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1. At Last (Neko Case)

  • Published: 2016-11-09T23:45:49Z
  • By Dino
At Last (Neko Case)

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2. At Last

  • Published: 2016-06-28T12:55:01Z
  • By Neko Case
At Last

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3. At Last (Neko Case cover)

At Last (Neko Case cover)

I couldn't sleep, so... Words and music by Neko Case (Buy all of her albums--all of them--I'm not even kidding you.) Neko, if you're reading this, I'm sorry but I don't know where you stand on cover versions, but it's 3:45 on a Sunday morning and I assume your lawyers are probably asleep right now. But if you want this to go away, let me know I will make it disappear. (Which is not to say anyone will ever want to listen to this rubbish recording anyway, but you know...)

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4. Last Lion of Albion

  • Published: 2018-05-18T17:09:41Z
  • By Neko Case
Last Lion of Albion

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5. They Can't Take That Away From Me

  • Published: 2016-03-25T13:48:43Z
  • By Canen
They Can't Take That Away From Me

This one was probably my favorite to sing! My uncle mentioned this song when my cousin wanted me to sing at her wedding, but instead I sang the more wedding-appropriate song, "At Last", which you can also see on this channel, live at her wedding! Best wishes to my cousin! xx canen Easy Song Lisencing, April 15, 2015, Tim Kosel Project ID LPL012783 Release ID 12788 They Can't Take That Away From Me By George Gerswhin And Ira Gershwin Copyright Wb Music Corp. O/B/O Ira Gershwin Music, Songs Of Smp Obo Frankie G Songs, And Imagem Music Llc D/B/A Obo Nokawi Music Recorded at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY, with Grammy-winning engineer, Will Russell Hank Roberts- Cello Brian Wilson- Drums Mike Stark- Piano Anna Coogan- guitar, producer Canen- vocals Florialia Films, Rachel Ferro Filmed at Wilburland Studios, Newfield NY Twelve year-old upstate New York artist, Cănen (pronounced ‘cannon”), introduces her second EP, A Matter of Time, adding to her collection of jazz standards and other vintage classics, along with an original by noted singer/songwriter Anna Coogan with Canen. For over a year, Canen’s songs have been played multiple times on radio stations in the US, England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands, including WFMU, (metro NYC), and blues and roots (UK). She has been showcased online, including in Fatea Magazine’s Autumn 2015 showcase, and lauded in a review in de Krentin Uit de Pop (Netherlands). Two of her cover songs, including Ain’t Misbehavin’, as well as an original song, were selected by the Unsigned Only Contest as Semi-Finalists, making her one of the youngest artists featured in this top ten percent category. As in her debut EP, Think Twice, she once again joins Anna Coogan (JD Foster, Johnny Dowd), Grammy-winning engineer Will Russell and musical heavyweights Willie B (Neko Case, Jamie Lidell), and Michael Stark (Johnny Dowd, Spoon), adding renowned cello player Hank Roberts (Bill Frisell), and veteran bass player, Brian Dozoretz (Queen Latifah) into the mix at Electric Wilburland in Newfield, NY. Her cover of the 1942 chart-topper, I’ve Got a Guy in Kalamazoo, is a nod to her great-great Uncle Barry Wood, lead vocalist on NBC’s Your Hit Parade, and immediate predecessor to Frank Sinatra.

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6. Tim Curry

Tim Curry

Tim Curry is The Man, his presence commands the respect of aristocrats and commoners alike. His performance as Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island was easily the best human to Muppet acting performance there has ever been or will be. This song is intended to service as a simple but heartfelt gesture of respect to his legacy. Microphone: Pacific Pro Audio ID3 Condensor Guitars: -1996 Tacoma JK-50 Koa Jumbo Body -2000 Baja Fender Telecaster Effects: HardWire Delay Pedal Ebow Ditto Looping pedal Song is inspired by Neko Case's "At Last" off of the album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

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