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21. Atter


Herb Martin reading dialect words used in Paul Laurence Dunbar's poems.

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23. polo


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24. Chilled Tunes🤪

Chilled Tunes🤪

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25. LEON ATTER " World Sound - RS4 REMIX " ( Toddla T BBC R1 / 1X RIP ) PAPER PLATES 24.11.14


Introducing Leon Atter, or not as the case may be! Leon has been producing and DJ-ing electronic music of various forms for over 25 years... For the past twelve years he has worked mostly as a music technology tutor. That was until last year when we saw Leon release his 'Never Stop E.P.' to critical acclaim (DMC World Magazine single of the week) on Alex Arnout's Dogmatik Records. Leon has also gained notable support from the likes of Maya Jone Coles, Gerd and X Press 2 amongst a host of others. Oris Jay's Paper Plates imprint have picked up a new EP titled 'Respec The Tech' due for release December 2014 ... Leon's main musical influences come from Old School Hip Hop, Streetsounds Electro albums 1-9 and Chicago/Detroit/Sheffield House/Techno circa 1986-1992... Fair play!

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26. Hieroglyphic


Had Matter - Hieroglyphic

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27. Sharjee's music

Sharjee's music

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29. Rap Rap Rap og atter Rap

  • Published: 2016-01-25T01:07:36Z
  • By SKADA
Rap Rap Rap og atter Rap

God Mandag! I ukas podcast har vi en Hitler Off og battlerapper hverandre Vi svarer på vårt første leserinnlegg og har vår første gjest. Vi snakker om Drake og rapquotes og har flere musikalske innslag.

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30. A7mad Bo 5atter

A7mad Bo 5atter

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