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1. There Is No Authority But Yourself - 15 Years Creme Org Pt 1 ([email protected])

There Is No Authority But Yourself - 15 Years Creme Org Pt 1 (

Celebration time! Head over to and grab yourself a copy of this! 01.Scientific Dreamz Of U - Deep Belief Network {Neural Grid Optimization} 08:42 02. Neville Watson - Songs To elevate Pure Hearts (Extended Remix) 07:11 03. Innershades - Breaker M1 04:37 04. Seaside Houz Boyz - Occult Mysteries Of SF 07:14 05. Simoncino - Foresta Break 04:47 06. Jorge Velez - 4AM 04:04 07. DJ Haus - Cape Fear 05:35 08. ASOK - Edge #2 07:33 09. BNJMN - Bleed 04:18 10. Benedikt Frey - Can You Feel The Pain 05:46 11. Drvg Cvltvre - Ape Shall Not Kill Ape 05:47 12. Photonz - 13 Patterns 05:53 13. IVVVO - Dark Room 4 Dance 03:23 14. Legowelt - Codex Arpolxtinus 06:31 15. The exaltics - The Past 06:48

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2. Ron Hardy at the Music Box 1985 - Part 1

Ron Hardy at the Music Box 1985 - Part 1

The grand daddy of this thing, from back when the phrase train wrecking still related to trains.

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3. Future Sound Of London - Essential Mix April 12, 1993

Future Sound Of London - Essential Mix April 12, 1993

Its men'al! Epic transmissionz from Cyber Space, which was then ruled by Neuromancers and dudes with lawnmowers whizzing around at 14400 bps.

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4. The Wizard Mixes (Jeff Mills) - WJLB Detroit, 1986 to 1989 Parts 1 & 2

The Wizard Mixes (Jeff Mills) - WJLB Detroit, 1986 to 1989 Parts 1 & 2

An essential piece of DJ History here! Starting in the early 1980s, Mills, using the name "The Wizard", was a recurring guest DJ on "The Electrifying Mojo" radio show on WJLB in Detroit. He performed DJ tricks like beat juggling and scratching during his sets (some of which were pre-recorded). Recorded by a guy called Needlz way back when in 7 parts, more of which will follow.

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5. The Hague Is The Plague - 20 Years Bunker Records (djtlrmixie)

The Hague Is The Plague - 20 Years Bunker Records (djtlrmixie)

So here we are. When Guy asked me to do a little something something for the 20 Years Bunker Records party in a few weeks I thought, oh well, why not. "Doesn't have to be much, like 45 minutes?" he said. But then when I sat down to actually do it, blanks were drawn fast. Where the hell to begin? There's so much music, and being so close to it over the years all of it has some kinda misplaced significance and meaning. Damn son, this thing got me all ponderous. About my own game, about Bunker, the directions it took over the years and the importance it had in my life and that of a LOT of people around me. I am not even talking about music, but for some Bunker Records literally stood between drop-out-ville gun-in-mouth killing spree blues and the dance floor factory. The number of artists that got their start on Bunker Records and the number of quasi careers it launched is ridiculous. I can go full disclosure and admit that me and mines travelled the world at least half a dozen times on the back of it. In many ways Bunker is an affirmation of the nerd life, a self contained (and carefuly cultivated) end game of it's serial monomaniac owner and creator Guy Tavares, who is, by his own admission, stuck forever alone at a high-school dance. Sprung from an environment that has largely been gentrified (The Hague) and a scene that is close to being wiped out (squatters dude!). Stark and slightly pompous in its vision, but never rigid and -godforbid- petty minded. It is also inclusive, welcomes the input of others and is quick to support upcoming artists. It doesn't really matter who you are or what you credentials are, if you've got a story to tell, you can roll no problem, the music always comes first. And yes dammit, sometimes this platitude really is what it is! It makes Bunker Records one of the very few true DIY labels and absolutely unique in today's music landscape: a Bullshit Detector for the noughties, a tiny giant hammering at the foundations of dance music's Ego Cathedrals. Alas, since none of *important* media seem to notice this birthday (yet), it feels a bit like a man toasting himself in the mirror of a Travel Inn single bedroom with sum minibar party favors listening to Orca Reunion. But hey, Dirty Brown fo' life!* Back to this mix then, still wtf... I guess it's made up of some classics, some personal faves and some tracks I rediscovered while trying to figure out what to put in it. I tried to stay a bit broad and not too much stuck in one sound or period or artist AND not make it too messy. It turned into some GETO shit, RUFF around the edges, far from perfect, but it's got some confidence and personality: exactly how it should be with a thing like this. We're on some The Hague shit after all, not 4 decks minimal loops on your Traktor. And yeah your favorite track isn't in there but erm, don't take it personal, you're encouraged to make your own mix. - TLR, CremeXo, 2012 - BunkerXMX001 *Umm since I wrote this the response has been pretty sick, guess we are not celebrating alone after all. Thanks for that! A little trackback can be found below the tracklist. Fekking 20 YEARS BUNKER will be celebrated here: PANZERKREUZ CATHARSIS, 20 YEARS OF BUNKER RECORDS @ PIP 15-09-’12 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VINYL PUSHERS TRACKLIST DJ Technician - Never Answer The Phone (Various ‎– The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998) Plastic Sleeves - Cerebral Lineout (Bunker 3019, 2001) Sendex - Evidence (Bunker3037, 2003) XPlain - A3 Untitled (Bunker 018, 1994) BS1 - A1 Untitled (Acid Planet 4, 1994) Orgue Electronique - The Eye That Never Sleeps (Bunker 3004, 1999) 8Bit Rockers - Mobile Snowmobile (Part 2, Bunker 3018, 2001) Elec Pt1 - A2 Untitled (Bunker 3083, 2009) Unit Moebius - Monitor (Bunker 006, 1993) Mantra - A2 Untitled (Third Mind, Bunker 3085, 2009) Unit Moebius - Neutral Mix (Bunker 005, 1993) Novamen - The Hague City (Bunker 3009, 2000) Sendex - Pure Acid (Bunker 3033, 2003) Gladio - Slave of Rome (Bunker 3025, 2003) Unit Moebius - Beat That Percolator (Acid Planet 6, 1997) Syncom Data - Abenteur Im Abendschein (Bunker 3039, SD Records – SD01, 2004) Luke Eargoggle - Audio Warriors (Bunker 3027, 2003) Polygamy Boys - Minus Man (Bunker 3038, 2003) Unit Moebius - Zipper (Blue Attack Records – 123, 1993) Polarius - Pump The Box (Jams In The Key Of Smack, Bunker 3022, 2002) The Exaltics - Evolution of the Wrong Species (1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 1), Bunker 3089, 2010) 8Bit Rockers - A2 Untitled (8Bit, Bunker 3011, 2001) Legowelt - Dance of the Moonbird (Tower Of The Gipsies, Bunker 3030, 2003) Legowelt - Total Pussy Control (Pimpshifter, Bunker 3002, 2000) Nimoy - Orca Reunion (Bunker 3070, 2007) Pametex - Slique Brown Gloves (Bunker 3024, 2003) Shemale - Aerobicide (Beyond the Northwind, Bunker 3064, 2007) Composite Profuse - Children of Qana (Roma Aeterna, Bunker 3065, 2007) Rude 66 - Machine (Bunker 3006, 2000) Ra-x - Body Rock (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998) Polytron - 247 (Various - Sound Of Suomi, Bunker 3034, 2004) Electronome - On the Scene (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #1, Bunker 3000, 1998) The Exaltics - In the End You Got Nothing (1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 2), Bunker 3090, 2010) Schmerzlabor - Car Audio Test Track (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998) Get It Boyz - Bass Obsession (Bunker 3012, 2001) Plastic Sleeves - Robosexual (Bunker 3019, 2001) Interr-Ference - B3 Untitled (Bunker 026, 1994) Beverly Hills 808303 - A3 Untitled (Acidplanet 4, 1994) Los Hermanos Rodriguez - The Hague is The Plague (Bunker3020, 2002) Legowelt - Electro Race (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #1, Bunker 3000, 1998)

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6. Creme Podcast #28 - Legowelt - The Infinity Quadrant Exploration Team Reveals A New Map

Creme Podcast #28 - Legowelt - The Infinity Quadrant Exploration Team Reveals A New Map

The narrative of ancient and forgotten civilizations is no longer subject to the boundaries of space and time, but can be visited at will through various Vaporization techniques that unlock the fabled Nomious Compressor to acces alternate realities. Thus are the journeys of Legowelt, who - unencumbered by the chains that hold down average mortals - floats defiantly across those extra-sensorial planes plucking the flowers of knowledge, tasting the fruits of wisdom and collecting hella Astral Airmiles in the meantime. Lucky for us this is far from a selfish endeavor and we are all invited to join the King of Flatbread Meditation in his quest to embrace the infinity within. Winning is easy. All you have to do is press play..

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7. Farley Jackmaster Funk - WBMX Chicago 1987

Farley Jackmaster Funk - WBMX Chicago 1987

And a fine ol' Farley JMF mixed found on an old hard drive.. I bet my left shoe it's from somewhere deep in the Deephouse Pages, but oh well, the gospel just needs to be spread.

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8. Creme LP-11 - Legowelt - Crystal Cult 2080 - 2LP/CD/CASS (OUT NOW)

Creme LP-11 - Legowelt - Crystal Cult 2080 - 2LP/CD/CASS (OUT NOW)

PRE-ORDER NOW (Including mailorder only Cassette Edition + Crystal Clear Edition) Irrepressible Dutchman Legowelt is to release a new album in the coming months. Entitled ‘Crystal Code 2080’, it will come on Crème Organization and has been preceded by a sampler EP that featured one track from it. The ‘2080’ part of the album title is taken from the Roland JV2080, a legendary digital synthesizer from the nineties that was used a lot in the making of the album. Bought second-hand in Tokyo for a couple of hundred dollars, it lends the record a very dewy eyed soul, whilst the ‘Crystal’ part of the title stands for the self-made ‘DIY germanium crystal compressor’ Legowelt used throughout the writing process. The album itself features ten new tracks of pure Legowelt music mainly recorded in The Hague in the past year, but also on the road during tours of LA, the Californian desert, Tokyo (which spawned ‘Crystal Cult 2080’) and Tejada Gran Canaria (where ‘The Future of Myself’ was written.) Where his last album The Paranormal Soul was an organic trip into misty forests, this one seems more concerned with medieval spirits; it’s deeper, darker and the whole thing is tied together by a more coherent sense of ancient alchemy. Given the use of a DIY germanium crystal compressor during production, it’s no wonder everything feels warm, fuzzy and mystic in a way that draws your attention in like that fabled philosopher’s stone... glare too long and you might just turn to stone. Right from the opening track the mood is so encapsulating you are drawn right into Danny Wolfers’ mysterious electronic world. From there various different tempos are explored and plenty of famed synthesiser work comes to the fore, wrapping grooves in trippy themes, impish spirits and plenty of organic lushness. Crystal Cult 2080 is sure to prove another lucid and distinctive chapter in the ever-captivating story that is the musical career of Legowelt. Track List: A1 - Experiential Awakening A2 - Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi B1 - Excalibur R8MK2 B2 - Psychotic Endurance B3 - How I Live C1 - The Future Of Myself C2 - Fundamental Superstition C3 - Crystal Cult 2080 D1 - When The Spring Comes Again D2 - Cyberspace Is Still Happenin' for Real Lighthouses & Fried Fish Disks (CD/Digital Only) A Distant Meadow in Your Soul (CD/Digital Only) Cassette version (C90, 150 copies hand numbered) A - Crystal Cult 2080 B - Crystal Cult 2080 Continuous Mix by DJ TLR with bonus tracks & outtakes FEEDBACK: "This one will be on my headphone for a while. Inspired album !!! Thanks for this." Zadig (Construct Re-Form) "This man is from another plan, now I know !! " Ozka (Mowar, Other Heights, Dot, RE(FORM), Wolfskuill, Clermont) "A couple of things here have caught my ear already after a quick browse through. looking forward to checking it out properly." Nick Höppner (OstGut Ton) "Always interested in hearing what he has been up to. Very inspiring stuff." Ike Release "instant classic! Awesome!" 0x4644 (BLN.FM, Berlin) "A space-age masterpiece!" Tom Dicicco "Excalibur is a killer. And the cover een giller. Scheveningen massive does it again. " Rene Passet (Dj Broadcast / Oor /, Den Haag) "As always quality, never disappoints and everytime impresses." rookas (DAI, Kaunas) "An absolutely breathtaking album, pure brilliance!" Youri Jozee (Beats And Beyond) "cool 1 again by Legowelt!" Michel De Hey "Excalibur & Fundamental are highlights amongst highlights. Somebody stop him! (Jim Carrey voice)" Gabriel Szatan (Pitchfork / Boiler Room) "some cuts in there!" Enrico Crivellaro (Archive/Neroli, Verona) "Legowelt does it again! " Lapien, Artefakt (Field, Berlin) "Great (as always) .. i like the trancey touch on some of the tracks ... like 'Experiential Awakening' and 'Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi'" DYNAMONS (ECHOVOLT/INTO THE LIGHT, ATHENS) "I've just turned my Roland XV5080 back on because of this guy. Prolific and super talented. I know this album will be on repeat for quite a while. Early favourites are 'Fundamental Superstition', 'When The Spring Comes Again' and 'Excalibur R8MK2'. Top notch as always from Sir Legowelt." Nubian Mindz "Deep on all levels" Jazzface (DJ Jazzface/URB Magazine, Stavanger) "Legowelt's incredible productivity never seems to affect the quality of his output! Great album, some amazing tearjerking compositions in here!" Darko Esser (Doornroosje, Nijmegen) "Future inspiration..." Fred P / Black Jazz Consortium (Soul People Music) "I do really enjoy this album. lots of myst in there" Jean Pierre Enfant (Les Enfants Terribles/Trouw, Amsterdam) "So much great music in here!!!!" DVS1 "some great tracks here - esp feeling 7 and 9 on first listen. thanks. " Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio, Worthing) "not going to listen to samples but I'm sure it's great. want to listen to the full album properly. legowelt is always a class act." Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker NY, Brooklyn) "Lot's of great stuff inside. Like it!" Paul Boex (Dynamic Reflection) "Pure GOLD !!!! Amazing !!!!!!! " Nick Anthony Simoncino (HotMix Records, Italy) "Legowelt never dissapoint -- Full support from me as always " Laurent Garnier "So many faves here and THAT peculiar sound. He's a true master. Thx!" MuteOscillator (Ksoul & MuteOscillator ) "awesome!" Delta Funktionen (Ann Aimee, Berlin) "lots of beautiful stuff on here… wonderful!" Kirk Degiorgio (ART, Ipswich, Suffolk) "interesting & different, Great lp " DJ Billy Nasty (Tortured & Electrix Records, Hove ) "Another stunning Legowelt joint!" Sven VT (De-bug, Berlin) "Essential" Surgeon "Great journey into analog universe, deep sounds and atmospheres ! Brilliant !" Fabrice Lig "interesting album! thx" Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes Recordings) "great ! thx " GoldFFinch (Turbo, Dirty Bird) "i enjoyed the first half of the album the most .... great musicianship, lovely memorable melodies great production job" Dave Ellesmere (Graphene / Belief System, Berlin) "Great lp " DJ Billy Nasty (Tortured & Electrix Records, Hove ) "LEGOWELT = LEGEND Thnx for putting out this album !" Dj Simbad (Various / Browsnwood Rec.) "what an trip legowelt is on fire full support hell" Dj Hell (Gigolo Records, Berlin) "sounds amazing so far, thanks" Richard Akingbehin (Hyponik) "loving psychotic endurance and fundamental superstition. in a fair world they'd be top 40 hits." A Made Up Sound / 2562 (When In Doubt, Utrecht) "I would like to join the cult." Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space) "Great! Can't wait to give this a full listen. So many lovely tracks on here." Lakker / Eomac "amazing album, danny delivered. very coherent and interesting record, this will be played a lot" Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808, Zagreb) "Not bad" Vincent Pollard (Exclaim, Toronto, Ontario) "Simultaneously sounds like everything you've heard before and nothing like anything you've heard before. A delight that can span home listening and wearing down 12" grooves on a big system." Simon Whight (Data Transmission / Inverted Audio / Ibiza Voice, Ashton-Under-Lyne) "Another fantastic excursion into the realm of synthesis courtesy of Mr Wolfers, makes me want to revive my 1080 to see what lurks beneath the shiny exterior :)" Owain Kimber (Innate, Cardiff) "nngffdsjasfdajklsjklsdf this is great" Objekt (Objekt) "Only had the briefest of flick-throughs but this sounds absolutely amazing. Will d/l and support on the radio. Thanks!" Dave TTB (TOTHEBONE, London) "Awesome! Absoultely love this...a big fan of Legowelt and this LP sounds fantastic. Big up!" Vince Watson (Bio Music, Amsterdam) "always that same feeling with legowelt music. it sounds nice, having a good time while listening to it but any track in particular has been printed in my mind at the end - paradox." Fred Deepsounds ( "outstanding !" Tomaz (22tracks, Sint Pieters Leeuw) "Amazing production levels across the whole record. Top Quality as usual from Legowelt! " Dax J (Monnom Black) "Fundamental Superstition for club but whole album sounds great, as expected." Danny Howells "fundamental superst. is my pick here.." Roland Appel "Extremely impressive," Russ Gabriel "Still don't get Legowelt unfortunately" Mosca (Ann Aimee, BBC Radio 1, London) "Beautiful stuff, no doubt. But honestly I´m not sure if I can use it. Legowelt did so many great tracks in the last years that it´s hard to make something new that stands out of all these releases." Norman Nodge (MDR, Berlin) "quality as expected. hard to pick favorite on a first listen but "Ancient rites demoni mundi" and "Cyberspace is still happenin' for real" are stand out tracks for me." Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show, Rijeka) "niceeee!" Marko Nastic (Radio B92 / Exit Festival, Belgrade) "ooooofffttttttt !!!!!!!! SO FUCKIN AMAZING !!!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Marco Bernardi (Take the Elevator, Bristol) "A Legowelt album is always welcome! " Ksoul (Ksoul & MuteOscillator, TORINO) "Sick sick album! Planet Legowelt. 10/10" Kid Culture (DJ Mag NL) "oei exciting stuff!" Nuno Dos Santos (kollektiv, utrecht) "Oh Danny boy, the synths, the synths are.... :) " Giles Armstrong "Very interesting Album from legowelt. Can´t wait to play this out. " Bleak (c/o DRB Produktion, Stockholm) "Always top quality stuff from a top quality artist! Full suport! " Chille jr. (Night [email protected] radio, Koprivnica) "Beautiful!" Sandrien (Imprint/Trouw, Amsterdam) "Another world was created!" Innershades (Roze Balletten, Aalst) "u cant fuck with legowelt. in a league of his own..." Hunee (Hunch Music / Rush Hour, Los Angeles) "Quality Artist - Quality album. Absolutely brilliant listening experience from a machine master!" Claude Young (Different World Productions, Fukui (Japan) / Detroit (USA)) "love it " Domenic Cappello (Sub Club) "good shit $_$" House Of Traps (Firecracker Records, Edinburgh) "Hooray! I've been waiting for this for a long time. Can't wait to play it out." Andrew Duke (Andrew Duke In The Mix/Cognition Audioworks, Halifax NS) "Jeuj (-◠_◠-)" Koen van Bommel (Noisey (Vice)) "Always amazing....." Charlton/Tapirus (Mord / Krill Music /Midnight Shift, Rotterdam) "The man from Scheveningen delivers again, nice spread of techno and house in the well known quality, great sleeve too. " Kuczera (Intergalactic FM, heerlen) "Pure gold." J. Tijn "10 points for the dutchman. Love this album!" Dimi Angélis (A&S, Traut Muzik, Balans) (Dimi Angélis, Amsterdam) "downloading" Tim Thaler (BLN FM, Berlin) "lovely stuff, thanks!" James Fox / Severn Beach "amazing. Homerun " Locked Groove (Hotflush / Turbo, Antwerpen) "King." Samuli Kemppi Press

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9. Creme VOS03 x L.I.E.S. EP

Creme VOS03 x L.I.E.S. EP

To remain in biblical territory "The last shall come first". Such is also the case with the 3rd in the Creme Valley of Shadows series which will come out before part 1 & 2. So yeah this 3rd installment is a collaboration with NYC's by way of Paris L.I.E.S. Records. What's to mention on this one, except that all artists will play at the Creme x LIES showcase at @Studio80 during the Amsterdam Dance Event? Alread legendary. Tracklist: A1 Innershades - Acid Rehearsal A2 Legowelt - ObesityInAmerica A3 Randomer - Ugly Drummer B1 Simoncino - Earth & Nightfall B2 Willie Burns - He is crazy enough B3 Ron Morelli - Signal Jam (Greg Beato Remix) More info here; A limited pre-release of the record will be available at the @ rushhourrecords Store, the mailorder and if we can spare some copies, during the party at the merch department.

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10. Pete Rock & Marley Marl - WBLS 08 Dec 1989

Pete Rock & Marley Marl - WBLS 08 Dec 1989

Can't Live Without My Radio

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11. Creme 12-80 - Legowelt - Vaporware Tracks Vol.1

Creme 12-80 - Legowelt - Vaporware Tracks Vol.1

So what would the week be without one or two new Legowelt releases eh? But before you start your usual consumerist whining, consider this: this here selection was made by a team of experts after truly careful consideration and sonically enhanced with a plethora of experimental prototypes. It was chosen for its coherence, depth, otherwordly qualities and general PIZZAZZ. To call it a gripping, compelling, sweeping tour de force would be beyond lame right? You and me, we know better. But see how we weaseled it in here anyway with some advanced reverse psychology marketing techniques? It really is true, we know you better than you know yourselves. So if you make it a point to pick up, say, just one release per month off the top of the hipster pile, it better be this one. Just so you can tell your grandchildren you were there in the Satierian Moonrise, contemplating the Silent Sea while you vaporize the ounce of sherm you just copped from some Norwegian Crack Dealer that flew in with XYZ dig? See? that was easy. Riveting! Pre-order the vinyl now: The ever amusing and supremely immersive feedback; "no need to leave feedback you know what i think..." Marco Bernardi (Take The Elevator, Bristol) "satierian moon breeze and sea is so silent are great" Objekt (Objekt) "thank you for the music!" Dj T (GET PHYSICAL MUSIC GMBH, Berlin) "downloaded for r hawtin" Richie Hawtin (M-nus, Berlin) "Satierian Moon Breeze for me" Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate, Los Angeles) "Not for me, sorry" Tommy Four Seven (CLR) "awesome as usual, all killer. southwest birtish airlines is a beauty" Tensnake (Mirau Musik) "interesting electronica - thank you" Slam (Soma Records)

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12. Fast Eddie - WBMX Chicago 1987

Fast Eddie - WBMX Chicago 1987

Positively sick WBMX live mix from Fast Eddie

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13. Creme Podcast #19 - ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique) - Guy Tavares Ate My Carrot Cake

Creme Podcast #19 - ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique) - Guy Tavares Ate My Carrot Cake

Ah Berceuse Heroique. Where to start? From the unpronouncable name to the impenetrable podcasts for TTT on NTS radio and their unpredictable roster, this Greek weirdo outfit spells intruigemenT with a capital T. We would be at a complete loss running circles around the moon if it weren't for a mutual fascination for that one mutant that outweirds us ALL; Guy Tavares. But let us not look for an explanation and instead turn our gaze inwards, deep into the Stygian abyss that's been staring back at us since the days of Zarathustra. Murky smells and strange echoes emanating from it, do we dare to name them Steve Summers, Terreke, Terrence Dixon and others even more obscure? But matter doesn't matter, it's all one eternal recurrence of the same principle, the snake eating its own tail, the death of God and the heroic Eagle adorning the coat of arms of BH. So enjoy, or marvel at, or just undergo episode 19 of our podcast series, but don't be surprised if it leaves you with more questions than answers. For short, it's a good 'un!

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14. Creme 12-84 - Luca Lozano & Mr Ho - Dripbox EP

Creme 12-84 - Luca Lozano & Mr Ho - Dripbox EP

Subtlety goes out the window as these thoroughbred Guidos serve up a tantalizing collection of club bangers! Klasse Recordings label heads Luca Lozano and Mr Ho hook up here with a new EP on Creme Organization. They turn out one solo track each and two collaborative efforts and explore the sort of jacking, mystical house sounds you would expect from this established Dutch label. First up, 'Dripbox' - crafted by both producers - is raw and tough, with lots of analogue atmosphere, tripped out synths and muffled vocals. 'Bear Samurai' is then a solo effort from Mr Ho that marries droning sirens with gallivanting, lumpy drums and hiccuping percussive patterns. It's sythentica and metallic, reflective and shiny before the pair hook up again for 'Hot Trak', which is a more serene and bubbly deep house cut. The claps chatter, the cow bells get lively and the drums are super corrugated. Finally, Lozano gets even more raw and prickly, kinetic and textural with his closer 'Autonomika', which also comes complete with sci-fi melodies and a thick, dirty bassline that will destroy dance floors.

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15. Creme LP-10 - Neville Watson - Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (OUT NOW)

Creme LP-10 - Neville Watson - Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (OUT NOW)

English producer and DJ Neville Watson will release his debut album on Dutch label Crème Organization in May 2013. Entitled Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts, it sees Watson explore similar ground to that of the EPs he has released on labels like Teng and Clone Jack For Daze dating back a whole decade. Watson, who also set up Windsor’s much loved Mighty Atom record store and label, has become synonymous with re-interpreting classic Chicago house sounds in his own heavily analogue way. His productions often deal in an authentic rawness and roughness, whilst as a live specialist he has been much in demand in recent times thanks to boundary nudging outings at clubs around Europe with Bulgarian partner in Crime, KiNK. The album offers eleven tracks, kicking off with the serene ‘Dark Star’ before immediately getting fractious with the twisted lines and crisp percussion of the title track. Though containing plenty of material for the dancefloor, so too is this a carefully programmed trip that takes you up as well as down, with the likes of ‘The Girl From Kowloon Tong’ exploring beat-less, melodically intoxicating territory between harder hitting joints like the widescreen, dubby techno of ‘Against The Tide’ and controlled, machine frenzy of ‘Everything I Know About House (I Learnt On Facebook)’. Tracks like ‘Axiomatic’ prove Watson as adept at crafting occult moods and unusual feelings as he is the more physical beats and classicist stylings of the ode to real house music that is ‘Son of House’. Taking you up, down, backwards and forwards through time and space, ‘Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts’ does exactly what the title suggests, no matter how pure your heart. Pre-order by clicking notify! SOME FEEDBACK Monty Luke (Planet E Communications/Mothership Music) Looking fwd to hearing this congrats to Neville on this full-length release...... George FitzGerald (Hot Flush) Love this. Thank you Electric Indigo (indigo:inc) a bit too melodic for my taste but i really like the girl from kowloon tong! against the tide is catchy, of course :) Miguel Senquiz (Ghostly International) (New York) Against the Tide is great. Several good tracks on here, nice work! Gerd (4lux) "great stuff from neville. noticed some dummy saying 'too melodic' ... wtf? happy to hear something more melodic and dynamic between all the quickly farted music these days... next time neville: "more melody pls" hehehe ;-) ... ps just jokin you know i luv ya" Robert Owens Great tracks on the album! Ben Sims (Theory) (London) hooked from the first cut, great stuff! Paul Boex (Dynamic Reflection) Loving this! Soulfull House music at it's best! Fabrice Lig (Biesme-Sous-Thuin) Great album lot of nice track ! Never Alone is dope ! Bryan Kasenic (Beyond Booking) (Brooklyn) sounds fantastic, can't wait to give it a proper listen. Bryan Kasenic (Beyond Booking) (Brooklyn) sounds fantastic, can't wait to give it a proper listen. Samuli Kemppi (Helsinki) wrote Nice album. Many good tracks. Downloading for further investigations. Maybe radio play. Kuczera (heerlen) wrote plenty of jacking stuff on this one, son of house is fav. Dj T (GET PHYSICAL MUSIC GMBH) (Berlin) thank you for good music! Raoul (Syncom Data) Nice album. i love the whining synth line on rough-side. Also Songs to elevate pure hearts, some old school nu-groove feel, and cool title. Shinedoe (Intacto Records) (Amsterdam) Nice album, will download and have a good listen. Thaddi (De:Bug) (Berlin) very cool!! Gamall Awad (Backspin ) (Brooklyn) Feeling it ! Anthony Shakir (Shake / Frictional) (Michigan) some cool tunes on tis album. rough side jumped straight out at me. and son of house was more of a farce to me. the girl from kowloon tong is very blissful to me. Dimi Angélis (A&S, Traut Muzik, Balans) (Amsterdam) wrote Great album! love Neville,s stuff! don,t have a favo track yet but i think more then 5 or 6,.. or maybe even more but i figure this out asap! DVS1 wrote So many dope tracks!! Proper!! Thanks! Alex from Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star) (New York) Great album from a great producer with my faves being tracks 3/4/5/9 and 10! Vince Watson (Bio Music) loving the sounds of this so far...full support for my namesakes efforts :) Mad Mats (Local Talk Records) (Hägersten) The album artwork might suck but the music of Neville Watson is supa crisp...umph umph umph :) Dave Mothersole (proton radio) (Worthing) some great tracks here. esp 'against the tide', 'axiomatic' and 'better life'. nice work, neville. Dan Curtin (Metamorphic, Mobilee) (Berlin) This is all excellent, for me definitely a listening album with the exception of Everything I learned about House which is going to be one of my floor favs, but overall outstanding work, I can feel the love and hard work that went into this project, all the best with it!! Will be supporting in any way that I can. 0x4644 (BLN.FM) (Berlin) Strong LP! Hard to pick a fav but on first listen "Song To Evaluate Pure Hearts", "Everything I Know About House (I Learned On Facebook" and "Never Alone" stand out for me! Full support! Thx Dj Simbad (Various / Browsnwood Rec.) Totally my cup of tea, always digs what Neville does in general, full support ! (Not sure about the cover tho hahaha) thanx guys ... Sven Vath (Berlin) A whole bunch of great tracks. Hard to pick favourites here. The title track is definitely one of the highlights. Great album. Owain Kimber (Dessous Recordings / Littledetroit) (Cardiff) Tip top box of tricks Mr Watson! Great balance of old & new and no duffers in sight! Moments for me on 1st listen: "The Girl From Kowloon", "Against The Tide", "Axiomatic", "Son of House" & "The Only Path" ... look forward to playing these LOUD Paul Mac (Stimulus Records) (Brightlingsea, Essex) Cracking album lots of useful tracks plus the finest track title in a long time in "Everything I know About House (I learned From Facebook) quality stuff Dave Ellesmere (Graphene / Belief System) (Berlin) great tracks here would drop at least half of this album .... Nubian Mindz (Kildare) Dangerous stuff here! Mr.Watson reminding us why analog equipment is so revered. Standout tracks on first listen are 'Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts', 'Son of House', 'Everything I Know About House (I learned from Facebook)' & 'A Better Life'. Will be supporting this and listening to it many times over. Much respect due. Marco Bernardi (Bristol) OOOFT too many beauties here to pick quality full support !!! Angel Molina (Sonar Music) (Barcelona) 'Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts', 'Everything I Know About House', 'Son Of House' & 'The Only Path' for me here. Obviously, a great work. thanks so much. Pawel Gzyl (Nowa Muzyka) (Krakow) Killer tracks - stylish house music. Nuno Dos Santos (KOLLEKTIV) (UTRECHT) Love the album!! Some great tracks on here! Bam! DJ Lady Aida (Rebelbass) (Eindhoven) Awesome! Every track has it's own magic. my favourits: Axiomatic, Dark Star, Son of House, the girl from kowloon tong... deeply touched in every pure techno heart

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16. Creme Organization

  • Published: 2013-05-16T10:42:28Z
  • By Juno Plus
Creme Organization

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18. Armando Gallop - Wbmx Chicago 198X

Armando Gallop - Wbmx Chicago 198X

Nice little addition to our classic mixes section courtesy of Armando Gallop, 1970-1996

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19. The Wizard Mixes (Jeff Mills) - WJLB Detroit, 1986 to 1989 Parts 5, 6 & 7

The Wizard Mixes (Jeff Mills) - WJLB Detroit, 1986 to 1989 Parts 5, 6 & 7

An essential piece of DJ History here! Starting in the early 1980s, Mills, using the name "The Wizard", was a recurring guest DJ on "The Electrifying Mojo" radio show on WJLB in Detroit. He performed DJ tricks like beat juggling and scratching during his sets (some of which were pre-recorded). Recorded by a guy called Needlz way back when in 7 parts

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