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1. An Intergalactic Tribute

  • Published: 2013-10-10T09:40:04+00:00
  • Duration: 133
  • By Will Buxton
An Intergalactic Tribute

On Thursday 10th October 2013, NBC Sports F1 reporter Will Buxton and Producer Jason Swales had some time to kill in the Japanese town of Yokkaichi, before starting work for the 2013 Japanese Grand Prix in nearby Suzuka... this is what they did. Made as an homage to one of the most influential and awe inspiring bands of all time, and as a loving tribute to Adam "MCA" Yauch. Starring: Will Buxton Producer: Jason Swales Camera Operator: Jason Swales Director: Jason Swales Editor: Jason Swales Supplier of Awesome Sauce: Jason Swales

2. Astro Black: Race For Space (excerpt), 2010

  • Published: 2011-05-31T14:16:46+00:00
  • Duration: 56
  • By Soda_Jerk
Astro Black: Race For Space (excerpt), 2010

This episode of the Astro Black video cycle considers the origins and politics of Sun Ra's Afrofuturist mythology. Race for Space gives life to Sun Ra's claim to have been abducted by aliens who schooled him in the radical potential of music. While working as a piano man in Chicago in 1943, Sun Ra is contacted by Morpheus who offers him a choice of two destinies. Flashing forward to the 1969 moon landing, Neil Armstrong discovers that outer space has already been colonized by Sun Ra and his intergalactic ensemble The Arkestra. At stake in this episode is the cultural politics implicit in the territorialization of outer space, both as a geography and a virtual field of possibility. Titled in tribute to Sun Ra’s 1972 album, Astro Black is an ongoing multi-channel video cycle informed by cultural theories of Afrofuturism. Taking the cosmic jazz musician Sun Ra as a point of departure, this speculative history seeks to draw out the nexus of science fiction and social politics in Black Atlantic culture. Materials: Apollo 13 (1995), The Birth of a Nation (1995), Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008), The Dish (2000), The Fountain (2006), From the Earth to the Moon (1998), Hairspray (2007), I Dream of Jeannie (1965), Idlewilde (2006), In the Shadow of the Moon (2007), The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), Moon (2009), The Night James Brown Saved Boston (2008), Outkast: The Videos (2003), Planet Terror (2007), Scratch (2001), Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (1980), The Temptations (1988). Music: Circe 'Banks', Clint Mansell 'I’m Sam Bell', Clint Mansell 'Are You Receiving?', Clint Mansell 'Welcome to Lunar Industries', Clint Mansell 'Holy Dread!', Mixmaster Mike & Robert Johnson 'King of the Delta Blues', Outkast 'Call the Law'.

3. Astro Black: Destination Planet Rock (excerpt), 2007

  • Published: 2011-05-31T14:11:11+00:00
  • Duration: 58
  • By Soda_Jerk
Astro Black: Destination Planet Rock (excerpt), 2007

This episode of Astro Black maps the intergalactic legacy of Sun Ra and George Clinton in the sci-fi futurism of early hip-hop. Set in 1974 in the South Bronx, Destination Planet Rock begins in a neighborhood centre where Sun Ra is explaining his ideas about the intersection of race, myth and outer space. The three future originators of hip-hop – DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash – are abducted and transported across the galaxy to Planet Rock where they are schooled in the alien language of turntablism. Returning to planet Earth, the abductees unleash the supersonic technique of scratching and the sci-fi electro sound of the track Planet Rock. Titled in tribute to Sun Ra’s 1972 album, Astro Black is an ongoing multi-channel video cycle informed by cultural theories of Afrofuturism. Taking the cosmic jazz musician Sun Ra as a point of departure, this speculative history seeks to draw out the nexus of science fiction and social politics in Black Atlantic culture. Materials: Beat Street (1984), Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984), Dancing in the Street (1997), Gerry (2002), House Party (1990), I Dream of Jeannie (1965), Idlewild (2006), Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965), The Manson Family (2003), Planet Terror (2007), Scratch (2001), Space is the Place (1974), Style Wars (1983), Wildstyle (1983). Music: Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force 'Planet Rock', Aileron 'Something to do While Driving', Amon Tobin 'Esther’s', Amon Tobin 'Kitchen Sink', Amon Tobin 'Foley Room', Aphex Twin 'Gwely Mermans', Battles 'Prismism', Black Dice 'Island', Broadcast 'We’ve Got Time', Buffalo Daughter '303 Live', Cornelius 'Scum', DJ Krush with Rhythm Troops 'Krushed Wall', DJ QBert 'Movement 3: Inside-Out Body Warp', DJ QBert 'Redworm', DJ Shadow 'Changeling', Dr Octagon 'Blue Flowers', Fennesz 'Made in Hong Kong', Four Tet 'High Fives', George Clinton 'Clone Communicado', Gimmik 'Crak', Grandmaster Flash 'The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel', Herbie Hancock & Grandmixer DST 'Rock it', Justice 'Genesis', Kei 'Suda', Kraftwerk 'The Robots', Ladytron 'Startup Chime', Midnight Juggernauts 'Intro', Outcast 'Intro', Outcast 'PJ and Rooster', Parliament 'Mothership Connection', Rechenzentium 'Gaujag Totale', Mixmaster Mike & Robert Johnson 'King of the Delta Blues', Squarepusher 'My Fucking Sound', The Chemical Brothers 'Come With Us', The Chemical Brothers 'We are the Night', The Knife 'The Captain', The Sugarhill Gang 'Rapper’s Delight'.

4. Mars et Avril – Teaser “Making of” (English subtitled)

Mars et Avril – Teaser “Making of” (English subtitled)

“MARS & AVRIL” HAS BEEN SOLD TO THE U.S. and is now available on Amazon: VISIT THE DIRECTOR’S SITE: MARTIN VILLENEUVE’S TED TALK: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: ORDER THE DVD: WATCH THE MOVIE ON iTUNES (Canada) : WATCH THE MOVIE ON iTUNES (UK): DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK: TRAILER MUSIC: Without enough money, it was all about love and time, said director Martin Villeneuve recently on the TED stage where he talked about how he made a visually stunning sci-fi on a shoestring budget. A Canadian sci-fi in French might feel like something rather odd. And you’re right, the Montreal-based director’s invitation to his future hometown doesn’t resemble much you’ve seen before. Based on his graphic novels, “Mars & Avril” is a retro-designed neo noir where music, philosophy, and love is more central than intergalactic warfare. In light of the first manned expedition to Mars we watch as a love triangle unfolds on Earth between an acclaimed musician and his instrument builder as both have fallen for the lovely photographer Avril, and as we all know a little love can change a lot. Just look at the theoretically impossible but practically irresistible “Mars et Avril” which in itself is a strong testament to how far you can get with love... and time. “‘Mars & Avril’ marries the high-gloss look of a Hollywood future-world blockbuster to the more cultured, subtle sensibility of an indie-auteur movie. This striking debut is best enjoyed as a visually ravishing tribute to the power of love.” – Stephen Dalton, Quiet Earth // VISITEZ LE SITE DU RÉALISATEUR (en anglais) : TED TALK DE MARTIN VILLENEUVE : SUIVEZ-NOUS SUR FACEBOOK : COMMANDEZ LE DVD : REGARDEZ LE FILM SUR iTUNES (Canada) : REGARDEZ LE FILM SUR iTUNES (France) : TÉLÉCHARGEZ LA TRAME SONORE : MUSIQUE DE LA BANDE-ANNONCE : À défaut de moyens financiers, tout était une question d’amour et de temps, a récemment déclaré le cinéaste Martin Villeneuve sur la scène de TED, où il a parlé de la manière dont il a réalisé une œuvre de science-fiction visuellement époustouflante avec un budget d’auteur. Une science-fiction canadienne tournée en français peut sembler un objet étrange. En effet, l’invitation du réalisateur montréalais dans sa ville futuriste ne ressemble à rien de ce que vous avez pu voir auparavant. Inspiré de ses romans graphiques, “Mars et Avril” est une fable moderne, noire et rétro-futuriste où la musique, la philosophie et l’amour prennent le dessus sur les guerres intergalactiques. À la lumière de la première expédition habitée vers Mars s’installe sur Terre un triangle amoureux entre un vieux musicien de renom et son concepteur d’instruments, tous deux amoureux de la belle photographe Avril. Et, comme nous le savons, un peu d’amour peut changer beaucoup de choses. Il suffit de regarder le théoriquement impossible, mais pratiquement irrésistible “Mars et Avril”, qui en soi est un puissant témoignage de ce que l’on peut obtenir avec de l’amour… et du temps. « “Mars et Avril” parvient à combiner l’emballage rutilant du blockbuster hollywoodien avec la subtilité et la sensibilité d’un film d’auteur. Ce frappant premier long métrage sera reçu comme un ravissant hommage au pouvoir de l’amour. » – Stephen Dalton, Quiet Earth

5. Rowan El-Shimi - Exhibition on Sun Ra opens in Cairo - AhramOnline EGY 2014

  • Published: 2016-11-24T08:41:36+00:00
  • Duration: 325
  • By Tom Bogaert
Rowan El-Shimi - Exhibition on Sun Ra opens in Cairo - AhramOnline EGY 2014

An exhibition entitled '1971, Sun Ra in Egypt' at Medrar in Cairo focuses on intergalactic jazz legend's music - and love of ancient Egypt. Cairo-based art space Medrar for Contemporary Art is currently hosting Belgian artist Tom Bogaert's exhibition 1971, Sun Ra in Egypt, which opened on 15 May. The exhibition features a wide range of art works by Bogaret, based on his ongoing research into the life and work of American jazz pioneer Sun Ra. The opening night included a special performance by two bands – Dwarfs of East Agouza (featuring Maurice Louca) and Invisible Hands, in a tribute performance to Sun Ra. Sun Ra was born Herman Poole Blounte in the US state of Alabama. He changed his name to Le Sony’r Ra after a visionary experience that led him to believe he came from the planet Saturn. From this point on, Sun Ra was fascinated by both outer space and ancient Egypt. His incorporation of the Egyptian sun god Ra into his name was the first of many invocations of ancient Egypt’s culture and beliefs. Sun Ra was famous for his music as much as his eccentricity, with his unique sonic productions that reflected a myriad of approaches and inspirations. From the mid-1950s until his death in 1993, Sun Ra led a band called The Arkestra, which continues to perform its eccentric mix of free jazz, bop and electronic music under the leadership of Marshall Allen. Video by Rowan El-Shimi

6. Dorito: A Boy From The Stars

  • Published: 2017-11-17T17:27:08+00:00
  • Duration: 302
  • By Alana Massey
Dorito: A Boy From The Stars

A tribute to Sam Escobar’s dearly departed Dorito, an intergalactic force of love and a true friend to so many. Rest In Peace, little brother.



THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14th - 8PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th - 8PM This November, the Future Weird returns loaded with the retro tropes of science fiction to pay tribute to space-age prophets, musicians and messiahs. We start with John Akomfrah’s THE LAST ANGEL OF HISTORY, which packages historic Black sci-fi as a futuristic Pan-African venture. Eventually, it swaps techno-centric experiments for messianic characters who fight dominating narratives of science and progress for cosmic philosophies. This time around we depart from our previous format (feature film + shorts) in order to include interviews, testimonies, and archival footage of magnetic, creative leaders who promise transcendence for their followers, and achieve intergalactic travel through prayer as well as funk. We’ll mix photos, tape-recorded testimonies, and home videos from South African church services in with Akomfrah’s all-start cast of American musicians, charismatic space captains and Star Trek heroines in order to collectively consider belief, art, truth telling, and forms of authority. The Future Weird is a bimonthly series exploring contemporary film from the global south – with an African bias. Our title, “the future weird”, is inspired by The State’s ongoing documentation of non-western futurisms: THE LAST ANGEL OF HISTORY is presented with special thanks to Icarus Films.