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1. On Sidewalks Lyrics

On Sidewalks Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous On Sidewalks footsteps. my name. spelled out in treason. on sidewalks fall dreams of life. in the cast of a play without lines. prerehearsed and fake. white light ac

2. Hilgore Trout Lyrics

Hilgore Trout Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Hilgore Trout Take these words and write 'em down Take these words Take these words and write 'em down Take these words You wont listen You wont listen You wont l

3. Marigold And Patchwork Lyrics

Marigold And Patchwork Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Marigold And Patchwork fall down. marigold. fall sounds of rain. why can't i go. those days when spokes wound baseball cards tear hear them roar. and faster still tho

4. Mile Marker Lyrics

Mile Marker Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Mile Marker slow down a lighted road. a broken sign states the mile. a broken code. a simple rhyme. a smile. a fallen line. a simple song set the time. an em

5. Poseidon Lyrics

Poseidon Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Poseidon i always know where i am. by the way the road looks. the sea brings me back to you

6. A Place In Line Lyrics

A Place In Line Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous A Place In Line words fall like autumn leaves as he speaks. bring you down. and this time his eyes sing a line from the living sea. some things just go away with sle

7. Convict Lyrics

Convict Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Convict jacob stands on snakes. and finds his life in shame. they will make their plea. trust in the disease. one last drop of pain. the fighting's all in vain.

8. Portrait Lyrics

Portrait Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Portrait we have come. and we are here for you. the sovereign low. the time has come. the serenade begins. here i am. dress the fool and what i say is wrong.

9. Moment #72 Lyrics

Moment #72 Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Moment #72 secrets of. curtains love. blinds. a hideaway. long hand falls. the moment slows down. and nothing moves. count the seconds passage. lies concea

10. On Reflection Lyrics

On Reflection Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous On Reflection he steps away. from his car. with a song. he was wrong. he should have known all along. with wary eyes and uncertain grin. fall out. i saved yo

11. Reaction Lyrics

Reaction Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Reaction facade. forewarn. the little worm. in turn you burn out the secret places. i fell like cancer. shake the smile from your face. be still and answer.

12. 16 Days Lyrics

16 Days Lyrics

Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous 16 Days see your face. i know that the time is right. and i wanted. one more day. i know that the time is right. and you were so lost. for all the times i trie

13. Beach Gray Lyrics

Beach Gray Lyrics

I struck up the shore Out tonight, out tonight You were at the door I fell, I fell I was trying to get away But you were there, yeah, you were there And I walked down the street Trying to, yeah, tryi

14. Secret Lyrics

Secret Lyrics

If you walk outside You will find The stars won't shine tonight The secret If you walk the park You will find No one knows tonight The secret On this way home you go On this way home On this way hom

15. State N W/K Lyrics

State N W/K Lyrics

This time we have fallen off our chairs Notice it's not working, arms reaching Sending the knife flying, glasses spilling Reason we are laughing, no one knows

16. Take Lyrics

Take Lyrics

Take my love for my love Take my love for my love

17. Facing North Lyrics

Facing North Lyrics

Took a bus back To the home town Found out that your room Is rented out Falling down this road Facing all these days Wondering where to smile Facing every way Took a big step Getting off that plane

18. Novice Lyrics

Novice Lyrics

Taste in the, taste in the Taste the drowning tide Boxed in a crate Blue in the water You formed a sign I'm not your savior Go find yourself reasons A face to time For the show Cold in your arm You

19. Losing Touching Searching Lyrics

Losing Touching Searching Lyrics

There's no sign There's no sign There's no chance We'll get there on time We couldn't find the place that night We were lost and stuck together We were lost with ourselves And we were lost with each

20. Blind Man's Arrow Lyrics

Blind Man's Arrow Lyrics

In this lifetime You can mix knives and paper doves On the roof top If it craves it's hollowed out I fell down this daylight Blind man's arrow Buried in my loves heart Tape was wound Life ties back