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1. "Tunnel Vision" | Kodak Black INSTRUMENTAL *unreleased*

Remake of beat to Kodak Blacks new unreleased song "Tunnel Vision" Prod Dhoble Productions X Dorien S Beats

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2. Blowin' Smoke Official (Prod by. Dhoble Productions )

  • Published: 2017-01-10T04:09:43Z
  • By Itzbetoo
Blowin' Smoke Official (Prod by. Dhoble Productions  )

Instagram : Itzbetoo VIDEO LINK:

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3. "Seth Diss Track" Stump Daddy | (Eng. Dhoble Productions x Dorien s.)

Seth isn't the only rapper in UD

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4. YungT-Saturn (Prod. Dhoble Productions)

YungT-Saturn (Prod. Dhoble Productions)

did this for fun and my bro

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7. juice



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8. Indigo ft. Stump Daddy (prod. Ocean)

  • Published: 2017-01-06T16:08:23Z
  • By yvngseth
Indigo ft. Stump Daddy (prod. Ocean)

Beat was remastered by Dhoble Productions and DS Productions Lyrics: Ya ya Fuck on your bitch like it's nothing She know that she bad she be struttin Fucking her raw yeah i'm gutting Make a bitch wet like its flooding Cum in her mouth when i'm nuttin All of my niggas we stuntin Smoking that loud we be puffin Mixing the lean with that sprite My niggas as high as a kite We beat up fugazzis on site Fucking some bitch and she white She got a ring yeah she a wife My dick it might just take her life She say that im hitting it right Too bad that she just gets one night Got loud and we only smoke swishers Ya girl sucked my dick then you kissed her I fuck her and then I dismiss her Curve on a bitch just like a pitcher He mad that im fucking his daughter He mad that her pussy is slaughter I fill up that bitch like i'm water She swallow and then I applaud her Don't deal with no bitch if she bratty On weekends i'm shotgunning nattys Fucking some hoe with a fatty You bet that she calling me daddy Im eating what's left on my plate You niggas just cannot relate Dont take no bitch out on a date I just leave my kids on her face Drop acid then down it with fiji Herb got my lungs feeling wheezy Carol at rite aid a he she That shit got me feeling uneasy Me and my niggas we cocky Poppin them xans and them oxys We knocking out niggas like rocky We only take head if its sloppy Yeah im fucking high A niggas never dry My head is in the sky She grabbing on my thigh Tryna get turnt up living on this tuesday Roll another blunt then lets chill in the jacuzzi Mix it with tobacco man this got me feeling woozay Now lemme count these checks got me feeling like im uzay Now we just sipping on henny Im sitting and counting them twentys Me and my niggas got plenty We drippy but mainly its kenny She gave me brain she lost her mind Im hitting it hard from the behind You know that this bitch is a dime The amount that I fuck is a crime Im still with this hoe in the coupe We smoking that loud like we snoop She say that she going to duke She ride on that dick like a troop

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9. Gondhal Mandilaa..

Gondhal Mandilaa..

"Gondhal Mandilaa..." is a fantastic Folk Dance Number. Sonali Patel Productions. Music Director - Uday Salvi. Singers - Sonali Patel & Vivek Naik. Song - Gondhal Mandilaa. Lyrics - Abhijit Joshi. Song Mastered by Rupak Thakur. Video director, Editor, Screenplay, Cinematography & Publicity design - Jageshwar Dhoble. D.I, VFX - Amit Dhanraj at Harshadhan studio Nagpur. Choreography - Atul shebe. Featuring on - Sonali Patel & Abhijit Joshi. Dancers - Mrunal Joshi Tungar, Shruti Salfale Deshpande, Pratik Kadlak, AkshayKumar Mande. Produced By - Sonali Patel. Language - Marathi Shooting Location - Kamboli Gaon Special Thanks to - Pramila Khengare, Sarika Pawar, Gauri, Harish Pawar, Amol Shinde & All Khamboli gaon. SUBSCRIBE Sonali Patel channel for more videos Circle us on G+ Like us on Facebook

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10. Khuda hai Cover - (Ghayal once again) By Dhaiwat

  • Published: 2016-02-19T11:02:12Z
  • By Dhaiwat
Khuda hai Cover - (Ghayal once again)  By Dhaiwat

Khuda hai | Ghayal Once Again | Arijit Singh | Dhaiwat the Band | Cover Cover by Dhaiwat At Spectral Audio Dhaiwat the Band - Vocals : Prathviraj Singh Sisodiya | Arpit Bhosle Guitars : Ashwarya Dhoble Bass : Shubham Kanungo Drums : Deepesh Solanki Credit Role: Video Produced by Indore Talkies Direction, Shots & Editing : Kartikeye Sisodiya Lights : Matrix Productions Production Manager : Shivani Bhargava INDORE TALKIES Facebook : Mixed By : Keshav Kundal | Spectral audio SPECTRAL AUDIO Facebook : Special Thanks to Shri Gautam Kale | Gautam Kale's Sangeet Gurukul Shure | Meinl Cymbals | Ibanez bass | Squier by Fender Join us on: DHAIWAT Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Reverbnation : Original song credits: Singer : Arijit Singh Lyricist : Amitabh Bhattacharya Music by : Shankar Ehsaan Loy Produced by : Sunny Deol Directed by : Sunny Deol Banner : Sunny Sounds Pvt Ltd

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