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2. Bangs Lyrics

Bangs Lyrics

Seem to lose you when I need ya Can't hold myself down like you used to I just miss you laying on me That liquor smoke right 'bout to hold me Let me down, lose you for a while Hold it down, pour it up

5. Bangs Lyrics

Bangs Lyrics

Walk like a ghost* let your feet off the ground heart needs sound sound is love, love is you I know I'm never gonna make it anyway I think I'm gonna make it anyway I know but really I just don't care

6. Bangs Lyrics

Bangs Lyrics

Bangs Above your eyes your hair hangs. Blow my mind your royal flyness I dig your bangs. Bangs to drape across your forehead To swing concordant angles as you incline your head. Once with a girl I fel

8. Ready to Go Lyrics

Ready to Go Lyrics

Breaking out of this constant flu state it´s gotta be hard to do When things never feel right it´s hard to know what to choose Should I stay at home tonight? I´ll just stay locked inside my mind Ch

9. Burnout Lyrics

Burnout Lyrics

she's got the engine on she's got the lights turned off she's got the radio up she's got the window down she's got a picture of him the back says "always rock it" she's gotta find her way out she's go

10. Southern Girls Lyrics

Southern Girls Lyrics

I've been north, I've been east to the California beach There's only one place I know where to find you And all you Southern girls got a way with your words And you show it You say hump and I'll

11. Maggie the Cat Lyrics

Maggie the Cat Lyrics

You can taste teh venon on her lips You can tear yourself up in her eyes But like a cobran in the summer sun She sheda the skin of her disguise She lives for danger, She´ll talk to any stranger

12. Docudrama Lyrics

Docudrama Lyrics

My heart is pounding, my thoughts explode I got a total sensory overload My knees are weak, my stomach aches It's getting much worse and I start to shake I slowly lose my life 'cause I always st

14. Train Wreck Lyrics

Train Wreck Lyrics

Hey you standing by the jukebox Lookin' so cute Hot stuff... just the kind of boy I've been dreaming of Hey you standing backstage And playing it cool Hot stuff... come on over here And

15. Schick Shadel Lyrics

Schick Shadel Lyrics

I've seen you with your heart in your hands and your stomach full of doubt so obsessed with this idea of fate you sit and swallow so much hate you've done this once too many times leave it

16. I Know U Like (feat. Clik Fablice) Lyrics

I Know U Like (feat. Clik Fablice) Lyrics

(Chorus) 2 xs Clik Fablice This chick she so fine, can I really make u mine She wanna get it poppin yea girl lets make it happen Bangs 2xs Damn girl I know u like, we can get it all kni

17. Christmas Story Lyrics

Christmas Story Lyrics

(Spoken) Little kid: Can you read us a story please? Bangs: Okay, you have to be very, very quiet Little kids: YAY! Bangs: One day I was walking down the street. Then I saw a big box of ch

18. Take U To Da Movies Lyrics

Take U To Da Movies Lyrics

[Intro:] Yeah..* Your boy-uh Bangs And this track is dedicated to all the ladies out there That like to go to da movies Especially you girl [Hook:] Let me take you to the movies, shorty I'm sur

19. Meet Me On Facebook Lyrics

Meet Me On Facebook Lyrics

Yea this song is dedicated to all the ladies out there Who like to meet me on facebook u know specially u girl [] 2 xs I really wanna chat with u [shorty] Coz u gotta nice look [yes u do] Meet me on

20. Take You to the Movies Lyrics

Take You to the Movies Lyrics

Yeah your boy bangs And this track is dedicated to all the ladies out there that like to go to the movies Especially you girl. Let me take you to the movies, shorty I’m sure later on you will be my