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1. Cuphead - Railroad Wrath Remix [RetroSpecter]

Cuphead - Railroad Wrath Remix [RetroSpecter] ►Art commissions by my gf open!: ►Discord Server: ▼Click 'Show More' for MP3, my thoughts, and other links! It's been a while Cuphead fans! Hope you guys enjoy, the art was again done by my awesome gf Crudaka, so it'd mean alot to me if you commissioned her if you want some fancy art like you see in the video here! It's the first link in the description. Also this is my 200th remix! (More or less, it's kinda hard to keep track of since I have so many doodles and unfinished projects) Here's to 100 more. Have a great weekend everybody! Lastly, now that I have done 12 Cuphead remixes, I finally have enough to create an album! I was thinking of making an album-exclusive song (don't worry, it would only be for a few months) so what Cuphead remix would you like to see exclusively on the album before its made? Comment down below. ►MP3: Coming soon ►Video Art & Retro Fanart by: ►Retro Fanart by: ►Retro Intro Art by: ►Retro Corner Animation by: [Other Social Media Links] ►EMAIL (for business inquiries): [email protected] ►Commissions: ►Donate: ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Discord: RetroSpecter#1993 ►Soundcloud: ►Steam: ►Tumblr:

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