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1. DJ Maj Attack Lyrics

DJ Maj Attack Lyrics

Puttin' my defences up ‘Cause I don't wanna fall in love If I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attack Never put my love out on the line Never said yes to the right guy Never had trouble gettin

2. Uappeal Lyrics

Uappeal Lyrics

Ooh...we done did it now...let’s go DJ’s, MC’s, from the 615 to London streets Turn it up hip hop We still doing it legitimate Still stick with it Wackness still gets the brick hit

3. Rated R Lyrics

Rated R Lyrics

On today? s program, we will taste a unique blend of spirit, life and soul A natural organic recipe featuring the newest member of the ingredient family BoogiRoot Featuring the newest member of the in

4. God Music (feat. John Reuben & Pigeon John) Lyrics

God Music (feat. John Reuben & Pigeon John) Lyrics

Verse 1 Everybody put your hands up If you know the routine and the plans of My Jehovah all my brothers man up Got to take it back stand up ooh ohh God music bumpin' the crew It's an inflatable pop s

5. Golden Motorcycle Lyrics

Golden Motorcycle Lyrics

*Originally appeared on DJ Maj's album Wax Museum. How much is that Golden Motorcycle? Whoo ooooh ooooh Whoo ooooh ooooh Whoo ooooh ooooh la la Hello everybody Put your hands up It's Pigeon John yo

6. Combustible Speaks Lyrics

Combustible Speaks Lyrics

I was wondering if you got a couple Seconds to spare with me If so accompany me like a grizzly You know bare with me By the grace of God I spit metaphors And things with true power Not for the Lord of

7. Up All Nite Lyrics

Up All Nite Lyrics

Right right right right up all night It is I, Sharlok P with my mic device Requesting you put it down if you ain’t rocking it right Believe the hype I’m nice it’s confidence not conc

8. H.A.N.D.S. (feat. Michael Tait) Lyrics

H.A.N.D.S. (feat. Michael Tait) Lyrics

Sometimes you just have to give it all away Maj... uncle Tait This is how we do it – let

9. Never Heard Before (feat. L.A. Symphony) Lyrics

Never Heard Before (feat. L.A. Symphony) Lyrics

It's the return of the dillusional LAS crew We say what we live and we live what we spew We rock thrifty but we act brand new Makin the party people say ooooewh If you're ugly put your hands up in th

10. Back to Center (Vocal) Lyrics

Back to Center (Vocal) Lyrics

Open your mind and ears I gotta song that's sorta revolutionary I wanna take you back to soul claps of hands of the visionaries Back when they came together and folks fared off the hopes of broke brea

11. Ballin Chains Lyrics

Ballin Chains Lyrics

So the question is Do you got it Or do it got you Let

13. Gotta Go Now Lyrics

Gotta Go Now Lyrics

Baby I know that you

14. Through the Night (feat. KJ52) Lyrics

Through the Night (feat. KJ52) Lyrics

Hey it's me again Seems like the 491st time I've done it And oh how I plummet headed opposite the sky Feeling sick and tired of being tricked in lies Man somebody's gotta get me out Cause even if I sh

15. Rhyme Pocket Interlude (feat. Verbs) Lyrics

Rhyme Pocket Interlude (feat. Verbs) Lyrics

Oh you think I forgot right? Nah man he just got back from South Africa Cape Town Jo

16. Soul Window (feat. MOC & Ayiesha) Lyrics

Soul Window (feat. MOC & Ayiesha) Lyrics

I? m gazing out see you gazing in Kinda perplexed and wondering How can he be so calm and peaceful When hell? s breaking loose like volcanic juice See I? m resting in the next of heaven? s wind Since

17. Can't Take It Away (feat. tobyMac) Lyrics

Can't Take It Away (feat. tobyMac) Lyrics

So thinking back on it all, it

19. Let's Go (feat. Shonlock & Dave "Monsta" Lynch") Lyrics

Let's Go (feat. Shonlock & Dave

Chorus If you like how my squad do Turn it up pop the sunroof But if you front while we get loose We will shut down your whole crew Go, go, let

20. What You Want Lyrics

What You Want Lyrics

Turn up your radio dial this now the jam zone I'm making tracks homie serving their lacks until the amps blown With the kind of flows you can't clone My tight poems sewing the game up putting the clam