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1. Where You At - Intl. Super Cypher 1 (prod. by KoreX)

Where You At - Intl. Super Cypher 1 (prod. by KoreX)

Another International Cypher, with some musical heavy weights form all over the globe ! Much respect to those who share the music and let the music be shared ! And thanks to Z Poorman for putting this cypher together and letting me on it ! All the emcees are in the same order here as they appear on the track, along with their lyrics. Beat produced by: @ 1st emcee: 2 Face- @ 2 Face Lyrics: "A sharp wit, wit sharper then the tip of a tack I’m ripping the track, attack, Jack the ripper is back I’m sicker then that, I’m sick of insignificant raps Sicker then Vick in that pickle with the pits in the packs Snap, who wants a cypher can’t decipher the code You cut the red or black cables I’m the type to explode Boom, the sickest bastard to ever walk on the surface Is making it rain locusts and bringing serpents to churches" 2nd emcee: M.I. Rage- @ M.I.Rage Lyrics: "I let it off for them boys that are raised to lose if ya aint from out there you aint gon be able to take the news rape murder murder murder murder rape masters with the beef and we ll show ya how to serve a steak any park drive by and they look the same J's white t's Phillies hats fam it never changed firsts to start shit before G crossed the stream drugs are prevelent and most of us lost the dream so ya dream and ya scheme for another scene it pulls ya back part of you to the seams P.A raised me made me so crazy now everywhere I go I miss her cant disown my baby where days are hazy realities in your face everyone knows casualities so its by the waste foods the best eagles teach ya how to let down been round the world still allegience to the best town" 3rd emcee: Didjelirium- @ Didjelirium Lyrics: "Welcome to Shanghai, Here's your gas mask and your baozi ( steamed bread with meat inside, real good stuff ^^) Forget what you heard and fuck off Lao-Ze ! Sin City with streets safer than Playskool Enjoy the ride in the Santana while we blaze, cool (VW Santana is like this car that doesn't exist outside of China, and all taxis are of that brand ^^) No worries, this ain't a crime if it hurts no one Put your head out if ya want but watch out for the wind The legend says it's expired opium in the air, But really, it's just the factories everywhere Get ready for the lights for the nights are never dark Nobody gives a shit if you're wasted in a park I remember some days hazier than the aurora With so many smells it feels like OD'ing at Sephora I hope you like not knowing Is it dog or chicken wing ? Was it the 69th floor where those bitches were heading ? I got spare RenMinBi's for a few beers and a ride back (RenMinBi, or RMB, chinese currency) And maybe even more if I grab the mic and kill that track" 4th emcee: Miz- @ Miz Lyrics: "im from new Zealand were theres warriors born my lyrics spray like quick fire see the battle lines drawn they tried to invade our armys try taking our place creating homage in the city see the soldiers disgrace our futures looking brighter now see us writing as a new path our style is wrath have it sink in like a news flash its just a given kiwis blowing up like cray FAME another line remember the name" 5th emcee: The Bandit- @ "I rep the depths of hip hop with the lack of exposure I react on attack with the act of a soldier raised in the slums of Gary but I'm packed wit composure Kept a knife in my pocket my gun packed in a holster My states never been united, we call it that despite it's... Divided into collided land masses that were decided Inspired by a bunch of emigrants never invited I like it, fuck it I love it, I'm standing beside it Regardless of the past I plant my flag in WISCO I'm the hardest of my class so when I blast just get low My city is the home of the Packers and alcoholism I would send you a shot but I doubt if yaw get em We throw punches and tantrums, pretty boys can't stand em Still handsome peeling pieces off ya head like dandruf We go thru plenty snow it really show many know it's the phantom It's cold 20 below will hold any Joe for ransom GB stand up!" 6th emcee: Tha Moose- @ "This is the country I live in, the bread and the budda that comes with the killin, my mic comes cordless, I'm kiddin, I cannot afford this, I'm not like thos idiots tryna flip bricks, I'm tryna flip my spit as foreign shit, but i cannot borrow it, or bore you with, Canada c a n a d a all day" 7th emcee: Dash The Baptist- @ Dash The Baptist Lyrics: "Red Gold Green black star in the middle (flag of my country, Ghana),so when my red goes green am right there in the middle, but the green leads to red now they asking the riddle, humanity baby girl oh where art thou, born in the civil war cant should loud, revolution fathers not round, bloody warfare daddy says not now,n no nursey rhymes bullets in the background!!" 8th emcee: Childish- @ Childish Lyrics: "I'm a part of rap, the heart of rap one beat away from a fucking heart attack do the art the math, let me paint you a problem I've been underground so long I've changed into a goblin I write bars with shards of petrified lava don't roll with crews, I flow with armadas if you stand for nothing, you fall for all so I say fuck the law, lets tear down the walls Childish, I'm more than an average MC a starving artist but I embrace the empty it's the cataclysm for my algorithm I'm at a war of words, verbal imperialism a fight that I conquered, stare in the eyes of a monster before bloodshed, make sure it's your life that you ponder the mic always wonders, but it's home is my stand we can break bread or I can break your bones with my hands" 9th emcee: Jason Matts- @ Jason Matts Lyrics: "Give me a time, give me a place, Give me a mic, give me a face, Drop me a beat on top of the place, See me shinin’ when I rhyme at a pace... I Whoop your fuckin’ ass before you even get time to ask Who spit the bars that split your fuckin’ career in half - like an I.E.D.! I’ve seen the past, I’m in the present, but the future’s where I’m from... I swear to god it won’t be long – before I stand on top... Of the game, know my name - Jason Matts, put to shame - Any mother fucker trynna’ come up prematurely mate. 2.1.0. – to the 3, Mona Vale – MC! Just North of the city named Sydney – you feeling me?! Spittin raps - killing cats, Aussie borne weaponry, Take over the globe? – like... Yes most definitely!" 10th emcee: Cevas- @ Cevas Lyrics: "Portuguese: Sou português da Beira Baixa zona centro à direita, respeita esta localidade porque foi na rua mais estreita, onde rimei na minha aldeia Alcaide a terra da cereja, inveja existe em algumas bocas noutras vinho e cerveja. Assim seja a tradição, rancho folclore e peão, culturas só crescem nos campos à volta do Fundão, orientação e educação à base da mão calejada, errada estrada de antepassados manuseadores da enchada. I´m a trail blazer in my city for hip hop movements, beatbox experiments for new comers and blends, sense of unity...(yeah), FND is my crew, too much vocabulary for a fresh new view. Buh... para todos é muito assustador, por verem criadores escondidos atrás de um computador, por raiva do bloqueio solto a alma Alcaidense, imenso extenso sentimento para quem pensar o que eu pense. Translation - Portuguese/English, English/Portuguese i m portuguese Low Border ("Beira Baixa" region) center zone at right (position of my area in Portugal), respects this location because the street was narrower where I rhymed in my village Alcaide the land of cherry, some have envy, some have wine and beer. So is the tradition, folklore ranch and pawn´s game, only crops growing in fields around my city Fundão, guidance and education with a calloused hand base, ancestors in a wrong road, hoe´s workers. Sou pioneiro na minha cidade com movimentos Hip Hop, experimentos de beatbox para recém-chegados e misturas, sentido de união...(yeah) FND a minha crew, demasiada aprendizagem de vocabulário para uma visão mais fresca. Buh... for all is very scary... when they see creators hidden behind a computer, this mind wash gives anger, i release my Alcaide´s soul, so big and extensive feeling for those who think what I m trying to think" 11th and 12th emcees Dialectactics(Bruce & Beau)- @ Dialectactics Lyrics: "Hearty breakfast then we, part the seas But none of the pardon me excuse me please, Its proper English that we speak. So dot the i's and cross the t's. There's no need for illiterate discourse. Honestly the hottest property, North of the ports South. From the pure shore appear raw, hear it straight from the horse mouth. Course there's more than you bargained for, Force is more from a lyrical lord. Live and kicking living and born, in the cities of the kingdom with united on his shirt. Thirst that's wizened over like the ancient oak, in a rain soaked reality makes hardy folk. With a brick top back drop artistic English blokes, create partly bespoke flows so dope This is England, where sinister mingles among the refined And sometimes on occasions, the sun comes to say hi. With more rhymes than you could shake a stick at. take a quick snap picture this, envision of two lyricists, dialect tactitionists" 13th emcee: Z Poorman- @ Z Poorman Lyrics: "Z Poorman (JYEA) Remember the name The generals mental be trained sending ten at ya frame The set is the same, I rep it and I never will change Its Bailey, Colorado getting high on medical strains Simple and plain..out to get whatevers hard to attain My army's rolling strong as armored tanks with arms like cranes Im reppin Broken Language..Weapon is spoken vocal over bangers Bring your best to beef or battle with us, we can make em famous Yellin HP!!!(Harris Park) It means something more to me Then just a territory, never second geuss my loyalty Bailey, CO, we're straffing the globe, straight to the pros Operating under pressure be specialty of Po's Lesson be told my rechid soul has yet to be sold Im holding down a mountain town and lettin everybody know That the state of CO is my home sweet home Where we at? Mile High...Steady rising here we go!!"

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2. Home All Day

Home All Day

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