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1. #iRapBetterThanYou Contest Entry - Caust Draven (Prod. By Duzk Beats & CoastLoCastro)

#iRapBetterThanYou Contest Entry - Caust Draven (Prod. By Duzk Beats & CoastLoCastro)

Hands down I don't want your damn crown/ I'll take your soul tho in a random pow wow/ These kids need time outs & pow pows/ All I see is food, I'm ready to chow down/ My stomps leave you shell shocked duckin' from loud sounds/ Shit on earth from my Vimana wipe my ass with a cloud/ Draven's the reason your heart palpitates/ Sense the nectar speedin' thru veins it makes me salivate/ Too proud to beg so fuck ya pardon/ I don't trust ya bargain uppercut makes jaws shift/ Get a ladder this is the bar bitch/ Awesome jargon from a starvin' artist/ Dope beats keep me with an insatiable hunger/ Lyrics come easy, while you strain & you wonder/ + I'm really wit da shits you'll need a snake & two plungers/ Takin' you to a glacial pool & holdin you under/ From the booth to the stage to the office I got it all covered/ Same as face with cushion shut your dick sucker & get smothered/ What? Want me to tone it down buttercup?/ Not a chance, none ya'll I got my murder gloves on/ So my hands leave no evidence while I scribe this/ No prints on the neck of a prince as my fingers tighten/ I enter any contest like a war to instill fear/ I came to conquer so that's what you'll hear/ I'm here to bar you to death Givanildo/ To prove I rap better than you & the rest of the dildos/ Fake pricks, of course I can make a song/ But if you want that shit check through the rest of my catalog/ I'm a skilled writer, with many dimensions/ An ill rhymer who has his way with a sentence/ Commited crimes in real life also fought four(4) social injustice/ Call me clusterfuck or well rounded but research before judgin/ I get love & hate in equal amounts it's/ The only non medicinal cure for my chemical imbalance/ I'm a Dragon Spawn descendant from asian fables/ Who reps The Walkin' Dead, Twin Flame Records, & Blazin Angels

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