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1. Nuh Compatible Lyrics

Nuh Compatible Lyrics

You waan go easy But mi waan go hard You waan pretty car Me waan yard Just waann shop, but a you a go lose Me waan furniture You waan shoes () Baby mi would a deh wid yo But guess wa it no wort it Be

2. 123 Lyrics

123 Lyrics

Easy 123, fi me just buck a gyal and me get di puy A 123, fi when me f a gyal shi fall inlove wid me A 123, 123, believe me it so easy A 123, Stephani seh shi soon left me Mi a drive Bethina crazy (1

3. Live Life Lyrics

Live Life Lyrics

1) Mi so fKing bad and mi proud a it Society cyaa tell me how fi live Mi still a smoke no matter how bad mi asma is And God know mi love to fK gyal and video it So be proud a who yo is Cause every man

5. Dem Ago Dead Lyrics

Dem Ago Dead Lyrics

Dead dem a go dead, mi seh a dead dem a go dead Long run shot bomboclaat catch Dead dem a go dead, empty the clip in a dem head Show cocaine how fi wheel the crock head Dead dem a go dead, mi seh a

6. Psycho Lyrics

Psycho Lyrics

Dem nuh bad, act dem a act Talk dem a talk, dem a chat A Tommy Lee me a talk from me heart Wid bere badness back a dat hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm Man Psycho Gaza run bout yaaa Fool... Mi nuih known bo

7. Party Lyrics

Party Lyrics

Wha happ'm if mi waan fi party No party nuh nice like Britjam UK get the appleton Estate, hey Zoom So wha happ'm if mi waan fi party Wha happ'm if mi waan fi party Live yuh life before yuh lost it Mi

8. No Hesitation/I'm Coming Lyrics

No Hesitation/I'm Coming Lyrics

Konshens lyrics Am coming {Girl voice} Good good production Coming Coming Coming Coming Coming {1} Telephone a ring ring ring ring ring An a ping pin pin pin pin Every means of communication shi a t

12. Things Mi Love Lyrics

Things Mi Love Lyrics

You do the things, to the things mi like Mi never si a gyal weh mi love so much Tek off fi yo black panty baby And meck wi go purple touch Bend over baby fi da cockey yah Mi slap, slap, up yo batty j

13. Wha a Gwan Lyrics

Wha a Gwan Lyrics

Wah the hell a gwan A wah the hell a gwan Wah the hell a gwan A wah the hell a gwan Wah the hell a gwan Wah the hell a gwan Illegal position a badman image dem get charge fa Wah the hell a gwan A w

14. Drop Lyrics

Drop Lyrics

You fi drop that gyal Bruk out fi RDXAct natural Mi know yo mad with it That's factual SO gyal have yo body inna the mirror And the you tube video but you To drop that loud Speed it up and then drop t

15. One More Time Lyrics

One More Time Lyrics

Relax, I wanna give you some good, good, fk Lights the music turned off Pack mi things yow a church mi a go Feel like fi put on yo name tag Gyal let me give you some nice, nice, wine Call mi Earlan a

16. Dem a Try Style Man Lyrics

Dem a Try Style Man Lyrics

Dem here . love the Im at the . than you ever see and everybody know .get my flip I live man Then my . girl . You Style man But when me kill the p**sy then my wine the blame on sin When me chose that

17. My Life so Happy Lyrics

My Life so Happy Lyrics

1) Man travel through hills and vally Nough gunshot man skip and dally Being through travel fox, clarks and bally Push through many hard times like chally Man a smoke weed from bread bag a wrapped tal

18. Gyal Bruk Out Lyrics

Gyal Bruk Out Lyrics

Tonight every gyal a turn a devil Turna a dutty freak, turn a john crow Decent gyal a go turn in a gogo Do Something weh yo wouldn't normally do Liquor buss in a yo head make yo stagger so Fling up y

19. Enjoy Yuh Life Lyrics

Enjoy Yuh Life Lyrics

Weh mi come from mi party every night Dress up every Friday inna mi yard that mi like Likkle pickney a fly kite Everybody happy, nobody no waan fight Ball gmae just a get nice Elders a watch and every

20. Back to Life Lyrics

Back to Life Lyrics

Yo Fatal Me wah go (Back to life, Back to reality) x2 Listen! yuh cyah get pum pum a prison A next man have yuh gyal when yuh missing Stay far from war dat a coppa n lead Yuh cyah get head when yuh de