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1. C Powers - Phoenix Down

  • Published: 2014-10-09T18:47:16Z
  • By XLR8R
C Powers - Phoenix Down


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3. Premiere: C Powers – Breach of Sale [Sweat Equity]

  • Published: 2018-08-23T10:08:02Z
  • By If-Only
Premiere: C Powers – Breach of Sale [Sweat Equity]

Unapologetically acidic squelches meet vintage breaks in a fusion of kinetic dance styles from American underground legend C Powers. 'Love Austerity' is out August 24th on Sweat Equity. Pre-order: @cpowers @sweat-equity

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4. 18+ Drama (C Powers Remix) [Houndstooth]

18+ Drama (C Powers Remix) [Houndstooth]

Buy on Bandcamp: Exclusive announce via Tiny Mix Tapes: US producer C Powers, a close friend and colloborator with 18+ on both studio albums 'Trust' & 'Collect' reworks Drama. "I feel like this remix is a piece of gritty American club music that might actually be allowed entry to Berghain without flashy friends." ~ C Powers

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5. PREMIERE : C Powers - All Right (John Barera & Will Martin Remix)

PREMIERE : C Powers - All Right (John Barera & Will Martin Remix)

Informed by years spent building electronics and collecting records in Chicago and honing crowd control skills in the foggy clubs of London, "C Powers" output approaches multiple rhythmic configurations via the intent of generating human response expressed in dance. C Powers is currently residing back in his home state of Georgia and is holding resident DJ posts at Atlanta's "Hunger" club night and his own "Cape Fear" in Savannah, Georgia. C is also the resident DJ for Savannah's own "House Of Gunt" performance group who through cross sensory stimulation experiences involving gender blasting action and choreography. Chris's recent output includes 12"s on Proper Trax, CGI, Niche-N- Bump, as well as producing tracks for 18+ (Houndstooth/Fabric). All Right is a sample-based late night banger with remixes from house music heavyweights Parris Mitchell (Dance Mania), Kai Alce (NDATL), and John Barerra & Will Martin (Dolly, Argot). Two exclusive tracks are available only on the digital release, the Don Knotts (aka Dan Briggs, Stray Current/NYC) remix and stripped down “Percapella”. Get on up !

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6. Powers


heart if you heart Spotify - Free download - Produced by: @maromakesmusic, Brian Morrison & Jon Castelli Released by:

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7. PREMIERE: C Powers - All Right [Alliance Upholstery]

PREMIERE: C Powers - All Right [Alliance Upholstery]

The balance was shifting. Unease swept through the nation as they watched the president elect dictate a rulebook which would see their freedom shrink to an inhumane level. It was going to be alright they said, all would be good, well, fine, safe and right. Little did they know that by taking away the liberty of an individual that they would be unlocking the very gates of hell. A person could not exist illegally, a life should not exist whilst under guard. That was no way to get by. C Powers releases the next edition of music on the Alliance Upholstery record label and is joined by fine company. Parris Mitchell and Kai Alice both appear on remix duties. However, it is the original which struck a chord with us.

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8. C-Powers - Pass The Sound [Sweat Equity]

C-Powers - Pass The Sound [Sweat Equity]

READ > New York-based label @sweat-equity is prepping a summer storm in the form of a five-tracker from Savannah's very own C-Powers entitled Love Austerity, the EP from the Georgia-based producer is packed with nuance from the genres of breakbeat, electro and techno, but exemplified within a summery haze that's equal parts hedonistic and hypnotic.

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9. CGIMIX Vol 1.0 - C Powers - "Call Me Maybe"

CGIMIX Vol 1.0 - C Powers -

Because we love you..... ?i?? ?z??? - ?n????? ?o????? ?o ?h? ?n??? ?r??? Cc - Calvino Italo Cc - ??? ? ? ??? Will Azada - The Whip Jerome - 5 Broodlings - Champagne REKchampa - Blow Up Alex Falk - GF Jackson Lee - Lick the Knife Cc - Bad Version Grey People - 10.31.12 Candy - Mr. Kadhi-Pakora Grey People - Welcome to my Chevy Unlimited Touch - Searching To Find The One (TWINS's Gotta Be Strong Edit) C Powers - Mastro Cc - Athletic Outro ladies and gentlemen... PRICE

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10. PREMIERE: DJ Gear & C Powers - Stenk Break [Sorry Records]

  • Published: 2019-10-18T10:23:56Z
  • By Moskalus
PREMIERE: DJ Gear & C Powers - Stenk Break [Sorry Records]

Catalog: SR24 Written and recorded by @cpowers Bonus track edit by @mvaughanmusic Mastered by @mvaughanmusic Sorry Records Bandcamp: 1. C Powers - Golden Other 2. DJ Gear - You're Fired 3. C Powers - Return Burn (Ft. Professor Push) 4. DJ Gear - Refresh Session 5. C Powers - Tev 6. DJ Gear & C Powers - Stenk Break Bonus Track: C Powers - Tev (M. Vaughan Edit)

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11. C Powers Mix For The Astral Plane

C Powers Mix For The Astral Plane

Savannah's C Powers follows the standout 'Love Austerity' EP with a frenetic selection of rave trax for Astral Plane Mix 172 More info and track list: Download: Follow: @cpowers @sweat-equity

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13. MOM RADIO 001: CH ROM & C POWERS 2/9/15

  • Published: 2015-02-10T03:35:33Z
  • By momradio

MOM is proud to kick off the contemporary era's hottest and most daring radio show with the thick and dextrous button-and-platter work of C Powers and CH Rom, the boys behind the too-hot-for-net Pump Media Unlimited imprint. Our first guests on the underground radio series you soon won't be able to avoid hearing about, Powers and Rom will deliver you from the miasma of the so-so/watevs life-stream and reanimate your calcified glands that have been yearning for that one fresh jack to turn now into wow. Featuring steaming fresh trax and retrax from all your favs, including Leonce, DJ Class, Pitcheno and the PMU kids themselves. For club, bed, sauna and treadmill. Tell all your friends and be sure to stay tuned.

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It's been a minute since our last PROPER TRAX MIX, but that all changes now with Mr. C Powers (aka CC_ from our 2013 Definitive Findings digital compilation) as he brings the cool summer hot fun with the latest Proper Trax "podcast" installment. Slurping up his spectrum of influences from house and techno, there's no lack of energy coursing it's way to yer ears here. C Powers will be making his official vinyl debut with his Oysters EP via Proper Trax #8 later this year. Watch out. Hide yer shellfish. 1. OMAR S - FROGS 2. THE LOST KID - SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT 3. C POWERS - BODY MUSICAL 4. GREY PEOPLE - DCGWIO 5. JAY DANIEL - BRAINZ 6. ALEX FALK - BF 7. C POWERS - C.E.O. 8. ALEX FALK - BRBL 9. DJ VAGUE - PATTERN A 10. EVIL FRED - GET ON 11. WILL AZADA - CLICHE 12. INNERSHADES - THAT GIRL 13. TWINS - CREEPSICK 14. GREY PEOPLE - WELCOME TO MY CHEVY 15. C POWERS & CH-ROM - MR. KPA

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15. C POWERS - OYSTERS [proper-008] - 1Q 2015

C POWERS - OYSTERS [proper-008] - 1Q 2015

ARTIST: C Powers TITLE: Oysters EP LABEL: Proper Trax CAT#: PROPER-008 RELEASE DATE: 1Q 2015 TRACKLIST: A1 - Ben A2 - CEO B1 - Electric Slide B2 - WXD This is the story of C POWERS. To understand OYSTERS, you must understand the man behind it all... THE UNITED STATES TERRITORY OF GUAM, ca. 1989 Abandoned at the island nation's only beachfront techno club as an infant, young Christoph (C POWERS) was adopted by the club's owner, Geraldo Powers. During Geraldo's time as a naval officer, he traveled the world throughout rave's formative years, secretly going to the underground parties when arriving to European ports after having originally fallen in love with early house music as a teenager in his native Chicago via roller-rink parties and the legendary Music Box headed by Ron Hardy. Rear Admiral Geraldo, outed as a gay homosexual during the discriminatory days of Ronald Reagan's U.S. military, was forced to retire, but spared a dishonorable discharge thanks to his roster of medals earning during his exemplary leadership for the invasion of Grenada in 1983. Throughout his three year stay at the local naval base, the now 30-something Gerry Powers had been struck by the natural beauty and unsettling mysticism of Guam and its peoples and made the choice to permanently set up shop on the island after his unexpected retirement. Taking his partner and newly-crowned Supreme Butch Queen of the New York vogue circuit--Amadeus Lector--with him and financed with $6669.69 in prize money, the new era of DAS POUNDHAUS LTD. was to begin. In 1990, Gerry founded the notorious Guamanian club DAS POUNDHAUS (the name of which was strongly influenced by a two-week long ecstasy and Polish speed-fueled bender during 1989's inaugural Love Parade in West Berlin). Located inside a decrepit lighthouse originally built during Spain's reign over the island, the club played host to a steady stream of closeted, Pacific-touring U.S. military personnel and later, the party-craving barons of the dot com bubble. Outed in private usenet circles for its off-the-charts hedonism, the club's infamous parties would inevitably lead to its perilous demise, and the eventual deportation of Gerry Powers and his family to the mainland. But there was one thing that could never be taken away from them... ...synesthesia... You see, young Christoph was diagnosed with the "disorder" as a pre-teen after having been exposed to nearly a decade of DAS POUNDHAUS first-hand and at such a young age. The youngster was like a fish in water during his childhood in Guam, but when the family was deported in 1999, he began to show signs of anxiety and depression. His ability to hear colors and see sounds had simply turned into a stream of incomprehensible, uncontrolled static. He was now a pariah among his peers. Shunned and admonished. Assigned to sit by himself during school lunch. One of "those" kids. By this time, his two dads' relationship was on the rocks and would quickly unravel. Amadeus, frustrated with Gerry's incessant ramblings about bunkering in Montana because of the Clinton-Illuminati conspiracy to enslave the middle-class, decided to leave Gerry in an attempt to become a backup dancer for Madonna during her "Drowned World Tour" in 2001 (which would have provided a significant sum of financial security to the family, considering their life savings had been destroyed thanks to the toppling of the NASDAQ from its peak of 5048 in March of 2000--and thanks to those dot com baron stock tips, the Powers were all-in). However, Amadeus' unflinchingly "authentic" vogue style was considered obsolete, and he would go to die in a Reno Motel 6, a victim of drug abuse and that kind of thing apparently. >>>>Fast-forward to the year2012ish>>>> Young Christoph contacts PROPER TRAX via E-mail. he wonders what is going.? Will azader: "sure, stuff, cool stuff, i promise. what u into?"' chris says - mna, that's pretty fucking rad bro. i live on the beach in savannah dude. it reminds me of my home in guam. anyway here, check this, tight, promise.!!" proper trax chimes in: "uh yeah, let;'s kick it for awhile, mb like 3 years or something? how bout it? cc_ retorts - "yeah, kool, im patient, let's smoke some of this, and then head 2 the beach and slurp" alex flk exclaims: SLURP1?! Will Z: "OYSTERS IN THE HALF SHELL SON!!!!!!!!!!!!" *will n chris bump fists* /////guamlife///// (c)COPYRIGHT PROPERTRAX 2015

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16. CGI007 - C Powers - A2 - Smash

CGI007 - C Powers - A2 - Smash

A2 from the "Up Neck" EP by C Powers CGI007 buy direct from label -

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17. CH Rom - Bug It Out (C Powers Remix)

  • Published: 2017-06-16T15:13:20Z
  • By JASS
CH Rom - Bug It Out (C Powers Remix)

C Powers remixes CH Rom's "Bug It Out" from THE MONSTER PART ONE, available worldwide in digital & limited CD.

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