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3. B̶o̶y̶ Girl Meets Evil (BTS 'WINGS' Comeback Trailer Eng. remake cover)

  • Published: 2016-10-02T01:59:12Z
  • By 030397ma
B̶o̶y̶ Girl Meets Evil (BTS 'WINGS' Comeback Trailer Eng. remake cover)

방탄소년단 (BTS) 'WINGS' Comeback Trailer : Boy Meets Evil @bangtan -------------------- Eng. lyrics: It's dark and it's late I'm still wide awake It's that time of night again where all the boundaries break There's nobody here, but still I feel it all creeping up on me, slowly encasing me, chasing me, clawing it's way to my mind These shadows around me, they dance about, blurry and faded, dark and misshapen, and just can't seem to shut them out (closer and closer it's getting, clearer and steady- much worse than anything I can imagine) That's the problem, you see? 'cause what do you do when your mind's your worst enemy? "just breathe" sounds easy enough, right? but what if the darkness has trickled inside you so deep that you don't know what's wrong or right? Now- I'm scared, I'm scarred these demons have gone too far this time but still, what's stopping me from giving in and taking their advice? No, I won't No, I can't 'cause someone's still waiting for me out there But this nightmare's mine, my own design as much as it hurts, it's part of my lifeline This battle will never be won, one day we will all come undone You can't hide, no you can't run 'cause there's some evil in everyone Too bad, but it's too sweet Yeah, it's evil I am evil We're all evil Ain't that evil? ------------------------- I've been having insomnia and sleep problems lately so this is fittinglol/shot ahhh it's already 5am I spent too long on sampling and arranging this haha lyrics, instrumental and mix all done in one sitting, and my back hurts lolol/shot might re-record at some point, maybe. consider this a draft :)) btw can we please talk about the fact that mr. jung hoseok is a god?? yES?? recorded on 01.10.16

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