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1. Harvest Thanksgiving

Harvest Thanksgiving

"A Harvest of Thanksgiving", The Reverend Derrick B. Wells, Christ Universal Temple. | 11901 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago IL 60643 | 773.568.2282 Learn more about Harvest of Thanksgiving Attitude and More...

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2. 13 Forgiveness Gaylon 13

13 Forgiveness Gaylon  13

One of the purposes of the Burning Bowl is to consciously create vacuums in our life. Forgiveness opens and creates spaces for wonderful, fresh activity in our minds and hearts. Letting go of what we no longer need, allows for use to hold onto the new possibilities and bring them forth. Listen to an audio of the Reverend Gaylon McDowell’s “Forgiveness For Good”, a CUT Seminar from December of last year. The lesson is a great support for your Burning Bowl Experience. Learn more, grab the full CD in the CUT Book Store. Looking forward to seeing everyone, ready to take the next steps in consciousness, at Burning Bowl 2012. For more information call 773.568.2282 or visit

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My G.R.E.E.N Guest: Senior Minister Derrick B. Wells- of Christ Universal Temple I believe we should be calling all Men of FAITH and Elected official who have assumed the role leadership to provide solutions for creating more PEACE! Actions speak louder than words! The GreenPreneur~ Michael T. Thomas

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