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1. Brother Bear Sessions

  • Published: 2017-05-28T14:13:47Z
  • By Young Sol
Brother Bear Sessions

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2. BEARCAST #026 - Javi Frias

BEARCAST #026 - Javi Frias

Special episode from the Madrid-based DJ and Producer Javi Frias... The proud owner of Night Shift Records. Javi has vinyl releases on Street Edits, Disco Pocho, Giant Cuts, Wall Of Fame, Boogie Cafe and digital releases on Midnight Riot, Hotbox Boogie, Editorial, About Disco. I've been following his journey for the past year and always use his productions when mixing music myself. Javi has played some huge festivals in the scene like Baltic Soul Weekender, Contre-Temps Festival, Heineken Jazzaldia and Imagina Funk. He also regularly travels around Europe to cities like Barcelona, Paris, Hamburg, Leipzig, Strasbourg, Basel, Antwerp or Stuttgart to spin his fine collection of wax to the people! Javi runs a weekly disco, boogie and house party called Discotizer, every Friday at Marula Café Madrid with guest DJs like Rahaan, Red Greg, Marcel Vogel, Yam Who, Horse Meat Disco and Rayko. Next month on the 29th September marks the 1 year anniversary of the event and has got some special guests involved such as Crazy P & Ron Basejam. There's no doubt about it, music runs through Javi's veins! I love his passion for the soulful funky black music, old & new and all his sets and mixes are always full of exciting and fresh sounds all 100% vinyl. Like & Support;

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3. BEARCAST #032 - Bombyce

BEARCAST #032 - Bombyce

Bombyce is simply a music lover from France that likes to record mixes as a hobby in his spare time. His skills are on point and his selections are consistently good. Bruno is a respected selector in the scene and has gained 4000+ followers as payback. Well deserved! Features: Spa In Disco / Good Life Official / High Groovin Sessions / House Theory Radio Show / Sunset Grooves / Caffeine Supreme / 80HD Podcast / Ain't No Big Thing / Good2Groove / Pacific Pearl Music and Funk Soul Brothers - a collab with Dave Hudson. I have been tuning in to his sessions for years now and couldn't think of a better dj to have on board. Check out his page for previous features and his own monthly selections! Follow & Support: **THE ARTWORK IS NOT MINE, WILL REMOVE IF ASKED**

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4. BEARCAST #011 - Goz

BEARCAST #011 - Goz

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Brother Bear Podcast series brought to you by Young Sol. Goz, formerly known as Mark Christopher has been mixing music out of West Lothian in Scotland since the golden days back in the early 90's. He took a shining to the decks watching his friends spinning tracks before and after all their nights out and at house parties and as the decks were left in his pad he would spend endless hours raising the roof in his apartment. After a break.. in 2014, he rekindled his relationship with music and began buying new beats to jam on the 1s & 2s. I have been following Goz and his constant releases for months now and he never fails to impress me with his selections and transitions. All of his sessions can be found on his soundcloud. Soundcloud: Facebook: Goz has become a recognised selector of all good House, Disco, Funk & Soul, Hip Hop and any nice reworks or re-edits. Recording sets for some great music collectives and podcast series across the map. Featuring on Sunset Grooves, Bad Barbie Beats on Kane FM, Pacific Pearlcast & The Boogie Sessions and now he even hosts a radio show with a couple of pals Chris Tibs and Alex McCue. Catch him on The House Theory Radio Show every Saturday night between 8 and 10 pm. The show is part of and you can tune in via or TuneIn app. House Theory Radio Show - @user-935532953 Facebook: Tracklist: Everybody's Singing Love Songs (Imfromull Edit) - Sweet Thunder Truckin' (V's Keeping The Engine Running Edit) - Matt Coving Tone The Brass Band - George Kelly Do You Like It Like That - Alien Disco Sugar Hustler - Don Dayglow We All Need Love - SMQ Who Is He - Love Dance Love Gives You The Power - DJ Reverend P Backstrokin' (Loshmi Edit) - Fatback The Flow - Dr Packer There's Never Been Noone Like You - Deelicious Last Train To The Disco - DJ "S" Perfect soundtrack for the long Easter weekend...

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5. BEARCAST #022 - DJ Caspa

BEARCAST #022 - DJ Caspa

Huge episode before a short break as i'm heading to Tisno, Croatia for a boogie at SuncéBeat Festival. This time from DJ Caspa, one of the biggest names in the UK underground house scene! This guy is one of the masters in the game in my eyes and ears... Whilst a lot of acts nowadays get famous for producing their own music, it's a rare occurrence that they get famous for their DJ abilities and track selection. DJ Caspa is one of the latter. Joining the likes on @benufo and @jackmaster, Caspa has broken the mould on skill alone. His Sunday Rinse FM sessions was renowned for showcasing the best new House, Garage, UK Funky and Bass music about whilst sharing the airwaves with the likes of @twilliamsmusic, @loefah, @xxxy and @krystalklear. He has also featured on other shows in the past like Weekend Rush, Pressure Fm, De-javu, Unknown Fm, Magic Fm and he still enjoys the buzz of spinning music for an audience of listeners. He uploads monthly mixes with promos & releases from some respected names in the scene or other lesser known producers in his network. He is always keen and eager to show support to the producers, Dj's and anyone creating movements around him. Regularly recording guestmixes for major labels and podcasts like House Salad Music, Closer To Truth, Soul Room Sessions and The Underground Sessions. He has been tearing up the UK since the 90's but has recently played in the Netherlands, Iceland, Glastonbury @ Block9 and is set to play London's Notting Hill Carnival in August. In his own time, Caspa likes to help underrated artists to find success with their music and has always shown me support with the series since we connected. Big BIG love for him and everything he does. **THE ARTWORK IS NOT MINE, WILL REMOVE IF ASKED**

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6. BEARCAST #069 - Chuggin Edits

BEARCAST #069 - Chuggin Edits

Chuggin Edits is Producer, DJ & Co-Partner of Sightly Transformed Records from Essex, UK. You can purchase his full digital discography on bandcamp which includes releases on some major labels such as; Masterworks Records - Think Twice EP Alpaca Records - Maskerade EP Hot Digits - Danke Schoen EP, Bandolier Records- Boogie Bigness EP Love Harder Records - Mess Around Town Alpaca Records - Get A Room EP Midnight Riot - Things Are Changin EP Hot Digits Year Four Masterworks - Vol 3 Ash Reynolds - Down To The Strip FKR -Records - Yes Miss Jones EP Samosa Records - Soul Tempo Vinyl Only EP Noc Boots Album Sat Feev - Re Loved Records Twisted Soul Collective Remix I Know I Know EP - Slightly Transformed Records His next EP release is on Spa In Disco coming soon! Chuggin has received some great support some huge names in the scene and is really moving up in the world of disco! Craig Charles played one of his productions on BBC Radio 6 and recently Chuggin has supported Craig at his Funk & Soul Club. 2019 brings big things for Chuggin Edits, as he concentrates on all the upcoming and established artists involved in the Slightly Transformed project with Co-Partner Ash Reynolds. Follow & Support:

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7. BEARCAST #020 - Disco Funk Spinner - D.F.S

BEARCAST #020 - Disco Funk Spinner - D.F.S

We have now reached our 20th episode of the Brother Bearcast brought to you by Young Sol... Back with a bang after the holiday to Italy. This is lovely stuff from Yaniv Levy, aka Disco Funk Spinner (D.F.S) a highly respected artist in the Nu Funk & Disco scene. Disco Funk Spinner is an Israeli based Dj, Producer and remixer with over 20 digital releases all over the various music platforms, aswell as numerous remixes of many other well known producers. He is a regular Dj in his home of Tel Aviv but regularly travels to perform in Europe and other parts of the world. He has recently been to Manchester and Hamburg, Germany to share his music with the people. When it comes to Yaniv's own productions, he specialises in diggin old samples from the 50’s , 60’s, 70’s and 80's and giving them a new breath of life, sampled properly and remixed. He often uses his own tracks in his mixes or tracks that have been released on his label. has been up and running for 2 very successful years with over 40 releases under its belt and many more to come! Disco Funk Spinner has a great network of Nu Disco & Funk artists and producers and is always keen and eager to show support to everyone around him.

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8. BEARCAST #056 - The Poet

BEARCAST #056 - The Poet

Tharuis Guadalupe also known as “The Poet” hails out of Bronx, New York is a Soulful & Deep House music DJ, inspiring producer, and a house music enthusiast. What started his electronic dance music journey was spending weekends at his brothers house simply recording dance tracks and making mix tapes on cassette tapes from local radio shows for his own personal enjoyment. Later this would ignite his spirit far beyond understanding. What started off as a hobby became a bigger part of his life as he got older, but nothing worth sharing. Later he soon started falling deeper in love with the music and wanted others to feel that same connection. Soon after The Poet ventured off into self teaching the craft of mixing through various music genre under the house music umbrella; from Classic house all the way down to deep, soulful, Nu Disco house, and disco, he knew that the relationship with body, mind, and soul were of one. Constantly connecting with like minded individuals who share this unique love for house music, The Poet understands that House music isn’t just a genre of music, but a spiritual feeling we all share differently and strive to generate through every musical element shared. Check out his "Soulful Vibrations" mix series! Jam packed with the freshest soulful house sounds, old & new. Lupe has also featured on some of my favourite podcasts & radio shows such as Soul Room Sessions, House Salad, Spiritualized, House Theory, Heavy Tuning and Traiectum. Podcast, Radio Guest Request & Booking Email: [email protected] Follow & Support:

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9. BEARCAST #038 - Disco B

BEARCAST #038 - Disco B

Kosta B otherwise known as Disco B is the daytime orthodontist from Serres, Greece. Scaling through Disco, Boogie, Funk & Soul, Hip Hop and House! He has been collecting and mixing since he was 15 back in the mid 90's. Disco B used to play at house parties and such when he was studying in Germany and London and later on in 2010 he gained a slot on Rodon FM, based in his home time, which was voted in the top 5 alternative radio stations in Greece at the time until it stopped airing in 2015. Disco B also used to produce his own sounds and between 2013-2014 was co-releasing as Nicko & Disco B on labels like Los Grandes, Spincat Records, FKR Records and more! You can find all the links to his releases on his page. The guys also supported Vinyladdicted on many occasions and even warmed up for Sleazy McQueen when he visited Greece! Disco B has featured on radio shows and podcasts such as Caffeine Supreme and Nitro Radio Athens and hosts Late Night Sessions every saturday night who has also had some respected guests on such as DJ ShmeeJay and DJ Osmose. Check out the episodes below: 1 Fatnotronic - Me Diga 2 Beat Broker - Satin Kimono 3 Closed Paradise - Bad girl 4 Fatnotronic - Botoque 5 COEO - Nigerian Affair 6 THE LAST WELFARE RECORD - Come On Lets Dance 8 Fatnotronic - Margarida 7 Na Real Sekele 9 Ziggy Phunk - One Way Street 10 Ari Bald - Enchantress 11 Seamus Haji - Confess 12 DJ STEEF - New player 13 Silver Rider - Wave My Wand 14 Doc Daneeka - Pls u 15 Reverend P Way You Get Me 16 Alien Disco Sugar - Super Jock 17 Reverend P - Strong Enough Follow & Support: **THE ARTWORK IS NOT MINE, WILL REMOVE IF ASKED**

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10. BEARCAST #047 - Dave Hudson

BEARCAST #047 - Dave Hudson

Dave has been hooked on music since the early 80's listening to Electro, soul, Chicago house and other influential genres from that era. Discovered Disco & Funk in the early 90's whilst studying at Uni and has spent the past 20+ years buying back into this timeless music. Over the years Dave has played at Funkademia in Manchester a few times. "The older I get the more I seem to appreciate not only the music I have collected, but all of the hidden gems I am discovering through edits posted on either Soundcloud or new releases from one of the many talented producers/ editors currently in the Disco Scene." Dave is a top selector, spinnin' the top tracks coming out of labels such as Disco Deviance, Editorial, Midnight Riot, Editors Kutz, Razor N Tape, Whiskey Disco, Chopshop and Hot Digits. He has also featured on great radio shows and podcasts like House Theory, Spa In Disco, Sunset Grooves, Slice Of Life and OBM Rec. Dave records collab mixes with man himself, Bombyce! They call themselves the Funk Soul Brothers and their most recent mix has had an impressive 25k+ plays in just 2 weeks! Listen here: In his mixes Dave blends the records as subtly as possible to be respectful to what has already been created. Respect! Follow & Support:

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11. BEARCAST #043 - Starfunkel

BEARCAST #043 - Starfunkel

Starfunkel is an alter ego alias, the character is described as a middle aged mixtape enthusiast who digs and spreads music from all corners of the world from his parents basement. He is said to be a big fan of labels that reissue stuff from all over the world, people like Mr Bongo and old radio shows like Frankie Crocker and Electrifying Mojo and using clips from films and games. The Mixtape Series started off with Brazil, then Japan and it didn't stop there. You can listen to mixtapes with sounds from Italy, Ghana, Nigeria, Caribbean and even Taiwan! Over the past couple of years he has earned himself thousands of followers on his social media and over 19K on YouTube! Starfunkel has set up a website that has 20 different albums from around the world each month - Tracklist: Eolika - Zvezdopad Alwin Reingoud - Sweet Dream O Povo - Canta O Telefone Tocou Novamente Orquesta Cuba de Música Moderna - Vehicle Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc - Baila Chibiquiban Edition Special - Mr Business Cortex - Sabbat 3 Theodora Ifudu - Hello There Hamid El Shaeri - Ayonha Hakkı Yücel - Belki Güzeldir Güller Dizzy K - Saturday Night Raps JM Black - Lipstick Steve Watson - Born To Boogie Hitomi Tohyama - Love Is The Competition Jazzy Dee - Get On Up Will Powers - Smile Follow & Support for more great music:

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12. BEARCAST #033 - Hawwis

BEARCAST #033 - Hawwis

First episode since i arrived in the Seychelles, delivered by Harris Lovatt AKA Hawwis, the Dj/Producer from Matlock in the countryside of Derbyshire. Growing up in a musical household, Hawwis was introduced to Disco, Funk & Soul from an early age by his mother listening to Stevie Wonder, The Fatback Band and other influential artists from that era. He was then dragged further into the scene by regularly attending Dj Greg Wilson's shows and being blown away by his disco deviance. Hawwis spins a wide variety of records, with sounds and styles from all around the world. He takes influence from artists like Antal for his African beats in abundance and Detroit Swindle for their ability to cross genres effortlessly. Also Gilles Peterson as everyone knows he's the king of world music. One of his recent edits reached no.7 in Magnetic Mags Top 15 Disco & Funk Tracks of October 2017. He reworked 7th Wonder - Do It With Your Body Check out the edit here: Hawwis is currently residing in Manchester and actively looking for gigs so he can share his music with the people. Check out his page for previous mixes and all his track releases which are mostly free download! Like & Support: **THE ARTWORK IS NOT MINE, WILL REMOVE IF ASKED**

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13. BEARCAST #049 - Gledd

BEARCAST #049 - Gledd

Gledd developed an appreciation for the black music at an early age when his Grandpa taught him to play guitar and piano. His early influences have sculptured sound and his mixes are a complex tangle of disco, house and afro beats. Gledd is constantly experimenting and emerging himself in the forever changing scenes of the electronic spectrum. And over the years has shared the stage with some diverse artists such as Benji B, SHMLSS, Luca Cazal, Yam Who? and Javi Frias. Production releases on labels like Midnight Riot, About Disco and FKR and got forthcoming EPs for Rose Records, Whiskey Disco and Nomada Records. Watch this space! Follow & Support:

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14. BEARCAST #053 - Big Pack

BEARCAST #053 - Big Pack

Enrique aka Big Pack, the DJ/Producer spinning out of Mexico City. He is the founder of House Salad Music, a series of guestmixes that features top artists from all over the globe on Soundcloud. The series has 10k followers and deserves each and every one! Big Pack was fascinated by house music in the mid 90's when he started to listen music from labels like Cajual Records, Relief Records, Prescription, Henry Street Records etc. Always diggin to find more and more fresh music and spent most of his days going to underground events and buying CDs and records. In the early days Big Pack was most attracted to Chicago and French House but over the years has broadened his style of all types of house. Once he had gathered a nice records collection he decided to start dijing in 2005 and has got 13 years experience under his belt... Playing in some of the finest clubs in Mexico City alongside artists like Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Larkin, Derrick Carter, Phil Weeks, Wally Callerio, Andrew Emil, JT Donaldson, Oliver Dollar, 1200 Warriors to name a few. With releases on Dustpan Recordings & Doin Work Records... Huge fan of Big Pack and all the constant support he shows for everyone in his network and the music community! One love

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15. BEARCAST #063 - Esteban

BEARCAST #063 - Esteban

Esteban otherwise known as Ste Hendry, hails from Liverpool in the UK and has been DJ’ing for almost 30 years. A regular visitor to one of Liverpool’s most iconic music venues, ‘The State’ in 1989 at the time of the emerging acid house scene and frequent visits to Manchester’s legendary Hacienda that same year, he was heavily influenced by the likes of Mike Pickering and Graeme Park in mixing acid house and disco. In 1990 he started playing warm up sets at parties and nights in Liverpool, gaining regular spots at venues across the north west during the 1990s and early ‘noughties’ until hanging up his headphones in 2008 after starting a family. Over these last two years Esteban has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance as a DJ (or mid-life crisis as he puts it!) - after being asked to join a vinyl night at a local bar in 2016 he was soon offered his own monthly spot at the same venue. Today ‘Esteban’ is all about the nu-disco and edits vibe and has recently provided exclusive guest mixes for the likes of La Vida Liverpool, Spin City, House Theory Radio Show, Disco Daze and Lamb-oh. His love of this genre of music has led to newfound and solid friendships with like-minded disco heads from north of the border ‘Dirty Old Vinyl’ and Goz (Spin City), and he is delighted to share this exclusive mix for Brother Bear and showcase the sounds of some of his current favourite producers. Follow & Support:

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16. BEARCAST #040 - Natasha Kitty Katt

BEARCAST #040 - Natasha Kitty Katt

Christmas Edition: Natasha Kitty Katt Probert... Born and raised in Edinburgh into a soul music obsessed family, Natasha was introduced to rare Soul, Funk, Boogie and Rare Disco from a young age. Some of her earliest musical influences would probably be classed as Northern or Modern Soul. Natasha has been lighting up dancefloors across the globe with her energetic and eclectic brand of underground disco. With recent releases on Tribe, Ghetto Disco, Masterworks Music and a forthcoming release on Midnight Riot, Natasha has also solidly entrenched herself in the top tier of modern disco producers. Signed to Soul Heaven Agency, resident at: Southport Weekender / Festival, UK Suncebeat Festival, Croatia Liverpool Disco Festival, UK Ladies On Rotation, UK Since October 2012, Natasha has been busy spinning her eclectic blend of soul and disco centric music at clubs and festivals including: Southport Weekender 52, Southport Weekender Outdoor Festival, Suncebeat (6-8) / (Croatia), Liverpool Disco Festival (1-3), Sunstroke 360 (Dubai), Soul Heaven Ocean Beach (Ibiza), Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Do You Wanna Boogie? (Miami WMC/Philadelphia), Bolsoul (Croatia), Soulful House Collective and Winter Music Festival – (Germany), T in the Park and EH1 Festival (Scotland), South London Soul Train, Move, Oval Space and Ace Hotel (London), Boogie Café – Love Inn (Bristol), Louie Vega Flashback Party - Constellations - (Liverpool), Sub-Club, Fabric and La Cheetah (Glasgow), The Hoochie Coochie Club (Newcastle), Milk (Reading), Bla (Oslo, Norway), Sneaky Pete’s, Cabaret Voltaire, 99 Hanover Street, Sky Bar (Edinburgh) and has had the privilege of spinning alongside the likes of Louie Vega (Masters At Work), Joey Negro, Danny Krivit, Rahaan, Osunlade, Sadar Bahar, Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Rich Medina, Groove Assassin, Sean McCabe, Fingerman, Ronnie Herel, Mad Mats, Opolopo, DJ Spen, Victor Rosado, Paul Trouble Anderson, Victor Simonelli, Al Kent and Reverend P. I have had the pleasure of watching her strut her stuff and present her groovy, funky sounds on numerous occasions such as Liverpool Disco Festival and Suncebeat Festival in Tisno, Croatia. Natasha stole the show for me on the Fairwell Boat Party way out in the Adriatic Sea supporting some of the greats. Kerri Chandler & Rich Medina to name a couple. Natasha is also the co-host of the popular 'The Ghetto Disco Show' fortnightly radio show Starpoint Radio which has developed a reputation for high quality interviews with artists such as Linda Clifford, Margie Joseph, Leroy Burgess, James Mason, Lenny Williams and Melba Moore as well as showcasing rare disco, boogie and modern soul alongside the occasional classic and the higher quality end of the disco edit genre. Following on from the radio show's success, Natasha and her father, Dennis launched their own Ghetto Disco Records imprint in February 2017. You can purchase her releases below: Follow & Support:

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17. BEARCAST #015 - Dj "S"

BEARCAST #015 -  Dj

Welcome to the 15th episode of the Brother Bear Podcast series brought to you by Young Sol. Dj "S" is a true ambassador of Jazz and all things Soul. Rooting back to the early days when he was a keen vinyl collector in awe of the legendary artists like James Brown, Barry White, Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye... He would play their records on his part time radio show in his hometown of Larissa, Greece. His skills on the turntables progressed and matured until eventually earning the title of a professional dj-turntablist, achieving 3rd Prize in the Greek DMC Contest in the years of '92 & '93. In 1996 he joined forces with ‘’Goin’ Through’’ one of the most respected and long-living hip-hop groups in Greece, touring around the country as their official dj and in that time he won 2 Golden Plaque awards as their side music producer. Despite the fact he never saw the light of day as a full time hip-hop producer collaborating with many well-known Greek rap artists, he decided to lend his music passion & knowledge to an upcoming MC at that time, who went by the alias of ‘’Ominus’’ Together they created Ominus & Dj ‘’S’’ rap duet. Since 2002 they released 3 official albums and gathered the praise of critics & fans for their innovative boom-bap sound: Ominus Rissi Ominus Odyssey Almost Famous From '04 to '08 Stathis was one of the main hosts of the‘’Streetbeat’’ tv show, the most successful hip-hop music television programme in Greece on Mad TV. In the following years he perfected his craft as a multi-talented music producer, experimenting with vintage black music and reviving old-classics in the form of remixes which made a serious impact among the internet and on his YouTube channel which counts over 25,000 faithful followers! Dj "S" formed a production duet called ‘’Senior Citizens’’ with Dj Chairman who specialise in diggin’ old samples from the 50’s & 60’s and givin’ them a new breath of life. They call this style Adult Oriented Soul. His edits, remixes and reworks are all being played in heavy rotation daily around the world by some all star names. I always use them in my sets! Official: FB: YouTube: MixCloud: Support & Buy! Dj "S": Senior Citizens:

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18. BEARCAST #046 - Hober Mallow

BEARCAST #046 - Hober Mallow

Known about Sydney for his DJ and Radio appearances, Lachlan Holland aka Hober Mallow spends his mid-weeks digging through dusty crates where he works at Revolve Records. His own productions range from disco edits to house remixes to Korg-a-licious moody beats… and everything in between. Clocking up hundreds of thousands of plays on soundcloud! Check out this playlist with all his edits available for free download: Lac started his radio career presenting Excursions on Wollongong’s i98 FM where he held down the Saturday 1-5am slot for 10 years. These days you can catch him on Sydney’s 2SER FM on Fridays from 2-4pm, where he presents Mighty Reel, a weekly live mixshow full of forgotten gems and forward thinking productions. He also teams up with his mate JR Dynamite to curate the That’s Not And Edit compilations, showcasing the talents of some of Australia’s best DJs and Producers. In and around Sydney, Lac regularly DJs at local favourite The Hive Bar, Chingalings, Kings X Hotel, Erskineville Hotel, El Loco, Queen Victoria , Cafe Lounge, Mr Websters, The Bank Hotel, Home Nightclub and many more. Rollover Edit Service vol One - 12 inch out now : Phonica:…g-goes/149433 Follow & Support:

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