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1. My Pacman Remix

My Pacman Remix

Just a crappy remix

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2. Darkness In The Sky

Darkness In The Sky

My audiobook of "Darkness in the Sky" by darf. Original story at: Music: "Intrepid" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Image: Mare in the Moon by Biohazardous-Carrot http://biohazardous-carrot.deviantart...

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3. No Context Podcast Ep-001: Godzillas shoebox is full of cheese

No Context Podcast Ep-001: Godzillas shoebox is full of cheese

The first episode of the No Context Podcast. No Context is (probably) a weekly podcast hosted by whoever was in the room at the time. The show is unstructured and relaxed, with discussions mainly tapering to video games, movies, anime and internet culture. This first episode discusses Godzilla, biohazardous shoeboxes, and Dakota's peculiar post-mortem requests. This week's hosts: Jacob, Nabil, Thomas, Kris, Dakota. Music used in intro/outro is "After Hours" by CLRTY used under CC by 3.0 Attribution

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4. Flight 421

Flight 421

The Beat Jack Series. Lyrics by Helix Troy beat by Cardiak. Adding that H. Troy flavor to some of the most inspiring and influential sounds of Hip Hop. Recorded at the Music Garage 2013. Engineered and mixed by Chris ILL. The Original "Rise" by MMG ft. Curren$y and cy Hi Da Prince Produced by Cardiak. My Verse: Biohazardous bag Mary Jane fine ass, one mans treasure is another mans grass, high flying nigga lottery pick in the draft, treat her like a busser, poppa bust her and pass, true puffer, supreme lover of dabs, I’m blowing smoke in the wind did you get a whiff of that, already know what it is I’m high as giraffe cat, trying to upgrade my pad in the basement Ill add a lab, had to run a few tracks so I could get where I’m at, now watch my home stretch like this was the last lap, aint got to be the best but a nigga aint half bad, trying to peak your interest so a nigga can ride slab, trying to peel Robin Thicke for Paula Patton fine ass, sophisticated spitter known to sip a wine glass, unidentified vag turned chick from my past hit my nigga in the city to deliver my bag, replenish my stash and the diminish my chances of sitting back chilling twisting my last, wings spread on the runway eyes cashed, no dollar signs plotting my business and bottom lines, I Hit the road blunt rolled smoke rolls out the window Hit the store store owner need more cigarillos Split and roll Green gold that goes in the middle Then put the lighter to the la With the music up loud riding round getting high

nothing at of , which is