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1. [AnimP!RM] Sins of our Forefather + REQUIEM

  • Published: 2018-10-28T23:35:01Z
  • By Treven
[AnimP!RM] Sins of our Forefather + REQUIEM

another rm ripoff track, and another asgore because it's the one non-megalovania track i can do well :^) AU by @animp-official OST account: @darko_rm (Some motifs taken from and Discord:

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2. 0ff The Silence | AnimP

0ff The Silence | AnimP

Made by @animp-official "yes its supposed to sound extremely off. DROP0FF. HAHAHAHH" -AnimP Drop0ff replaces Chara in this AU.

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3. yo boi kirby got an anime like gun. | AnimP

yo boi kirby got an anime like gun. | AnimP

Made by @animp-official "Oh jeese. This needs some patchin' up. Not anime enough... that gives me the perfect idea." i am snas hahhahahah i am xinos copy

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4. Unfinished - Persisting Relention (Papyrus Xindicta...?)

  • Published: 2019-01-31T08:56:24Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - Persisting Relention (Papyrus Xindicta...?)

started at 14/1/19 art creator is unknown

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5. Unfinished - Showdown

  • Published: 2019-03-16T19:46:11Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - Showdown

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6. Unfinished - Summit

  • Published: 2019-02-24T22:14:25Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - Summit

art by angely-mae good original song bad take lol

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7. Vs. Lancer (A-Side Cover) [Unfinished]

  • Published: 2019-06-22T09:26:49Z
  • By AnimP
Vs. Lancer (A-Side Cover) [Unfinished]

really. really. bad also art by tastynachos

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8. Deceasing Bad Mixing | AnimP

Deceasing Bad Mixing | AnimP

Made by @carathedethdemon-v2 "dis is gay. gonna remake this later lmao" -Darko Pink Sheep from sheeptal- I mean... Differentopic is toriel. Motifs Sheeplovan- Colors of The Deceaed

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9. Unfinished - HOT GARBAGE

  • Published: 2019-02-16T00:04:38Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - HOT GARBAGE

its hot garbage and hot garbage did i mention its hot garbage

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10. 7 UPDATES!!! + Updating Euphoria | AnimP

7 UPDATES!!! + Updating Euphoria | AnimP

Made by @Carathedethdemon-v2 "I'm actually quite proud of this. Though, it does need some touch ups like the brass and how empty it is." -AnimP Names by @muffinmusic1 Muffins best song is papyrus. And it was well worth the wait for the most recent tenebrae...

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11. Unfinished - WHY?! Cover

  • Published: 2019-03-06T23:33:57Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - WHY?! Cover


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12. Unfinished - GENÉRICO

  • Published: 2019-05-12T22:56:22Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - GENÉRICO

Original by Fuji Idk why I don't want to finish this I just don't lol Maybe it's because it's sounds too much like the original. I did use the flp idk

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13. Unfinished - Bipolar

  • Published: 2019-04-17T01:50:40Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - Bipolar

Lost motivation lol First song by Drop Second by Saster Third by Dave Fourth by Fuji Fifth by me Sixth by cat Art by polar????

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14. AnimP!Recognized Maniacs - DARKX

  • Published: 2019-01-31T01:19:28Z
  • By Ɔrystal
AnimP!Recognized Maniacs - DARKX

Notes: -Thumbnail is temporary -Instaudio link: * Shall the showers of burning vengeance rain down on your scheme? * Or will you persist on trying to destroy everything in your path? * ... * As expected. Too cocky to answer. * Let me just show you what it means to destroy. --- IT’S HERE. We’ve been working on this since 4-5 months. and it’s been a bumpy road, yeah. But we finished it. And I think it’s great. Credits time. Shadewolf: Making the song lit and so much better. Module6: Treven: the final touches to the song and helped throughout. Also making thumbnail. Mage: Moral Support Tigeski: Giving Idea’s when he was there. Also torturing Shadewolf with organized songs Harry: posted memes most important --- I can't get the motifs right now. Though, I will try later.

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15. Unfinished - Releasing March

  • Published: 2019-02-03T03:46:38Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - Releasing March

some random xindicta i just made that i probably wont finish

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16. Unfinished - SCHIZOPHRENIA V: Omega

  • Published: 2019-06-12T19:17:44Z
  • By AnimP
Unfinished - SCHIZOPHRENIA V: Omega

the square ruined it

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