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1. Boundless Torpor Lyrics

Boundless Torpor Lyrics

one mind so exponentially limited that even nothingness holds more substance mortal logic implodes on itself a seething mass of baseless claims impossible to verify impossible how can I explain oh I

2. Your Stare Lyrics

Your Stare Lyrics

Verse 1 Your stare I can see Is as beautiful as the trees That bloom in the spring And blossom from the rain Your eyes are like the sea They fill the life in me I can lose myself When I see y

3. Real Time Lyrics

Real Time Lyrics

Verse 1 I have new way of thinking My understanding is expanding over time Inside a new light is shining The old frustration is escaping from my mind All of my dark side is leaving Procrastinat

15. Another You Lyrics

Another You Lyrics

(I know there'll never ever be another you) Just when I thought that you were mine alone You told me there was someone new Oh it's so hard to think of finding someone else I know there'll never ever

16. Curiosity Lyrics

Curiosity Lyrics

Christian Wunderlich Real Good Moments Curiosity There's a feeling deep within me I can't describe Like drifting carelessly It's a boundless kind of freedom That's in this world I step in every n

17. Dear Youth (Day 52) Lyrics

Dear Youth (Day 52) Lyrics

The sickening looks like a knife When it's counting down the rest of our lives So I'll have to slow up, no steps to follow Images so haunting survive Dear youth, what was your one big plan? You made

18. Address To The Democratic Convention (Jul 16, 1984) Lyrics

Address To The Democratic Convention (Jul 16, 1984) Lyrics

Thank you very much. Tonight we come together bound by our faith in a mighty God, with genuine respect and love for our country, and inheriting the legacy of a great Party, the Democratic Party, which

19. WALL Lyrics

WALL Lyrics

Sayonara kagirinaki sorayo hitomi tojiruyo Sayonara owaranai tokiyo tokei tomaruyo Koega imamo tsukisasaruyo nanimokamoga namidano kakeraga Shiroi tokini tsutsumarete anatasae ushinauyo Koroshiaisae j

20. Plastic Girl Lyrics

Plastic Girl Lyrics

Eloy Floating Plastic Girl She lives in a plastic, plastic world She talks in plastic, plastic words I must have been wrong, when I thought she was different 'cause her lips and her eyes seemed lik