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1. Vittae @ Good Trip #03

  • Published: 2018-05-17T23:05:18Z
  • By Vittae
Vittae @ Good Trip #03

Vittae @ Good Trip #03 Terceiro Set da Série Good Trip. Vittae tracks in this mix: [14:43] Vittae & Somell - Feed The Dada (Remix) [Unreleased] [47:23] Vittae - We Are The People (Remix) [Unreleased] Vittae Mashups in this mix: [27:43] Tamo Aí Believer (Vittae Mashup) [44:23] Magalenha Control (Vittae Mashup) [58:07] Isis Silence Eyes (Vittae Mashup) @Vittae Download for free on The Artist Union

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2. Alok & Vintage Culture Deep House Sessions #2 Anton Stones Mix

Alok & Vintage Culture Deep House Sessions #2 Anton Stones Mix

Sexy Deep House Session Um deep house session com as musicas mais quentes do pedaço, com os remixs exclusivos, e graves que vao bombar qualquer um. Espero que gostem Track list alok & sevenn - byob astrix feat. michele adamson - closer to heaven (alok remix) luither & bruce - my love is (alok remix) alok - sweet lullaby Alok & Shapeless - Who gives joy corporation - Do you remember (shapeless remix) Betoko - Raining Again (Vintage Culture & Dashdot Remix) Vintage Culture, Constantinne, Felten - Eyes (Out Now) Cake - Never There (Shapeless Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low (Original Mix) Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Vintage Culture, Lazy Bear Rmx) Alok & Icy Sasaki - Aint No Sunshine Gustavo Mota - Jagger's Gangstar(ALOK RMX )

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3. Tiger Stripes - Too Deep (To Bear) - Drumcode - DC196

  • Published: 2018-09-25T13:41:03Z
  • By Drumcode
Tiger Stripes - Too Deep (To Bear) - Drumcode - DC196

After an excellent performance at Drumcode Festival, Tiger Stripes comes strong with his first EP on the label since 2009. Since 2015 Tiger Stripes has been an invaluable contributor to Drumcode’s ‘little brother’ Truesoul. As recent as March he released ‘Sound of the Bettest’ in collaboration with Riva Starr, their fresh raggainfluenced take on techno entrenched as a 2018 highlight for the label. Drawing from a wide palette of sounds to craft his groovy, personality-laden take on techno, the Swede has produced arguably his finest work yet with the ‘Insanity’ EP. ‘Baby’ is a melting pot of three decades worth of influences, from James Brown, to Northern Soul and indie pop of Ariel Pink. The result is a stunning kaleidoscopic techno treat, that brims with rave, garage and funky house spirit. ‘Insane’ is a dynamic feast for the eardrums as trippy arpeggios, a persistent vocal and lush synth leads cascade throughout the seven-minute track. ‘Too Deep (to Bear) follows, an exhilarating slice of late-night techno before the EP concludes with ‘Dying Planet’, mixing up a potent environmental message with tough dancefloor functionalism.

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4. EyeonEyez feat. Gucci Mane "Polar Bear"

  • Published: 2018-12-17T16:25:25Z
  • By EyeOnEyez
EyeonEyez feat. Gucci Mane

EyeOnEyez and Gucci Mane Keep You Warm This Winter with "Polar Bear" Producer EyeonEyez connects with The Trapgod himself Gucci Mane for the new single "Polar Bear". One thing is for sure is that winter is coming and it's going to be a cold one. And as Mysterious Producer EyeOnEyez teases on his instagram, "Keep Calm, Stay Warm EyeOnEyez Heat is Coming!" He wasn't joking. Today, EyeOnEyez teams up with the Trap God himself,  Gucci Mane, to drop "Polar Bear" a slamming trap beat that guarantees sure to keep your ears cozy and warm better than any pair of ear muffs. Gucci Mane talks some realness about his humble beginnings and rise to fame and fortune.   From "I'm a murderer but I'm not going to hell" and "I was a young fella picking up game from the old players.  Fronted me ten square, now I'm a millionaire"... EyeOnEyez speaks briefly on how the collaboration happened: "Yea we actually made this like last minute.  We had worked a few months before on a major Rick Ross / Gucci Mane Collab called Overdose and it came out really good.  And I just so happened to be in Miami and Gucci had just moved there and we met up at DJ Khaled's studio and the song was written in like 20 minutes. Next thing I know, and without warning -- I turn around and Gucci Mane is getting his haircut right there in the studio." Gucci Mane takes his haircuts SERIOUS. EYEONEYEZ BIO: Mysterious and original, masked musician EyeOnEyez burst onto the scene with a fresh new sound that's aggressive yet cerebral and haunting at the same time. A lot is yet to be learned about this figure EyeOnEyez, but his artistry and ability to bring hot new artists together with rap legends is something the industry has been craving for a while. One can only assume he has spent years underground crafting his unique style of sound, informed by an eclectic taste in jazz, electronica, trap and hardcore hip hop. His aggressive production and infectious rhythmic style deliver a visceral listening experience with every track. In 2017, Eyez and his team connected with Hip Hop Legend Prodigy to record “Out Queens.” Sadly, Prodigy passed prematurely soon after. Just like his other work, this final track “Out Queens” utilizes EyeOnEyez signature sound: lush synths, haunting melodies, kamikaze trap drums and melt-your-face-off 808’s. EyeOnEyez teases a full length album featuring Wu Tang Clan, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, as well as a few up and coming artists from his own label. EyeOnEyez draws on his vast and deep musical influences and voracious trap-inspired drum sound to deliver an aural landscape that transports you to another world. Power producer and label boss, EyeOnEyez cuts through the noise like a laser beam, combining his unstoppable instinct for innovation with one-of-a-kind sound design and otherworldly visual imagery.

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5. Vittae @ Good Trip #04

  • Published: 2018-10-15T21:54:47Z
  • By Vittae
Vittae @ Good Trip #04

Vittae @ Good Trip #04 4º Set da Série Good Trip. Vittae tracks in this mix: [00:00] Vittae & Somell - Feed The Dada (Remix) [OH MY BASS] [39:57] Au Ra & Camelphat - Panic Room (Dropack & Vittae Bootleg) [Unreleased] [50:50] Vittae - We Are The People (Remix) Vittae Mashups & Edits in this mix: [21:53] Fenk, Prinsh, Pryda - Hit The Road Chakra (Vittae Mashup) [25:32] Dubdogz, Clubbers & Fifth Harmony - Bass Harmony (Vittae Goes Prog) [32:30] Magalenha Control (Vittae Mashup) [54:05] Infected Mushroom & WARRIORS - Becoming Insane (Vittae Edit) [55:20] Isis Silence Eyes (Vittae Mashup) @Vittae @Vittaegifts Download for free on The Artist Union

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6. Vintage Culture & Lazy Bear - Sweet Disposition (Igor Costa Intro)

Vintage Culture & Lazy Bear - Sweet Disposition (Igor Costa Intro)

Nada é tão bom que não possa ser melhorado. Uma intro de tirar o fôlego nessa produção de Vintage Culture & Lazy Bear. Chega no deep!

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7. Vittae @ Good Trip #02 (Summer 2018)

  • Published: 2018-01-23T23:27:35Z
  • By Vittae
Vittae @ Good Trip #02 (Summer 2018)

Vittae @ Good Trip #02 (Summer 2018) Segundo Set da Série Good Trip. Vittae tracks in this mix: [16:45] Vittae - Smack My Bitch Up (Original By The Prodigy) [23:42] New Order - Blue Monday (Vittae Bootleg)[Deep Bear Vip] Vittae Mashups in this mix: [05:07] Magic Memories (Vittae Mashup) [28:38] Mi Tarantula Boom (Vittae Mashup) @Vittae Download for free on The Artist Union

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8. Justbrown - Touchdown (Prod by Vic of The District Music Group)

Justbrown - Touchdown (Prod by Vic of The District Music Group)

New single from @Justbrown upcoming ep. Get the Free Download here:

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9. YokoO - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016

YokoO - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016

Where to start . . . ?! This second Burning Man experience was indescribable. Filled with serendipitous moments, my week was as magical as it could have been. Robot Heart was the last of the seven shows I played and certainly one I was looking forward to the most. Why? Because I was given the opportunity to play an extended set. Pretty damn special isn't it?! It's 7.30AM, Saturday after man burn, I wake up all dusty in my yurt after playing through a mad storm at White Ocean from 3 to 5AM hoping for the weather to have settled a little. I walk outside and guess what . . . it is a complete white out!!! Putting all the good will I have out there, I decide to jump on my bicycle and ride out to the deep playa to find the bus. The wind is very strong and the visibility so low that I literally get thrown off it. I desperately start walking, like a blind man, following whatever sound I can hear. Slowly losing hope, I eventually run into a bunch of white walkers on the same mission. I realise time is running low as I have lost all sense of direction. My skepticism increases, yet my ears magically take me to the Heart just before the start of my agreed set time - 8.30AM. Monolink is performing live in front of a bunch of troopers. I get informed that performances have slightly been delayed due to weather conditions. The sky gets darker by the minute. The crew warns me that rain had been forecasted and that music would have to be turned off for safety reasons in case of another storm. I then realise that my set could just get canceled. Sad face. I pray the weather gods for mercy. As I get on, the sky magically clears. No more wind, barely any clouds, no more dust. My nightmare turns into a dream and my journey on the decks begins. I hope you’ll appreciate and enjoy the spontaneity of this set. Love, and Love only. Art Project: Ursa Major Reaching to grab what is within her grasp is Ursa Major, a 14 foot tall, grizzly bear sow. She may simply be reaching for berries but perceivably she is reaching higher: to the northern sky and the constellation that is her name, Ursa Major. In navigation, the constellation is useful in pointing the way to the North Star. Ursa Major’s pose is inspiring, she brings the gaze and hopes of the participant skyward. She also demonstrates respect for the bears and nature, her pose is not like a taxidermy bear. She is in her natural state and unthreatening. With a durable, unique material that was used on their previous Burning Man project (Penny the Goose), Ursa Major’s fur will be made of US and Canadian pennies. The pattern and feel will be like fur. Mr and Mrs Ferguson Art Photo by : Jim Parisi

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10. Tiger & Woods "A Golden Bear mix"

Tiger & Woods

The Golden Bear is out of its cage the 22nd of June! No preview this time, but you can listen to it in our latest mix. No worries, finally this is the tracklist: 0.50 - Tiger & Woods - Golden Bear 5.07 - Disco Double Dee - Slow Fire 7.19 - Firefly - Stay (No Time) (Tiger & Woods Edit) 11.19 - Sinnamon - Thanks to You (Tiger & Woods Edit) 14.52 - Gredtis - Doin' it Deep 16.43 - Tiger & Woods - Bash At Jack's 23.46 - Plush - Free And Easy (Tiger & Woods Edit) 28.48 - Tiger & Woods - Pitch 34.40 - Rick Wade - Player's Theme 38.53 - Chewy Rubs - Love No.1 42.57 - Boe & Zack - Loop For Love 46.30 - Exposè - Point Of No Return (Tiger & Woods Edit) 49.04 - Janet Jackson - The Magic Is Working (Tiger & Woods Edit)

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11. Daddato - Fuck You (Sweet Tides Remix) [DEEP BEAR] FREE DOWNLOAD

Daddato - Fuck You (Sweet Tides Remix) [DEEP BEAR] FREE DOWNLOAD

WAV Download for free on The Artist Union

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12. Deep Chill 1 (Ben Kay & Zabier) - Deep House remixes

Deep Chill 1 (Ben Kay & Zabier) - Deep House remixes

Sit back and enjoy our first deep chill mix - featuring remixes of some well known tracks - mixed by @zabier and @benkay-dhs. View on YouTube: Follow us on Facebook for updates, downloads and competitions. Follow for similar tracks and mixes. Follow Ben here: Track list: Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (TEEMID & Joie Tan Cover) Justin Timberlake - My Love (Bear//Face Remix) Rihanna - Stay (Marius Hörsturz Edit) Finnebassen - The Wilhelm Scream (Finn Pilly Sneaky Edit) Alex Clare - Too Close (Herr Vogel edit) Kings of Leon - Closer [no one 32 Vocal rmx] Riptide - Vance Joy (Jump Ship Deepie Edit)

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14. Trippy Turtle's Diplo & Friends Mix

Trippy Turtle's Diplo & Friends Mix

Exclusive mix for Diplo & Friends. Uncensored and without tags. DJ Hoodboi - I Get So Lonely 
Different Sleep - Say Goodbye 
Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (DJ Mike Gip Remix)(Boomclap Edit) 
DJ Tray - Bugatti
 DJ Tray - Turn On The Lights
 Trippy Turtle - Southside Deep 
DJ Kiff - My Last Part 2 DJ Tray - D.A.N.C.E. 
DJ Yolo Bear - Make You Touch My DJ Tricks - One More Time 
DJ Yolo Bear - TXT U (demo)
 Evv - Vibr8 
Chris Brown - Take You Down (Trippy Turtle Edit)
 Trippy Turtle - Poison
 Trippy Turtle - Getting Wood 
DJ Tray - Who Booty 
DJ Tray - Rain
 DJ Bendthaa - Crew Love (feat. DJ Kuddie J & DJ Keese)
 Next - Wifey (Jaw Jam Bootleg)
 Trippy Turtle - Senorita 
Trippy Turtle - Damn Those Jeans 
DJ Sliink - Love Song 
The Dream - Sweat It Out 
DJ Tricks - Slow Grindings 
Janet Jackson - Would You Mind 
Trippy Turtle - Only Wanna Give It To You 
Trippy Turtle - I’m Sprung 
Trippy Turtle - A Good Ass Turtle

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  • Published: 2017-10-11T17:47:10Z
  • By Jayceeoh

JAYCEEOH PRESENTS 'SUPER 7 VOLUME 8' Mixes by Jayceeoh, Ephwurd, Virtual Riot, Team EZY, Quix, Dirtyphonics, and Crizzly @JAYCEEOH Super 7 Intro Jayceeoh & HVRCRFT - ID vs Bebe Rexa (Jayceeoh Super 7 Edit) 3eloud! - Pop (Jayceeoh Flip) Gucci mane - Freaky Girl vs Bailo (Jayceeoh edit) ID x ID - ID ID ft A Boy & A Girl x Nato Feelz - ID vs Asap Ferg (Jayceeoh Edit) Hoodlit - Lifestyle ft Sam King (Exclusive) 2 Chainz - 4 AM vs Outkast vs Jay-Z (Jayceeoh edit) Jayceeoh & Woogie - ID Mind Theory x Djah - Bad Frequencies - (Dabow x Creepa Remix) Griz -Wicked (Dirty Audio Remix) Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would U Ever (4B Remix) @EPHWURD Ephwurd - ID Knife Party & Tom Morello - Battle Sirens (Ephwurd Remix)  Dog Blood - Middle Finger (Vocal) Dyro - Good Feelin Jarvis - The Discotheque Ephwurd - Vibrations  Masters At Work - Work (Vocal) Eptic - The End (Crankdat Version)  Missy Elliot - WTF (Chris Lake Remix) (Vocal)  Rusko - Woo Boost (Skin Deep Remix) Datsik - Nuke Em (Vocal) Just Say Yes - Switch feat. Ephwurd  Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (Vovii Edit) @VIRTUAL-RIOT Virtual Riot - Everyday ft. Yosie (VIP) LDRU - Next To You (Barely Alive & Virtual Riot Remix) Habstrakt - Clowns (Hydraulix & Oski Remix) Barely Alive & Virtual Riot - Basement Dwellers Virtual Riot - IDEmalkay - ID Zomboy - Terror Squad (Bro Safari & Rick Remedy Remix) Virtual Riot - Dragons (VIP) Joyryde - Damn ft. Freddie Gibbs vs TNGHT - Higher Ground Ivory - 93 Style vs Chibs - Sharingan Flux Pavillion x NIGHTMARE - Feel Your Love ft. Jamie Lewis vs Habstrakt & Skrillex - Chicken Soup vs Must Die - Neo Tokyo Excision & Space Laces - Throwing Elbows (Getter & Virtual Riot Remix) Zomboy - Biterz vs Childish Gambino - Bonfire Zomboy - Get With The Program ft. Foreign Beggars (Eptic & Trampa Remix) Barely Alive - Binary (Barely Alive & Virtual Riot Remix) @TEAMEZY Team EZY & Infuze -  Tell Me Again (feat. FATHERDUDE) Eliminate - No Sleep Kendrick Lamar - Humble (Skrillex Remix) Brillz & Trav Piper - ALIENS Skrillex & Habstrakt - Chicken Soup (Party Favor Remix) Team EZY & Skrillex - Pretty Bye Bye (Dion Timmer Remix) PEEKABOO - REVENGE Boombox Cartel - Jefe (Rickyxsan Remix) GTA ft. RKCB - Pressure (Team EZY Remix) Son Lux - Easy (Aztek Flip) @QUIXOFFICIAL ZOMBOY - LIKE A BITCH [W/ VICTOR NIGLIO (TJR RMX)] ZOMBOY - ROT N ROLL FT. BOK NERO NEMINEM - DAMIEN N-DRIX CBAT - HUDSON MOWHAWKE (BOOMBOX CARTEL COVER) GRAVES & COOLIGHTS SAY THINGS (CRANKDAT RE-CRANK)  PURPLE LAMBORGHINI - SKRILLEX FT. RICK ROSS I WANT YOU - CHRIS LAKE (QUIX RMX) [W/ DILLON FRANCIS SAY LESS] B2U - BOOMBOX CARTEL FT. IAN EVERSON LANGUAGE - PORTER ROBINSON (QUIX REFIX) HOLD ON TO ME - YELLOW CLAW FT. GTA LUCY'S PLACE - QUIX HUMBLE vs THROWING ELBOWS - EXCISION & SPACE LACE (QUIX FLIP) @DIRTYPHONICS Dirtyphonics x Sullivan King - Vantablack PhaseOne - Circle Pit ft. Virus Syndicate Spag Heddy & F3tch - Spooks (EHDE Remix) Tisoki & Oliverse - Friends Forever Dirtyphonics - Night Ride Dirtyphonics x Virtual Riot - Beat Des Up Kompany - Creepin Dirtyphonics x Bassnectar - Watch Out feat. Ragga Twins A Boy & A Girl - Beast Widdit ft. Armanni Reign Dirtyphonics x Funtcase - Neckbreaker Muzzy - Junction Seven Dirtyphonics - Anonymous TC - Get Down Low DC Breaks & Prolix - Infinity @CRIZZLY Eliminate - Snake Bite (VIP) Borgore - Magic Trick ft Juicy J Crizzly x Carbin - ID GTA & Flosstradamus ft. Lil Jon - Prison Riot Monxx x Bailo - Loud AFK x Carbin - Boss Bandlez - Boss Boiz Yo Gotti - Rake It Up Minesweepa - CopyCat Crizzly - Ice On My Grill Getter - Inhalant Abuse

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16. BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: 4th May 2013

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: 4th May 2013

Maya's second Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1: originally broadcast 4th May 2013 Track Listing... The Poet - "Rain On April" (Yves Le Groove Mix) [OT Records] Joe Stawarz - "Suiteb" [Soma Quality Recordings] [A]pendics Shuffle ft. Blakkat - "Heavy Burdens High" (Safeword Remix) 6.32 version [Adjunct Audio] Deep Guys - "Roomba" (Oceanic Mix) Francesco Rossi - "Paper Aeroplane" (Original Mix) 7.18 version [D:vision] Linus Quick - "There shall be light" (Mike Mass Remix) [Wayward Music] Black Dynamite - "Mother's Love" [Fear Of Flying] Anonym - "I Can't" [Vakant] Jordan Lieb - "Dreams From The Ghetto" [Superfreq] J. Wiltshire - Closer [Hypercolour] Nick Galemore - "Pt. I" [Kindisch] Maya Jane Coles - "Everything" ft. Karin Park (I/AM/ME) Rodriguez Jr. - "Satellite" [Mobilee] Nana K. - "Old's Cool" [Red Eleven Recordings] Weltenwandler - "Departure" [Electrophil Records] Mad Us - "Hypnoze" (Luca Bear Remix) [Armonia] Riva Starr & Rssll - "Absence" (Adam Port Remix) [Snatch! Records] Marbert Rocel - "Small Hours" (Daniel Stefanik Remix) [Black Label 88] Paul Ritch - Asteroid (Original Mix) [Quartz Rec] Juliano Silva - 1000 Miles (Original Mix) [EON5] LPZ - Council Fonk Deetron - "Out Of My Head" ft. Ovasoul7 (KiNK Vocal Mix) [Music Man Records] Alex Piccini & Marka - "Suite Yourself" (Original Mix) [Amazing Records] Gianni Amoroso - No Matter How Far" (Original Mix) [Morning Mood Records] Sivesgaard - "In The Night" (BLOND:ISH Remix) [Eklektisch] Frederick Alonso - "96" (Tech mix) [Stab Recordings] Paul Mad - "Undes" (Alex Piccini remix) [Deep Beep Records] Ella Fitzgerald - "Blue Skies" (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Verve] Knox - "Fault" [Last Night On Earth] Buy "Comfort" on Itunes - Buy "Comfort" on CD from Amazon:

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