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1. See Beauty Everywhere: Kerri Jones

  • Published: 2013-10-17T05:13:04+00:00
  • Duration: 125
  • By Michael Ori
See Beauty Everywhere: Kerri Jones

See Beauty Everywhere is an amazing concept developed by the talented people at Landis Salon. Each month we are going to create a vignette on a stylist and figure out what makes them tick. We took a walk with stylist Kerri Jones and asked the all important question, where do you see beauty? Shot on the Canon 1DC Canon 24-70mm L Series II POS Shoulder rig Ori Media presents a Studio Elevn production "See Beauty Everywhere: Kerri Jones" Michael Ori- Director / Editor Abbey Tate- Producer


  • Published: 2015-03-09T13:53:15+00:00
  • Duration: 1005
  • By Jay Worsley

A short film about searching for beauty in Northern Arizona. Searching for something that you can't find in the city. Away from all the chaos and distraction, an emotion arises inside of you. An emotion that wakes you up to the beauty that is essentially right in our backyards. Filmed and edited by: Jay Worsley ( Photographers: Mike Olbinski ( Jason Williams ( Andrew Fleming ( LOST // DISCOVERD website coming soon Main Shooting Locations: Sunset Point, Arizona Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona Monument Valley, Arizona Canyon De Chelly, Arizona White Mountains, Arizona Mogollon Rim, Arizona Music By: Tony Anderson Ryan Taubert Kerry Muzzey A. Taylor **Music Licensed through The Music Bed (**

3. Chasing Arizona || Teaser

  • Published: 2016-02-17T18:37:02+00:00
  • Duration: 234
  • By Jay Worsley
Chasing Arizona || Teaser

A short film telling the story of the beauty in Arizona. Collaborating with Mike Olbinski and his mad time-lapse skills. Film locations are all over the state of Arizona showcasing the diverse landscape the state has to offer. The full film will have aerial footage, time-lapse footage, cinema footage, and raw story. Film coming soon. Song: "Like the Tides" by Kerry Muzzy *Licensed through the MusicBed

4. Monsoon II (4K)

  • Published: 2015-10-05T04:57:02+00:00
  • Duration: 627
  • By Mike Olbinski
Monsoon II (4K)

Blu-Ray discs available here: Song by Kerry Muzzey: "Palladio Rebuilt" (on iTunes: Follow me: / / / ---------------------------------- I've been chasing the monsoon in Arizona for about 6-7 years now. This summer was different though. Back in late July, I was wondering why it felt like I was out chasing more than ever before. And then I remembered. I had a job last summer. This year I didn't. I went full-time photography in November of 2014 and haven't looked back. I was free to roam and had virtually no limitations. I even had multiple chases where I never actually wend to bed, but instead chased all night. I took the kids to New Mexico at one point early in the season. Last year I counted roughly 31 total days that I chased a storm during the monsoon. This summer: 48. Yikes. 17,000 miles driven, which was about 3,000 more than last year. Perhaps the biggest difference this year was shooting nearly 60,000 more time-lapse frames than I did in 2014. 105,000 total. And what sticks out to me even more than any of the other numbers above, is that only 55,000 of those 105,000 frames made it into Monsoon II. What that means is I was able to stuff this new film with only of the best of the best. We missed out on some of the huge dust storms like I've captured in years past, but overall, I think this represents some of the best weather I've ever photographed in Arizona. There are stunning shelf clouds, gorgeous rain shafts, lots of blowing dust, tons of lightning, and even multiple mini-supercells/mesocyclones. The brief meso over Cottonwood at the 3:38 mark is one of my all-time favorites. I can't talk much more about the film without addressing the music real quick. The song is called Palladio (Rebuilt) and it's once again by the amazing Kerry Muzzey who donated it to me for Monsoon II. He also let me use another song of his for my previous film, The Chase and I'm beyond grateful for his generosity. I mean, how do you thank someone enough for that? Click here to find the song on iTunes and please support his work! I've said it a million times...the music is at least 50% of these movies I make. Kerry's art helps bring my films to life. Thank you my friend! When I'm out there capturing footage for these films, I'm constantly thinking about the story I want to tell. For example, I wanted a lot of erupting, towering cumulus at the beginning to launch into the meatier clips. I started laying out the film back in mid-August. Certain clips I already knew would be in certain places in relation to the ups and downs of the song itself. As the season wore on, I gathered more and more clips and began to lay out the entire film. I'd remove clips when I got something better. There was exhausting editing, re-editing, looping music, reluctantly dropping clips that didn't work or were unfixable and watching it over, and over and over, to make sure I was telling the story I wanted to tell. At one point, about halfway through...I was telling Jina that I have a lot of great stuff, but still haven't shot the final scene yet. I had no idea what it would be, but I knew I didn't have it. And then that very night (or maybe the next day)...I was out west of Tonopah and I knew on the way home that the monsoon had finally delivered my ending. That is what is so amazing about doing this. You hit the road with zero idea about what you're going to see over the course of a summer. You might imagine scenarios or have ideas, but they get blown out of the water by reality. And that's what I love about it. My hope is that you can see and feel that love in this film. The beauty of the monsoon in Arizona. This is where I'm from and this is home. More on the story here: -------------------- Technical Details: Captured with Canon 5D3's, a 5D2, Canon 16-35mm, Rokinon 14, 24, 35 and 85mm. Processed using Lightroom, LR Timelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro



LA GRAN CIUDAD. Un timelapse que muestra la belleza de la Ciudad de México a través de sus paisajes urbanos. THE BIG CITY. A timelapse showing the beauty of Mexico City through their cityscapes. Soundtrack by Kerry Muzzey, "Bernini´s Angels". All photos were taken in Mexico City with: - Canon 60D - Sigma 18-35 - Canon 10-22 - Canon 75-300 - Syrp Genie

6. The Irish Kitesurfing Project - Winter is Coming..

  • Published: 2015-10-27T09:57:18+00:00
  • Duration: 118
  • By Alan Kavanagh
The Irish Kitesurfing Project - Winter is Coming..

The IKP is a series of short videos that brings together some of the finest local Kiters in Ireland and all their styles. This is a project initiated by a group of local Kitesurfers scattered around Ireland Along with kitesurfing, some of this group have very creative skills, from music to video to photography. And its not all about Kitesurfing either The videos also capture the magnificence, beauty and power of Irelands Coast There are "NO" logos, "NO" sponsorship and no one rider here, but a group...a group project allowing those of similar interest to contribute... The opening video brings 3 local riders together Robert Sayer, Co Kerry Wojciech Piotrowski, Co Clare Alan Kavanagh, Co Clare We hope you enjoy it...and the rest to come... Music by Epic

7. RACE AROUND IRELAND - Ultracycling event annual nonstop bicycle race

  • Published: 2013-08-01T15:06:01+00:00
  • Duration: 213
  • By groox
RACE AROUND IRELAND - Ultracycling event annual nonstop bicycle race

Trailer brought to you by the team of the movie ">it's all about..." RACE AROUND IRELAND Experience the beauty of Ireland, as you cycle a 2,100km route that takes you on an adventure from Trim County Meath, past Newgrange, The Giants Causeway, Malin Head, The Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, Mizen Head, the Garden County (Wicklow) and back to Navan in County Meath and ALL within a week.

8. Gold Panda - Marriage

  • Published: 2011-02-17T11:51:22+00:00
  • Duration: 308
  • By Ronni Shendar
Gold Panda - Marriage

New video for dear-talented-heartbreaking-dreamer Gold Panda's beautiful track 'Marriage'. --- MARRIAGE Written and produced by Gold Panda Mixed by James Shaw at Space Cave Published by Wichita Songs Ltd / Domino Music Publishing Co.Ltd. P&C 2010 Notown / Ghostly International Video by Ronni Shendar Thank you: Derwin! Till! Adina, Amelie, Andrea, Anna, Annette, Ashraf, Carsten, Charlotte, Dhanya, Eliad, Hibat, Hillel, Ilanit, Imma, Isabelle, Julia, Karen, Katkot, Kenneth, Kerry, Maria, Martin, Mehmet, Mesut, Michael, Murat, Nuno, Omer, Parag, Patrice, Rajeesh, Reinhard, Reji, Ronit, Sabina Yasmin, Sahil, Sandro, Shoshana, Sonesh, Spyros, Tal, Tanaya, Tom, Ufuk, Yoav. Bombay-Mumbai, Jerusalem, Köln, Mandwa, Nijmegen, Tel-Aviv. --- I was touring throughout December and January (with the Glitterbug live show), so the only way to make a new video for Gold Panda was to make it along the way. So I filmed the people and places I met. I wanted to keep the personal humbleness of the track, it's warmth and beauty and to simply focus on people and the notion of something shared, regardless of place, situation or climate zone... I always showed whoever I filmed footage from previous shoots, so people would see one another, and in some sense strangers became friends and the video grew a life of its own. The funny thing was that many strangers came up to me along the way so fascinated by the light of the lantern and asked me if they could please have one... So I left most behind and came back home with almost none, loving the idea that the video just continues on its own...

9. Liberty installation

  • Published: 2011-06-03T12:09:13+00:00
  • Duration: 55
  • By Kerry Lemon
Liberty installation

Artist Kerry Lemon hand paints a permanent botanical installation directly onto the walls and door of the new beauty hall at Liberty London.

10. North Georgia Mountains Scenes

  • Published: 2015-08-02T13:54:30+00:00
  • Duration: 288
  • By Rudy Wilms
North Georgia Mountains Scenes

For the YouTube 4K version follow this link May 2015 we decided to go for a week to Hiawasee located in North Georgia. We drove to the Cabin we rented on top of the mountain the view was too good for words no better way to start a vacation. Chucky now 16 year old jack Russell was again with us in the mountains we where a little bit nervous that he would not be able to endure the stress of the trip and the walks on the hills. But he did just fine little slower then last time but we could see he still enjoyed the mountain air and his little walks. The mountains in this region are among the oldest in the united states and sometimes even mistaken to be the oldest mountains in the world. Although they are not the highest nor the widest the beauty is big and tall and they have a peacefull vibe maybe it is the old spirits. The forest by the Raven cliff trail was one of the nicest. The new green leaves the moss on the trees, the creek along the trail so pure nature it makes the world stop for a moment. Dukes creek falls by far one of the most beautiful waterfalls a shame we were not able to be closer by it to capture the beauty even better this is definately one you have to see with your own eyes the camera wasn't able to capture it. Then taking our drone for it first flight in the mountains adrenaline is kicking, all you see is mountain ranges with a small little flying bug ready to be swalowed by mother nature. A big sigh of relieve when you see the little bug back in our hands, very beautiful footage as a big reward. We liked the North Georgia mountains a lot and as a little bonus we visited Helen Georgia where we found some good dutch food and snacks will be back for sure. LOCATIONS: BRASSTOWN BALD HOPGEN GAP RAVEN CLIFF FALLS TRAIL TALLLULAH FALLS RAILWAY BRIDGE DUKES CREEK FALLS TALLULAH RIVER MOUNT YONAH HIAWASSEE GA Licensed Music by the Music Bed. Song: You Hold My Heart: Artist: Kerry Muzzey

11. Mainland New Zealand

Mainland New Zealand

'Mainland New Zealand' is a compilation of some stunning landscape scenes showcasing the South Island's natural and unspoiled beauty. In this short movie, you will see the pristine aqua-coloured waters and the moody skies of Fiordland, stormy clouds near Mount Cook, and some oddly shaped granite boulders in the Te Anau Basin. The vivid autumn tones and backcountry dams of Central Otago also feature along with a rare and colourful display of the Auroroa Australis. By the way, if you weren't already aware, the term 'Mainland' is a South Islanders' name for the South Island of New Zealand. This production took six months with some 6000 kilometers traveled over 5 weeks during April and May of 2015. Over 30 clips come together in this 4 minute movie with beautifully matched music that evokes majestic grandeur and drama to the captured scene. Mainland New Zealand has used the latest advanced multi-axis, motion-controlled time lapse gadgets, rails, an auto exposure ramping device, and a focus puller just to make this production that little more dynamic. A 'Behind the Scenes' movie can be seen here: Thanks in advance for your 'likes', 'shares' and comments - they are all greatly appreciated :) Clips are available for licensing in HD or 4K. Large format (329x483mm) prints are also available on Hahnemühle FineArt archival paper using non-fade Epson UltraChrome K3 inks. Please contact me through Facebook. Gear used: Nikon D810, Nikon D700, Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 & 24-70 f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, Lee SW-150 with Nisi 150mm square polarizer, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero, Stage One, Stage R, NMX and MX2 controllers, Emotimo TB3 Black, RamperPro, ZenFocus, DSLR Dashboard, LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Follow my work here: Facebook: Flickr: Personal website: Music: Bernini's Angels (LXD Mix), Kerry Muzzey (Licensed through The Music Bed). Credits: Alan & Louise McHattie, Steve Baird, Stuart Pearson, Bruce Sinclair, my mum, my boss (for the days off !), Bevan Percival, colleagues and friends. Thanks to you all for your support !

12. Bali

  • Published: 2015-09-13T05:37:07+00:00
  • Duration: 360
  • By Nautic Life

Revisiting Bali's dive sites was something we had wanted to do for a while. Even though all the dive sites were familiar to us it was time to dive them again with a fresh mind and a bigger camera. We did this trip in August 2015 and none of the dives disappointed. In fact we got lucky with stunning visibility and fish life throughout our time in Bali. The Jetty was for us the highlight of the trip with almost crystal clear water. We got to dive Biaha, which was a new site for us. August is the season for the ever elusive Mola Mola in Bali, but unfortunately we did not get to see them this time around. Manta Point on the other hand surprised us with 12-15 Mantas circling the cleaning station. We even got to see the very rare bald fish! ;) Another unforgettable trip. Please enjoy! Music: Kerry Muzzey - The Profound Beauty of it All (License: The Musicbed) The Painted Pianos - White Forest - Instrumental (License: The Musicbed)

13. Kerry Shale reading Sonnet 77 'Thy glass will show thee how thy beauties wear'

  • Published: 2012-06-26T11:12:56+00:00
  • Duration: 78
  • By Touch Press
Kerry Shale reading Sonnet 77 'Thy glass will show thee how thy beauties wear'

This performance is from THE SONNETS BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE for iPad, described by the Sunday Times as 'an extraordinary achievement, that brings the sonnets bracingly to life and definitively sets the bar for the future of digital reading.' Available on the iTunes App Store: Find out more at

14. The Beautiful Strange Land (An Tír Álainn Aisteach)

  • Published: 2013-07-18T18:12:51+00:00
  • Duration: 675
  • By Sarah Bliss
The Beautiful Strange Land (An Tír Álainn Aisteach)

Sarah Bliss 2013 A languid meditation on the loss of language and its rootedness in land/place. Never seeing the speakers, we listen in as a younger female voice with a U.S. accent, and an older male voice with a strong Irish brogue work together to decipher a written Irish text. Alternately humorous and poignant, the conversation between the two matches the rhythm of the never-ceasing waves which pull seaweed back and forth in swirling eddies amidst constantly shifting light. The language that has been largely lost to the contemporary Irish is mirrored in the sublimation of its audio record to the mesmerizing beauty presented on the screen. Filmed in Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland. With thanks to the Cill Rialaig Artists Project, and Michael Curran.

15. Nip/Tuck Season 5.2 Promo - "Busby/Flashing Lights"

Nip/Tuck Season 5.2 Promo -

Client: FX Networks Production Company: Social Studios Director: Emnet Mulugeta Executive Producer: Michele Maples Line Producer: John Winter Dop: Rolf Kestermann An anesthesia induced dream of a young woman takes us on a slightly twisted voyage of beauty through the ages, from Marie Antoinettes to Twiggies dancing with surgical elements, juxtaposing the delicate with the perilous. Client: FX Networks EVP Marketing and Promotions: Stephanie Gibbons SVP On-Air Promotions: Johan Varvi VP Special Projects/Production: Kenna McCabe Director of Production: Julie Graham Creative Director Studio FX Design: Ethan Adelman Producer: Elisabeth Knight VFX: Visual Art Producer: Jessica Hunt VFX Supervisor: Joel Bringmark 3D Lead: Oskar Walhberg 2D Artists: Gustaf Holmsten, Liliana Berardi VFX Artists: Sofia Delis, Andreas Cronström 3D Artists: Jonas Forsman, Jimmy Eriksson U.S. Production Company: The Arsenal (Social Studios) Executive producer: Michele Maples Producer: John Winter DOP: Rolf Kestermann Choreograper: Marguerite Derricks Production Designer: Annie Sperling Make-Up artist: Kerry Herta Hair Stylist: Louise Moon Special effects make-up: Christien Tinsley Editor: Dustin "Aviddiva" Robertson

16. DeborahSlaterDance SFIAF2015 FullLength2Camera PPM Vimeo 14July2015 BEST EDIT

DeborahSlaterDance SFIAF2015 FullLength2Camera PPM Vimeo 14July2015  BEST EDIT

First studies for Line of Beauty, new chapters this one is called Meditation on the Everyday (working title) choreog/director (in collab w/dancers): Deborah Slater asst director: Kerry Mehling dancers: Anna Greenberg & Derek Harris actor: Patricia Silver sound design consultant: Albert Mathias music: Albert Mathias, Lori B, Fred Frith costume consultant: kate mitchell

17. Lilian & Cosmin // Wedding in Provence, France

Lilian & Cosmin // Wedding in Provence, France

// When the Good Lord begins to doubt the world, he remembers that he created Provence // There is something about Provence, that transports you from everyday life and makes you feel that you are living life in slow-motion. The rest of the world disappears and you are out among olive trees, lavender and vineyards, drinking wine under the stars. It was there that Lilian and Cosmin, decided to gather friends and family from all over the world to get married. A car crash brought them together and they have been inseparable since and you can feel the honesty, respect, devotion and deep love in their relationship. They chose a stunning location for their wedding, Chateau d’Estoublon, one of the most remarkable sites, in the Les Baux de Provence Valley in the Alpilles area, near Fontvieille. The day started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, honouring Lilian’s origins. Our bride and groom served tea, to both sides of the parents, representing an important moment in which members of both families become relatives of each other, showing respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care. Lilian started getting ready with all her bridesmaids, looking stunning, with the magic hands of Harold James in hair and makeup revealing her true beauty and in her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress. Jennifer and Kerry from Lavender and Rose did an amazing job, making sure everything ran on time and looked absolutely perfect. They transformed the chateau with the help of the talented Miss Rose by Perrine, to the most elegant, natural and romantic set-up, for the ceremony of L&C. After a lovely ceremony, the couple made their entrance to the cocktail in a horse and carriage and later everyone gathered inside for the dinner and to party until the dawn, making it a truly magical day, that we were very happy to capture side by side with an amazing artist but also humble and fun to work with, mr Greg Finck. Lilian and Cosmin, we feel blessed, that we shared all those moments together and you trusted us to capture them. It was really an honour to be a part of your beautiful wedding! Filmed & Directed: George Kasionis & Stam Tsopanakis Music: Music Bed Planning & Design : Lavender & Rose Photographer: Greg Fink Floral Design : Miss Rose by Perrine Bride's Dresses : Oscar de la Renta / Vera Wang Hair & MakeUp : Harold James Venue : Château d'Estoublon

18. A Bride (A Cameron James Wilson film)

  • Published: 2012-04-08T03:12:54+00:00
  • Duration: 158
  • By olan collardy
A Bride (A Cameron James Wilson film)

Definition of a bride (brīd): A woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event. Playing on Cameron's Gothic Bride theme, I wanted to explore on the other side of what it means to be a bride. Popular culture depicts it as something most girls and women aspire to be one day; a status celebrated with a glamorous day shared with family and friends. This piece tries to delve beneath the surface. It explores beauty, trepidation, loneliness, purity, sexuality, sadness, commitment and many more themes we wouldn't associate with the word "bride". However, I believe this encapsulates a roller-coaster of mixed emotions a bride experiences before, during and after her big day. Enjoy! Credits: Photographer/Director: Cameron Wilson Cinematographer/Editor: Olan Collardy Assistant: Andre Laing Stylist: Luke Castillo Makeup: Adam Burrell Hair: Alice Oliver Nails: Linh Nham Model: Beth Brown ( Premier Model Management) Musical score: Ghosts by Kerry Muzzey

19. Monsoon

  • Published: 2014-09-22T15:37:07+00:00
  • Duration: 485
  • By Mike Olbinski

Follow me:,, All summer long when I'm chasing storms, I'm also time-lapsing. It's actually my main goal when I'm out there. A clip here and a clip there. Some days you get nothing great, some days you get SIX amazing scenes in a single afternoon. A powerful rain shaft. An intense hail core dump. Shelf clouds. Dust storms. Lightning. The Milky Way. That's what I'm capturing out here in Arizona between June 15th and September 30th every year, which is our official monsoon window. And this is the result of all that time spent. My favorite part of capturing all this is when I sit down to create this final film. While some scenes are worthy of standing on their own, a lot of them need to be part of something bigger. And when I start laying it out, they suddenly morph into this collection of storm imagery that tells the story of my summer. This year I wanted to raise the bar. Not compared to everyone else, but my own personal bar. I licensed music this time. I wanted two amazing songs and I think I found them. Powerful, fast-paced, intense. Nothing gives life to your clips like a beautiful soundtrack. I'm incredibly proud of this film. I've probably felt the same way every year in the past, but there is something about this summer that blew away the others. And I think it's because I'm better at what I do. I'm finding the structure in storms like I never have before.  Our haboobs (dust storms) were limited this year, but those days were amazing, as you'll see.  And I caught even more lightning this summer than the last two years combined. I think the scenes are more powerful and cinematic than ever. And for this final product, I've quickened the pace and I believe I'm finally showing the monsoon in all its beauty and glory. There are over 45,000 frames in this film. I drove over 14,000 miles across Arizona. This takes work, time and patience. The month of July felt like a huge failure. It was a rough start. It seemed as if the year was going to be brutal and I'd be lucky to capture anything good. And then it all changed and I'm here now releasing what I feel is my best overall work to-date. I'd like to thank a few people. Dustin Farrell, Sean Parker, Jesse Attanasio, Joel Schat and Bryan Snider. All of you helped me in some way. Answered my technical questions, helped me switch to better software, enabled me to take another leap in quality and inspired me. I appreciate your friendships and willingness to share. Mostly though, I have to thank my family. My two older kids, Lyla and Eli (6 and 2 1/2) were along for the ride for many of these storms. The final shot in the whole film was one where my wife was out of town and I took all THREE of the kiddies with me, including my youngest who just turned one. I'll always remember that moment. The Milky Way blazing in the sky, I was feeding the baby a bottle, and taking turns with Lyla who did the best she could until her arm got tired and I took back over. Out there on a dark road off Interstate 10. Meeting another photographer named Val and just enjoying a spectacular moment with my kids all being a part of it. My wife though. Jina. Wow.  She believes in me like no one else could or ever will. She knows what I have to do and empowers me to do it. In fact, while I want this film to be amazing for everyone watching, I truly want to impress her the most. It means that all the time away this summer was worth it. Because life is a little bit nuts during the monsoon in our house, where I've returned from a chase at 6:30am having being out for 16 hours straight, only to go back out later that night after only a two hour nap. I say it a lot and I'll say it again. I wouldn't be here without her. And I love her for it. Technical Details and Credits This past spring I purchased an eMotimo and Dynamic Perception rail system…but I ended up not using them. At all. I wanted to. Believe me. But many of these clips aren’t very long in real time. Sometimes less than 15-20 minutes in a lot of cases. If I took the time to set-up a rail or panning head, I’d be missing a lot. So none of the clips this year use outside motion control. I used two Canon 5D Mark III's along with a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 and Canon L lenses, like the 17-40mm, 16-35mm, 50mm, 35mm and even the 135mm. Songs: Bernini's Angels by Kerry Muzzey and Inertia by Dexter Britain Thank you for watching. All clips are available in 4K resolution. Please email, comment or message me on Vimeo for questions, licensing inquiries and whatever else you might need