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1. isolatedmix 73 - Astral Industries

isolatedmix 73 - Astral Industries

Since 2014, UK-based label, have been responsible for some of the most enlightening and entertaining releases of recent years. Their output has helped otherwise forgotten or out of print music see the light of day, provided new takes on previous classics, whilst also pushing forward new music by some of the most well-respected artists within the ambient genre.  Debuting with a release by dub-techno legend DeepChord in 2014, Astral Industries went on to release Wolfgang Voigt's live project, Rückverzauberung Live In London in 2015.  In 2016 they followed with a 1985 recording from disbanded dutch collective Chi - a timeless and undoubtedly classic record, whilst in the same year pitching Wolfgang and Deepchord together for the very first time, with reinterpretations of Peter Michael Hamel's classic, Colors of Time. By then, and combined with the continually brilliant artwork of Theo Ellsworth, we knew that Astral Industries was a label with staying-power, and a growing catalog of releases worth collecting - be it just for the framed artwork, or moreover, the complete music package.  In 2017, we've seen an LP by Heavenly Music Corporation, aka Kim Cascone (likely encouraged by the recent re-release of his own label Silent Records), a third LP by The Chi Factory, and then just last month a beautiful album by Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell of DeepChord and Chris Troy), with a sublime follow-up album, a massive 20 years after their first.  The man behind the Astral Industries machine, Ario is a proven expert at plucking obscure gems from the past, or ensuring that good music gets the platform and artistic presentation it deserves. In just a few years, Ario has curated a highly respected and anticipated label roster that demands attention, and has yet to disappoint. The music is always gentle, deep and often extremely vivid, be it deeply hypnotic ambient, or gentle murmurs of dub-techno.  With curatorial talents like this, we're overjoyed to host an exclusive 2hr+ mix of Ario digging into his record collection, and interlocking a few select exclusive Astral Industries bits in-between. It's one hell-of-a hypnotic journey and just like the Astral Industries releases, deserved of your full undivided, escapist attention.

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2. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Child Deep Techno Remix)

Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Child Deep Techno Remix)

View the original source and download here:

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3. Isolatedmix 48 - Gidge

Isolatedmix 48 - Gidge 01. Matti Bye – Across The Sun 02. Gidge – Norrland (Tony Karlsborn Bootleg) 03. Downliners Sekt – Eiger Dreams 04. Airhead – Shekure 05. Burial – Come Down To Us 06. Nils Frahm – Kind 07. James Blake – Pan 08. Loefah – The Goat Stare 09. Shxcxchcxsh – Entering The S-Cloud 10. Cristian Vogel – Seed Dogs 11. Christian Löffler – Young Alaska 12. Herbst9 – Mletkin 13. Eomac – I Love You, I Miss You 14. The Field – No. No… 15. Troy Gunner – Swoon 16. Bell.Gall. – Spight 17. Julia Kent – Tithonos 18. David Douglas – Moon Observations

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4. isolatedmix 44 - Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe

isolatedmix 44 - Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe 01. Susumu Yokota - Azukiiro No Kaori 02. M83 - Sister (Part 1) 03. Deaf Center - City 04. Minilogue - Europhonia 05. Jean F. Cochois - Silence Unheard 06. John Foxx & Harold Budd - Here And Now 07. Gonno - Turn to Light 08. Walls - Vacant 09. Leo Abrahams - Sundown 10. Lawrence - Friday's Child (Special Intro Version) 11. Michael Stearns - Star Dreams (Peace Eternal) 12. Ken Hayakawa - Place To Stay Summer Breeze Version 13. Helios - Even Today 14. Model 500 - Starlight (Echospace Dub) 15. Deepchord Presents Echospace - Warm 16. Múm - Random Summer 17. Markus Guentner - Das Vergessene 18. Vessel - Tiny 19. Inner Science - Emerge 20. Justus Kohncke - Spukhafte Fernwirkung 21. Yagya - Rigning Fjórir 22. Popnoname - Nightliner 23. Naohito Uchiyama - Solea 24. Junyamabe - 25. M-koda - Conflict 26. Brian Eno & Harold Budd - Their Memories 27. Kaito - Until the end of time  (Beatless version) Hiroshi Watanabe has been releasing records since 1996, with styles ranging from deep house to his more recognized ambient/electronica works on Kompakt under the guise of Kaito. A stalwart for the label for the past twelve years, Hiroshi has clocked up no less than eight albums and recently released the rather brilliant ‘Less Time Until The End’. His passion for introspective electronic music is clearly visible in his latest release and his Kaito moniker is seemingly dedicated to this emotional side. Named after his son and translating as “the one that is able to explain the universe”, Kaito’s music is warm, analogue and immersive electronica, riddled with a million stories. Hiroshi’s a big believer in communicating through his music and opens up to the many ways a track can be perceived- he’s a storyteller, a painter of the night sky and the magician behind the soundtrack which accompanies them. Hiroshi’s isolatedmix stems from this approach and takes us on a night-flight through some of his inspirations that span the spectrum of the ambient electronic genre – a perfect introduction to the newbie or an expertly curated accompaniment for the veteran. Hiroshi will be the guide, but you’ll make your own way there… “I started with this kind of electronic music, mainly because my father created some very imaginative ambient music when I was child (around the late 70s). I was watching how he made the music and the sound seemed so impressive. It was because of this I fell in love with electronic music. I love how the music can portray special images within each person – no-one the same, it’s impossible. There’s no need for vocals, or lyrics or words, just sound. I can close my eyes and it’s all I need – every person connecting to the universe through tension, energy and inspiration. This is a selection of music which reflects that feeling – something special. Of course, there are tonnes to choose from and some amazing ambient music in the world, but this is just a little selection. Please enjoy the music and use your imagination to travel your own way”

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5. isolatedmix 51 - Kiyoko

isolatedmix 51 - Kiyoko

More info: 01. Oh, Yoko – Seashore (Instrumental Ver.2) 02. Kiyoko – Open 03. Xela – Impulsive Behaviour 04. Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version) 05. Kiyoko – Archway 06. Move D – Rote Zone 07. Christ. – Discombobulate 08. Ian Hawgood – A Film By The Remote Viewer 09. Dania Shapes – December Waiting Room 10. Sad City – You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful 11. Synkro – VII 12. Ambulance – Hydro Lines 13. Tangerine Dream – Remote Viewing 14. Bering Strait – 505 S2000 15. Desolate – Imagination 16. Machinedrum – Vizion 17. Vatican Shadow – Whitewashed Compound Stealth Helicopter Crash 18. Kiyoko – Something To Think About 19. Muslimgauze – Old Arab Record Not On Compact Disc

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6. isolatedmix 23 - Carbon Based Lifeforms

isolatedmix 23 - Carbon Based Lifeforms

For more info, the inspiration behind the mix and a Q&A with CBL > 01. Raymond Scott - In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen 02. Space Lab - Blue Planet 03. Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) 04. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb 05. M83 - I Guess I’m Floating 06. Vangelis - Ireland 07. Autechre - VLetrmx 08. Murcof - Isaias II 09. Barn Owl - Lotus Cloud 10. Fennesz - River Of Sand 11. Boards Of Canada - Open The Light 12. Hammock - Cruel Sparks 13. Trentemøller - Miss You 14. Terry Devine-King - Life Cycle 15. Solar Quest - Singtree 16. 23rd World - Enchanted Isles 17. Foundland - Everybodys Neighbour 18. Sally Shapiro - Sleep In My Arms 19. Solar Quest - Liquid Sky 20. Lusine - Operation Costs - Disassembled Mix 21. Bo Hansson - The Old Forest (Tom Bombadil) 22. Mathew Dear - Slowdance 23. Tycho - Coastal Brake 24. TV On The Radio - Staring At The Sun

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7. isolatedmix 50 - bvdub: Sleep Tight, Ono

isolatedmix 50 - bvdub: Sleep Tight, Ono So here we are. Half-a-century of isolatedmixes. Each, a window into the world behind ASIP; an insight into the inspirations and passion behind the site and label over the past six years, and beyond. I always set out to keep the series exclusively for artists who’ve had a profound impact on ASIP and I’m glad I’t’s stayed that way. We’ve been lucky enough to host heroes of the genre, legends, new-comers, friends and innovators over the years, and each one is special in its own right. Ulrich Schnauss provided the very first isolatedmix (fittingly so) but as soon as I realized the series, I started making lists of artists I dreamt would contribute, and bvdub was up top. Brock’s music is unique, and as close to perfection in my world, striking a balance of euphoria, emotion and musical progression in every production. Many of you would have heard Brock’s music if you follow this site in any shape or form, but I’m pretty sure there’s lots of who you haven’t heard a mix from Brock – they’re as rare as they come. Brock turned me down a few times before agreeing to do this mix. Mainly because a mix to him, isn’t about sitting down for hours, maybe days and carefully crafting an hour-long journey (like it is for most of us). For Brock, he needs to be in the right state of mind; the right period in his life. Mixes zap him of energy, and if the inspiration isn’t there he wont force it. Let’s just say the stars aligned on this one. Some true inspiration that led to the mix; an emotional moment that unfurled; and a unique and original approach, led to Brock pouring his energy into a personal journey in the most unforgettable and special way possible. Thanks to Brock for this rare opportunity and insight into his world and to everyone who has contributed, listened, commented and downloaded the series so far. Here’s to the next 50.

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8. isolatedmix 43 - Need a Name

isolatedmix 43 - Need a Name

More info: 01. Hammock – In The Middle Of This Nowhere 02. Brambles – Half-Gramme Holiday 03. Drops – Autumn Walks 04. Random Forest – The Best Of Us 05. Cass. – Illinois 1880 (Part 1) 06. Naal – W 07. Talquin – Embers 08. Umber – Clémence 09. Mosaik – Aerial 10. Hammock – Shored Against the Ruins… Drowning In Ten Directions 11. Lowercase Noises – Beauty Into Wreck 12. Aural Method – Breathe Deep Your Chorus 13. Keith Kenniff – Portraits Pt. 1 14. Chris Tenz – Chapter Two

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9. isolatedmix 35 - Orion & J.Shore

isolatedmix 35 - Orion & J.Shore

Like the massive spectrum of music in my head, Finnish brothers Orion and J.Shore usually sit at opposite ends on the music production front. Juska (Orion), grew up on the early 90′s hypnotic trance sound such as Cygnus X’s album “Hypermetrical” and Sven Väth’s “The Harlequin – The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer” and for the past five years has hosted a variety of electronic music on his National Finnish Radio show. In a vein I can very much relate to, these early 90′s records often contained a few ambient or downtempo tracks and Juska soon grew to love the sleepier side of electronic music as much as the ecstasy of early 90′s trance. Younger Brother J.Shore however, had a much more straight forward introduction into the ambient/electronica genre, listening to Aphex Twin, Global Communication and Boards of Canada, he grew up to to become a very talented choir conductor and pianist. And it was on these terms that the two combined to produce music together with their first album, Brotherhood, released in 2011 – an album that I still hold in high regard, and featured at the beginning of last year. It’s this unique collaboration that I can hear throughout each record and as hoped, within this mix. Their records often consist of live strings, guitars and pianos, and as Orion has found out, this ‘orchestral’ out-take is a perfect addition to a well composed chill-out track. For this mix Orion and J.Shore have decided to “introduce many Finnish and Scandinavian artists which we think are incredibly talented” as well as including a couple of unreleased tracks from the studio, including Orkidea’s Unity and Chris Coco’s ‘My Sunset’. Here’s a quick intro from Juska on some of the artists and tracks featured: “Some of the artists worth highlighting from the mix are Gorm Sørensen, who is a super talented Danish chill-out producer and Silk Sofa label A&R; Tokyo Boulevard, whose debut is one of those timeless chill-out albums; Norwegian Xerxes who releases amazing music and made a really great unofficial remix of our “Brotherhood” track; Finnish Softys, one half of the legendary Slusnik Luna, who is a very talented chill-out producer, too; Indigo, who hasn’t released too much but whose chill-out mixes in the 90s were a big inspiration for me; Planet Boelex, who made an exclusive remix of Nails for this mix only and who is easily in the Top 3 of Finnish chill-out/ambient producers; and finally Kajis and Turismo, both very very promising Finnish newcomers. Kajis delivered a beautiful orchestral track for this mix and Turismo’s remix of Architect’s Dream has exactly this oldskool vibe I love” More info: 1. Gorm Sørensen - ID 2. Tim Sane - Untitled 3. Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Structures 4. Orion & J.Shore - Brotherhood (Xerxes remix) 5. Stephen J. Kroos - IO 6. Orion & J.Shore - Deep Blue (Tokyo Boulevard Downtempo Remix) 7. Jani R - All The Beauty (2012 Beat Mix) 8. Softys - No More Time For Us 9. Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix) 10. Indigo - Dineh 11. Orion & J.Shore - Nails (Planet Boelex remix) 12. Kajis - What Are We Doing 13. Incolumis - Cloudcage 14. Turismo - And Our Universe Was Born 15. Unfabled - Solitude 16. Orkidea - Unity (Orion & J.Shore remix) 17. Chris Coco - My Sunset (Orion & J.Shore remix)

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10. isolatedmix 60 - Porya Hatami

isolatedmix 60 - Porya Hatami

isolatedmix60 - For more info and download visit: 01. Shuttle358 - Frame (Frame) [12k] 02. Modul - Kkun I (Isol) [Raster Noton] 03. SND - 00039 d.6 (Stdio) [Mille Plateaux] 04. Robert Lippok - Open (Open Close Open) [Raster Noton] 05. Farben - Bayreuth (Textstar) [Klang Electronik] 06. Porya Hatami - White Forest (Purl remix) (Shallow Remixes) [Dewtone] 07. Markus Guentner - Der Wustenplanet (1981) [Kompakt] 08. Porya Hatami - After the rain (The Green Kingdom Remix) (Shallow Remixes) [Dewtone] 09. Gas - Königsforst 04 (Königsforst) [Mille Plateaux] 10. Gramm - Type Eins (Personal Rock) [Source Records] 11. Jan Jelinek - Tendency (Loop Finding Jazz records) [~scape]

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11. isolatedmix 75 - Hypnus Records

isolatedmix 75 - Hypnus Records

Label boss Michel from takes us through select tracks from one of the most exciting techno labels out there. For more info and download see: Tracklist: 01. Feral - Heruka 4 02. Luigi Tozzi - Yavin 4 (Ambient Mix) 03. Luigi Tozzi - Epipelagic 04. Skymn - City Lights 05. Primal Code* 06. Primal Code - Jikan 07. Primal Code - Junkan (Luigi Tozzi's Interpretation) 08. Primal Code - Junkan 09. Feral - Krishna 10. Luigi Tozzi - Flusso Perpetuo 11. Primal Code* 12. Luigi Tozzi - Binary Sunset 13. Skymn - Okuyi (Korridor's Interpretation) 14. Luigi Tozzi - Yavin 4 15. Primal Code* 16. Feral* 17. Primal Code* 18. Luigi Tozzi - Subterrel 19. Luigi Tozzi - Jedha 20. Feral - Heruka 3 21. Skymn - Biker Scene 22. Luigi Tozzi - Chemosynthesis (Claudio PRC Remix) 23. Luigi Tozzi - Quetzalli 24. Luigi Tozzi - Mesopelagic Zone * Forthcoming release.

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12. isolatedmix 82 - Ocoeur

isolatedmix 82 - Ocoeur

For his isolatedmix, has leaned on his own productions alongside complimentary inspirations that help portray a dream-like hour of ambience, dotted with highs and lows - demonstrating some of the many emotions Franck has continually painted over the past five years. Without even listening, seeing the likes of Murcof, Rauelsson and Cliff Martinez, alongside Ocoeur’s own productions within the track list should indicate how delicate and considered this mix is. More info and download: Tracklist: 01. Zinovia Arvanitidi - Invisible 02. Ocoeur - In The Starlight - Pixys 03. Cliff Martinez - He Had a Good Time 04. Disasterpeace - Formations 05. Jessica Curry - Dear Esther - Always (Hebridean mix) 06. Ocoeur - Unseen 07. SineRider - Alouette 08. Murcof - Uri 09. Ocoeur - Passage 10. Ocoeur - Time Over (Rework) 11. Ocoeur - Mother 12. Rauelsson - Arrows 13. Ocoeur - Echo 14. Deru - Drink It In 15. Brian Eno & Harold Budd - Late October

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13. ASIP024 Horizontal Excursions - Symphonica Helvetica

ASIP024 Horizontal Excursions - Symphonica Helvetica

Sometimes, an album comes along which blows everything else out of the water. Then, you learn it’s the artist’s very first release in this particular style. And then, that little tingly feeling you get from discovering a new favourite artist creeps up your back at you sit clasping your headphones with eyes wide open, in anticipation for the next track, for more, and more. This sounds pretty dramatic, but this is exactly how I felt when I first heard Roger Martinez’s self-titled production as Horizontal Excursions. The electronic DJ/Producer from the Netherlands had well and truly grabbed my attention under his new moniker and his album, was easily one of the best releases of 2011. Two years later, Roger has revisited his Horizontal Excursions ambient guise, taken a trip into nature’s beating heart and pulled off another absolutely beautiful piece of work that ambient enthusiasts like me, simply fall for again and again. - The wilderness stirs something primal and unfathomable in us all. We become overwhelmed, awestruck, even emboldened, by these untamed frontiers, content to revel in the unspoiled beauty or compelled to explore what lies within. For some, it’s a cold, harsh reality; an unforgiving tundra of survival and subsistence. But, when afforded the indulgence, this isolation is the purest of them all. “There aren’t many places left in Western Europe where you can still immerse yourself in pure wilderness” Roger begins, “in fact, the only environment where I have truly experienced this is in certain parts of Switzerland. My latest trip to Zermatt, located in the canton of Valais, has greatly shaped the music in this symphony and I was reminded that all of nature is something that should be respected and revered.” A regular traveller through the country, Roger’s willingness to lose himself (in every sense of the word) in the abundance of natural beauty heralded Symphonica Helvetica – an untainted journey through the mysticism of the Alps, velveteen swoop of Swiss valleys, and the siren-song of nature. “Away from the large cities of Zürich and Basel, you enter into a totally different kind of environment,” he states. “For me mountainous areas epitomize something indescribable, something sacred. I lose sense of identity and, sometimes literally, become lost in the landscape around me. Inspired by the power of his surroundings, Symphonica Helvetica crystallizes those moments, and Roger captures, and softens, the endeavour of trekking through the terrain. A symphonic soundtrack that casts a heavy ambient blanket, there’s a sense of uphill resistance as the summit nears; the enormity of casting an infinite gaze for miles; the deep, contented inhale as you survey the forest canopy thousands of feet below and feel, for that moment, like it’s all you. “In these places you really see nature at work: sculpting, flowing and grinding through the mountains,” Roger explains. “The fruits of my past trips through the mountains of Switzerland have amalgamated into the symphony that I present to you here. This is the musical translation of the visions and experiences I had standing on the edge of mountain cliffs, overlooking valleys, walking through snow-clad forests, enchanted by mountain tops in full view. These are the shamanic songs of Mother Nature still at reign in her grand domain: a living myth put into sound pressure waves.”

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14. isolatedmix 72 - Wanderwelle

isolatedmix 72 - Wanderwelle

"This mix contains sounds and moods that will transfer the listener to a mystic realm where foggy atmospheres and moonlit melodies will haunt its travellers. A world that consists of deep electronics where at times subtle ivory keys will rise like autumn winds that sweep through ruins of past days. A strangely isolated place where like-minded souls will cross each other's paths". More info and download:

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15. isolatedmix 97 - Jane Fitz: We Fall Into The Sun

isolatedmix 97 - Jane Fitz: We Fall Into The Sun

Much loved London selector steps up with a beautiful, twisting and textured journey. More info and download:

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16. ASIP - Portals Episode 3: Music For Sleeping (Cycle 1)

ASIP - Portals Episode 3: Music For Sleeping (Cycle 1)

90 minutes of Music For Sleeping, broken down into the five sleep stages. This is Cycle 1 of 2. For the full feature and download please visit Tracklist: Stage 1.1 Brian Eno - Drift (Apollo A&S) Stage 1.2 Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (SAW II) Stage 1.3 Sage Taylor - Raintime Ten (Raintime) Stage 1.4 Gallery Six - The Frozen Lake (The Fogbound Island) Stage 2.1 Pass Into Silence - Iceblink (Pop Ambient 2006) Stage 2.2 Chronovalve - The Gravity Of Dreams (Trace of Light) Stage 2.3 Billow Observatory - Pankalia (Billow Observatory) Stage 3.1 GAS - Pop 3 (Pop) Stage 3.2 Yagya - Rigning tiu (Rigning) Stage 4.1 Tu M’ - Monochrome #01 (Monochrome Vol.1) Stage 4.2 Alva Noto - Xerrox Radieuse (Xerrox Vol.3) Stage 5.1 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Somewhere in Russia (Twentythree) Stage 5.2 Global Communication - 9.39 (76.14) Stage 5.3 Neel - The Secret Revealed (Phobos) Stage 5.4 Biosphere - Kobresia (Substrata)

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17. ASIP - Reflection on 2018

ASIP - Reflection on 2018

Our annual year-end mix featuring some of our favorite 2018 music. For more info, tracklist and download: Buy the music featured: Tracklist: 01. Rhian Sheehan - All Who Remain [Self] 02. Johnny Greenwood - Tree Stings [Lakeshore Records] 03. Steve Good - 360 [Self] 04. Poemme - At the Gates Of Dawn [Stereoscenic Records] 05. Warmth - Receiver [Archives] 06. Mount Shrine - Winter Restlessness [Cryo Chamber] 07. Hotel Neon - Roke [Archives] 08. Abul Mogard - Where Not Even [Ecstatic] 09. r beny - in the violet and lingering winter dusk [Self] 10. Acronym & Korridor - Sscending [Vaagner] 11. Laura Luna Castillo - Moskstraumen [Genot] 12. Field Works (Loscil) - Imprints [Temporary Residence] 13. Grand River - Ecouri [Spazio Disponible] 14. Richard Devine - Astra [Planet Mu] 15. Diamondstein & Sangam - Finding Peace Where There Isn't [Doom Trip] 16. 36 - Midnight Helix [Self] 17. Vril - Riese (Rework) [Delsin] 18. Skee Mask - Session Add [Ilian Tape] 19. Wanderwelle - The Seed of the Areoi [Silent Season] 20. Helios - Eventually [Ghostly] 21. DJ Healer - 2 The Dark [All Possible Worlds] 22. Ocoeur - Passage [n5MD] 23. Rival Consoles - Unfolding [Erased Tapes] 24. Roel Funcken - Sapper Morton [Analogical Force] 25. Synkro & Arovane - Aspen [Apollo] 26. The Black Dog - The Truth Is In The Post [Dust] 27. Inner River - Floe Flow [Atomnation] 28. Jon Hopkins - C O S M [Domino] 29. Lori Scacco - Strange Cities [Mysteries Of The Deep]

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18. ASIP005 Levi Patel - Dissociation (Extended)

ASIP005 Levi Patel - Dissociation (Extended)

Download on Bandcamp: A beautiful extended version of Levi's original Places Series track, Dissociation. New textures, space and melody are introduced in this emotionally charged soundtrack piece. Portrayed as places of magic and mystery and of death and decease, forests are a rich source of imagination - a place where fiction and fairy-tale come alive or where darkness is allowed to flourish undeterred. Conjured in the barren surroundings of a pine forest in Matakana, New Zealand, ‘Dissociation’ stirs all of the enchantment and subtle mysticism of a woodland world screened from prying eyes. There’s a peace at work that only nature can bring but also the untrusting trepidation of something of which we have no control. “It felt quite wondrous but with a subtle dark undertone,” Levi explains. “I wanted to capture the almost surreal feeling of the place and the mystery of exploring it.” ‘Dissociation’ invites a curiosity and a gleeful sense of the unknown. School-room xylophone melodies evoke a happy abandon that promises adventure and escape; like dancing in-between tree trunks or finding giggly solitude in games of hide and seek. A track rich on slow-building, swirling atmospherics, it’s a casual wonder into a secret garden, tip-toeing down leafy paths and bursting into clearings chasing the sunshine. But there’s also the subtle undertone that, if you do go into the woods today, there’s a difference between being happily lost and hopelessly missing. Vocal performance by Giana Patel Viola performance by Kirsten McCrae Mastered by Mike Gibson of Munki Masters at Bonfire Audio, Wellington, NZ., -- We're very excited to hear that Levi will be releasing a new music video, and an amazing new EP titled 'Forms', both due to be released this year. View the original version of Dissociation here

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19. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Wisp Remix)

Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Wisp Remix)

View the Artists website and download at

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