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1. PREMIERE: Black Spuma - Black Spuma (International Feel)

PREMIERE: Black Spuma - Black Spuma (International Feel)

Some people live their lives by the motto 'go hard or go home'. While in certain circumstance this might be helpful, there are plenty of other options out there to be considered and going at it your very hardest isn't always the right thing to do. Sometimes you just need to relax a bit more and slowly sink into your task, taking care of the final details rather than going for an all-guns-blazing approach. That's exactly what Black Spuma (aka Fabrizio Mammarella & Phillip Lauer) have done on their new EP, taking care over the finer details of the release and even managing to squeeze in a track with the same name as their new moniker without it feeling too cheeky. Take a few minutes out of your day to get this blissful, chilled out dose of house in your ears and you'll feel all the better for it;

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2. Premiere: Kito Jempere - Ampa (Black Spuma Vocal Remix)

Premiere: Kito Jempere - Ampa (Black Spuma Vocal Remix)

♫ Read More ♫: @kitojempere

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3. Black Spuma - DHA Mix #309

Black Spuma - DHA Mix #309

♫Read More ♫: ^Tracklist available at the link above^

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4. Black Spuma

Black Spuma

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5. Black Spuma - Onda. Release Date 26th August.

Black Spuma - Onda.  Release Date 26th August.

Available here: TRACKLIST 1. Black Spuma - Metallo Nero 2. Black Spuma - Hundred Fingers Man 3. Black Spuma - Onda 4. Black Spuma - Gabula INFO Black Spuma are Fabrizio Mammarella (Telespazio) & Phillip Lauer (Tuff City Kids / Talamanca System). Infamous for releases on Running Back, Beats In Space and Permanent Vacation, they return to International Feel with a four track EP following their critically acclaimed release last year. WHO ARE BLACK SPUMA? WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM AND WHERE DID YOU MEET? Mammarella and Lauer. A dinner at a restaurant and the darkness of our age. Through the long deceased Brontosaurus label, when Mammarella had the honour to do a remix. WHEN YOU MAKE THE MUSIC WHERE DO YOU SEE IT BEING PLAYED? WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE YOU HAVE PLAYED THE BLACK SPUMA SOUND? We wish: clubs and parties with nice people listening to it. We fear: sleep laboratories use it to put their patients to rest. Everywhere is the best place. Black Spuma has a general approach to turn lows into highs, darkness into dawn and smart into stupid. WHAT IS THE BEST SETTING FOR PEOPLE TO HEAR THE NEW EP? WHAT COLOUR DO YOU SEE WHEN MAKING BLACK SPUMA SOUND? Fresh air with a decent soundsystem. Mammarella would be apricot and Lauer champagne. WHATS NEXT FOR THE BLACK SPUMA? That’s still hidden in the mist of the future.. more music, coffee and many primi & secondi piatti for sure.

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6. PREMIERE : Cristalli Liquidi - Restare Andare (Black Spuma Mix)

PREMIERE : Cristalli Liquidi - Restare Andare (Black Spuma Mix)

Cristalli Liquidi returns to Bordello A Parigi with Ecco I Remix! Alexander Robotnick, Black Spuma and Bottin himself on remix duties. On top the sought after 12″ version of the evergreen Volevi Una Hit.

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7. PREMIERE: Black Spuma 'Hype Around'

  • Published: 2015-09-22T15:46:57Z
  • By djmag
PREMIERE: Black Spuma 'Hype Around'

A glorious blend of funky house, synth washes and steel pan melodies. 'Hype Around' is out 2nd October on International Feel.

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8. Black Spuma - Oasi EP

Black Spuma - Oasi EP

Download : Vinyl : TRACKLIST 1. Black Spuma - Hype Around 2. Black Spuma - Spumatix 3. Black Spuma - Black Spuma 4. Black Spuma - Emozioni Miste INFO Black Spuma are Fabrizio Mammarella & Phillip Lauer. Phillip is known as one half of Tuff City Kids with Gerd Janson and one third of Talamanca System with Gerd and International Feel’s own Mark Barrott, plus for his acclaimed solo album earlier this year (Borndom). Fabrizio is known for his Telespazio project and this was, in fact, their meeting point, when Phillip (trading as Arto Mwambe) remixed a Telespazio track. At the start of 2015 they decided to work together and see what came out, so Fabrizio travelled to Phillip’s Hinterhof Toy Factory near Frankfurt, and this EP was created modern Italo (one of them is Italian) with a housey background. They say they just wanted to have fun and make music ‘for friends’. International Feel says….that’ll do for us. Lead track ’Hype Around’ is all of those things, old and modern Italo Balearic house with a drum ‘n’ bass b.line and a few delicious pads. ‘Spumatix ’ lowers the BPM and adds a Lee Perry Space Echo and the self titled ‘Black Spuma’ takes us back to Rimini framing the classic sound in a modern context. ‘Emizioni Miste’ brings the EP to a close with a tribal machined groove, funky bassline and popcorn keys. Both Lauer and Mammarella have a history of quality releases on great labels: Running Back, Beats In Space, Permanent Vacation, Rollerboys Recordings and our very own International Feel. House music for House People.

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9. PREMIERE : Armonics - Red Eye (Black Spuma remix)

PREMIERE : Armonics - Red Eye (Black Spuma remix)

Having established itself with EPs from Duke Slammer and DMX Krew, Dublin's Modern Magic welcomes Bari's Armonics for the label's third release. A trained pianist and resident DJ/curator of the We Talk event series in his home city, Armonics draws influence from electronic music across the past 40 years: Chicago & acid house, italo- & electro-disco, new wave, synth-pop and vaporwave. His 'Italowave' style is a fusion of these retro-futuristic and cosmic styles, forged through Armonic's production processes which include cassette recordings, vintage synths & modern Korg/Roland gear. The 'Look Alive' EP is the producer's second release, following a debut on Slow Motion in late 2016. Accompanying the EP's three original tracks is an anthemic, piano-led remix of 'Red Eye' by International Feel act Black Spuma, aka Lauer (Tuff City Kids/Arto Mwambe) and Fabrizio Mammarella (Telespazio). Release Date: October 6th, 2017

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10. PREMIERE : Kito Jempere - Ampa (Black Spuma Dub Remix)

PREMIERE : Kito Jempere - Ampa (Black Spuma Dub Remix)

Ahead of the release of his sophomore album, "Sea Monster", Russian DJ/Producer Kito Jempere is back with a new single from it. That single is Ampa and it comes with killer remixes from Black Spuma (Lauer and Mammarella) and Miskotom. Jempere has been making music for more than a decade and is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as producer. He has been involved in a number of bands from punk rock to electronic to acid jazz and makes music under many different aliases from DJ Kirill Sergeew to The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club. He runs his own label Fata Morgana and also puts out music on Bahnsteig 23, Freerange, Let’s Play House, Pleasure Unit as well as Hell Yeah. Now again playing live with a band that can involve up to 11 people, he is a big favourite for clubs like Watergate and Salon Zur Wilden Renate. First to remix are "International Feel"'s duo Black Spuma aka Fabrizio Mammarella and Phillip Lauer. Their first vocal mix reimagines the track as a wild cut with pumped up and jacking drums and lashings of acid that is brillaint unhinged. A second version from the duo and premiered here is a smoother dub, with cosmic pixelated melodies raining down from above. Out 16/12/2017

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11. Black Spuma - Orme

Black Spuma - Orme

One year on since their last venture as Black Spuma on International Feel, Fabrizio Mammarella, also known as Telespazio and Phillip Lauer, one half of Tuff City Kids, are back with the insatiable Orme EP. Showcasing the pair at their best, this four tracker is where acid meets emotive melodies and shimmering Italo synths lines. In the words of Phillip Lauer it’s where “balearic vibes, acid love and a lost tape from 1991 merge into pure bliss!..” The pair first met when Phillip (trading as Arto Mwambe) remixed a Telespazio track. They started working together in 2015 when their first joint release Oasi was released on International Feel. An integral part of the label, Lauer recently released the highly acclaimed self-titled Talamanca System album on International Feel alongside Gerd Janson and label boss Mark Barrott. Both Lauer and Mammarella have a history of quality releases on great labels: Running Back, Beats In Space, Permanent Vacation and Rollerboys Recordings.

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12. ODDCAST 13 - Black Spuma

  • Published: 2017-12-05T16:50:51Z
  • By ODD
ODDCAST 13 - Black Spuma Lauer & Fabrizio Mammarella são os produtores por trás do Black Spuma, projeto que já lançou ótimos discos, frequentemente tocados na pista da ODD. Eles gravaram esse mix exclusivo para o ODDCAST 13. -- Lauer & Fabrizio Mammarella are the producers behind Black Spuma, a project that has already released great records, and you might have heard them at ODD’s dancefloor. This exclusive mix was recorded for ODDCAST #13.

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13. Black Spuma - Drumbaeck (Snippet)

  • Published: 2018-09-06T12:44:52Z
Black Spuma - Drumbaeck (Snippet)

So here we are with Riotvan's second installment of the "Familiar Faces", showcasing what's happening with the label these days (a lot), making label-residents shake hands and welcome affiliated folks to the syndicate. Although this is a 'various artists'-format, the here gathered stylistic approaches and track-turned mindsets make a strikingly coherent body of work. Just another evidence of how Riotvan has evolved into a renowned think tank of likeminded artists and indicator of state of the art sonic bliss.  Kicking off we find Perel immersing in yet another synth-driven stream, seeking continuation to her latest, widely praised full length-cycle, but this time bypassing Venus or rather "Super Venus" while floating off to other otherworldly dimensions. Next in line are Black Spuma, i.e. Lauer and Fabrizio Mammarella, demonstrating via "Drumbaeck" what a match in Neo-Disco-heaven they are. A highly energetic beat, laying the grounding for a cheerful synth-hook and harmonies you won't get out of your head anytime soon. Same goes for "Tropical Redux", the follow up by none other than Panthera Krause. A particularly elated affair, carried out by a funked up bassline and a catchy string-theme, sticking its neck out in Disco-realms, while maintaining a primetime-adjusted groove. At this point it's about time for a premiere. Say hi to New Hook, an all-female power-force with their debut release. "FXART" comes as a well-versed exercise in reviving frigid 80ies leanings with a contemporary urgency and attitude. And that's just a glimpse on what's to come from Linda, Ilka and Juliane. Chinaski, definitely no stranger to the Riotvan family, is taking on the 80ies vibe and hands in "Zeichen der Zeit", an unhasting ride through various galaxies, combining nostalgic synth-aesthetics with spaced out futurism. Closing things off, it's label-mainstay Jennifer Touch cutting deep with "Bleed", an almost existentially emotive composition, exploring spiritual abysses lyrically, re-modelling emotional chaos within the overtones of the arrangement and even trimming things down to physical functionality within the track's progression. "Familiar Faces Nº2" will be out end of October 5th on Vinyl and digital formats, both being distributed by Muting The Noise. Artwork courtesy of Karen from Studio M21N.

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14. Moon - Industrie & Zärtlichkeit (Black Spuma Remix)

Moon - Industrie & Zärtlichkeit (Black Spuma Remix)

"Industrie & Zärtlichkeit" by Moon (@iron-curtis & @johannesalbert), featuring a Black Spuma (@mammarella & Lauer) remix of the title track, will be out on May through Frank Music. More info:

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15. PREMIERE - DJ Rocca - Aula (Black Spuma Remix)

PREMIERE - DJ Rocca - Aula (Black Spuma Remix)

@Roam-Recordings 38th release comes from Italian producer Luca ‘@DJ-Rocca’ Roccatagliati. Having previously released on Compost, Classic, Sonar Kollektiv, rekids, International Feel and currently working with Daniele Baldelli and Dimitri from Paris his impressive acid disco narratives were perfect for Roam Recordings. The EP starts out with DJ Rocca’s original ‘Maccheroni’ - a stunning blend of jazz, latin rhythms, and analog melodies. Joining the EP for a remix is New York’s Eric ‘Dr Dunks’ Duncan (half of legendary DJ & production duo Rub n Tug & also half of DFA's 'Still Going). The EP continues with ‘Aula’, another excellent original from the maestro DJ Rocca. ‘Aula’ keeps with the theme of blended jazz, latin rhythms, and analog melodies, but in a much more subtle stripped down fashion. We fell in love with Black Spuma's remix straight away though, the production duo of Lauer (Tuff City Kids/Talamanca System) and Fabrizio @Mammarella (Telespazio) who have a history of quality releases on labels such as Running Back, Beats in Space, Permanent Vacation, Rollerboys Recordings and International Feel. Together they rework Rocca’s ‘Aula’ into a head nodding house music for house people textured track with a body moving bass line. A superb addition to the strong cast already on this EP. Release date: 20 April 2017

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16. Presidential


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17. PREMIERE: Black Spuma - Metallo Nero [International Feel]

PREMIERE: Black Spuma - Metallo Nero [International Feel]

The murky sludge lined the floor of the troublesome cave. The harsh stone of metallo nero hung oppressively from the ceiling above in pointed spikes. An echo could be heard roaring between the walls, flooding the small space with blazing noise and aggresion. Ths was a haunted site and had once been used for acts to dark to speak. Now, many years later, it was time to recreate its use. It would become a place of euphoria, a place of transcendence. Black Spuma is the infamous duo of Fabrizio Mammarella & Phillip Lauer. They return to Mark Barrott's International Feel with four tracks as part of the 'Onda' EP.

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18. No Cube

No Cube

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19. Emozioni Miste

Emozioni Miste

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