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1. Before Mars

  • Published: 2016-10-24T09:57:56+00:00
  • Duration: 1979
  • By Variable
Before Mars

"Before Mars" complements the highly anticipated National Geographic global event series "Mars" premiering on Monday, November 14th at 9/8c from Academy Award and Emmy winning producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Michael Rosenberg. It is human nature to thrive on connection. We are on a constant search to feel linked to the world around us, to find a place where we belong and take refuge there. So what happens when we feel like an outsider? What happens when the lines of “home” are blurred and you aren’t sure where you fit in this world? “Before Mars” is a heartwarming narrative that explores the themes of self discovery, belonging and family. For those of us who have a wanderer’s soul, our idea of “home” is one that can constantly change. But there is one thing that remains the same, at the end of the day, no matter where our adventures lead us, we can always find our home with the ones we love. -- PRODUCTION COMPANY Variable DEVELOPED & CREATED BY Andy Baker Tyler Korba Lloyd Lee Choi Rebecca Strom Caitlin Van Horn Jonathan Bregel Tyler Ginter CAST Hana: Nekhebet Juch Joon: Uatchet Juch Lily: Joyce Wong Albert: Peter Judd Christine: Shea Grant Madison: Charlie Swan Katie: Staci Stout Danielle: Julia Collier Thrift Store Owner: Tony Scheinman Truck Driver: Gary Desbien Carl: Carl Balbach CREW Production Company: Variable Director: Lloyd Lee Choi Executive Producer: Andy Baker Executive Producer: Tyler Korba Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter Writer: Rebecca Strom Director of Photography: Kate Arizmendi 2nd Unit Director: Jonathan Bregel Art Director - Caitlin Van Horn Producer: Alex Friedman Production Manager: Paige DeMarco Production Manager: Jon Simonetta Production Manager: Kevin Lahr Project Manager: Leah Wojda Research Production Coordinator: Lizette Montesinos Transportation Coordinator: Eric Paperth Location Manager: Thomas Ahern 1st AC: Chevy Anderson 2nd AC: Mabel Santos Haugen 2nd AC: Lauren Perrin 2nd Unit AC: Rocco Campanelli DIT: Jeff Levine Gaffer: Geoff Taylor Best Boy Electric: Ben Potter Key Grip: Stratton Bailey Best Boy Grip: Jackson Bosworth Swing: Lorenzo Pace Production Designer: Joe Sciacca Leadman: Brad Burke Art Coordinator: Mark Forlenza Prop Master: Matthew Churchill Set Decorator: Pele Kruden Art PAs: Dan Ogorzalek, Derek Basler, Bella Eve Wardrobe Stylist: Jami Villers Wardrobe Assistant: Ann Bryant Hair & Make Up Stylist: Jacqueline Valega Sound Mixer: Dan Bricker Astronaut VO Actress: Kristin Lennox ADR Recording: Mike Jablon at Lau Lapides Company BTS Filmmaker: Caleb Lee Adams 2033 Rocket Launch DP: Oliver Millar Special Effects: Jeff Moratti & Karl Thwaites, J&M Special Effects Set Medic: Kevin Callahan Production Assistants: Griffin Sager-Gellerman, Chris Marciano, Joseph DiCara, Deana LeBlanc, Mark DiMatta, Joseph Allen Researchers: Kevin Connell & Natalia Mironova Ham Radio Researcher: Michael Gilmer, N2MG POST PRODUCTION Post Production: Variable Post Producer: Lareysa Smith Editorial: Irving Harvey Editorial Producer: Samuel Gursky Supervising Editors: Dean Marcial Editor/Assistant Editor: Caitlin Carr Color: Company3 Colorist: Jamie O’Bradovich Color Producer: Katie Andrews Sound Design/Mix: Defacto Sound Main Title Design: Brian Everett Motion Graphics: Konrad & Paul ORIGINAL SCORE Composer: Edo Van Breemen Bass & Guitar: John Walsh Violin: Sebastian Chow Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, & EWI: Samuel Davidson Additional Orchestration: Johannes Winkler CASTING Genuine: The Real People Company Donald Case Casting Background Inc. Amy Hutchings Casting EXTRAS Andrew Friedman, Nicky Torchia, Kristina Zitto, Gia Antonucci, Elaina Braverman, Amber Charland, Emma Keller, Ayanna McLean, Abrielle Pinto, Deborah Rauthag, Caitlin Shilen, Cristin Shilen, Aaliyah Skye, Lily Torello, Dhante Bunbury, Michael Flynn, Paul Galbraith, Thomas Hilden, Clint Ridley, Fawn Strauch, Anne Barschall, Denise Crisci, Karen King, Joe Sblendorio, Caitlin Van Horn, Jon Simonetta, Adam Quinn, Ben Zeller, Daniel Zeller, John Franco, Stephen Pyle, Hayden Oliver, Devin Henry, Giuseppe Aldama, Wyatt Robbins, Ian Binnie, Benjamin Carter, Alyssa Picarelli, Gabriella Di Domenico, Gianna Ferazi, Kelly Marie Flynn, Kristin Flynn, Megan Flynn, Regina Byrne, Adreanna Oles, Steve Figura, John Klein, Ronald Roce, Michael Wood SPECIAL THANKS Courteney Monroe, Tim Pastore, Matt Renner, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Radical Media, Imagine Entertainment, AbelCine, ARRI, Eastern Effects, Handheld Films, Works Camera, Van Power, Partos Co., Neith Juch, MusicBed, Mr. T.J. Briggs of Ellenville, Ellenville Police and Fire Depts., Ellenville School District, The Town of Ellenville, NY --
 [email protected]

2. Nike Move

Nike Move

Art Director(s): HJ Alicia Nam, Amy M. Choi

3. Maeil Dairy Absolute Sensitive

Maeil Dairy Absolute Sensitive

AdWaple - Monthly Best Creative Ad Award (August 2010) (​best/​current.hjsp) Art Director(s): HJ Alicia Nam, Amy M. Choi, Jangkwon Han, Mijung Hwang, Namji Chun Creative Director: Alfred Park

4. "Before Mars" - Short Film

  • Published: 2017-07-14T19:42:34+00:00
  • Duration: 1979
  • By Andy Baker

For the promotional campaign for "MARS" on National Geographic, we wanted to extend beyond the standard :30 promos and posters. We set out to tell the origin story of two of the main characters from the linear TV series, and put that prequel on all of our digital and social platforms. "Before Mars" tells the story of the twins Hana and Joon Seung, who would one day grow up to travel to Mars on the first manned mission to the red planet. "Before Mars" has numerous easter eggs to the main series, and was used both pre and post launch as a way to further engage fans with content around the series. It was a true labor of love to write and create this project with our incredible partners at Variable, who brought their genius to bear once more in this emotional and touching film. PRODUCTION COMPANY: Variable DEVELOPED & CREATED BY: Andy Baker Tyler Korba Lloyd Lee Choi Rebecca Strom Caitlin Van Horn Jonathan Bregel Tyler Ginter CAST: Hana - Nekhebet Juch Joon - Uatchet Juch Lily - Joyce Wong Albert - Peter Judd Christine - Shea Grant Madison - Charlie Swan Katie - Staci Stout Danielle - Julia Collier Thrift Store Owner - Tony Scheinman Truck Driver - Gary Desbien Carl - Carl Balbach CREW: Production Company - Variable Director - Lloyd Lee Choi Executive Producer - Andy Baker Executive Producer - Tyler Korba Executive Producer - Tyler Ginter Writer - Rebecca Strom Director of Photography - Kate Arizmendi 2nd Unit Director - Jonathan Bregel Art Director - Caitlin Van Horn Producer - Alex Friedman Production Manager - Paige DeMarco Production Manager - Jon Simonetta Production Manager - Kevin Lahr Project Manager - Leah Wojda Research Production Coordinator - Lizette Montesinos Transportation Coordinator - Eric Paperth Location Manager - Thomas Ahern 1st AC - Chevy Anderson 2nd AC - Mabel Santos Haugen 2nd AC - Lauren Perrin 2nd Unit AC - Rocco Campanelli DIT - Jeff Levine Gaffer - Geoff Taylor Best Boy Electric - Ben Potter Key Grip - Stratton Bailey Best Boy Grip - Jackson Bosworth Swing - Lorenzo Pace Production Designer - Joe Sciacca Leadman - Brad Burke Art Coordinator - Mark Forlenza Prop Master - Matthew Churchill Set Decorator - Pele Kruden Art PAs - Dan Ogorzalek, Derek Basler, Bella Eve Wardrobe Stylist - Jami Villers Wardrobe Assistant - Ann Bryant Hair & Make Up Stylist - Jacqueline Valega Sound Mixer - Dan Bricker Astronaut VO Actress - Kristin Lennox ADR Recording - Mike Jablon at Lau Lapides Company BTS Filmmaker - Caleb Lee Adams 2033 Rocket Launch DP - Oliver Millar Special Effects - Jeff Moratti & Karl Thwaites, J&M Special Effects Set Medic - Kevin Callahan Production Assistants - Griffin Sager-Gellerman, Chris Marciano, Joseph DiCara, Deana LeBlanc, Mark DiMatta, Joseph Allen Researchers - Kevin Connell & Natalia Mironova Ham Radio Researcher - Michael Gilmer, N2MG POST PRODUCTION: Post Production - Variable Post Producer - Lareysa Smith Editorial - Irving Harvey Editorial Producer - Samuel Gursky Supervising Editors - Dean Marcial Editor/Assistant Editor - Caitlin Carr Color - Company3 Colorist - Jamie O’Bradovich Color Producer - Katie Andrews Sound Design/Mix - Defacto Sound Main Title Design - Brian Everett Motion Graphics - Konrad & Paul ORIGINAL SCORE: Composer - Edo Van Breemen Bass & Guitar - John Walsh Violin - Sebastian Chow Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, & EWI - Samuel Davidson Additional Orchestration - Johannes Winkler CASTING: Genuine: The Real People Company Donald Case Casting Background Inc. Amy Hutchings Casting EXTRAS: Andrew Friedman, Nicky Torchia, Kristina Zitto, Gia Antonucci, Elaina Braverman, Amber Charland, Emma Keller, Ayanna McLean, Abrielle Pinto, Deborah Rauthag, Caitlin Shilen, Cristin Shilen, Aaliyah Skye, Lily Torello, Dhante Bunbury, Michael Flynn, Paul Galbraith, Thomas Hilden, Clint Ridley, Fawn Strauch, Anne Barschall, Denise Crisci, Karen King, Joe Sblendorio, Caitlin Van Horn, Jon Simonetta, Adam Quinn, Ben Zeller, Daniel Zeller, John Franco, Stephen Pyle, Hayden Oliver, Devin Henry, Giuseppe Aldama, Wyatt Robbins, Ian Binnie, Benjamin Carter, Alyssa Picarelli, Gabriella Di Domenico, Gianna Ferazi, Kelly Marie Flynn, Kristin Flynn, Megan Flynn, Regina Byrne, Adreanna Oles, Steve Figura, John Klein, Ronald Roce, Michael Wood SPECIAL THANKS: Courteney Monroe, Tim Pastore, Matt Renner, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Radical Media, Imagine Entertainment, AbelCine, ARRI, Eastern Effects, Handheld Films, Works Camera, Van Power, Partos Co., Neith Juch, MusicBed, Mr. T.J. Briggs of Ellenville, Ellenville Police and Fire Depts., Ellenville School District, The Town of Ellenville, NY --
 [email protected]

5. To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan

  • Published: 2013-02-26T17:45:25+00:00
  • Duration: 59
  • By badar
To This Day Project -  Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan "To This Day" Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously. Find Shane on Facebook - or on Twitter - I send out one new poem each month via email. You might like to join us. "My experiences with violence in schools still echo throughout my life but standing to face the problem has helped me in immeasurable ways. Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. This piece is a starting point." - Shane Find anti-bullying resources at Dozens of collaborators from around the world helped to bring this piece to life. Learn more about them and the project at Buy "To This Day" on BandCamp or iTunes Credits: Ryan Kothe Mike Healey Will Fortanbary Brian San Diego De la Rocha Gizelle Manalo Adam Plouff Mike Wolfram Hyun Min Bae Oliver Sin Seth Eckert Viraj Ajmeri Vishnu Ganti Yun Wang Boris Wilmot Cameron Spencer DeAndria Mackey Matt Choi Reimo Õun Samantha Bjalek Eli Treviño Ariel Costa Caleb Coppock James Mabery Samir Hamiche Waref Abu Quba Deo Mareza and Clara Josh Parker Scott Cannon Thomas McKeen Kaine Asika Marcel Krumbiegel Teresa del Pozo Eric Paoli Infanzón Maxwell Hathaway Rebecca Berdel Zach Ogilvie Anand Mistry Chase Ogden Dominik Grejc Gideon Prins Lucy Chen Mercedes Testa Rickard Bengtsson Stina Seppel Daniel Göttling Julio C. Kurokodile Marilyn Cherenko Tim Darragh Jaime Ugarte Joe Donaldson Josh Beaton Margaret Schiefer Rodrigo Ribeiro Ryan Kaplan Yeimi Salazar Daniel Bartels Joe Donaldson Daniel Molina Sitji Chou Tong Zhang Luc Journot Vincent Bilodeau Amy Schmitt Bert Beltran Daniel Moreno Cordero Marie Owona Mateusz Kukla Sean Procter Steven Fraser Aparajita R Ben Chwirka Cale Oglesby Igor Komolov Markus Magnusson Remington McElhaney Tim Howe Agil Pandri Jessie Tully Sander Joon Kumphol Ponpisute James Waters Chris Koelsch Ronald Rabideau Alessandro & Manfredi Andrea López Howey Mitsakos Giant Ant Studios Leah Nelson Jorge R. Canedo Estrada Alicia Katz for having the bravery to helm such a monumental project. Brett Wilson Joni Avram for their generosity of spirit and tireless support. Olivia Mennell Maiya Robbie Stefan Bienz Corwin Fox Aaron Joyce Christina Zaenker Melissa Bandura for creating such a beautiful piece of music and having the patience to explore this art form with me. Christi Thompson Jess Sloss for keeping me organized and making me appear to look like I know what I'm doing. Loretta Mozart AKA my Grandmother Sandy Garossino Nea Reid for never saying "You can't do that." For always saying "OK... how can I help?"

6. 2012: a Year in Review [part one]

  • Published: 2012-07-13T08:30:27+00:00
  • Duration: 420
  • By Rayson Kong
2012: a Year in Review [part one]

this is the year 2012 so far (January-June) through the lens of my Canon 50mm 1.8 and my Canon 7Deezy. everything is in chronological order starting with: 1. red velvet cupcakes. 2. dancing lessons, after Amy's wedding, from Kory with Kristen, Uncle Jay, Auntie June, and Sam. 3. Namaste the white tiger at the (free!) Hilo Zoo plus monkey and spinning coin thing. 4. driving through Manila. 5. early season judo meet at Aiea High School. 6. book burning. 7. Mom's sweet treats for Boy's Day/Children's Day. 8. the Wicklund Party. 9. Lilikoi Chiffon Pie from Hamura's. 10. Anu's Master's graduation. 11. lunch at Choi's Garden. 12. anniversary dinner at Mitch's. 13. taking Anu to Yu Chun for some black noodle. which was her 'payment' for Mari's engagement ring(s). 14. chocolates from Matt and Jodi. 15. Rusty at Matt and Jodi's place. 16. homemade Coconut by Marc, Jordan, and the woman. 17. Dad's Father's Day card. 18. Father's Day dinner at the Cooney's. PRIME RIB. 19. table making w/Aaron. 20. Cinnamon's with Danny, Kory, and Jill. i totally didn't know it was Danny's birthday. 21. tilling Tutu's house for some new shrubbery. i didn't start to video things until April so there was a lot of stuff that i wasn't able to put in. a big THANK YOU to everyone who's made this year a smashing success. though it's been a little rough, i'm glad that i have the greatest friends and family surrounding me. here's to great 2nd half. -Ray

7. Japan Needs Friends

  • Published: 2012-05-17T13:33:53+00:00
  • Duration: 140
  • By Amy M. Choi
Japan Needs Friends

Credits Sungkwon Ha Doug Burnett James Lee Amy M. Choi Jihyun Moon Alicia Nam Seunghoon Shin Hyunji Shim and thanks to all the people who joined the cause around the world.

8. Aviva 500,000 Promises

  • Published: 2011-03-14T16:29:56+00:00
  • Duration: 122
  • By Ji Hyun Moon
Aviva 500,000 Promises

Aviva 500,000 Promises Art Director: JiHyun Moon, Amy M. Choi, James Lee, Hyojung Alicia Nam Creative Director: Sungkwon Ha

9. Come tu mi vuoi... art whore and clients - AmyD arte spazio

  • Published: 2014-01-30T11:34:22+00:00
  • Duration: 296
  • By Giovanni Freri
Come tu mi vuoi... art whore and clients - AmyD arte spazio

COME TU MI VUOI... AMY D arte spazio MI 27/9 ore 18.00 con : M.Basilé,F.Catastini, F.Ferzoco,G. Manzoni Piazzalunga, A. PInna, C. Sook Choi

10. McDonald's Ingredient Hunt

  • Published: 2011-03-09T22:52:40+00:00
  • Duration: 130
  • By Amy M. Choi
McDonald's Ingredient Hunt

Art Director: Amy M. Choi, JiHyun Moon, Hyojung Alicia NamCreative Director: Sungkown Ha

11. Amazon Kindle Used Books

  • Published: 2011-05-09T11:11:44+00:00
  • Duration: 153
  • By Sung Hyun Lim
Amazon Kindle Used Books

Creative Director : Sungkwon Ha Copy Writer : Sung Hyun Lim Art Director : Amy M. Choi

12. Aviva 500,000 Promises

  • Published: 2011-03-09T22:53:29+00:00
  • Duration: 122
  • By Amy M. Choi
Aviva 500,000 Promises

Art Director:Amy M. Choi, James Lee, JiHyun Moon, Hyojung Alicia Nam Creative Director: Sungkwon Ha

13. McDonald's Ingredient Hunt

  • Published: 2011-05-03T04:57:46+00:00
  • Duration: 130
  • By Ji Hyun Moon
McDonald's Ingredient Hunt

McDonald's Ingredient Hunt Art Director: JiHyun Moon, Amy M. Choi, Hyojung Alicia Nam Creative Director: Sungkown Ha

14. McDonald's Ingredient Hunt

  • Published: 2011-03-14T15:58:41+00:00
  • Duration: 126
  • By Ji Hyun Moon
McDonald's Ingredient Hunt

McDonald's Ingredient Hunt Art Director: JiHyun Moon, Amy M. Choi, Hyojung Alicia Nam Creative Director: Sungkown Ha

15. BOhind the Scenes of "Ten" - A Decade of Dance by Bo Belza

  • Published: 2016-11-18T18:19:05+00:00
  • Duration: 803
  • By RPAG
BOhind the Scenes of

A behind the scenes look of my dance project back in the summer for UFP's showcase "The Warmup." Full performance I would've never thought dance would lead me this far, but I'm happy that it did. Within these years, I''ve learned so much and have met so many great people along the way and it was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this project. Ten not only commemorates my time here in the east coast dance community, but was also a way for me to bring this community together. I wanted to share the knowledge I've gained as a dancer/director/choreogerapher, but also showcase the amazing talent we have here. Sometimes we all get so caught up with competitions and our own teams, that wee dont really get a chance to dance with each other on stage. I'm forever grateful to the 100+ dancers and everyone who took time out of their lives to be a part of this. Now that im not as active in the community, I hope to still give back to it somehow. Thank you to everyone who has made an impact on my dance career thus far. I owe you the world. Dancers AJ Padayhag Abby Viernes Alexis Bolisay Alexis Fernan Alice Tran Alice Wu Alli DiPaolo Amanda Gosman Andrea Bautista Andy Nguyen Ashley Hong Brian Ng Carlo Austria Charmaine Del Rosario Chris Cheong Christian Dugenio Christine Chin Crystal Fong Daah Van Rensalier Daena Engalla Danny Duma Derek Ho Derek Moore Edson Maldanado Elyzamarie Damaso Eric Monieno Erin Kim Erin Mercado Gabriel Beltran Geoffrey Kwan Gerilynn Protacio Golda Gozum Grace Kim Ian Urbina Inah Bunales Ishita Bhattacharya J'Loni Jones Jake Pesquira Janelle Almiranez Janice Tsai Janiza Gesmundo Jarryl Tan Jaryd Farcon Jason Diaz Jason Fernandes Jason Lai Jay Bisda Joanne Payumo John Almiranez John Jay Lindo Jonathan Lugo Jorge Aguas Jules Verdadero Karlo Borja Kat Kim Katrina "Hachi" Jaudian Katrinka Geslani Kelly Lacuin Kendrew Shum Kevin Lapus Kristen Rigo Kristoffer Flores Leah Strang Lisa Ramirez Macho Sila Mai Nguyen Marie Chante Ramos Marion "Guppy" Venadas Mark "Kasper" Choi Mark Garcia Mark Salud Matt Ng Matt Olson McKenzie Dawkins Megan Guirnela Meghanne Lomibao Melissa "Nini" Rivera Michael Patlingrao Michelle Gavino Nathalie "Chachi" Diaz Nico Montemayor Paco Valencia Phat Nguyen Rachel Aludino Rachel Sadang Reesie Smith Rica Beltran Robert Bynes Rommel Espina Rose Benson Steven Armendi Sumer Lacuin Sydney Loyal Vanessa Camales Vern Pagaoa Victor Eric Garcia Shoutouts to Kim and Amy, Arts in Motion Dance Academy, UFP Fambam, FR3SH Fam, Ladies w/ Guns, the East Coast Dance Community, MSA Agency, RTI fam and most importantly God and my family. shot / edited by RPAG

16. Happy Birthday Factice Magazine

Happy Birthday Factice Magazine

All videos and credits : Toutes les vidéos et les crédits : Thanks to/Merci à : 3D Team Designs Adam Kern Adam McMahon @Next Agathe Pons AJ Al Ruth Alex Van Der Steen Alexander Moser Alexander Tome Alexandra Blak Alexandra Piovani @Fotogen Alexis Kalantidis Alice Contreiras @Ford Europe Alina Mirica Aline Stevens Allyson Cosgrove @Red NYC Alterna Amanda Lim Amra Smaili Amy Shetler An le Ana Rose Thorny @WhyNotModel Angel Williams Angela Smith Angelica Pianarosa Anika Esposito Ann Vande Elde Anna Marina Furh Anna Obendiek Anna Rozga Anna-Lisa Wagner @Click Models Anne Sissokho Aris Tapia Arje Armando Cherillo @Atomo Milano Armin Wolf Arturo D. Chavez Atomo Agency Milano Audrey Bouetté Audrey Jehanno Aurelia Vandermeulen Austin Victoria @LA Models Ava Smith Aviv Avramov Aya Murai Aysha Remeithi Barbara Zach Bartłomiej Chabałowski Beata Béatrice Eni Benjamin Bretel Bianca Bauer Bianca Carioso for Post Production Bibo Aswan Blondie @Viviens Creative Bob Robertson Bonnie Hansen Bradley McPeek Brandon Thornton Brandon Wickenkamp Brenda Manthe Brendan Combs Brent Javier Brenton Lee Bret Lugo Brian Haider Bridget Iam Brigitte Brook Keegan Brooke Bonelli @Next L.A Bruce Venida Bruna Traesel @Mega Models Sao Paulo Camila Gelmini @Next L.A Camille Camille Messina Camille Royer Professionnel Candice Duthé Carina Persel Carl Hansen Carley Martin @Factor Emerging Artists Carmelina @Mocca Models Carolin G. Caroline Rausch @Why-Not Milano Carousel Ice Cream Celso Ferrer Charite Smet Charles Rezandi Charlotte Laplace Charlotte Lohmann Christian V @ Why Not Model Agency Milano Christine Lewis Christopher Hench Christopher Klutsch Christopher Koller Christopher McLallen Cindy Adams Colby Smith Consuela Nicula Corine Spies Csilla Elekest Damian Carney For Joico Daniel Klugman @ JOY Model Management Milano Daniela Glunz @Visual Art Danielle Day @Ford Agency Dardo photography Daria Slusarczyk David Leslie Anthony @Creative-24 Deb Chung Deborah Wong Denika Bedrossian Dimitri Dimitracacos Dimitri Ivanov Do Jun Pak Dominic H Donatella Musco Doreen Kipping Eden @Phantom Eduardo Farias Edwin Yanee Eileen Miccoli Elana Mityukova Elen Kergoat Eliah Burns @Chosen MM Elise Viste Elisha @Phantom Emily Emily Hum Erin Goodman Ersin Mumin Eunice @CalCarries Evara Collin Farouk Maamri Felix Leblhuber Francis Urrutia François Berthier Francy Renee Freixas Fumihiro Ban Gate @Elite Model Management Georg Roske George Favios Georgie @Giant Management Gianguido Rossi Gianluca Barolo Glenn Ellul Gloria Adams Grace @Ford LA Griselle Rosario Ground Zero/The Front Niteclub Gwen @Factor Women Gwen Lu @Major Agency Hana Nitsche @ Modelwerk Hannah Richter @Next Company Hollie Mae Schultz Ines Schult Irina @Evidence Iris Moreau Isabel Breidebach Isabella Sabbioni J.M Chassiers Jackie Hardt Jacklyn Jcreef Jaclyn Debb Jacob Mcclellan @Chosen MM Jacopo Spilimbergo Jacqueline Penza Jacqueline Rezak Jake Lewis Jam Baylon Dave sweeney James Sakalian Jamie Flynn Jamie Provencio Jan Breus Jan-Luc Giai Jana @Brodybookings Jana Ross Janaina Reis Janno Novenario Jarek Nesterowicz Javier Lewis Mona @Izaio Berlin Jazz @Izaio Berlin Jazz Mang @Basics Berlin Jean-François Langohr Jed @Why Not Model Agency Milano Jeff Kim Jennifer Brent Jennifer K. @Viva Models Jennifer Kim Jennifer Mertens Jennifer Muller @Next Company Jenny Vilsmeier @East West Models Jeremiah hull Jessamine @APM Models NY Jessica Begonia Jessica Moazami @Artists by Timothy Priano Jirayu Chutcharawan Joachim Pforr Joanna Kustra Joffrey Montes Johannes Diboki Jonas Harmsen Jonathan Liang Josephine Chapman Josh Button @Ford Models Josh [email protected] Why Not Model Agency Milano Jourdan Dudgeon Joyce Bonelli Jud Birza @Next L.A Julia Heiermann Julia.K Julian Pierre Boney Julian Robaire Juliana Martins @Mega Models Sao Paulo Júnior Queirós Justine Szczepanczyk Kahlil Oliver Kailas Kanako Ito Kara @Ignite Karla Majnaric Karsten Buch Kasey Nožisková Kate Erickson Kate Keegan-Cook Katharina Kulm Katherine Price Katie Wilton Katrin Schlotterhose Katsumi Matsuo @Redken Kazuko Kitaoka Kelley @Wehmann Talent Kelly Fajack Kittiya Anijmakron Kraig Delos Santos Kristina Günther @Louisa Models Kyle Martin Lana @Base Model Management Laura Cusick Lauren Gasnier @Ford Europe Lauren Neal Laurent Evrard Leandro Quartiermeister Lee Hamer @ADD Lenox Fontaine Leonie Ross Lindsay @Trend Models Lior Gavrielov Lior Nordman Lope Navo Luiza Matyba @Avant Models Lutz Karpf Lydia Jane Saunders Lyse Ma Prang Maciej Boryna Mademoiselle MU Magali Roux Magdalena Chrobot Magdolna Janó Małgorzata Grzywnowicz Małgorzata Węgiel Malte Pietschmann Marc Fischer Marcel Graul @Top Agence Marcin Het Marcin Kulak Marco Manni Margo Maria Litvinova Marianna Emerenko @Louisa Models Marie Bärsch Marina De Magalhaes Marina Keri Marine De Vachon Mario Marino Mariya Markova Marta Lamovsek Marta Raczkiewicz Martin Gregory Jerez Martin Laplap Martin Largardère Martine @Seeds Mary Oh! Marylynn Shapiro Mas Angelina Masha Rudenko @M4 Models Matthew Stenerson Matvei Droulez Matvey Lykov @Fusion Models Maxime stange Meagan Shea Mehlika aydogan Melson Bolongaita Mia Tucker Williams Michael Brown Michael Haug Michele Yong Michelle Du Xuan Michelle Fennel Micky Kurz Mike Desir @B4 Agency Min-k Mireia Grau Mitko Frangov Mohamed Gaff Monika Miśta Nadine Reid Nana Natalia Kuternoga @8fi models Natalia Shalygina Natalie @Wehmann Talent Natalie Guest Natalie Hostacna Neal Agustin Neeza Rahim Nejat Talas Nele @ Seeds Berlin Nele @M4 Models Nell Nabarro Netta Szekely NewYorkRioTokyo by Stefanie Schmidt Nhu Xuan Hua Nicolas Normand Nicole Bökhaus Nigel Ho Sang Nikki DuBose Nina D Nora Nona Norbert Kniat Nyoto Leonard Oksana @MC2 Model Management Ondrej Kosik One Hidden Aagenda Pakin Preem Paolla Rahmeier @Mega Models Sao Paulo Patrick Aufdenkamp Paula O’Connor Pauline Darley Perla Maarek Philip Shim Phoks Pierre Soubbotnik Portia @POP PR Pratik Naik Rachel Montgomery @Reload Radek Kruczek Raquel Olivo Rashida B @Artists by Timothy Priano Raudha Raily Regina Krilow @Mega Models Sao Paulo Robert Rumsey Roel Valesco Romain Rosa Rossella Vanon Roza Geesa Ruby S Balthazar @Nevs Models Rudy S Ruud Van Doorn Sachiko Katsurada Samira Slusallek @Most Wanted Models Samson Soboye Sara Mencattelli Sarah S Sarah Varacalli Sasha Neboga Sebastien Moser Sha Shamsi Shaina Danziger @ Why Not Model Agency Milano Shane Nelson of Omni-fusion Shane Woodward Sheila-Michelle Rieke @Top Agence Shiran Friedland Shuko Sumida Sidory Dan Perry Simona Rje Smashbox Studios Solweig Rediger Lizlow @Major Model Paris Sonny Groo Sono Fukunishi Sophia @Mega Modelmanagement Sophie Ono Soua Vue Stefano Guerreni Steffanie Kroll @Optix Stella Antignani Stuart Weston Studio 5.56 Susie Kim Sviatlana Sapeha Syed Kazmi Tanja Henning Tata Christiane Tatjana Genin Tawfick Espriella Tayo Fajemisin Tereza Janakova Thais Bretas @Atomo Milano Thalia P. Russell Theresa Cliff Theresa De Maria @Artists by Timothy Priano Theresa Francine Tino Oac TK @ Why Not Model Agency Milano Tobias Brahmst @New Madison Paris Tommy O'Reiley Tony Veloz Tracy Clemens @ OPUS Beauty Tyrus Watson @Chosen MM Valentin Excoffier @New Madison Paris Vanessa Jobb @Angels&Demons Vashti Jones Verena Wirth Vernon Francois Vijat Mohindra Viktoria Costa @LMA Viktoria stutz Vincent Dekock Vladimir Li Wald Berlin Waleed Sokkar Warda Noufais William Copsey William Li Workstudio Yoon Choi Zac Howell Zoe Brown ALL OUR VIDEOS ON - TOUTES NOS VIDÉOS SUR : WWW.FACTICEMAGAZINE.COM/FACTICETVEN.PHP Music by Gesaffelstein "Variations" FACTICE MAGAZINE - WWW.FACTICEMAGAZINE.COM - ©2012