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1. Imagine Dragons - Shots [Astrolith Remix]

  • Published: 2015-05-03T20:59:34Z
  • By Astrolith
Imagine Dragons - Shots [Astrolith Remix]

Astrolith's OFFICIAL remix of "Shots" by @ImagineDragons, out now on Interscope Records. The Shots EP also includes a remix by Broiler and a live acoustic version from the band.

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4. TT the Artist - Pussy Ate (Astrolith Remix)

TT the Artist - Pussy Ate (Astrolith Remix)

As he gears up to release a collection of remixes of Baltimore club diva TT the Artist on his Space Is the Place label, RBMA alumnus Astrolith steps up to the plate himself for an alternate take on “Pussy Ate.” The no-holds-barred (panty) party anthem receives a notable low-end boost from the NYC-based producer, before launching off into more intergalactic territories with the help of dreamy synth pads. Check out Vjuan Allure’s take on TT’s “Pum Pum” here… …and keep an eye out for the ‘Art Royalty Abstract’ remix compilation on February 19th via Space Is the Place, featuring contributions by Tony Quattro, Big Dope P, Normaling and more. @tttheartist @astrolith @spaceistheplacerecords

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5. Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt (Astrolith Remix Feat. Cakes Da Killa) FREE DOWNLOAD

Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt (Astrolith Remix Feat. Cakes Da Killa) FREE DOWNLOAD

The Don, @Astrolith, once again teams up with @CakesDaKilla for this SPLACE Funk remix of @xdannyxbrownx 's "Blunt After Blunt"

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6. Yeezy - Champions (Astrolith Gucci Store Flip)

  • Published: 2016-06-07T16:59:14Z
  • By Astrolith
Yeezy - Champions (Astrolith Gucci Store Flip)

Yeezy - Champions (Astrolith Gucci Store Flip) Artwork by Daniel Salmieri

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7. Astrolith- Ultragel

  • Published: 2017-05-23T00:50:49Z
  • By JubileeDJ
Astrolith- Ultragel

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10. 06 - Astrolith - Thumbsucker

06 - Astrolith - Thumbsucker

REMEMBER THE 90s!? Beepers. Tommy Hilfiger jeans. The Macarena. Beepers vibrating in Tommy Hilfiger jeans while doing the Macarena. It feels like just yesterday we were turning off an episode of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air/Martin/Full House/Family Matters to check an AOL "You've Got Mail" alert. Here at Hot Mom USA we are making sure that this era (and tempo range) never die. We go to sleep to modem connection sounds and do Da Dip in Champion sweatshirts & Hammer pants. We play Pogs & Super Mario 64. So get your mushroom cut ready, crank up Pearl Jam & The Humpty Dance, and come along for the ride. Big cell phones mandatory. Artwork by james Farsetta, Field Trip World. Mastered by Luca "Digital Boy" Pretolesi.

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11. 01 Low Drop Ft. Rye Rye & TT The Artist (Astrolith Remix)

01 Low Drop Ft. Rye Rye & TT The Artist (Astrolith Remix)

Normaling ft. @Rye Rye & @TT The Artist Low Drop Remixes 01. Low Drop (@Astrolith Remix) 02. Low Drop (@TonyQuattro 's Bailemore Remix) 03. Low Drop (Ellie Herring Remix) 04. Low Drop (@Banginclude & Comrade Remix) 05. Low Drop (@ThunderbirdJuicebox Remix) 06. Shade feat. DDm (@Jon-Kwest Remix) The Low Drop Remixes has been a long time coming. Unlike other remix compilations I've helped curate, this particular remix EP really curated itself. What was even more surprising is how well they each complimented one another. I mean let's face it - a remix compilation is usually the most disjointed release format that any record label can formally release. Maybe a Greatest Hits compilation is equally unglued, but at least with that type of compilation there are DIFFERENT songs. A remix compilation for a single is the SAME DAMN SONG over and over again. The fact that when listening sequentially, the Low Drop Remixes sounds cohesive is a testament to the talents of my SPLACE partners, Astrolith and Kate Boss, who helped me program this EP. If the original "Low Drop" was the end result of a collaborative effort of @Lemz, Rye Rye, TT the Artist and my personalities displayed over 4 minutes, the Remixes provide a similar reflection of the personalities of those who reworked “Low Drop”. Astrolith's opening remix perfectly encapsulates his style of cross-pollinating numerous electronic genres. His remix hits with a similar bellowing low end of the original, but Astrolith amplifies it with his signature guttural swing. Tony Quattro was really the first supporter of the original "Low Drop"', having played the instrumental before Rye Rye and TT the Artist ever hopped on. Like the equally prolific Thunderbird Juicebox, Quattro had remixed "Low Drop" twice before arriving at his haunting hybrid Balie Funk-meets-Baltimore Club version presented here. Equally eerie is Ellie Herring's ominously lush and anxiety-inducing reworking of “Low Drop”, which we first displayed publicly back in February. Banginclude was also an early supporter of the original "Low Drop" and, drunkenly in Brooklyn, explained to me that he had a vision of adding tropical percussion to balance the sub kicks. I'm not sure if he sobered up or if his and Comrade's remix is the fruit of that same intoxicated vision, but LAWD! Their remix illuminates Rye and TT's verses like a Caribbean sunrise. And I like where it's placed in this EP - it brings the tempo up just enough for Thunderbird Juicebox's third (and final. possibly) “Low Drop” remix. Finally, I wanted to add Jon Kwest's remix of our tune "Shade" with DDm to this collection because it is a perfect example of what I like to call Kwest's "RZA Club" style. Kwest's "Shade" kills when Lemz and I play it out. Cuts like 36 Chambers. For some of you, the Low Drop Remixes may still sound like the same song over and over again. But, for those like me, it'll sound like one long sonic story as told by 11 different artists. - @rar-kelly, October 2015

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12. Carry On ft. Vince Clarke, Cakes Da Killa, TT the Artist, Spank Rock

  • Published: 2016-08-04T04:36:33Z
  • By Astrolith
Carry On ft. Vince Clarke, Cakes Da Killa, TT the Artist, Spank Rock

Peep the writeup via FADER

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14. Cakes Da Killa - I Run This Club (Astrolith Jiggle Remix)

Cakes Da Killa - I Run This Club (Astrolith Jiggle Remix)

@Astrolith 's dreamy remix of @CakesDaKilla 's dancefloor annihilator "I Run This Club"

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15. Kaisha

  • Published: 2014-06-27T16:02:22Z
  • By Astrolith

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16. Erasure - Promises (Astrolith Remix)

Erasure - Promises (Astrolith Remix)

Taken from The Violet Flame Remixed CD

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17. 01 I'm So Digital

  • Published: 2012-01-24T21:56:41Z
  • By Astrolith
01 I'm So Digital

Debut EP, dirty/friendly, available now at

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