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1. Every Last One (cornerstone remix) Lyrics

Every Last One (cornerstone remix) Lyrics

I've been deceived by the likes of thieves who breathe bluffs, tell me: who can I trust? Every Last One of Us! Calumny surrounds me on all sides – who wanna see injustice crushed? Every Last One of

2. Every Last One Lyrics

Every Last One Lyrics

I've been deceived by the likes of thieves who breathe bluffs, tell me: who can I trust? Every Last One of Us! Calumny surrounds me on all sides – who wanna see injustice crushed? Every Last One of

3. Crossbow Lyrics

Crossbow Lyrics

It goes… (Hey) The interjection interrupts the status-quo Grab the staff – holdin' back the stratus off the plateau Cold settle in, elders talkin' “long winters evident” Seal it closed; deal a

4. G'Dang Diggy Lyrics

G'Dang Diggy Lyrics

Home is where the hatred is – break bread But never offer them a taste until they pay for this Somebody said this place was rid of hospitality – gotcha I aint hungry anyway – I had pasta A full

5. Keep Track Lyrics

Keep Track Lyrics

Aiyo – in Jet City, it's a whole lot happenin' River City it's a whole lot happenin' Tampa Bay, it's a whole lot happenin' Up in Atlanta it's a whole lot happenin' In Cincinnati it's a whole lot hap

6. Doors Lyrics

Doors Lyrics

Make ‘em clap to this Attempt to motivate the activists The buzz about town (will) produce volts to power your amp Reign it in – damp roots will blossom A few were talkin' ‘bout the sprout when

7. My Pathology Lyrics

My Pathology Lyrics

Aiyo – below the terra ferma's the murmur of many men Resonatin' the predication of RA's eponym It requires a higher degree of thought to transmit Elevate above the base and retrace the semantics In

8. Succor MC's Lyrics

Succor MC's Lyrics

…Yeah I see you got your “Game” face on But deep down I know you wish they wasn't playin' that Low-postin' – got you goin' through the motions Full of gall, fumblin' the ball to where the play

9. Love One Lyrics

Love One Lyrics

And if you got one, love one… You're lucky just to have just one… One mother, one sister, one daughter, one wife Once lost in the darkness; blessed by sunlight Once blind to the bounties of livin

10. Poison Lyrics

Poison Lyrics

…You don't wanna touch that drug Sista you don't wanna touch that drug… Check it out: Sista you out here raisin' our community's kids Impartin' a stronger sense of what “community” is Teachin

11. Trinity Lyrics

Trinity Lyrics

Chorus: From the start of my heartbeat when art was deep in the fold To the time of my first rhyme when I was 12 years old I heard the voice of reason speakin' from the beacon of hope – it said: “

12. Push Lyrics

Push Lyrics

Recognize your right to push back… Suffocated by the pressure to perform And the pressure to produce and the pressure to conform to the norms Animated by the pressure to succeed And the pressure to

13. Connect For Lyrics

Connect For Lyrics

Connect For: The sake of my beloved mentor Connect For: Those exposed to rain when it pours Connect For: The benefit of every last fan Who raised a hand on your command, let's Connect For: The chance

14. Re Fresh Lyrics

Re Fresh Lyrics

Deep breath, I request a requiem for apathy Momentarily lost hope, but now it's back in me Temporarily felt defeated by the game Then the light came just after the nightingale sang Thank whoever you w

15. Slow Cure Lyrics

Slow Cure Lyrics

Salute my company, the sum of these heads suggests Proof I can’t compete with he who judges me best Stumble in boots; steep and too many steps – plod and postulate With wonder – what these peopl

16. Black Patch War Lyrics

Black Patch War Lyrics

guys are gonna wanna, go out and play sometime - just take this advice i give ‘possum hunters posse up, now it’s in the name of the father we ride, right or wrong only god’ll decide

17. Red Leaves Lyrics

Red Leaves Lyrics

“They’re speakin’ through me when the channel is clear and we got so much to tell you that you cannot bear for security i word it in proverbial form when just a glimmer turned distur

18. Back Home (The Return) Lyrics

Back Home (The Return) Lyrics

I’m hollerin’ at your feminine side, is it or isn’t it genuine? Let women decide, for men will ever judge from within this Minute in time, and the standard I’m held to is From another planet,

19. Oldham Era Lyrics

Oldham Era Lyrics

“been left of center ever since, uh, i been left centerfield winter still remind me of my pop’s passin’ a mass of them pray and suddenly stop askin’ admin say ‘ma’a

20. Certitude Lyrics

Certitude Lyrics

CHEVAS: Differentiated the many ways to raise it ‘Cause losin’ the way in the makin’ only hurts where you wanna take it I’ve been given something I should hold sacred And if I