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1. Buzzzmix Vol. 33 - BKAYE

Buzzzmix Vol. 33 - BKAYE

Who's having fun today? I know we are having a blast in the BB office because we're psyched to release our next installment in the Buzzzmix Series. Vol. 33 comes from a fresh up-and-coming SoCal producer BKAYE. We came across his music earlier this year and were super impressed, we even invited him to play a BB show in San Francisco. His latest remix of "Ruins" by Ryder is crushing the soundcloud plays and charted in the top 5 on HypeM, and it also starts of this delicious future feels mix. Keep your eye on BKAYE - we expect big moves from this youngster. TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @bkayeofficial

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Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of finally meeting and hanging with StéLouse - he rolled into town to play a Super Bowl party that he actually ended up not playing - it's a long story! None the less we had a great night with a fancy dinner, told funny stories that made us giggle, and I impressed him with my aggressive female driving + parking! We even made up a new StéLouse track all DJ Khaled style, and I'm telling you - it's gonna be a hit! It seems like we've been talking about StéLouse quite a bit these days - because everything he puts down is bananas good, and he even made our Best Of 2015 list! We just included this Denver producer in our Phase One artist announcement for our SXSW show Get Buzzzed, so this new Buzzzmix Vol. 21 has great timing! StéLouse kept it short but super sweet - his song selection is so on point with all the future feels - so much fire! Might even be some unreleased tracks mixed in there ..... oh snap! And (yes it gets better) he's currently on a US tour that Beautiful Buzzz is supporting with the ultimate homie Prince Fox - and you can check to see if they are hitting your city at! So many things, so much good, so much love! TRACKLIST: @stelouse

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Last year I started chatting with this Los Angeles production duo Lost Kings - they began passing me tracks and talking about doing some BB premieres, and soon a fast friendship formed and now they are my loves! This next Buzzzmix Vol. 22 is our way of welcoming Lost Kings into the Beautiful Buzzz family and bringing you a taste of their infectious dance vibe that I guarantee will get you shakin your bootay! The guys said this mix runs the gambit of genres to create the ultimate 45 minute workout by first warming you up and then building into crazy dance vibes, to finally finish up off at the end! Ummm ..... yes please! Lost Kings got creative, and that's exactly what the Buzzzmix is all about! There may be a few surprises in this mix as well so .... grab your headphones and turn up that volume! TRACKLIST: @wearelostkings

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4. The Buzzz Box Playlist | May 2015

The Buzzz Box Playlist | May 2015

The Buzzz Box - The Buzzz Box is a playlist featured on new music blog Beautiful Buzzz - updated weekly!! @beautifulbuzzz

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5. Buzzzmix Vol. 23 - Unlike Pluto

Buzzzmix Vol. 23 - Unlike Pluto

There's not a day that goes by where I'm not asked "Who do you think we should be listening to?" from someone in the industry or people I interact with in my everyday life - and it's always tough to answer because there are a TON of amazing new artists to talk about. Recently, however, Unlike Pluto seems to be making that list every time, and I'm thinking he's about to make some huge moves in 2016. Lucky for us, he put together this awesome mix for our Buzzzmix Vol. 23! This Atlanta born LA living producer was introduced to me last year through an associate, and I definitely fell into a habit of listening to his jams pretty consistently - loving his big future dance sound! You guys need to get into this one! Tracklist: @unlikepluto

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Beautiful Buzzz Mixtape Series is finally here! BUZZZMIX VOL. 1 - TOUCH SENSITIVE We have been wanting to kick off this mixtape series for quite some time, and we could not be happier with Touch Sensitive launching the BUZZZMIX! Touch Sensitive stands for everything that is Beautiful Buzzz - we think he is pretty amazing and are honored to have him as part of the family! Grab this Beautiful Buzzz Exclusive BUZZZMIX as a free download and share with your friends! @beautifulbuzzz @Touch-Sensitive BUZZZMIX VOL. 1 - Touch Sensitive - TRACKLISTING Music Engine - Tom Noble Sea Hunt - Patrick Cowley Run With The Night - Mermaids A Night In Newark - Walter Jones The Grit - Actual Proof Our Society - Secret Society Visions Of The Future - Roy Davis (DJ Skull Mix) Heartbreakin' Body - Tigerskin Keep On - Roy Davis (DJ Demox Remix) With Hindsight - Brabe Time And Space / Starchild - Lever 42 (The Bridge Edit)

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We are so pleased to be releasing the first BUZZZMIX of 2016, and this one is pure fire! Recently we've been getting to know this fresh Canadian electronic house duo Young Bombs, and gotta say we are definitely picking up everything they are putting down! It started with chatter from their US agent about live shows. and then I began listening to their savory tracks more often, and finally a few months ago they released a remix of "Ocean" by Coasts that totally blew my hair back! I had to have more Young Bombs ... and I got it! This new BUZZZMIX is funky deep house disco heaven, with a ton of edgy vibes and so many lively feels, perfect for any weekend dance party! The first track is that "Ocean" remix I was talking about, and sets the vibrant tone throughout! Get into Young Bombs immediately - grab a free download! Tracklist: @youngbombs

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8. Buzzzmix Vol. 34 - Ferdinand Weber

Buzzzmix Vol. 34 - Ferdinand Weber

Yay Monday! It's not the usual day we release a Buzzzmix - but life can sometimes throw things off track - so we took a few extra days to get it right! We are psyched for this next one tho, because we ALL need that dirty disco vibe in our lives; a great way to kick off this first week of October! German producer Ferdinand Weber has handed us a deep house disco filled mix of pure joy that is guaranteed to take away your Monday blues. The funk runs deep and the booty shaking beats are real, if this does not have you chair dancing at your desk then you need more coffee. Ferdinand Weber starts things off with his new collaborative single "All Of My Love" with his homies Fabich and Saint WKND! So much fire! Get into this one kids! TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @ferdinandweber

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9. Buzzzmix Vol. 41 - Mazde

Buzzzmix Vol. 41 - Mazde

If you're in the mood for a mix that is all about the hits - Mazde has you covered. This German producer and one of our faves here at Beautiful Buzzz just handed us a huge mix packed full of some of the hottest tracks from the past year for your listening pleasure. Maze is no stranger to music making considering he's been training in both classical and jazz composition since he was 6 years old. Now he's using those skills for making beautiful music that's on the cutting edge of electronic music worldwide. Filled with all the future feels and tasty bass goodness, it's barley 8AM and I am already dancing around my room with the volume turnt - my neighbors must love me! TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @mazde

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10. Buzzzmix Vol. 44 - INZO

Buzzzmix Vol. 44 - INZO

How about a new mix from a fresh yung producer who we think needs to hit your radar? Just in time for the holiday we would like to introduce you to INZO. This Chicago native is starting to make waves, and we're predicting a big 2018 for this up-and-comer. Like we've done with so many mid-west developing artist in the past, the more love we can give to the next generation of incredible music makers .... the better! INZO hands us a future feels mix drenched with glitchy bass tracks among soulful electro-pop gems that will for sure have you dancing in 2.5 seconds TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @inzo_music

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11. Buzzzmix Vol. 37 - Mielo

Buzzzmix Vol. 37 - Mielo

Chicago has been quite a hub for emerging electronic music artists over the past few years, we have no shortage of very young and extremely talented producers making big moves in the midwest ... a far departure from our buzzing EDM capital Los Angeles. Our next Buzzzmix features one of these fresh faces and he's coming out strong with this one ... damn son! Mielo is bringing big bass vibes and future feels - this is a beast of a mix that is guaranteed to get you bouncing around and throwing those feel good trap arms! Mielo is just starting to hit the radar of A list artists and industry tastemakers, and I have a feeling 2017 we are going to see great things from this youngster. TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @mielomusic

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12. Buzzzmix Vol. 39 -- Pham

Buzzzmix Vol. 39 -- Pham

15 seconds into this I got the goosebumps! Pham has been one of those emerging artists we've been looking after over the past year who's been blowing our minds with his super sexy and soulful tracks. Today we are psyched to release this new Buzzzmix Vol. 39 featuring this yung Polish producer, and it's packed full of all the future feels. Pham is also one of our featured artists at our upcoming SXSW show GET BUZZZED in Austin - March 15-18.  We were so excited to have him, he's playing two days - you can check out the line-up at the links below! Start your day of the right way and grab a download of Buzzzmix Vol. 39 - Pham. MARCH 17 @ GET BUZZZED -- SXSW -- Austin ---> MARCH 18 @ GET BUZZZED -- SXSW -- Austin ---> DOWNLOAD: @itspham

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13. Buzzzmix Vol. 28 - Bronze Whale

Buzzzmix Vol. 28 - Bronze Whale

Summer is in full swing - which for some means chill evenings and lazy weekends relaxing by the pool. And for others (like me and my fam) it's time to party! With festival season currently peaking, not a weekend goes by that we're not seeing our socials blown up with FOMO over some festival we're not at this year! It's a brilliant time to be alive! Our next guest mix is all about that party, and our homies Bronze Whale have crushed this next installment of Buzzzmix Vol. 28. This Austin future bass duo has been a bit quiet the first 1/2 of this year - hunkering down to work on fresh jams - including a highly anticipated unreleased remix of "Slow Burn" by Crywolf - which you can only currently hear on this mix! Bronze Whale wants all of us to get lit, it's 100 percent made for hot nights in the club where we can dance like crazy and even throw the occasional trap arm! Grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 28! TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @thebronzewhale

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14. Buzzzmix Vol. 36 - BIJOU

Buzzzmix Vol. 36 - BIJOU

This little love muffin coming into my life has been one of the highlights of 2016. His manager called it, said we would be instant best friends and we were! Bijou is kinda the shit, and I am psyched for his installment of the Buzzzmix series - Vol. 36 drops today! Part of that hard hitting G-House sound, this Arizona producer is producing some heaters and crushing live sets - we had him play one of our SF shows this past fall and it was bananas! Today we are also announcing Bijou's 2017 winter tour, and if your city is on the list you are in for a real treat. Here's what he had to say about it .... "The Guru tour started off as a fun idea, like hey why don't we put together a tour branded around this record. Once the track was done we thought okay this could be a big one, & decided it could actually happen. For this mix I wanted to showcase some of the stuff ill playing on tour and some unreleased originals as well. I'm so proud to present it to you now & wanna give a HUGE shoutout to my team for working around the clock to make it a reality!" TOUR DATES: TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @djbijou

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15. Buzzzmix Vol. 26 - Ardency

Buzzzmix Vol. 26 - Ardency

Sigh .... All the awesome vibes right here - it's just what the doctor ordered for a mid week pick-me-up! Los Angeles electro-pop duo Ardency have delivered a fantastic mix for our next installment in the Buzzzmix series. They are all shiny and new, just starting to open their eyes and stretch their wings into this big scary world ... and with this mix they are telling us everything is gonna be just fine! They have selected perfectly chill tracks that have us floating through the daily obstacles with ease ... I suddenly have 0 cares in the world and I'm left with all the warm and fuzzy feels! We've been loving everything Ardency has been putting into the world lately, and you should too! TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @ardency

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16. Buzzzmix Vol. 31 - LASH

Buzzzmix Vol. 31 - LASH

The next installment of the Buzzzmix series has arrived just in time for the weekend. This summer has been so much fun, and we want to keep that vibe going with our homies LASH! This deep house duo are the most prominent producers/DJs in all of the Dominican Republic, and they've just handed us a delicious disco infused mix with plenty of electro pop and EDM feels. LASH are one of those emerging artist we feel like are going to make big moves, already sticking up millions of plays on tracks and playing alongside huge artists and featured on great festivals. So, get your TGIF started and grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 31 TRACKLIST: DOWNLOAD: @lash

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17. Buzzzmix Vol. 38 - KREAM

Buzzzmix Vol. 38 - KREAM

Wow - I am having the most hectic week and it's only Wednesday! Good thing it's time for the next Buzzzmix because I could really use a musical fix to get my spirits up and stress levels down ... and KREAM has me covered! This fresh Norwegian duo just handed me so much fire - their Buzzzmic Vol. 38 is packed full of dance jams that has me chair dancing from my desk, and my boss laughing at me! They are about to make their US debut - playing 2 west coast cities and SXSW - and the San Francisco will be their first US show ever, and that show happens to be with me! Crossroads + DJ Dials are welcoming KREAM to 1015 Folsom on MAR 10 w/ Cosmo's Midnight and SG Lewis + more! This is going to be such a fun night - you can swoop tickets below! To celebrate their US arrival - we are offering this mix as a free download HERE! So, grab your dancing shoes and sink into Buzzzmix Vol. 38 - KREAM. MARCH 10 @ 1015 Folsom -- San Francisco --> DOWNLOAD: TRACKLIST:

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18. Buzzzmix Vol. 30 - Lil Hank

Buzzzmix Vol. 30 - Lil Hank

Buzzzmix Vol. 30 marks a milestone here at Beautiful Buzzz ... we actually get to host the first mix ever from top industry dog Lil Hank, and not gonna lie I am totally psyched! From his first track "Dreaming of Cheese" which dropped back in March too today's guest mix, we've been supporting Lil Hank and all the joy he brings into our lives with his sweet sweet jams, and funny personality. He's also been known to give some pretty awesome late night cuddles with this closest homies Jai Wolf, Cashmere Cat, Mija, Bearson plus more. Lil Hank is starting to dominate the LA music scene, showing up at A list parties and endlessly working in the studio producing the siiickest music to date. He's crushed Buzzzmix Vol. 30 - no track list provided with this one he just wants you to feel the vibes! DOWNLOAD: @itslilhank

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The next Buzzzmix has arrived, and this one is pretty special! When me met Melvv last year, he was talking about going to his senior prom, graduating high-school, and starting to make waves with his original tracks and remixes on the interweb. When we did a very last minute premiere of his incredible remix of "Midnight Moon" by Oh Wonder (which is included in this Buzzzmix) - I knew Melvv was something special -- so I started telling everyone I knew about this teenage bedroom producer who I believed was going to do great things! Almost a year later and over one million plays on that remix alone - Melvv is moving into the next phase of greatness - fancy management, fancy agent, and playing dates with the likes of Louis The Child, Autograf, Trippy Turtle, Jai Wolf plus some big things we can't talk about just yet! WOW! We have that ultimate feels kind of bond with Melvv now, and his place in the BB fam will always be held with highest regard .... we love him V much! Grab a free download! TRACKLIST: @itsmelvv

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