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21. A Cry In The Night Lyrics

A Cry In The Night Lyrics

Headless, a dark fate lies ahead* Compounding the unknown No doubt, the madman must be dead Wherever he may roam Watch out, what evil do you hide Behind your masquerade Welcome, the ball opens tonigh

23. The Sleeping Giant Lyrics

The Sleeping Giant Lyrics

The first of March, I’m back again, it’s 1815* Louis tries to claim my rights, just a fact I have foreseen One by one my army grows as we march towards Paris The king has fled, we’re

24. Under Heavy Fire Lyrics

Under Heavy Fire Lyrics

The sound of guns* Shall draw you near No way, my orders have been clear Wait for them to come, they will be crushed No mercy from our side Withdrawing to the sunken lane for now Cuirassiers are caug

25. Hougoumont Lyrics

Hougoumont Lyrics

I can’t see what is going n* On these fields here where I belong Riders tell me what’s going on Will we soon hear our victory song Rumour has it they’re coming soon My own brother h

26. The Bravest Of The Brave Lyrics

The Bravest Of The Brave Lyrics

I am the brave, the rider in the storm* I am the rear of the elite Under the sign of freedom I was born Faith is my armour, pride my shield But I had a dream, our nation’s free The veils of dea

27. Hundred Days Lyrics

Hundred Days Lyrics

It’s the end we’ve lost it all* There’s no chance for us to break these walls On this battleground we fall Plancenoit lost our foes are standing tall We will never get out of this w

28. We Stand Aligned Lyrics

We Stand Aligned Lyrics

Ride all your horses till we see the night* On this battlefield we will be shining bright Crush these damn squares, fight with all of our might On this day let me say, there’s just black and whi

29. Nations Falling Lyrics

Nations Falling Lyrics

And another battle won, decision is now overdue* The Prussians cowardly retreat will not save their souls, they’re bound to fall Grouchy will chase them all the way to seal their destiny, they w

30. Sole Survivors In Ligny Lyrics

Sole Survivors In Ligny Lyrics

Now he is leaving and we’re on our own* Soldiers of Prussia will conquer the throne From the windmill of Brye I will see how they die And when Europe is freed yeah the Frenchmen will bleed Ney