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1. Atmosphere - Shoulda Known

Atmosphere - Shoulda Known

Buy at Fifth Element - Buy on iTunes - Buy on Amazon - Watch the video: The lead single from Atmosphere's 6th official studio album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold dropped April 22nd, 2008. With over 10 years of evolving and perfecting their sound, Slug and Ant's storytelling, song writing and musicality has never been more poignant. Sit back and listen as "Shoulda Known's" marauding bassline carries you through a torrid story of addiction.

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4. [Hip Hop] Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Blend That Shit Gold (Chicago Reblend)

[Hip Hop] Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Blend That Shit Gold (Chicago Reblend)

3.12.2013 Continuous Album Mix When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold Studio album by Atmosphere - Reassembled and Mixed "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold is the fifth studio album by the Minneapolis hip hop group Atmosphere. It was released on Atmosphere's own Rhymesayers Entertainment label on April 22, 2008." -Wikipedia Continuous Mix Track Listing (#Original Album Track Position) 01. (#02) Puppets 02. (#10) Guarantees 03. (#11) Me 04. (#13) Can't Break 05. (#15) In Her Music Box 06. (#14) The Waitress 07. (#05) Shoulda Known 08. (#07) Painting 09. (#09) Yesterday 10. (#12) Wild Wild Horses 11. (#01) Like The Rest of Us

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7. antipodes.16.décembre

antipodes.16.décembreère 1. DELTRON 3030 - 3030 (Deltron 3030) [75 Ark, 2000] 2. THEOPHILUS LONDON - Flying Overseas (Flying Overseas) [Green, 2010] 3. UNKLE - Unreal (Psyence Fiction) [Mo' Wax, 1998] 4. GZA/GENIUS - Liquid Swords (Liquid Swords) [Geffen, 1995] 5. LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND - Chief Rocka (Here Come The Lords) [EMI Music Canada, 1993] 6. THE BEASTIE BOYS - Egg Man (Paul's Boutique) [Capitol Records, 1989] 7. KID KOALA - Medieval Retrowax (Scratchcratchratchatch) [Ninja Tune, 2004] 8. MALCOM MCLAREN - Buffalo Gals (Duck Rock) [The Famous Charisma Label, 1983] 9. GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE - The Message (The Message) [Sugar Hill Records, 1982] 10. FAT BOYS - Jail House Rap (Fat Boys) [Sutra Records, 1984] 11. ONRA - I Wanna Go Back (Chinoiseries) [Label Rouge Prod, 2007] 12. HILLTOP HOODS - The Nosebleed Section (The Calling) [Obese Records, 2003] 13. GANG STARR - Work (Moment of Truth) [Nōō Trybe Records, 1998] 14. EXILE - Klepto (4TrkMind) [Soulspazm Records, 2011] 15. DEAD PREZ - Hip Hop (Let's Get Free) [Loud Records, 2000] 16. DR. DRE - The Next Episode (feat Snoop Dogg) (2001) [Aftermath Entertainment, 1999] 17. QUASIMOTO - Greenery (The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas) [Stones Throw Records, 2005] 18. OH NO - What We Need (Oh No vs. Now-Again) [Now-Again Records, 2008] 19. HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL - The Truth (So...How's Your Girl?) [Tommy Boy, 1999] 20. JEDI MIND TRICKS - Blood Runs Cold (Violent by Design) [Superegular Recordings, 2000] 22. BLOCKHEAD - Music by Cavelight (Sunday Seance) [Ninja Tune 2004] 23.ATMOSPHERE - Painting (When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold) [Rhymesayers Entertainment, 2008] 24. BUDDY PEACE - Untitled 7 (Wolf Diesel Mountain) [2600 Recordings, 2008] 25. THE STREETS - Blinded By The Lights (A Grand Don't Come For Free)[679, 2004] 26. GHISLAIN POIRIER - Hit & Red (No Ground Under) [Ninja Tune, 2007] 27. MODESELEKTOR - 2000007 (Feat. TTC) (Happy Birthday!) [Bpitch Control, 2007] 28. WHAIT WHAT - It's All About The Crystalizebeths (The Notorious XX) [Album électronique, 2010] 29. DJ SHADOW - Lonely Soul (Live From Austin) [Mothers Milk/Import, 2002]

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8. 17 Touching Yourself & Others (Atmosphere Remix)

17 Touching Yourself & Others (Atmosphere Remix)

Download Mixtape Free Originally Used by Atmosphere Produced by Anthony Davis (Ant) of Atmosphere You -When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold - 2008 I need love, peace, rest and release (x4) I need need peace...I need rest...and release you need love...I need need rest...and release I need...we need...oooh I need...we need...almost I need...we close I need...we need...release Dag nabbit, i'm at peace when I grab it, yeah i made jacking a habit, but tell me who hasn't? when I touch myself, it's good for my health and better for someone else, cause when i'm relaxed i'm less inclined, to karate kick backs till I break they spine, perform it my mind and be fine but with personal, time it don't work like that, no, it don't work like that cause life is comprised, of a few necessities so girl grab your toy, man grip your boy standing at attention, and give you yours to be rid of pressure, tension and aggression I know you love it more than you'll mention, but whether you tell mother, or boast to you father about a new tactic, to make it faster or last longer or not, is irrelevant, (all that is) I need...we need...oooh I need...we need...almost I need...we close I need...we need...release everybody's doing it, and getting stronger whole body workout, when every muscles tense shamelessly loud you know the buttons press only you can work your curves now, cum out all your stress cum out all your stress, cum out all your stress when you build, build, build that pressure build build, build that pressure're release.... pleasure....get your back pack or purse of the bed by any means, quickly double check the radius, limbs got a mind of they own when you play its, dangerous who does it make you? cause it changes us ready snacks, lotion, candles, rags? there a particular place, or music you blast? Life has a few things, we need to have. but by no means, stick to what i've mentioned grab you a partner and fuck the tension by no means stick to what i've said grab a partner and fuck or your better of dead no peace in the mind with a piece of the pie need the whole thing, ima eat you alive cause I'm limps, soft, weak walking around but you build a tower, in my downtown you make me strong, you make me long you erect a statue in my front lawn so damn proud when I wave that flag like you ain't gone believe all the fun we had far too graphic, for me to re-lay but don't pass judgement for the way we play don't hold us, to things we were sayin we were different people a craving, now we have love, peace, rest and release (x4) I have have peace...I have rest...and release you have love...I have have rest...and release I have...we I have...we have...peace I have...we I have...we have...release

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