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1. PREMIERE : Saine - Technique

PREMIERE : Saine - Technique

*Watch on YouTube : *Read more : FINA Records was established in 2011, originally as an offshoot for Ralph Lawson's 2020 Vision label. Three years into that tenure, the partnership ended with both parties looking to focus on their own imprints full time. The identity that FINA has crafted for itself is one that's hard to put a finger on, as their releases encompass a fairly wide range. Not pigeonholing themselves into one style they do manage to have a common factor connecting their music and that is strong melodic undertones. Whether it's a fairly downtempo tune or a more straightforward house jam, there is always an inherently musical nature to their output. Saine (soundcloud), a Helsinki-based producer who has somehow managed to fly (somewhat) under the radar for years, even with his consistent quality, is a perfect fit for the aforementioned unquantifiable character that FINA has established for itself. His loose and smokey, organic sound filled with obscure samples has landed him releases on some fantastic record labels, such as an EP on the now discontinued Sleazy Beats Black Ops and an excellent mini-LP on Fools & Fables Recordings. The Finnish musician's latest is called "Mint EP" and it features three stellar cuts. Today's premiere and the A1 'Technique' doesn't stray from what we've come to expect from Saine. Muted keys set the tone as a looped guitar rhythm and understated bass form the foundation of the groove. Crisp yet slightly hazy drums are in support with shaker patterns fluttering throughout. A second guitar sample plays call and response with a held vocal note while a male voice croons an unintelligible phrase. Sampled rhodes-like bleeps doodle throughout the first half when the vocals aren't present, taking centre stage during the mini-break. The various instruments and samples are elegantly filtered in and out while oscillating atmospheric noises help create a sense of motion. The Finnish sampling maestro is once again able to bring forth another must-have record and the good news is that it will be released in just a couple of days!

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2. PREMIERE : Baltra - Over Again

PREMIERE : Baltra - Over Again

Baltra is taking us on a incredible journey with his two-tracked EP « SOPHIA », released on STEP Recordings. We're excited to premiere the 2nd joint of his EP, « Over Again ». As previously stated, Baltra stays true to his style and brings us in his world, with a smooth vocal sample, upbeat melody , well timed drum beats and hi hats to keep your feet moving and keep you in a state of shock as you find out that your hips are working. With halloween only a few days away, the two tracks of Baltra's latest EP will have you thinking about valentine's day. As his tracks titles often flirt with themes related to romanticism, there's a good chance you'll fall in love with his productions. Read more on : Already in pre-sales: , release date: 28th October.

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3. PREMIERE : Slamb - I Want Your

PREMIERE : Slamb - I Want Your

* Read more : * Watch on YouTube : Following in the scuffed up, skate shoe footsteps of many of this year's breakout producers, Slamb (soundcloud) came on our radar after appearing at the top of Axe on Wax’s PNP 002 — a Bolting Bits favorite and thoroughly of the times V/A compilation of cheeky and sleazy edits and reinterpretations presented. Once again holding on to his A1 spot, Slamb is now debuting on Whyte Numbers’ (remember, sometimes Blaq Numbers) 4th release alongside fellow up-and-comers Tilman, Enliven, and DJ Psychiatre. All four tracks here are perfectly in tune with the current movement of rough, DJ-ready tracks with well enough intrigue for the casual listener. With “I Want Your”, we’re treated to Slamb’s knack for unearthing catchy samples and combining them with dusty, in your face grooves. Nothing’s hiding in this straightforward belter and it comes to life as a perfectly suited club track arranged to dance-floor perfection (well, almost perfect — we’ll let the listeners and DJs decide about the surprise fade out at the end of the track). On "You will feel better I promise" Tilman goes toe-to-toe with Slamb for banging, feel-good edit while dialing up the crunch factor somewhere between an old cassette and your Aunt's forgotten (and dusty) record collection. The B-side tones things down ever so slightly with Enliven smart and synthy, "Waitsome" and DJ Psychiatre's perfect closer of a track, "Let me tell u". Whyte Numbers 004 is available now for pre-order and is due out in early December. As with the previous 3 release, 004 is vinyl only so if you want to get your hands on it, you’d better act quick.

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4. PREMIERE : Franc Spangler - Wally's Groove

PREMIERE : Franc Spangler - Wally's Groove

Many a boutique label tend to fall by the wayside after only a short stint above ground. @kolour_ltd has been around for a little over six years and was initially preceded by Kolour Recordings/Kolour Digital before label heads Mike W. and Justin McMillen decided to focus on the vinyl only imprint full-time. Priding themselves as being a family oriented label and with the amount of quality records under their belt, it’s easy to see why they are consistently able to attract a number of both veteran and newly blossoming producers to their roster. As their biggest release to date, they are putting out a 14 track compilation called “Tale of 2 Cities” which is due to hit shelves as a 3×12 LP in September, housed in a tri-fold jacket with a poster insert included. Welcoming back family members such as Frank Booker, Ugly Drums, Eddie C, Patchworks and Franc Spangler (@jimpster), they are also increasing their list of relatives to include fresh faces such as Fouk, Admin, Sleazy McQueen & Vinyl Addicted, Inkswel and Vincenzo De Bull just to name a few. Full interview on /

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5. PREMIERE : Deejay Astral - Say Yes

PREMIERE : Deejay Astral - Say Yes

* Watch on YouTube : * Read More: * Pre-order : London label @axeonwax-records has achieved quite a fair bit since its 2014 inception. Between itself and its ‘grittier’ sub-label Axe Traxx, they’ve clocked in a combined 11 releases consisting of works by proper staples in the scene — Chaos In The CBD, Glenn Underground, and Mall Grab, just to touch on a few. Now, they’re back with yet another sub-label — a hip, trendy and super fun younger sibling of the Axe imprints, with PNP 001 as their first offering. PNP 001 compiles together re-edits of classic tunes, a task London local @DeejayAstral (fka Palace) is certainly not unfamiliar with. His B1 ‘Say Yes’ opens with a muffled, mumbling take of the spoken-word intro to Floetry’s 2003 hit single. Astral's play with filters lends the up-pitched neo-soul vocals an even more seductive flair. The rework’s feature of sensual jazzy keys and hints of a trip-hop groove may highlight the RnB original’s dreamy bedroom vibes, but the addition of popping kicks and crunchy raw percussion really repurposes the track into a serious dance-floor heater, all without any overstatement. Deejay Astral sure knows how to please. Sporting a touch of lo-fi, a healthy dose of disco and a whole lotta oomph, the rest of the tracks do not disappoint. It’s no wonder PNP 001 already has the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Baltra and Banoffee Pies on board with early support. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the release!

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6. PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - All Around

PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - All Around

Fine Records is the collaborative product of Johannnes Albert (for Frank Music fame) and klamauk's Tilman. While the first release saw the producers joining forces, the second drop was a solo release from Tilman. For the third EP, Dancefloors & You & You, it is the Berlin-based Johannes' turn at the helm, and it is our pleasure to present to you the first cut off the record. Johannes is no stranger to employing looped discofunk samples in his productions, and "All Around" certainly fits this mold. The track builds on a heavy disco style kick / clap and layered percussion and a funky bassline. As the lead, an irresistible postdisco era sample repeats and rises to a filtered climax. The female lead vocals of the original are slightly teased in here a la Tiger & Woods before dropping back into the main groove. It's a sweet, feel good disco house track that's certain to motivate dancefloors.

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7. PREMIERE : Closed Paradise - Set It Out (The Silver Rider Remix)

PREMIERE : Closed Paradise - Set It Out (The Silver Rider Remix)

* Read more: * Watch on YouTube : * Pre-order : In terms of consistency, they don’t come much higher than Whiskey Disco. The Orlando outlet specialise in classic disco & edits, all on timeless vinyl. Never will a Whisky Disco record fail to get any dancefloor rocking. They’ve been delivering top quality music since starting out in 2009, and with artists such as “Disco Au Courant” Pontchartrain & Sleazy McQueen in their arsenal is it any wonder why they’re top of the disco food chain. One of Whiskey Disco’s spinoff sublabels ‘Lovedancing’ are another to watch out for, great credit to Sleazy McQueen for producing two very successful labels. Upcoming on Lovedancing is the Something Else EP by Closed Paradise, the man with a deadly discography with previous releases on Whiskey Disco, Diggin’ Disco Deep & Better Listen. The French producer focuses on deep house via disco sounds with some special remixes from WD regular Pontchartrain and The Silver Rider also featuring on the 6th issue of the Lovedancing series. Track 2 on B side is a Bolting Bits exclusive, The Silver Rider remix of Set It Out, a spinning bass-heavy take on a great track The Silver Rider drives the track even deeper giving it a more raw club-ready feel while still keeping the core integrity of the tune still there. The track seems to take elements from a wide variety of different genres disco, ambient and a touch of jazz while keeping it deep with some euphoric sounds twisting around them signature vocals. Lovedancing, Closed Paradise and remixer The Silver Rider are definitely ones to watch this year so make sure to purchase this great EP.

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8. PREMIERE : Long Island Sound - Delusions

PREMIERE : Long Island Sound - Delusions

*Watch on YouTube : *More read on: Irish duo Long Island Sound (@longislandsoundeire) are at the helm for Kyoku’s third EP (@kyokurecords), “Last Place You Look” and we are very excited to bring you the premiere of the B1 track Delusions. Warm sampled chords and natural sounding percussion slowly evolve alongside a bent note that forms an ear-pleasing hook while an elegant female vocal really draws the listener in. Delicate keys and a high string line further compliment the graceful composition as some filtered synth work aids the piece in reaching its apex. Meanwhile, the bass works in perfect tandem with the drum groove which lends the otherwise alluring tune a very danceable quality. The release won’t be out for a while yet but this should motivate you to get your pre-orders in early! Link:

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9. MIXED BY/ Fouk


MIXED BY/ FOUK The music of Dutch duo Fouk is the result of a lasting friendship and a deep commitment to funk music of the past and present. The talents of Junktion and Daniel Leseman harmonize perfectly in the project, exemplified from their first Outplay release to their most recent Gruff EP. We were lucky to exchange a few words with the pair, and are thrilled to showcase a fresh mix from them, exemplifying their infectious style. Full Interview and tracklist on : Follow them: @justsayfouk @danielleseman @junktionmusic Follow us: - - - -

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10. PREMIERE : Ferias'77 - Rainha Do Mar (JKriv Rework)

PREMIERE : Ferias'77 - Rainha Do Mar (JKriv Rework)

* Read More: * Watch on YouTube: * Pre-order: In case you didn't know, April 21st marks this year's worldwide Record Store Day. On the 3rd Saturday in April every year, record stores across the globe unveil special releases, cut prices, and host in-store performances all in the name of WAX. For this year’s RSD, New York City powerhouse Razor-N-Tape has something special in store. The Férias ’77 Reworks from label co-head JKriv, a longtime lover of Brazilian sounds, is an 8 song double 12” compiling reworks he’s created over nearly a decade, drawing from some of his most revered and respected sources. “Rainha Do Mar” is a laid-back tropical funk cut oozing in that standard Brazilian swag. Smooth as hell vocals accompany funky synth and guitar lines that will likely soundtrack many summer days this year. For me, Brazilian music defines happiness and relaxation. It’s simply not possible to feel anything but amazing listening to it. “Rainha Do Mar” is a near perfect edit. It stands on its own while giving plenty of breathing room to the original track. In total, this release sets a high bar; 45 minutes of exceptional music and a true masterclass for anyone dedicated to making edits. With beautifully vibrant artwork practically jumping off the sleeve, a free download card, and a cheeky sticker pack included, this one is an absolute RSD essential!

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11. PREMIERE : Deejay Astral - Duality

PREMIERE : Deejay Astral - Duality

Read more : Watch on YouTube : With his shift to a more deeper sound in the past few years @DeejayAstral has crafted a dark and brooding style reminiscent of earlier house and techno. On “Duality” from his new Pack the Pipe split EP on @whos-susan with @Fede-Lng, the Berlin based producer creates a moody atmosphere with elements from both the UK and German scenes. The bassline drifts and drifts across the track, leaving space for the warmth and pulse of the kick and hi-hats. Over time it loosens more and finds moments to fill the space in between other sounds with its depth. The main sample builds slowly with a tunnel reverb that bleeds out behind the drums and melodies while vinyl grooves and noise move in and out of the left and right channels of the stereo field. While the layering and sounds present interesting sonic palettes, it comes as no surprise from a DJ known to play with the likes of Baltra and Mall Grab.   All the while the main vocal sample slides in and around the other elements of the track. As is tradition within lo-fi house tracks the sample manages to evoke both somber and uplifting emotions all at once. It matches the brooding feel of the bassline while also reaching the heights of the main refrain. With subtle reverb giving it the sense of desperation and tension it cuts through the mix and compliments the songs main melodic presence. As he teases another drop at the end of the track you’re unsure of whether the person talking to themselves in the bathroom mirror made it out to conquer their adversity. “Duality” is one of two tracks by Deejay Astral from the upcoming Pack the Pipe EP with Fede Lng. Out 1.15.18.

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12. MIXED BY/ Session Victim

MIXED BY/ Session Victim

A duo that needs no introduction, Matthias Reiling and Hauke Freer, both great producers in their own right, are even better together as two man house band @SessionVictim. The Hamburg and Berlin-based best friends have been making music together for about a decade but have known each other for the past twenty years. Notorious sample diggers, the two are able to craft brand new musicals gems with ideas stemming from cratefuls of records which include genres such as soul, funk, disco, jazz & various others. Locking themselves in the studio for days at a time, they are able to consistently come up with infectious dancefloor groovers. With all of that time spent digging for records, it's no wonder that they are phenomenal behind the decks as well, bringing an unparalleled, contagious vibe with them wherever they go. With two widely successful albums under their belt, Matthias and Hauke have been hard at work on their anticipated third LP. If you've caught them live at any point this year then you have likely heard snippets of what's to come. For the time being though, we're glad to settle for their current Matching Half EP out on Delusions of Grandeur as well as their upcoming solo contributions on XK Records. Get to know a little bit more about Session Victim in the following interview and have a listen to their contribution in the latest instalment of our MIXED BY/ series! Interview :

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13. PREMIERE : Folamour - Alerte À Babylone

PREMIERE : Folamour - Alerte À Babylone

FHUO's sophomore EP moves from a quartet format to a split EP between the bossman and the Paris-based Parviz, who makes his vinyl debut on the release. The record starts off with Folamour's "Very First Touch". A live clap and crowd sample opens the doors for a hazy build of pads and jazz licks to come through. Parviz then makes his appearance via "100 Crown Bills" a more up-tempo house track that places groovy piano and guitar riffs and a mean flute over a bouncy bass and drum kit. On the B-Side, Parviz' "L'Estaque" lays some buttery jazz-funk loops down over another dancefloor-oriented beat. Finally, serving as the bottom layer of this EP's Folamour-Parviz sandwich is our premiere track, "Alerte à Babylone". More info on : @forheavenuseonly-records @

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14. PREMIERE : Ron Bacardi - Let The Music Play

PREMIERE : Ron Bacardi - Let The Music Play

Read More: Watch on YouTube: Brooklyn-based label @razor-n-tape have maintained a certain prolificness over the last few years that has raised them to royalty status in the disco game. The imprint's formula is simple: straight-up, party-rocking edits for their RnT Edits line, and more house-leaning deep grooves for their Reserve sublabel. In the latest entry in the Edits series, we have a tasty little EP from Ron Bacardi, which is the disco and house alias of London-based techno hotshot @ben-sims. On the flip comes our premiere for today, "Let The Music Play". Again, Mr. Bacardi brings the uptempo disco feel. The edit focuses in on the more mesmerizing aspects of the original; with repeating funky riffs, a big time bassline, and a soaring synthesizer looping and layering to great effect.

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15. PREMIERE : Rabo & Snob - Yawumna ft. Soma (Art of Tones Remix)

PREMIERE : Rabo & Snob - Yawumna ft. Soma (Art of Tones Remix)

* Watch on YouTube : * Read more : The fourth EP in Whiskey Disco spinoff Lovedancing's catalogue comes courtesy of Israeli duo Rabo & Snob - @raboandsnob (themselves regular contributors to WD). R&S, which consists of DJ/Producers Obas Nenor and Eyal Rob, is best known for their sneaky re-edits of the global disco variety, often leaning heavily on Middle Eastern sample material. The Yawumna EP shifts the sonic focus to West Africa, building on a trip taken to Ghana and seamlessly integrating collaborations from local musicians. The title track, which sits on the first groove of the record (and was the target of many an ID request during Obas Nenor's Boiler Room set last year) is a haunting mid-tempo groover featuring Soma. "Yawumna" mixes together a pulsating dark bassline with exquisite string (kora, to be exact) and vocal work. For our premiere today, we have French producer Art of Tones remix (@llorca) of the track. An increase in tempo and added afrobeat flair repurpose the cut for slightly brighter and funkier moods. It's a slightly looser take, integrating an analog bassline, tasty rhythm guitar (wah-wah included) and playful, sustained organ riffs for added fun. On the B-side "Ifa" (featuring the vocalist Azizaa) is a slice of mean, afro-house badness, with Jacques Renault contributing a slicked out dub version. All of this makes for a nice package of two great originals and two purposeful flips from established vets in the house game. The Yawumna EP hits record stores on May 12th for those needing to scratch their afro house itch.

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16. Bolting Bits

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  • By 2las
Bolting Bits

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17. MIXED BY/ M.Ono & Luvless

MIXED BY/ M.Ono & Luvless

MIXED BY/ M.Ono & Luvless À eux deux, M.ono et Luvless ont certainement façonné une grande partie de notre House favorite ces dernières années. En tant que producteurs leur réputation n'est plus à faire après leurs excellents disques sur certains des meilleurs labels d'aujourd'hui dont Kolour LTD, Heist pour M.ono ou encore la série Sleazy Beats Black Ops pour Luvless. Leur propre Rose Records est un autre de ces labels emblématiques du renouveau de la House européenne (bien que comparativement peu actifs, la qualité est toujours au rendez-vous), servant de sortie créative à nos deux sujets du jour en plus d'une flopée d'excellentes productions de leur compatriote allemand et autre patron du label: Martin Hayes; ainsi que d'un très bon EP de Junktion, sorti au coeur de la chaleur estivale de 2015 et aussitôt adopté. Ci-dessous, un apercu de leur influences, de leur futur et de ce qui leur tient à coeur avec un mix aux petits oignons pour régaler les oreilles. INTERVIEW : Follow him : @m-ono , @luvless Follow us : - - - -

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18. PREMIERE : Martin Hayes - Turn You On

PREMIERE : Martin Hayes - Turn You On

* Read More: * Watch on YouTube: * Buy: Brooklyn’s Razor-N-Tape releases more music than humanly possible. How they continue to add quality releases to their ever expanding catalogue is an A&R feat for the ages. Credit must be given where it’s due, and the dream team of Aaron Dae and JKriv deserve applause for the efforts they make to bring quality dance music to our ears. For their thirty-third release, the boys have tapped Mating Ritual Recordings chief, Martin Hayes, for some disco house tasties. Leaning a bit more toward up-tempo material than his previous RNT EP, Martin delivers four cuts primed for the many seasons of a changing dancefloor. Kicking off the record’s flip side is “Turn You On,” a brass tinged heater with a walking bass line so infectious it’ll have you hands up, eyes closed in the middle of the dance-floor. This one burns hot, and the immediacy of the song’s progression makes it feel like it’s hit it’s peak before ever getting close to it. Lot’s of what we come to expect from peak hour disco house is included here. Funky bass, shimmering strings, and wait is that a giant Tuba hit? Seriously, I need to know because it’s awesome. And just like that, when you think you’ve heard it all, a sexy vocal brings your walls crashing down. You’re no longer human. You’re transcending. But don’t panic, “It’s gonna be love” so there’s no need to worry. Anyone listening to this track is having the same reaction. Release date planned for 02 february!

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