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9. The World feat. Kid Cudi & Kid Anonymouski & Alvin Lee

The World feat. Kid Cudi & Kid Anonymouski & Alvin Lee

(Inhale, and I want you to exhale, and I want you to follow your breath) "Alvin Lee: I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do." Hello, yeah, uh Dammit here it goes again that Door has closed be-hi-i-nd me, Now it's time to find out what's been Hiding deep in-si-i-de me, Careful for what I might find might Make me want to change my mind, That's alright, don't think twice, I'm Fin to change my paradigm, I will fight, yes I will, I can meet Kid Cudi still, I've got dreams, you will see, I'll be on the cover of magazines, That you see, yes I will, I will rap on Cudi beats, It's my time, you will see me Change this space entirely, Yes you will, yes you will *Start Chorus* "Cudi: I embraced it. I embraced the fear, the danger, I enjoyed the fact that I was going in uncharted territory. It was like, a sense of wonder for me." *End Chorus* I'll Change the world rear- -range the world, flip that gray to black, If I'm feeling down and out this Beat has got to have, the Sickest most Illest most Wicked most Livid Kid Cudi on this track, I've Left an open verse for you I Hope you have my back! I Don't have too much going on I Cope within this life, I Think that I might end myself if I can't live alive, I Drift into the dolo zone, Please don't let me go alone, You and I have shared this home so we Both know how this story goes the Very best way to help a man who Fell into a hole, is Not to be an a-hole but to Crawl inside yourself, (Cudi: why?) Don't throw me a rope, I'd pre- -fer a passage way, because If you throw a rope at me I'd Hang down there for days, I'm still growing up, I've, Got no self est-e-em, People like to brag a lot but I'm Still chasing my dream, I've tried every sport I tried to Fit in at my school, ma- -ture is what I told myself when I Simply wasn't cool, I Think I may just lose it if I Can't get this track off, I am fuckin tired if I come Off as an asshole, I'm so self entitled I think I have just lost it, I'd Love to change the world but I'm not Sure where to start, man But you do, you know where to start, man, you do. *Start Chorus* "Kid Cudi: Life will throw you a shit ton of curveballs, it's scary... But like, if you believe, man... you know... if you believe... and if you want it, and if you want to work hard enough for it... it can be so. Because there's no difference from me to you. I just really wanted this shit. I wanted it bad. You know? And I didn't want to be a failure." *End Chorus* *Kid Cudi's verse*...awaiting arrival. *Start Chorus* (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Scott... Scott... Scott... Scott... That's good. You alright?) *Chorus fades out* RIP Alvin Lee.

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