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When I wrote this song 4 years ago, it was well above my skills as a saxophonists. My solo would be much different today. The recording is could be much better. I especially like the A section, sounds like a rambunctious Sunday at church! I can't wait to do this song for a large outdoor audience. Not too long after this recording we lost our piano player Mel Nelson RIP

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3. Traffic In New York

Traffic In New York

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Alvin's Notes: This tune is so different, so fresh. A great tune for outdoor concerts I would get rid of all the special effects with the exception of the Godzilla roar. The recording itself could better, It's not mixed properly. Freedom Song, in my opinion, makes a powerful statement. This song was recorded more than 4 years ago, my sax solo would be much better today.

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5. Apocalypse


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Alvin's notes: A combination of R&B, Soul, Rock and Jazz. I sampled The Stones "Under My Thumb." to give it a Rock and Roll vibe. Darada David's awesome original vocals adds a new idea to this tune.

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7. I Need You in My Life

I Need You in My Life

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8. Once Again

Once Again

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9. You Epic

You Epic

Alvin's notes: I love this tune. You should hear it live. The surprise B section makes it pop. Goes from sultry to head popping groovy.

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