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1. When You Are Near Lyrics

When You Are Near Lyrics

Frame ghost, left perfume on pillow Room without a halo Losing my sleep Almost on and off in echoes Time is passing so slow Dragging me deep I can't make anything out of 'might've beens' Will tomorr

2. Last Night Lyrics

Last Night Lyrics

Did you come up to me so your night would be cheaper? Did you make up your mind about about me from the start? Did you come here tonight to find something deeper? Or did you just follow me home 'cause

3. California Bound Lyrics

California Bound Lyrics

You're miles away You just can't relate Are you what surrounds you? You feel alive At least you think that life Is something in you What do we know? There's a southern bound train tomorrow Takes us

4. Better Alone Lyrics

Better Alone Lyrics

Don't you hope, we can start again Endings are old, but they help you see Can't quite believe all of this and what it means You become so bitter You think you're better alone, for the sake of your sa

5. Simple Life Lyrics

Simple Life Lyrics

An everlasting cigarette, and that's all you want Waiting for a bus to take you back home 'Cause Tuesday came too soon, Wednesday left you feeling used Oh tomorrow, at least you hope it's warm Don't

6. Something To Die For Lyrics

Something To Die For Lyrics

Peel me off the hook, that's something to die for Heal me, help me see what the hell did I lie for? I'm fighting private wars again, just second thoughts of where and when So peel me off the hook, tha