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1. Alicia Keys- New York.

Alicia Keys- New York.


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2. A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

Rolling Stone 500 Songs

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3. Air on the G String

Air on the G String

Johann Sebastian Bach (Piano)

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6. PUMPIN' 3.0


For those who know me well, my podcasts always deliver a message. This intro is dedicated to those that have supported and followed me from the very beginning. Also kudos to DJ Chris Stutz for sharing his amazing remix of "El Circuito" with me. Now get ready and enjoy the ride!!! Playlist: Make it Happen – Luis Erre Club Mix Shake Drums – DJ MDW Remix Hang on Circuito – DJ Chris Stuz Bootleg Porno Tribal – DJ Michael Brandon Remix I am the Best – DJ X Mashup Werk N Twist – DJ Joshua D Mashup Work – Yerko Molina Mashup Whoha, I am Ready – DJ Lapetina Remix Work Bitch – Tannuri Remix What is your flava – Butterfly La Mariposa Fantasy Reality vs. Addicted to Drums – Alex Acosta (DJ X Mashup) Pride/Queen of Clubs – DJ MDW/William BHall (DJ X Mashup) Heartbeat – Mauro Mozart Remix MacArthur Park – Rosabel Dub Mix The Cha Cha – Alex Acosta Remix Macumba vs. Make some Noise - Luis Erre, DJ Escape (DJ X Mashup) Planet XL – Tony Moran Remix Ushuru Sunset – DJ Michael Brandon Remix Afriscanism All Stars – Bob Sinclair Remix Wrecking Ball – David Harry Mashup Get up! – Gaby Ramos Remix The Fucking Loveparade – DJ Joshua D Mashup The DJ, the Music vs. Aura Tribe – DJ X Mashup Alert in Shadows – JJ Romero Remix What you Need – Alexander & Mark VDH Remix Droid vs. Gag on it – Mark VDH (DJ X Mashup) Al Ritmo del Tambor – DJ Paulo Loveparade vs. Let the Music use you up – DJ X Mashup Fire Up meets Club 69 – DJ Alan Liao Mashup The Look – William BHall Private Remix

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7. Downsizing Discussion

Downsizing Discussion

Post-screening discussion of Alexander Payne's film Downsizing (2017) with screenwriter Jim Taylor and bioethicist S. Matthew Liao, moderated by neuroscientist Heather Berlin. At the Museum of the Moving Image ( on December 20, 2017. Presented by Sonia Epstein, curator of Science on Screen ( and executive editor of

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