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1. Back 2 Guddaville Intro Lyrics

Back 2 Guddaville Intro Lyrics

I'm always up, man, I'm hardly ever sleeping, Because I'm living now all the things I ever dreamed about. They're sleeping on me like a mattress, So I stripe 'em like matches, let 'em burn like ashes,

2. Back 2 Back Lyrics

Back 2 Back Lyrics

feat. Hypno Carlito Produced By TyMadeIt [Hook: Hypno Carlito] All night sippin' lean and crackin' bars back to back Me and Durk in Cali coppin' cars back to back Sayin' she a spaceship that'

3. Back 2 Back Lyrics

Back 2 Back Lyrics

[Voice mail:] Hey You Reached Jessica* I'm Not In Right Now But If You Leave a Message I'll Call You Right Back [Chris Brown:] Baby, I Called You Three Times, I Left Text Messages, Emails..

4. Back 2 Basics Lyrics

Back 2 Basics Lyrics

(Intro) Let’s try some different shit (Verse) I’m so flashy, you so ratchet Throb jewels fashion with a pedal to matchin New Maybach, that’s a hit nigga Could’ve been the 3rd member, t

7. Call Me Back 2 Lyrics

Call Me Back 2 Lyrics

PRo, I really feel like this is our destiny. Like this is our year. I just left Atlanta, and I was pumping gas at the Exxon Gas Station And I met a guy. Hmmm THE guy, I met THE guy. I met the custodia

8. Back Sellin' Crack Lyrics

Back Sellin' Crack Lyrics

[Verse 1: Vince Staples] I done beat the breaks off niggas Shot the face off niggas Pending case with state, and I'm still out trippin' All the feds take pictures, fuckin' up my image Even mama b

11. Guddaville - Screwed Lyrics

Guddaville - Screwed Lyrics

Ok, I walked up in the club like fuck these niggas Treat them like a soda can, I'm a crush these niggas I know they don't like it, cause they ain't nothing like me So I walk up in this bitch and start

12. 2 MPH (feat. Bun B & Paul Wall) Lyrics

2 MPH (feat. Bun B & Paul Wall) Lyrics

"Sippin, sippin on lean, sippin, sippin on bo'" Comin down grippin grain, diamonds up against the wood Tops drop, blades chop, trunk is popped, I'm lookin good Swangin down the boulevard, chunky deuc

13. Back For Another One Lyrics

Back For Another One Lyrics

[Intro] The moment you've all been waiting for [Verse 1: Casey] Uh, say hello to the great one Mixtapes for free homie, here take one It might come in handy, a record deal was the best thing Y

14. 2 Girls 1 Cup Lyrics

2 Girls 1 Cup Lyrics

Smooth, type of nigga and I'm always thinkin money, get money, spendin money, that's what I do* And girl if you're into sex and diamond, guess then I'm into you See you look real g

15. Good Drank Lyrics

Good Drank Lyrics

feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo Produced By Mike Dean [Verse 1: 2 Chainz] Yeah, used to treat my mattress like the ATM yeah Bond number 9 that's my favorite scent, yeah Can't forget the kush, I'm ta

16. Back Trippin' Lyrics

Back Trippin' Lyrics

jackin season bitch iam starvin sombody comin off somthin 2 night locs on to hide my blood shot red eyes lookin like 2 blood clots im gone iam high bitch on all kinds of shit drank dro and water stic

17. Doors Open Lyrics

Doors Open Lyrics

feat. Future Produced By TWhy & D.J. Paul [Verse 1: 2 Chainz] Choppa kinda old, but a new clip Shoot your ass, put yo ass on a news clip Hope her two lips smell like tulips Put you in the gr

18. Str8 Like That Lyrics

Str8 Like That Lyrics

[Intro] We just too turnt up Turn up to the max We be gettin to it Do it straight like that [Hook x2] We do it str8 like that, get money str8 like that We run it str8 like that, who want it s

19. Bang Bang Lyrics

Bang Bang Lyrics

(Gudda Gudda) Yeah Yeah Yeah [Hook] Okay I'm Ridin' down the street You can hear me coming Knocking pictures off the wall 808 Bumpin' And it go Bang! And it go Bang! And it go Bang! And

20. Falling To Pieces Lyrics

Falling To Pieces Lyrics

[Intro] It's been 8 days since I got away from you And I don't plan on going back Cuz I'm afraid what I might do If I let you back in like that Don't call my cell phone (hello) Don't send me r