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1. Cranium - Crushers Of Christ Lyrics

Cranium - Crushers Of Christ Lyrics

Up from hell we ride tonight The Christians shall die! Demons forged in evil fire Nowhere you can hide! Evil satanic force Will permeate the night Metallic Satan hordes We will put out the ligh

2. Cranium Reef Suite Lyrics

Cranium Reef Suite Lyrics

[Part I. "Youthful Enthusiasm"] [Instrumental] [Part II. "Psych 101"] Well a bad day fishin' is better than a good day at work But a bad day in paradise is a bad deal Let's say goodbye before we've

3. Cranium Crusher Lyrics

Cranium Crusher Lyrics

Battered to the ground where you belong Twitching in pain amongst the filth on the floor Blunt objects, morbid procedures Agonizing screams as your bones get pulverized The pain that you feel will nev

4. Raped By Demons Lyrics

Raped By Demons Lyrics

Jesus Christ-son of a whore Nailed on the cross, but you'll suffer more Christianity-a false belief No heaven above just hell beneath Lucifer the glorious king Ruling forever in fire and blood Satan!-

5. Bestial Butcher Lyrics

Bestial Butcher Lyrics

A bestial butcher in the city tonight He's killing with chainsaw and axe Stalking the streets of this night without light The butcher's leaving no tracks Suddenly a scream cuts through the haze Flesh,

6. Riders Of Damnation Lyrics

Riders Of Damnation Lyrics

Ride! Emerging from the lower levels In fire, death and hate Demonlords on demon horses Headed for the gate Speeding through the star-lit sky Riders of damnation Tonight we kill all that must die Sat

7. Taxi Terror Lyrics

Taxi Terror Lyrics

Come on now, let's go for taxi terror! Come on! [Verse I:] Taxi terror, we are terror on your streets And all the others will taste defeat We operate under a nice facade But we are evil and so are ou

8. Satanic Sect Lyrics

Satanic Sect Lyrics

[Verse I:] Cult of the damned Outside of town The old abandoned house A place you all avoid [Bridge I:] Inside those bloodstained walls Inside these torture halls Demons here, Satan is here In dark s

9. Pestilential Penis Lyrics

Pestilential Penis Lyrics

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's get ready for some young girls tonight! A crazy rapist is loose on the town The virus is alive in his seed He's out for the young girls, he's taking them home He is ob

10. Samurai Satan Lyrics

Samurai Satan Lyrics

Come on Japan, scream for me out there now! Louder! Alright Tokyo, let's go for Samurai Satan! Alright, let me see you moshin out there! Oh! [Verse I:] Satanic samurais - we take the stage tonight Cr

11. Full Moon Fistbanger Lyrics

Full Moon Fistbanger Lyrics

Uh, this is Grave Raper! I'm back in the graveyard! Midnight has come again... Midnight strikes, I'm back again! Time to find another stiff Satan in my soul again In my head satanic riffs! That's ri

12. Speed Metal Sentence Lyrics

Speed Metal Sentence Lyrics

Necro-Nudist walks the floor Decapitating the last whore Through a sea of beer and gore We make our way towards the door But now we are surrounded The cops await with guns It seems that there is nowh

13. Storm of Steel and Hate Lyrics

Storm of Steel and Hate Lyrics

Like a ramrod made of steel Like a grinding metal wheel All the power that we feel Transformed to a storm of steel Messengers of war we are We fly across the sky With hammer like precision We let our

14. Sluts Of Satan Lyrics

Sluts Of Satan Lyrics

Backstage party, Germany Speed metal festival Drinking and fucking everywhere Bitches' legs, in the air You fuckin' sluts of Satan You like speed metal meat Rammed into your open mouth Or even better,

15. Graveyard Romance Lyrics

Graveyard Romance Lyrics

Oooh... I am Grave Raper I am a creepy guy I have a date at midnight A shovel in my hand... When others sleep I'm hard at work Horny like hell, digging earth Six feet down is where she lies Lady temp

16. Lawnmower Lover Lyrics

Lawnmower Lover Lyrics

Madman, killer, crazy man Moving into your nice town Into your nice neighborhood Young girls now will be his food He lures them to his home For nice games on the lawn The lawnmower is on! She scream

17. Dentist Of Death Lyrics

Dentist Of Death Lyrics

Welcome to my clinic Have a seat in the padded chair I'll fix your teeth alright And my price is always fair And now you wake up screaming The drill is bouncing in your oral cavity This is real, you a

18. S.R.T. Lyrics

S.R.T. Lyrics

Fire burns, in the town But don't you worry, we'll soon be around We're not an ordinary rescue team We don't care about your horrible screams (Oh, help us, help, oh!) Our tank is filled with fuckin' g

19. Slaughter On The Dance Floor Lyrics

Slaughter On The Dance Floor Lyrics

Grave Raper: "Ahah Chainsaw Demon, there's the disco!" Chainsaw Demon: "Yeah, let's give 'em hell!" Guard: "Sorry guys, we don't want any metal people in here." Grave Raper & Chainsaw Demon: "What? Wh

20. Cranium Delirium (main) Lyrics

Cranium Delirium (main) Lyrics

I've come here to save you And I can already taste the kill Like caressing an angel Burning in the atmosphere And with the blood of a dying star above My true aesthetic's unwinding And I'm about to co