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1. Cigarettes And Me

Cigarettes And Me

Simple power pop, crappy drums...

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4. Let the Dead Sleep

Let the Dead Sleep

Lyrics below. Art by Takato Yamamoto. This is a sad song. Please dont call me man I am not a man (she/her, xe/xyr pronouns.) The song was honestly better without ol boy anyway. You’re welcome. ❤️ (Inaudible) (Electra) Pen and paper was my best friend When I was just a little kid I added marijuana cigarettes and some house slippers with a nice fit I been stuck and can't write shit Told myself I had to practice Shooting out with my feelings cuz anxiety caught me lackin I been slapped across my face Treated like I'm in the way A burden only meant for expression of stress and feelings of repression of trauma and depression Healings and blessings, no they don't come my way I was in that cold townhouse Alcohol had him hellbound Not too long 'fore I found out In chorus, then I dropped out So many tears fell down And there's so many more to fall I feel them all (Electra) When I was just a little kid I was the one that y'all went against Used for entertainment But known as annoying You wonder why I don't say shit Cuz all y'all on some fake shit You done shapeshifted like a ghost hiding in your spaceship like an alien Remember DMT, *****? You and me? I didn't have no one to listen so that shit meant everything Even though I was selfish like PNB I earned a best friend who would just see me for me I was in that hot room wild Watching shows with ****** Back when I didn't know much and my singing was fucked up AshTre and Ronee Acid and sunsets N.E.R.D tracks, I was feeling glad I was filled with happiness

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5. Cigarettes


Guys I'm back to some classic hip hop production! :) Here is my new Hardcore Hip Hop beat, Cigarettes... Carnival Cartel, and me, Igor The Narrator, representin' #NOSWAG. just beats and freestylez...

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6. Trouble and Heartaches

Trouble and Heartaches

This is 50mins of missing, wishing, crying and moaning soul music. Carefully selected and orderd. Most of the stuff i found in Record Stores in San Francisco. Shout outs to Dick and Rooky Ricardo’s Record Store at this point, amazing place to look for Soul 45s. Tracklist: Gladys Knight And The Pips - The Way We Were (Intro Cut) The Mad Lads - I Forgot To Be Your Lover The Sweet Inspiration - All It Takes Is You And Me Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band - How Long (Instrumental) Eddie Simpson - Big Black Funky Slave Cresa Watson - Dead O.V. Wright - Motherless Child Ruth Brown - I Don’t Know Billy Larkin - Way Cross Town Wanda Robinson - My Father Is Dying The Webs - It’s So Hard To Break A Habit Michael Jackson - Ain’t No Sunshine (Cut) Rubba - Way Star Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together Douglas Wood - Moon Nightclub Wanda Robinson - The Final Hour Caution: You may get moody or cry while listening. I recommend to have cigarettes and booze prepared. Free Download. Cheers, Jascha

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7. deteriorating ft barren (prod. GREAF)

  • Published: 2017-01-06T01:27:31Z
  • By gizmo
deteriorating ft barren (prod. GREAF)


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8. Cigarettes SUCK [Got 2 Luv U]

  • Published: 2015-06-08T05:01:07Z
  • By Ezoterra
Cigarettes SUCK [Got 2 Luv U]

lyrics: Rat poison, tar, carbon monoxide, preserving dead bodies with formaldehyde/ DDT, insecticides, what happens when you pt this shit on your insides? / Sold by 9 year olds in 3rd world countries, add on the tax from vanilla flavored gum trees/ 4000 chemicals, why don't you decide if you wana stay inside the club or take it outside ~ So once upon a time in 2009 I was chillin in London lookin after felines / My girl and me were at the home of Dobrowolski sitting on the terrace like a Big Lebowski / She opened up a can of cat food and a beer, I was stirring in the sunshine until it appeared / A pack of cigarettes or stogies if you will, so we lit one up and decided to chill / The smoke I inhaled it was like something good like two homies relaxing on a Friday in the hood /But then I realized that I wanted another, I totally forgot what I told my little brother/ "I'll break your arm, Kier, if you smoke a cigarette" so go green, my friends, sand chew on a Nicorette / *Cuando fumes to boca parece pez de colores cuando se come su mierda. Ten quidado hijos, porque cigarillos no pagan la renta* /Stinkin up the sheets, your skin is like jelly when you roll over my way it's something so smelly / Thanks for calling me I don't need your number, please excuse your breath puts me in a slumber /I can't believe the shit that they put in a stick, I'd rather keep my left lung and hit on your ex chick/ Arsenic, butane, you reek of methane, insane in the rain let alone in your brain/ Chemical weapons, gas for your stove, how come I smell Enron all up in your clothes? / Paint like thinner, might make you slimmer, will get you the gold yellow teeth like a winner / Tell me, what did you just eat for dinner? Your tongue looks like poop with a little bit of shimmer / It's real rough on the surface, like you're a super taster, but the holes in your mouth don't come off with erasers / *Westerners smoke the leaves a Peruvian shaman gives to his dog...So before you make fun of certain republics, in some ways we are still stuck in the fifties* / Takes your face off, like Nicholas Cage, I don't want to see a jawless man get into a rage / Cooks your libido like a Peking duck; No me gusta cigarillos, cuz cigarettes SUCK / Sittin on the corner like they got somethin cool, Fifteen year olds stood up their after school / "I can quit any day" this girl said to me but still ten years later she was addicted, brain disease / Now I'm almost 29 and these dudes are lookin real fine but every cigarette takes ten minutes of their lifetime / Analyze the mind subconscious isn't satisfied, Feeding the dark side like it's got a big appetite / Hematite calcite apophyllite and stilbite; you can heal yourself with crystals but your teeth are still calcified / It's not right when you get the teeth bleached white cuz the self-cleaning mechanism's on the inside / [hook]

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9. Mellow Mood - She's So Nice

Mellow Mood - She's So Nice

SHE'S SO NICE è il primo singolo estratto da WELL WELL WELL, album dei MELLOW MOOD pubblicato dalla Tempesta International il 18 maggio del 2012. She's so nice and she a gwaan get me out of control / yeh she wanna know how long can me stand before me fall / she mek me mind get mad and me heart nah go badda / she's so nice, unno cyaan say no, / we spend a likkle time and I would never let her go / hey look inna her heart and she open all the doors / 'cause it a go so it a go so I'm not insecure / but she cry for a while caw she miss me so / and she nah waan nobody else but me a likkle more / me go pon top a di hills and she name me a go shout / 'cause "beautiful, beautiful" dat's my thought so / life with nobody is not life unno expect / some man de pon de street alone a smoke cigarettes / but first yuh affi give yourself a big respect / di one weh nah care about di first weh a go flat / uh she call me, uh she waan me, uh she waan me at all / I never tek her for granted 'cause one day she could head for the door / all di girls dem smell like a rose but she doesn't need no pose / she bloom as di flowers and tek me for hours deh into her world / she smell like a rose and she sing like the birds / me know how things a gwaan when she gonna say those words / every breath seh come out a her mouth a go mash me down / mek me jump and twist till me really touch the ground / she's the top / no contest, no race and no competition / all de woman try fi do like her but she style is so pure / when she walk de pon di street every man say "wow" / she swim like the fishes and she fly like a hawk / dis girl she drive me crazy like no woman before / well me think seh if a real love it a go long / ain't no distance ain't no jealousy seh we cyaan stand / dry girl me say dry those tears / if me deya by your side we mos affi dry those tears / inna no eyes, inna no room, inna no backyard those tears / laugh and dem a pass deh from your face deh to your feet / dem go throughout the rivers and galang deh to the sea / let me see yuh smiling yes indeed / inna no trend, inna no style, inna no standard, inna no file / inna no fashion weh di generation fallow lang time / not even a million sign can describe weh me find when she de pon me mind / she mek it harder, me know seh dis girl she mek it harder / 'cause she a murderer, yuh know seh dis girl well she's a murderer.

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10. - Cosmic Girl

  • Published: 2013-01-03T21:08:58Z
  • By - Cosmic Girl

Music Video: never what it was...never what it could have been...between me and you... casual as the rain...tender as the evening breeze a silent moment...chattering passerbys time is frozen with innocent melodies cigarettes with a kiss...what's your disguise as i gaze into your eyes? scent of your flowers up in heaven sentiment for you and me...short-lived in your heart as we caress though we are distant...we're in harmony [chorus] long for the love in your eyes draped by mystic lullabies visions of you fade to pieces lost within our suicide empty silence without you by my side cosmic distance with bittersweet memories cigarettes with a kiss...i wanna know all your deepest feelings girl, you and me...can never be... [repeat chorus x 2]

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11. Claw Marks

Claw Marks

Meet Gregory. Gregory is a Junior, on varsity, and is waving to his cutie who's running track. And this is his song, Claw Marks. LYRICS: Is this gonna happen yet? Can feel you like a hurricane that hits the shore And my heart was in somebody's hands But it has no home anymore I thought I'd fallen and wanted and moved on from you but here we are Your man isn't dancing, guess I should've brought my car But then we're walking and talking and asking if you still feel anything at all Oh my god I'm so torn up that you can see the claw marks Should've known we wouldn't last a year Should've known it'd be you and me dancing in the dark Is this gonna go somewhere The morning's coming, flooding through your window pane There's cigarettes and polaroids So i might as well be a cliche and a mistake Your secrets have secrets you haven't even heard about So i assumed you withdrew 'cause you kept hearing them shout But then you whisper i missed you and i feel the world cave in on itself Oh my god I'm so torn up that you can see the claw marks Should've known that I can't last a year Should've known it'd be you and me dancing in the dark Oh my god I didn't know that it would be this hard to stop you write magic in the atmosphere why'd we go and burn down seven years, put them in the sparks if you stay and i stay again if you say what i hope you're thinking if we don't wait 'cause i loved you then and i love you now and you're coming around then i break like i'm made of scars i should be thrilled to be okay but you know there's a living darkness in me you trace a couple stars along my wrists and arms like you're still who you are to me *dramatic buildup intensifies* Oh my god I'm so torn up that you can see the claw marks Should've known that I can't last a year Should've known it'd be you and me dancing in the dark Oh my god I didn't know that it would be this hard to stop you write magic in the atmosphere why'd we go and burn down seven years, put them in the sparks

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12. BONUS: Mac and Me (1988)

BONUS: Mac and Me (1988)

In a special bonus episode, Stephen and Ray break down Stewart Raffill's 'Mac and Me' (1988) and along with proposing a sequel called 'Mac and Me and You and Me and Dupree in 3D' discuss the egregious product placement in the film, get terrified over ladders outside, geek out over 'The Lord of the Rings' audiobooks, weird IMDb trivia, Jan Michael Vincent, 'Serial', Bill Murray, 'Love Actually', 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', how terrible Thanos is, 'Veep', Mulder and Scully, Michael Fassbender's accents, 'District 9' and talk about what exactly defines a Christmas film. Tune into our next episode where we review '200 Cigarettes' (1999). Be sure to subscribe and leave us a rating on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @RuddyGoodPaul for updates on the show. You can always email us at [email protected] for any questions or comments. Links: 'Mac and Me' trailer 'Ronald McDonald Approved Case File #151: Mac And Me' 'The Ballad of Tom Jones' - Space feat. Cery Matthews More from 'A Ruddy Good Paulcast':

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13. Bad Dream (Prod. ELI MICHAEL)

Bad Dream (Prod. ELI MICHAEL)

Produced By ELI MICHAEL ℗ Mary Lee and me might be the perfect match Newport cigarettes, hope my lungs don't turn black Traveled all this way with me, please don't turn back I need you to rescue me, I feel so trapped (Refrain) Trapped in my own thoughts I need you to save me You can save me (2x) I've been busy lurking on your instagram You use to be that pretty girl in high school Remember that one time you tried to talk to me I couldn't say a word, I was a shy dude You should leave a TBH in my DM Promise that I won't screenshot a thing you send Please do not compare me to my generation I won't lead you on for sex and I won't pretend (Refrain) Trapped in my own thoughts You can save me (2x) I've been numb so long, I've been numb so long Days away from home, days away from home

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14. Right

  • Published: 2016-10-21T13:30:10Z
  • By Conch

Download for free at Artwork by Andru Wetmore LYRICS: I got a knack for rapping better than you can groovy get em loopier better than tucan Sam nope the man I am Green eggs nope but going ham I am God damn Did that make sense I don't care long as it makes dollars to pay rent Buy booze and weed to stay bent My dudes and me don't need to place bets Cause life's already a gamble Most folks round here too steady to handle My off kilter not filtered pop killer attitude If yours girls hot I might stop drop smash her too To what Maybe to some frank ocean I been at the bank straight swollen cause I'm dank rolling Smoking cigarettes on the top floor top floor Look at this view dude this is what I talk for Right all the time If the shit ain't a hit ain't a song of mine Take a hit then I pass it along the line Right all the time Right all the time If the shit ain't a hit ain't a song of mine Take a hit then I pass it along the line Right all the time Seen your girl with the body all short Titties and a booty what a hottie on shore Toss her in the water got her soggy my shorts Coming off going nuts on the volleyball court Beach to be exact Wouldn't let me hit it said she need to be intact For the evening had a meeting with here dad and if he seen her out with me then he'd be screaming being mad I'm a bad dude This that hot tamale jalapeño chill spice saliva flow Popped a Molly glass of Pinot really like to find a smoke Much of a sativa breather but I like unwinding so I inhale exhale every single night like Right all the time If the shit ain't a hit ain't a song of mine Take a hit then I pass it along the line Right all the time Right all the time If the shit ain't a hit ain't a song of mine Take a hit then I pass it along the line Right all the time

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15. Devin Wild ft. David Spekter - Forever (Teaser)

  • Published: 2018-07-26T09:43:05Z
  • By Scantraxx
Devin Wild ft. David Spekter - Forever (Teaser)

► For more music, subscribe at: ► Follow our Hardstyle Playlist on Spotify: They say that true friendship lasts forever and is not just something you learn in school. Once you grasp the meaning of true friendship, you can live a life filled with happiness… A true friend will inspire you, stimulate your best qualities and bring utmost joy to your life. They say we all need a friend, to celebrate the good times with and to fight through the bad with. They say a true bond never fades, despite factors such as distance and 'adult lives' coming between the simplicity of it all… Sonic architect Devin Wild combines this deep and heart-warming storyline with the power of soul-shaking kicks in his latest release "Forever." Premiering the track at WiSH in Mexico, the tune's profound storyline instantly touched fans and has revived a refreshing and emotive edge to Hardstyle song writing. Lyrics: Do you remember smoking cigarettes, in the back of our dad's car. We were 17, had everything, now it all just seems so far We made a promise to each other, that we were never gonna change. It's been a couple years, and a couple tears, but we always stay the same. It doesn't matter where I'm gonna go, how far from home, I know I got you forever. You and me forever. Even when I'm feeling so alone, and no one knows I know I got you forever You and me forever. Even when I'm feeling so alone, and no one knows I know I got you forever You and me forever. Guess we haven't seen each other, since we moved away to school. Now I share my drinks,and all my things, with someone that isn't you. I can't remember the last time that you and I Spoke on the phone But I know when we do,It'll all be cool, like we never let it go. Even when I'm feeling so alone, And no one knows, I know I got you forever, You and me forever. Connect:

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16. V.S.Q ♫ Homecoming(greenday)

V.S.Q ♫ Homecoming(greenday)

Homecoming - Green Day (eve dönüş) The death of St. Jimmy Bölüm 1: Aziz Jimmynin Ölümü My heart is beating from me Kalbim delice atıyor I am standing all alone Tek başıma dikiliyorum Please call me only if you are coming home Sadece eve dönüyorsan beni ara lütfen Waste another year flies by Harcadım bir yılı daha öylesine Waste a night or two Harcadım bir ya da iki gece You taught me how to live Nasıl yaşanacağını öğrettin bana In the streets of shame Utanç caddelerinde Where youve lost your dreams in the rain Yağmurda rüyalarını kaybettiğin yerde Theres no signs of hope Hiç umut yok The stems and seeds of the last of the dope Uyuşturucunun son olarak sapları ve tohumları Theres a glow of light Bir ışık parıltısı var The St. Jimmy is the spark in the night Aziz Jimmy gecenin kıvılcımı Bearing gifts and trust Hediyeler taşır ve güven The fixture in the city of lust Arzu şehrindeki demirbaş What the hells your name? Senin lanet olası ismin ne? Whats your pleasure and whats your pain? Zevk aldığın şey ne, acı çektiğin şey ne Do you dream to much? Çok rüya görür müsün? Do you think what you need is a crutch? Sence ihtiyacın olan bir koltuk değneği mi In the crowd of pain. St. Jimmy comes without any shame Acılı kalabalıkta. Aziz Jimmy hiç utanmadan gelir He says were fucked up Mahvolduk, der But were not the same Ama aynı değiliz And mom and dad are the ones you can blame Ve tek suçlayabileceğin anne ve babandır Jimmy died today Jimmy bugün öldü He blew his brains out into the bay Körfeze doğru beynini patlattı In the state of mind its my own private suicide Aklın şehrinde bu benim kendi intiharım East 12th St. Bölüm 2: Doğu 12. Cadde Well nobody cares Pekala kimse umursamıyor Well nobody cares Kimsenin umrunda değil Does anyone care if nobody cares? Kimsenin umurunda değilse herhangi biri umursar mı? Jesus filling out paperwork now İsa formları dolduruyor şimdi At the facility on east 12th st. 12. caddedeki merkezde Hes not listening to a word now Bir kelime bile dinlemiyor şimdi Hes in his own world Kendi dünyasında And hes daydreaming Gündüz gözü düş kuruyor Hed rather be doing something else now, Başka bir şey yapmayı tercih ederdi şimdi Like cigarettes and coffee with the underbelly, Belden aşağı ve sigara ile kahve His lifes on the line with anxiety now, Yaşamı şimdi endişeyle dolu And she had enough, Ve kız yeter And he had plenty Onlarcasına sahipti Somebody get me out of here Biri beni buradan çıkarsın Anybody get me out of here Kim olursa beni buradan çıkarsın Somebody get me out of here Biri beni buradan çıkarsın Get me the fuck right out of here Beni hemen şimdi buradan çıkarın So far away Çok uzak I dont want to stay Kalmak istemiyorum Get me out of here right now Beni şimdi buradan çıkarın I just wanna be free Özgür olmak istiyorum Is there a possibility? Mümkünatı var mı? Get me out of here right now Beni hemen buradan çıkarın This life like dream aint for me Bu hayat benim olmayan bir hayal gibi Nobody likes you! Bölüm 3: Kimse Seni Sevmiyor I fell asleep while watching spike TV TV izlerken uyuyakaldım After 10 cups of coffee 10 fincan kahveden sonra And youre still not here Ve sen hala yoksun Dreaming of a song Bir şarkı hayal ediyordum But something went wrong Ama bir şey yanlış gitti But I cant tell anyone Fakat kimseye söyleyemem Cause no ones here Çünkü burada kimse yok Left me here alone Beni yalnız bıraktın And I should have stayed home Ve ben evde kalmalıydım After 10 cups of coffee Im thinking 10 fincan kahveden sonra düşünüyorum (whered you go?) (nereye gittin?) Nobody likes you, everyone left you Kimse seni sevmiyor, herkes terk etti seni (whered you go?) (nereye gittin?) Theyre all out without you havin fun Dışarıda sensiz eğleniyorlar onlar (whered you go?) (nereye gittin?) Everyone left you, nobody likes you Herkes seni terk etti, kimse sevmiyor seni (whered you go?) (nereye gittin?) Theyre all out without you havin fun Dışarıda sensiz eğleniyorlar onlar (whered you go?) (nereye gittin?) Geeze...Ha.. Rock and roll girlfriend Bölüm 4: Rock and roll kızı (Tre Cool tarafından yazılıp yorumlandı) I got a rock and roll band Bir rock and roll grubum var I got a rock and roll life Bir rock and roll yaşamım var I got a rock and roll girlfriend Bir rock and roll kız arkadaşım var And another ex-wife Ve diğer bir eski karım I got a rock and roll house Bir rock and roll evim var I got a rock and roll car Bir rock and roll arabam var I play the shit out the drums Lanet davullar çalıyorum And I can play the guitar Ve gitar da çalabiliyorum I got a kid in New York New Yorkta bir çocuğum var I got a kid in the bay Körfezde bir çocuğum var I havent drank or smoked nothinHiçbir şey içmedim ya da çekmedim In over 22 days 22 günden fazladır So get off my case O yüzden yakamdan düş Off of my case Düş yakamdan Were coming home again Bölüm 5: Yine eve dönüyoruz Here they come marching down the street İşte caddeden törenle geçiyorlar Like a desperation murmur of a heart beat Bir kalp atışının ümitsiz hırıltısı gibi Coming back from the edge of town Kasabanın kenarından geri dönüyorlar Underneath their feet Ayaklarının altında The time has come and it going nowhere Zaman geldi ve hiçbir yere gitmiyor Nobody ever said that life was fair now Kimse hayat adildir demedi Go-carts and guns are treasures they will bear Gokartlar ve tabancalar şimdi onların taşıyacakları hazineler In the summer heat Bu yaz sıcağında The world is spinning Dünya dönüyor Around and around Etrafında dönüp duruyor Out of control again Kontrol dışında yeniden From the 7-11 to the fear of breaking down 7-11den yıkılan korkuya kadar To send my love a letterbomb Aşkıma bir bombalı mektup gönderip And visit me in hell Cehennemde beni ziyaret ettirmek Were the ones going Oraya gidecek olan bizleriz Home Ev Were coming home again Yeniden eve dönüyoruz Home Ev Were coming home again Yeniden eve dönüyoruz I started fuckin running Kahrolası koşmaya başladım As soon as my feet touched the ground Ayaklarım yere değer değmez Were back in the Barrio Barrioya geri döndük But to you and me, thats jingle town Ama sen ve ben için o şiir gibi bir kasaba Home Ev Were coming home again Yeniden eve dönüyoruz Nobody likes you Kimse seni sevmiyor Everyone left you Herkes terk etti seni Theyre all out without you havin fun Dışarıda sensiz eğleniyorlar onlar

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17. 02 - EBENE 5569 - Städtereise

02 - EBENE 5569 - Städtereise

You and me - all for free! 26 Songs - 170 hours & 1500 cigarettes :-)

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18. 01 - EBENE 5569 - Blut

01 - EBENE 5569 - Blut

You and me - all for free! 26 Songs - 170 hours & 1500 cigarettes :-)

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19. 06 - EBENE 5569 - Himmelspforte

06 - EBENE 5569 - Himmelspforte

You and me - all for free! 26 Songs - 170 hours & 1500 cigarettes :-)

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