: Phaeleh Soundcloud: Albion Collective Facebook: Phaeleh Facebook: Mercy - Panels of Freight (Forthcoming Deep Heads) Geode - Embrace (Dub) Congi - Attenuation (Dub) Cian Finn - As Times Change (Congi Remix)(Dub) Geode - Amber (Deep Heads) Phaeleh & Geode - Neon Melt (Undertow) Gerwin - Good Old Days (Deep Heads) B9 & Mercy - Egg Yolk (Chord Marauders) Trashbat - Gold Fire (Forthcoming Mindstep Music) Perverse - Champion Dub (New Moon Recordings) Anex & Trashbat - Stop & Stare (Dub) Anex & Trashbat - Gun Man (Dub) Trashbat & Vaun - Ardent (Mindstep Music) Ago - Vaquer (Dub) Mercy - Just One Touch (Dub) Gerwin - Knee Skills (Deep Heads) Geode - Lark Ascending (Dub) Subreachers - Spitfire (Dub) Trashbat - Gijinka (ft Animai) (Forthcoming Mindstep Music) Ago - Above (Dub) Hatti Vatti - Struggle (ft Sara Brylewska)(Mindset) Geode - Jade VIP (Deep Heads) Jafu - Delusions (Chord Marauders) Gerwin - Trust Your Feelings (Dub) Subreachers - Moonraker (Dub) Trashbat - Rhode Man (Bandcamp) Phaeleh - Relics (Undertow) Perverse - Invasion (New Moon Recordings) Subreachers - Critical Hit (Dub) Ago - ()(Dub)

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4. Hold On feat. Teischa

Hold On feat. Teischa

St. Albion Hold On feat. @Teischa

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5. THE ONE - Albion ONE

THE ONE - Albion ONE

Here is a demo track using primarily Spitfires new Albion ONE.

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