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1. Tupac- I get Around

Tupac- I get Around

Tupacs best hits with hail mary and Gansta Party

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2. Bombino - Mahegagh (What Shall I Do)

Bombino - Mahegagh (What Shall I Do)

Bombino - Agadez - 11 - Mahegagh (What Shall I Do) BONUS TRACK

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3. Bombino - Ténéré

Bombino - Ténéré

Bombino - Agamgam Get the album: Release date: April 19th, 2014 (Record Store Day) / Glitterbeat Records is proud to announce our first ever Record Store Day release. On April 19th we will drop a very special vinyl version of Agamgam 2004, the debut album from Niger’s Tuareg sensation Bombino. The album has previously only been available as a digital download. By any measurement the last couple of years have been an exhilarating ride for Bombino, culminating in 2013’s album Nomad, which was produced by Dan Auerbach of the arena filling Black Keys and was released to widespread acclaim. Agamgam 2004 is a beautiful contrast to the Nashville recorded Nomad. This is Tuareg music in its most pure and unadulterated form. In late 2004, Bombino recorded acoustic versions of nine songs in the Ténéré desert, which became this, his first real album. He sings and plays several of his own compositions and also pays tribute to other Tuareg artists (Abdallah Oumbadougou, Hasso, Kedou). Recorded mostly around the campfire, his assembled friends join in on handclaps and undulations. Bombino himself picks up the story: I worked as a guide or cook’s helper and once the season ended, I bought a guitar and strings. I did that for some years, working wherever I could. In 2004, a Spanish team came to make a documentary film and organized a gathering in the Ténéré desert to the north of Agadez (Niger). I was there as a cook’s assistant and in the evening would play guitar in the camp. They decided to record what we were playing in the desert, in the place that’s called Agamgam. Since that’s where the recording came from, I wanted it to have the name of the place where it was made. It was completed in two days. The rush of the desert wind, snippets of between song conversation and the sound of grazing animals in the distance are essential elements of the album’s deep atmosphere. Agamgam 2004 is not only an intimate, privileged view of Bombino's roots; it is also one of the most authentic documents of modern Tuareg music ever released. The Agamgam 2004 LP is beautifully re-mastered from the original recordings, housed in a gatefold sleeve and pressed on 180-gram vinyl. A download code is also included. The album is being released in conjunction with the French label Reaktion and has been directly licensed from Bombino. Tracklisting: Side one: 01 Tenere Tenere 02 Imuhar 03 Amidinin 04 Intidgagen 05 Azaman Side two: 01 Illilagh ténéré 02 Adounia adounia 03 Tazidert halal 04 Akh al zaman Glitterbeat Records: Homepage: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

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4. Bombino - Timtar (Memories)

Bombino - Timtar (Memories)

From 'Azel' out April 1, 2016. Pre-order LP, CD, & T-shirt bundles: Pre-order on iTunes: Upcoming tour dates: LYRICS: English: My girlfriend where are our memories, our intimate memories? What is the value of a relationship when it separates two connected hearts? My brother I want you to advise and console me because my lover has gone and left me alone From this day, I decided to avoid a physical love My friends, What, What do you advise me? My girlfriend where are our memories, our intimate memories? French: Mon amie, ou sont nos souvenirs, nos souvenirs intimes? Quelle est la valeur d'une relation quand elle sépare deux coeurs connectés Mon frère, je veux que tu me conseilles et me consoles parce que mon amie est partie et m'a laissé seul Depuis lors, j'ai décidé d'éviter l'amour physique Mes amis, Quoi? Que me conseillez­vous? Mon amie, ou sont nos souvenirs, nos souvenirs intimes? Tamasheq: Tamiditin Nikammani timtar Mani timtart Tchin GARENAGH Iyat Adounia Matinfa Zamayjaynin Zamajaynin Iwalan Ninmatafinin Ayitmanin Kouni Mahi Tin nam Mahi Tin nam; Tin nam Fel Tarhanin Nak Tarhanin Tigla Touyi Dassouf Toyi Dassouf Fel mederan Ijil wen dagh niskharam tarha N iblis * * * Official site: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

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6. Bombino-Intidgagen


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8. Bombino - Tar Hani

  • Published: 2011-03-29T20:41:12Z
  • By Cumbancha
Bombino - Tar Hani

This is a love song written by Bombino. He asks his girlfriend to keep their love in her heart even after she has died. He tells her that he will keep her heart with him everywhere he goes and never forget her. lyrics I am telling you, my love will not leave you Hold up my love – everywhere you go Put my heart and yours together – everywhere you go Do not listen to the words of enemies They can destroy a true love credits

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10. Bombino - Akhar Zaman (This Moment)

Bombino - Akhar Zaman (This Moment)

From 'Azel' out now! LP, CD, & T-shirt bundles at iTunes: LYRICS English: This Moment A new moment has arrived and it hurts my soul Our young people are following a new style of life instead of our own The morality, dignity, generosity of ours parents have been replaced by materialism Our ancestral language and alphabet are threatening to disappear and our dearest practices are losing their place My brothers! Far from your ancestral culture, your personality disappears, along with your spirit French: En cette période: Une nouvelle période est arrivée et cela blesse mon âme Nos jeunes embrassent un nouveau style de vie au lieux du notre La moralité, dignité, générosité de nos parents est remplacée par le matérialisme Notre langue ancestrale et alphabet sont menacés de disparaitre et nos coutumes les plus chères perdent leur place Mes frères! Loin de votre culture ancestrale, votre personnalité disparait, tout comme votre esprit Tamasheq: Akhr Zaman Akhar Zaman, Takhlik Taha Dagh Tisnant, Takhlik Taha Asssachil kam, Akhar Zaman Yiga Yagan, Ketnet Haram Yofa Nigas Khair wa Salam Assachil kam Akhar Zaman * * * Upcoming tour dates: Official site: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

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11. Bombino - Azamane Tiliade

Bombino - Azamane Tiliade

Nomad, Tuareg guitarist, singer, and songwriter Bombino's Nonesuch debut album, was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. NPR calls the pairing "inspired," noting that Bombino's "sound and style are alluring on a global scale." The album earns four stars in Mojo and the Financial Times, which calls it "a revelation." The BBC World Service calls it "utterly, utterly fantastic."

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13. Bombino - Ahoulaguine Akaline (Felipe Granda Edit)

Bombino - Ahoulaguine Akaline (Felipe Granda Edit)

Written by the great Nigerian guitar player ‘Bombino’. "The unity of musicians around the world playing on this song is a statement that music is part of the foundation from which we rebuild our humanity and our world together". English translated lyrics: I greet my country where I left my parents I greet my country I greet my country where I left my love I greet my country I greet my country where I left my community I greet my country You know that I am suffering from it I greet my country video: Download for free on The Artist Union

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15. Tamikrest - Tisnant an Chatma

Tamikrest - Tisnant an Chatma

Buy: 'Chatma' is the new album by Tuareg rockers Tamikrest. The album is a fully persuasive sonic document and is filled with sober reflection, moral indignation, musical experimentation, cultural celebration - and the kick of rock and roll. 'Chatma' translates as "Sisters" and the band have dedicated the album, in their own words, to "the courage of the Tuareg women, who have ensured both their children's survival and the morals of their fathers and brothers."

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16. bombino tuareg

bombino tuareg

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18. Timtar (Memories)

  • Published: 2016-03-23T15:35:31Z
  • By Bombino
Timtar (Memories)

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