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1. Let Them Starve Lyrics

Let Them Starve Lyrics

Sit down and complain All your patterns are the same All the pain is in vain With no money and no fame This is the final road I'll make you feel unborn You'll see the empire down We're laughing all a

2. The Second Coming Lyrics

The Second Coming Lyrics

I don't believe in none of the things that you do You know, I never will The pursuit of god is just an excuse For people just like you Lay low and hide from your god Do what you want to do In time yo

3. Dead Space Lyrics

Dead Space Lyrics

Can't live another day Gonna let me kill for free I'm coming after you It's better to resist My instincts tell me how I'm gonna rip you down Tear your soul apart Gets me high The only thing that you

4. Cold Bitch Lyrics

Cold Bitch Lyrics

Staring right at you It ain't that easy to endure Now you must shut your trap To hear your words can get me hard Find a place / to get no sleep Pretend to live / just as you wish Beneath your scars /