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1. Empire

  • Published: 2008-10-28T03:09:46+00:00
  • Duration: 262
  • By Empire

This is a video about people having fun riding track bikes and fixed gears in the city. The song used is "Fractured Skies" by Parts and Labor. Be sure to visit our site at regularly once we launch the riders blog.

2. Autumn Days_Buddywood Rider Jaeseung Song

  • Published: 2014-11-29T09:54:24+00:00
  • Duration: 155
  • By CacaoRang
Autumn Days_Buddywood Rider Jaeseung Song

Director : CacaoRang Rider : Jaeseung Song Deck : Buddywood MANATI Music Sorce : Flight Facilities - Crave you feat. Giselle Edit Tool : Premiere Pro, After Effect

3. CheltBMX Summer 2010

CheltBMX Summer 2010

This is the CheltBMX summer video mixed in with some of my other favorite riders I've filmed. Riders are in order of apperance Luke Peeters Nathan Andrews Tom Davis Sam Marden Anthony Watkinson Dale Turk Josh James Clem Hencher-Stevens Alex Boyd Matt Gooch Kyle Hewitt Song is : We Used to be Friends - The Dandy Warhols

4. PeepGame Park Edit #5

  • Published: 2012-01-09T03:45:11+00:00
  • Duration: 202
  • By Peep-Game
PeepGame Park Edit #5

It was almost 70 degrees out in Philly so everyone just wanted to be outside. Riders are: Bryan Carter Brandon Kitson Connor Mcvoy Sean Ricany Steve Croteau Matty Miller Adam Aloise Dan Bob Filmed & Edited By: Steve Croteau Song: YOUNG JEEZY "100 Bottles" WWW.PEEP-GAME.COM

5. Emulsure 'Windsor Edit'

  • Published: 2010-04-16T18:41:57+00:00
  • Duration: 121
  • By Craig Tull
Emulsure 'Windsor Edit'

Riders are Kieran Kraus, Scottish, Josh Bray and Dan McGuire. Song is Be Easy by Ghostface Killah. Shot with a Canon 7D at 60p. Used a Glidecam HD-2000 and Sigma 10mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens. Please go check out the site

6. Get It Together 2012!

  • Published: 2012-05-01T04:25:10+00:00
  • Duration: 159
  • By Zack Gerber
Get It Together 2012!

GIT crew is back! Some straight cruising at Ridgway Area Skate Park. This may also be the first ever BEEFY SPICY air ever done before! Riders: Zack Gerber, Mike Crawford, Cory Schneider, and Ryan Wojcik. Song: Troy Ave - Free Base


  • Published: 2011-01-31T08:42:02+00:00
  • Duration: 165
  • By iMiNUSD

The iMD team takes a trip to San Francisco to hit some legendary spots in The City. This is the first installment of "iMD Minute Mondays" where we will be releasing weekly edits that feature our team riders, bike builds and product reviews, spot checks, and an inside look at iMiNUSD on and off the bike. So, stay tuned! Riders (in order): Anthony "Wreckless" Combs John Nguyen Alex Blanco Scott Horton Forest Parker Matt "Slumworm" Reyes Matt "Lil' Matt" Montoya Song: RJD2 - 1976 Shot by: Matt Montoya and Reggie Ballesteros Edited by: JP Flores and Reggie Ballesteros

8. Chemical Brothers 'Velodrome' - London 2012

  • Published: 2012-08-07T15:49:53+00:00
  • Duration: 194
  • By Crystal CG
Chemical Brothers 'Velodrome' - London 2012

Crystal has created a three minute animated sequence for the song’s promotional video to match its heart-pounding rhythms. Played in the Velodrome before every session the video shows the Velodrome as never before, literally pulsating with excitement. “We’ve created sweeping contours and sleek surfaces as the backdrop for an intense, futuristic cycling ‘duel’ as two animated riders power round the track,” said Darren Groucutt, creative director at Crystal. “It truly brings the Velodrome to life.” James O’Brien, LOCOG Head of Sports Presentation, said: ‘Inspiring people to engage with sport has always been central to our vision and we want to ensure the way we present sport adds to the experience of the spectators in the venues and builds the atmosphere. This will be a special summer and we are grateful to everyone who has given their time and expertise over the past years.’

9. Black Fixie Team Official Video -The Myth Of Mountain

  • Published: 2014-08-11T16:51:56+00:00
  • Duration: 103
  • By Track Or Trick
Black Fixie Team Official Video -The Myth Of Mountain

Yes! It finally comes out! The Myth Of Mountain official video!! Our two team riders Momo and Link smashing down the hills! Both of them were used to be bicycle messengers in Taipei city, where traffic could possibly kill you! Share it out now! Riders Momo, Link Film & Edit YI HOU Director MAX LEE Song Akshin Alizadeh-Woman Stay strong and thanks for the support!!

10. Greater Toronto Area Fixed: GTAF#1

  • Published: 2012-01-18T03:46:28+00:00
  • Duration: 160
  • By Tom Mosher
Greater Toronto Area Fixed: GTAF#1

Greater Toronto Area Fixed! This will be a series of videos featuring a wide range of riders made by an array of riders, all from the Greater Toronto Area. GTAF is a community of riders supporting and pushing eachother each session and these videos will be a window into the action. There will be many more edits coming soon, this is a compilation of the random clips that have been caught so far, enjoy! Riders: Tom Mosher, Jackson Wallace, Kyle Messier, Phillip Williams Song: Grade - The Inefficiency of Emotion


  • Published: 2013-12-14T12:36:17+00:00
  • Duration: 225
  • By Jake Evans

A series of videos we will be releasing over the coming year... Additional Footage: Nathan Henshaw John Welsh Matt Mollison Ryan Duck Song: The Sword AcheronUnearthing the Orb ( warp riders )

12. Cold times

Cold times

few clips that i won't be using in my next project. all riders are from victoria song: Dead-Beat by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Filmed & Edited by Leon Van Kempen.

13. Dominic Colombini Destroy Bicycles

  • Published: 2012-12-03T06:51:39+00:00
  • Duration: 133
  • By Colin Bugella
Dominic Colombini Destroy Bicycles

Dom is one of the most stylish riders I've met, he pulls some major hammers in this edit as well as some clean lines. I couldn't be more stoked on this video, Dom absolutely kills it. Filmed and Edited by Colin Bugella and Daniel Torres Song: Dragonaut Artist: Sleep

14. FOLLOW ME... Making of BC Bike Parks Teaser

  • Published: 2010-01-22T20:32:43+00:00
  • Duration: 66
  • By Anthill Films
FOLLOW ME... Making of BC Bike Parks Teaser

A super quick look behind the scenes of the shoots we did for the Bike Parks segment in "Follow Me". This is a teaser for the complete making of series, which will be included in the "Follow Me" DVD. Available now on DVD and iTunes. Go to to order. Riders: Brandon Semenuk, Brendan Faircough, Geoff Gulevich, Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge, Matt Hunter, Thomas Vanderham Parks: Mt. Washington, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Whistler Song: Lose it - MTA edit by JME

15. Strange Tapes EP. 3 - Troll

  • Published: 2014-01-02T18:50:48+00:00
  • Duration: 205
  • By Strange Brew
Strange Tapes EP. 3 - Troll

A frigid night spent at Trollhaugen, with the rope tow runnin' there was no stoppin, except for some hotdogs and maybe a frozen beer, this could just be the best way to start off the new year. Riders: Tommy Gesme, Andy Latterner, Jeffy Gabrick, Ian J. Daly, Jasper (Bub) Tripp, Nate Blomquist, Kyle Kennedy, Neal Reynolds, Hunter Murphy, Chad Blau, Keenan Cawley, Sam Garneau, Craig Cameron Film/Edit: Danny Kern Ex. Film: Erik Ralles, David Murphy, Cody Kemmet Song: QUOTNIGHTMAREQUOT Special Thanks: Trollhaugen Rome Fyve The House

16. #52 Riders in the Sky: Song of the Trail

  • Published: 2011-09-12T03:29:53+00:00
  • Duration: 169
  • By Love Drunk
#52 Riders in the Sky: Song of the Trail

Two-time Grammy Award winners Riders in the Sky perform "Song of the Trail," at the old schoolhouse in Avoca, Neb. "Song of the Trail" is on the bands' 2011 record, "Land Beyond the Sun." Riders in the Sky (Nashville, Ten.) were in Avoca to conduct a fiddle workshop at the schoolhouse. take audio recorded by django g-s video directed/edited by django g-s cameras: diana greenblatt-seay django g-s david seay ben semisch * performed on Sunday, September 11, 2011

17. Summer 2014

Summer 2014

This summer I travelled through Belgium and France to ride at different wake parks and to meet up with local riders. Check out the riding that went down. Riders: Tommy Swaan, Sjors van de Kerkhof, Niek Kortenbach, Antoine Allaux, Hugo Charbit, Benjamin Bacquie Locations:,, Song: Alt-J, Breezeblocks Instagram: @greetingsfromsjors Facebook:

18. Ian Matteoli's GOT GAME

Ian Matteoli's GOT GAME

Ian Matteoli has seriously GOT GAME! He is 9 years old, speaks fluent English, Italian and French. Has 13 girlfriends (we assume), makes fly-fishing tackles, plays the harmonica and absolutely kills it on a snowboard! This little monster is 28kg of awesome unstoppable fun! Watch him and Alex Stewart destroy Vars Snowpark in what will be the youngest Rusty Toothbrush video part EVER! POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS VIDEO ARE AS FOLLOWS: Strong shred esteem issues may occur. In rare cases a desire to make shred babies will develop. Careful when watching not to make contact with eyes, if so rinse immediately with water. If symptoms persist you're shit out of luck. Production: Alex Stewart Film: Francesco Zoppei & Brad Smith Editing: Alex Stewart & Brad Smith Color Correction: Brad Smith Animation & Post: Francesco Zoppei Song: Kill the Band - Goons of Doom Riders: Ian Matteoli & Alex Stewart Thank you to: Philipp Putzer from POC Andrea Caccia and Fumaz from VOLCOM Andrea Matteoli from YANK Dalas from VARS SNOWPARK Without your support this project could never have left the ground.

19. District Leftovers

  • Published: 2011-01-23T19:20:44+00:00
  • Duration: 234
  • By Chris Saunders
District Leftovers

When not working with AOTC. Any footage I film and edit usually goes under the District name. This is a collection of footage I was sitting on I edited just so it can be seen and enjoyed. Riders include Myself John Ludwick Jake Frost Brian Hinkle and several others. Song: El Ten Eleven - "Fanshawe" Cameras Canon T2I and Canon 60D

20. FEST series - Aggy's reunion highlight video

  • Published: 2014-05-22T12:45:17+00:00
  • Duration: 343
  • By fest series
FEST series - Aggy's reunion highlight video

For more news, photos, video and contact: // [email protected] The first stop of the FEST series at Aggy's reunion in Kamloops is done. This is the highlight video of what went down in the event. During the week the riders were sessioning the trails around kamloops and the jumps that Aggy and Brad Stuard had built in the bike ranch. After the main final session, the riders got together and picked the awards: BEST LINE: Andreu Lacondeguy BEST TRICK: Andreu Lacondeguy / Japan Air big set BEST WHIP: Left whip / Thomas Vanderham - Right whip / Tyler Mccaul BEST STYLE: Ryan Howard & Matty Miles BEST CRASH: Graham Agassiz / flatspin 360 big set BIGGEST OVERSHOOT: Matt Hunter (survived it) The FEST is all about riding and filming in the perfect conditions, not having to depend on a time schedule or event organizers that make their own rules. The aim is to be riding the best big bike freeride jumps, spots, trails and produce the realest videos and photos expressing freeride MTB in its purest way. It was created by 6 riders (Makken, Kurt Sorge, Graham agassiz, Andreu Lacondeguy, Nick Pescetto and Nico Vink) who are visioning these events in their own way. MUSIC: Artist: WO FAT Song: El brujo Album: The gathering dark Next FEST series stop, Hillybilly Hookfest in Norway hosted by MAKKEN Video filmed by Mitch Cheek / Solos productions and edited by Nick Pescetto / CPGANG Thanks Aggy, Brad Stuart, Monster Energy, Bicycle Cafe, Dakine, My Package and Lucky Lager for supporting the Aggy's reunion and make this epic event happen!