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2. Beauty and the Beast

  • Published: 2016-03-17T10:53:59Z
  • By Jump5
Beauty and the Beast

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4. ClubDisn33y (Clean)

  • Published: 2017-07-22T23:47:39Z
  • By Isolator
ClubDisn33y (Clean)

Nostalgic Disney Classics set in a Club Environment Song Tracks: 1) Main Street Electrical Parade (Back In the Dayz Remix) 2) Eye to Eye (Goofy Movie) 3) Beauty and the Beast (Disney Mania - Jump5) 4) A Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina Remix) 5) Robin Williams Tribut Friend Like Me (Swing House Remix) 6) A Whole New World - M-Flo 7) Let it Go (Fallen Superhero Remix) 8) Part of Your World (House Nation Remix) 9) When Can I See You Again (PeteDown Overhaul) 10)Breaking Free (Jesse Bloch & Jesse James Bootleg) 11)What Dreams Are Made Of (Jesse Bloch & Jesse James Bootleg) 12)I See the Light (Disney Hardstyle) 13)Life Is A Highway (Jesse Bloch Bootleg) 14) Mulan - Be a Man (Will Hamm Remix) 15) He's a Pirate (Jack Sparrow)

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