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1. Vic Mensa - U Mad [ft. Kanye West] (CRaymak Remix)

Vic Mensa - U Mad [ft. Kanye West] (CRaymak Remix)

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2. Narcissistic Cannibal ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise (CRaymak Bootleg)

Narcissistic Cannibal ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise (CRaymak Bootleg)

Free Download: Can’t believe how fast this year has flown by… We have officially made it to the 12th and final month/remix of my First Of Month series! I thought that I would end it with a feature from the same artist that I started it with back in January (Skrillex) and another artist from my March remix (Kill The Noise). Both of them being the reason and biggest inspiration to when I ventured into Dubstep and Electronic music. Along with these two artists comes the nu metal band, “Korn”, which brings me back into my Metal roots as well. I’ll never forget when I was in my Metal phase and slowly venturing into electronic music. I found Skrillex, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites dubstep track, which I always compared to the heavy metal of electronic music. As I ventured further, I found Kill The Noise with his Kill Kill Kill Ep which really proved to sound more like metal electronic music. The day I heard that Skrillex was collaborating with Korn with their track “Get Up” was such a cool concept of really combining dubstep and metal, and once it was released it definitely lived up to its hype. The next thing I remember hearing is that Korn was releasing one more single, "Narcissistic Cannibal" with Skrillex and Kill the noise and also announced their dubstep and metal album release. My best friend and myself were in our firsts year of university, and absolutely lost it when this track came out, instantly loved it. We played it so many times in a row on blast in our university residence that someone actually commented in our Residence group, "who keeps listening to that new Korn on repeat, I LOVE IT". And I believe they were on the floor below us hahaha!! This album, The Path To Totality was actually released on my birthday, which was a real hype party in 2011 for our group of friends. (December 6th). And by the way I actually didn't mean to time it up with releasing this month, just happened to work out this way!!! Anyways, this concludes my First Of Month series, although I may still have a few treats left for you before the end of 2017 ;) Enjoy my remix of Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn, Skrillex and Kill The Noise! Thanks so much for listening to my series and reading my long story rants all year long. Much love

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3. New Americana (CRaymak Remix) **DL IN DESC.**

New Americana (CRaymak Remix) **DL IN DESC.**

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4. deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff feat. Rob Swire (CRaymak Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff feat. Rob Swire (CRaymak Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Free Download Month #7 on my First Of Month Series, this time with Deadmau5's big hit track "Ghosts N Stuff". I remember the first time that I ever heard this song was when I took a trip to hang out with my brother in the city back almost 6/7 years ago. He had a sports car with a nice and loud sub speaker in the back, and he BLASTED this on one of his CDs along with many other classic tunes, but this track stood out to me most. Later on in university, this song became an anthem between my close friends in first year. My friend also had a sub in his car at university and every time we went for a drive, we would put Ghosts N Stuff on and max the volume every time. Today (July 1st), Deadmau5 is playing probably the biggest electronic show to ever hit my hometown city and probably the biggest show to hit this side of Canada. So stoked for what this might bring to the future of my hometowns electronic music scene! Honestly, this song was probably one of my first intros to electronic music and i'm super blessed to have been given the Studio Acapella to have a go at remixing this track. Enjoy my take on Ghosts N Stuff by Deadmau5! Huge S/O to @Mau5trap. Mix/Master Updated July 3rd, 2017.

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5. Seven Lions - Lucy (CRaymak Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Seven Lions - Lucy (CRaymak Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

FREE DOWNLOAD In for the 5th edition of my First Of Month series is a bootleg I put together of Seven Lions most controversial track, ‘Lucy’. Seven Lions is one of my biggest inspirations, and when I found his EP on OWSLA about 5 years ago, as I was just getting into electronic music, his unique sound blew me away. I didn’t think music could sound anything like that. I still today listen to his Owsla Mix just about 2-3 times a week. Originally, when I chose a song from Seven Lions to remix, this wasn’t my first choice. I was thinking I was going to remix one of my more favourite of his melodic/vocal tracks. However, this one stuck with me because when I first heard it about 3 years ago, I didn’t understand it one bit, yet I never disliked it.. It just confused me at the time and kept me thinking for a while. The further I got into understanding other genres of Electronic music over the years, I started finding reasons I liked it so much, and recently by going through all of Seven Lions old tracks and trying to choose just one to remix, this one seemed to be the best candidate for which I could have a lot of fun with and be as creative as I wanted to be! Hope you enjoy my take on Lucy by Seven Lions :D

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6. Place For My Head [Plc.4 Mie Head] (CRaymak Remix)

Place For My Head [Plc.4 Mie Head] (CRaymak Remix)

Released this remix of Linkin Park's, A Place For My Head with my full First Of Month bootleg package back a few months ago but never ended up posting it. Thought I might as well fire this up on the cloud for streaming! Enjoy! Download Remix: Download Full Package: First Of Month Series on Soundcloud: Follow @craymakmusic: Facebook Twitter Instagram

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7. Paris (CRaymak Bootleg)

Paris (CRaymak Bootleg)

Free Download Here We've made it to the second last bootleg of my FOM series. Jay-Z and Kanye West went side by side with Eminem for inspiring me to find a love for hiphop/rap. I remember, way back in high school, being in Jazz band and my band director wanted us to play with more "BOUNCE", and lay behind the beat. He told us to listen to more Jay-Z to understand what he was talking about, then he put on Dirt Off Your Shoulders, if I recall correctly and the speakers were turned up so loud that the first line of the song "now turn it to the mo****f**kin greatest" blared through our room and the hallways haha. Ever since then, I immersed myself in Jay-Zs music, and Kanye as well. Then when the album Watch The Throne got released it quickly became a favourite of mine and my friends with Otis, Who Gon Stop Me, Paris and so many more great hits. Aside from all of this, this is actually the best time to explain how my Artist name "CRaymak" came to be. It wasn't always "cray-mak". I first started with a username on various accounts that were pronounced "C-Ray-Mak", based after my real name. (First initial C, second half "raymak" taken from my last name "Raymakers"). Ever since jay-z and kanyes "Paris" came out, people often got my name mis confused with "that sh** cray", thus evolving my name into CRAY-MAK. Which I ended up liking more in the long run, however that's why I still keep the C and R in CRaymak capitalized. Haha. Anyways, enough story time... Enjoy my newest addition of my First Of Month series with my remix of Jay-Z and Kanye Wests, "Paris"! 🙂

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8. Vicinity Of Obscenity (CRaymak & AWAL Bootleg)[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Vicinity Of Obscenity (CRaymak & AWAL Bootleg)[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Free Download: Entering the final 4 months of 2017, comes the 9th edition of my First Of Month series. Gearing back to my metal roots, System Of A Down has been one of my all time favourite bands. Their music is always so unique compared to other metal bands; weird time signatures, cool harmonies, voice textures ranging from screaming, to whining to opera singing, I thought it was so cool. I first heard of them early on in high school, one of my friends showed me a few tunes and I thought the tracks were so unique and full of energy. He lent me their albums, Hypnotize and Mesmerize. I fell in love with those and had to find more, learning the whole discography backwards. I got stuck on how amazing of a singer Serj Tankian (Lead singer of SOAD) is and I bought his album, Elect The Dead, which is still one of my favourite albums ever. He later released Elect The Dead Symphony, which mixed his metal songwriting with classical music, something I'm really into! I’m excited to hear that they’re back together touring again and possibly in the works of a new album. I hope that’s real and not just a rumour! Sharing this same love for SOAD is my buddy AWAL. Together we took on this challenge of a song and we're both super pleased with the result. Enjoy our take on Vicinity Of Obscenity! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow AWAL Soundcloud: Facebook:

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9. Eminem - 25 To Life (CRaymak Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] (Full version on ToneDen)

Eminem - 25 To Life (CRaymak Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] (Full version on ToneDen)

Download Link: ******Had to make a short "choppy" edit of this remix and remove all parts of the original song in order to upload. You can find the full version through the download link on Toneden.****** We’ve made it to October and that means there are only 2 more FOM bootlegs left after this one… I thought that since i’ve spent the first seven months remixing Electronic artists who’ve inspired me and the past two months remixing my top 2 favourite rock/metal bands, that I would try and fit in the Rappers who got me into liking Hip Hop/Rap, for the next two months. Next months rapper i’ll keep to myself for now ;) However, this month I present to you my bootleg of 25 To Life by Eminem off of his album Recovery. I didn’t always like rap/hip hop, and in fact i didn’t always like electronic or pop music either. As a kid, I was always into Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Classical and Jazz music. When I first heard of Eminem, I think I was in elementary school and I don’t think I was allowed to listen to his music at the time. Thanks mom and dad hahaha. However, I did know “The Real Slim Shady” at that age, but I never fully got into his music until “We Made You” came out. I heard that track on the radio constantly and saw the music video on TV every morning before school. Of course, this brought me to finding tracks like “Cleaning Out My Closet” and “Stan”, which I heavily enjoyed listening too. In High School, his album Recovery was released and all of my friends and I fell in love with it, learned just about every lyric and jammed to every single song on it. The track, 25 to Life was the one song off of the album that never got old to me, the chorus vocal is incredible and so are Eminem’s verses. Everything about that track is amazing! I remember listening to it on repeat at any time and still do today. Honestly, one memory i’ll always have is that every time I mowed the lawn for my parents I would have this song on repeat for about the full hour it took to mow it every second week for probably at least a year or so after the album was released… ANYWAYS, enough rambling. I hope you enjoy the remix, HAPPY FIRST OF THE MONTH! :D

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11. (Under The Influence)-part 2 of 2-(mixed by)-AVZMVNAVT-

(Under The Influence)-part 2 of 2-(mixed by)-AVZMVNAVT-

Tracklist// 1. DIGITIST - OOGOTAREX [FREE] - DIGITIST 2. Nacha - Larcener (clip) - Nacha 3. Samplifire - Dough - Disciple Round Table 4. Kozik - Fuck Dishes (CLIP) - KOZIK 5. Subtronics - Shock Value - Subtronics 6. Nost - Strike [Ascended Audio] - Ascended Audio 7. Kris Cayden - Krampus (Original Mix) - Kris Cayden 8. ARTIX X GRYM - HEART ATTACK (FREE DOWNLOAD) - ARTIX!™ 9. MurDa - The Watermark Song - Disciple Round Table 10. SAMPLIFIRE - DEPTHS OF HELL - Samplifire 11. Extra Terra & Urbanstep - Lost In Time (Evilwave Remix) - Evilwave 12. Nasko-Problems (Feat. Huskai) - DubstepParadise 13. Uber - Bad Drip (Faytal Remix) - Never Say Die Black Label 14. Kase Work X Tezamp X Zaita - Elevator [E x c l u s i v e] - Shadow Phoenix 15. MOONBOY - BLOOD SWAMP (VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION) - MOONBOY 16. MOONBOY - YOLO [VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION] - MOONBOY 17. VALK - MADNESS [Clip] - VALK 18. Oolacile & Spock - OMG [FREE DL] - Oolacile 19. Extra Terra - Nibiru - EXTRA TERRA 👾 20. SPACE LACES - Cruise Control - SPACE LACES 21. Narcissistic Cannibal ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise (CRaymak Bootleg) - CRaymak Extras 22. Diskirz - Destiny [FREE DOWNLOAD] - Diskirz 23. Let's Get It w/ Misfit Massacre - Nanomake 24. Fallsteeze - Yes Sire - Dubstep 25. KLEAVR x ZAITA - AKUTO [FREE DOWNLOAD] (HAPPY THANKSGIVING!) - KLEAVR 26. Deicide [Free Download] - DEMASK 27. KILOS - DECEIT - KILOS 28. EVOID - DOOMED (FORTHCOMING) - EVOID [BARDO] 29. BINXX - Stage 5 [Ascended Audio] - Ascended Audio 30. Kris Cayden - HYPE! (Original Mix) - Kris Cayden 31. My Crew - Twine 32. Virus Syndicate - FCK Ft. Boy Kid Cloud - Disciple ♛ ♜ ♞ 33. JG DUBZ X EMILIAN WONK - WOBBLING (#WOBBLYGNG) - #WOBBLYGNG 34. Reddy The Throne Ft. PsoGnar (OUT NOW ON NSD VOL5!!) - SPAG HEDDY 35. Dr. Ozi - Dirty Gravy Ft. Jeff Kush - Never Say Die Records 36. Gammer - Stay Tonight ft. Dylan Matthew (Ray Volpe Remix) - RAY VOLPE 37. BAR9 - Future Retro - Never Say Die Black Label 38. Flakzz - Cool Vibrations - Flakzz 39. Nacha - Fury VIP [FREE BONUS TRACK_EP OUT ON PRIME AUDIO] - Nacha 40. DirtySnatcha & Walter Wilde - Turn Uppp - DIRTYSNATCHA 41. Zetta & Detrace - Ultracombo - DSV Audio 42. Kompany - Overheat - Kompany 43. Kill It Up - MUST DIE! 44. JG DUBZ X EMILIAN WONK - WOBBLING (#WOBBLYGNG) - #WOBBLYGNG 45. Fox Stevenson - Miss You (YKES Remix) - YKES here is the finished 2 part mix due to my recording screwing up, hope u enjoyed nonetheless -💀🇫🇷-M.V.S//M.0.S

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