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1. 50 Years Behind the Sofa - Heavy history (Doctor Who Theme)

  • Published: 2013-12-06T01:31:39Z
  • By Gwylock1
50 Years Behind the Sofa - Heavy history (Doctor Who Theme)

This is what I'd like think of as the ultimate historical Doctor Who theme; every televised version synchronized and mixed in with added orchestration and filters, released as part of my 50th anniversary tribute album, which can be found here: Let me know what you think! I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism! - See more at:

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2. "Fifty Years Running" - A Tribute to the Doctor Who Theme

With apologies to Ron Grainer, Murray Gold and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, I post my version of the theme music for Doctor Who. Think of this as a distillation, if you will, of elements drawn from all the incarnations of the theme over the years - as well as some exciting new ones! The basic layout comes directly from the original Ron Grainer piano sheet music, with most of the orchestration and "filling-out" being inspired by Murray Gold's work on the 9th Doctor's theme. As a recorder player, I just couldn't leave my instrument out, so this work also includes a nod to the recorder-playing 2nd Doctor. Not too much left to say... Enjoy! ~Brandon

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3. Dark Techno_Essence

Dark Techno_Essence

For the comic book character previously known as Techno, see Fixer (comics). For the prefix, see techno-. Techno Stylistic origins Electro, Electropop, Post-disco, Chicago house, Industrial, Funk, Hi-NRG Cultural origins mid-1980s, Detroit, US Typical instruments Synthesizer, keyboards, sampler, drum machine, sequencer, personal computer Mainstream popularity Moderate, largely in late 1980s and 1990s in Europe, more popular in Eastern Europe and Brazil currently Derivative forms Minimal techno, acid techno, hardcore techno Subgenres Ambient techno, ghettotech, microhouse, tech house, tech trance, techstep (complete list) Fusion genres IDM, Trance, Eurodance Regional scenes Detroit techno, Nortec, Schranz Other topics Electronic musical instrument – computer music – record labels – raves – free party – teknival Techno is a form of electronic dance music (EDM that emerged in Detroit, Michigan (USA) in the mid to late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno, in reference to a genre of music, was in 1988. Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built. The initial take on techno arose from the melding of European electronic music by artists such as Kraftwerk with African American music including funk, electro, Chicago house and electric jazz. Added to this is the influence of futuristic and fictional themes that are relevant to life in American late capitalist society—particularly the book The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler. Pioneering producer Juan Atkins cites Toffler's phrase "techno rebels" as inspiring him to use the word techno to describe the musical style he helped to create. This unique blend of influences aligns techno with the aesthetic referred to as afrofuturism. To producers such as Derrick May, the transference of spirit from the body to the machine is often a central preoccupation; essentially an expression of technological spirituality. In this manner: "techno dance music defeats what Adorno saw as the alienating effect of mechanisation on the modern consciousness". Music journalists and fans of techno are generally selective in their use of the term; so a clear distinction can be made between sometimes related but often qualitatively different styles, such as tech house and trance. "Techno" is also commonly confused with generalized descriptors, such as electronic music and dance music. Origins The initial blueprint for techno was developed during the mid-1980s in Belleville, Michigan, a suburb of Deroit by Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May (the so-called Belleville Three), and Eddie Fowlkes, all of whom attended school together at Belleville High. By the close of the 1980s, the four had recorded and released material under various guises: Atkins as Model 500, Flintstones, and Magic Juan; Fowlkes simply as Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes; Saunderson as Reese, Keynotes, and Kaos; with May as Mayday, R-Tyme, and Rhythim Is Rhythim. There were also a number of joint ventures, the most commercially successful of which[citation needed] was "Big Fun," the first single by Saunderson's group Inner City; it was produced by Saunderson, mixed by Atkins, re-edited by Saunderson & May, and co-written by Saunderson with vocalist Paris Grey, and fellow DJs James Pennington and Arthur Forest. School days Prior to achieving notoriety, Atkins, Saunderson, May, and Fowlkes shared common interests as budding musicians, "mix" tape traders, and aspiring DJs. They also found musical inspiration via the Midnight Funk Association, an eclectic five-hour late-night radio program hosted on various Detroit radio stations, including WCHB, WGPR, and WJLB-FM from 1977 through the mid-1980s by DJ Charles "The Electrifying Mojo" Johnson.[20] Mojo's show featured electronic music by artists such as Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine Dream, alongside the funk sounds of Parliament, and danceable selections of new wave music from bands such as Devo and the B-52's. Atkins has noted: “ He [Mojo] played all the Parliament and Funkadelic that anybody ever wanted to hear. Those two groups were really big in Detroit at the time. In fact, they were one of the main reasons why disco didn't really grab hold in Detroit in '79. Mojo used to play a lot of funk just to be different from all the other stations that had gone over to disco. When 'Knee Deep' came out, that just put the last nail in the coffin of disco music. ” Despite the short-lived disco boom in Detroit, it had the effect of inspiring many individuals to take up mixing, Juan Atkins among them. Subsequently, Atkins taught May how to mix records, and in 1981, "Magic Juan", Derrick "Mayday", in conjunction with three other DJ's, one of whom was Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes, launched themselves as a party crew called Deep Space Soundworks (also referred to as Deep Space). In 1980 or 1981 they met with Mojo and proposed that they provide mixes for his show, which they did end up doing the following year. During the late 1970s/early 1980s high school clubs such as Brats, Charivari, Ciabattino, Comrades, Gables, Hardwear, Rafael, Rumours, Snobs, and Weekends created the incubator in which techno was grown. These young promoters developed and nurtured the local dance music scene by both catering to the tastes of the local audience of young people and by marketing parties with new DJs and their music. As these local clubs grew in popularity, groups of DJs began to band together to market their mixing skills and sound systems to the clubs in order to cater to the growing audiences of listeners. Locations like local church activity centers, vacant warehouses, offices, and YMCA auditoriums were the early locations where underage crowds gathered and the musical form was nurtured and defined. Clear, Cybotron's 1983 electro classic Juan Atkins Main article: Juan Atkins Of the four individuals responsible for establishing techno as a genre in its own right, Juan Atkins is widely cited as "The Originator".[29] Atkins' role was likewise acknowledged in 1995 by the American music technology publication Keyboard Magazine, which honored Atkins as one of 12 Who Count in the history of keyboard music. In the early 1980s, Atkins began recording with musical partner Richard "3070" Davis (and later with a third member, Jon-5) as Cybotron. This trio released a number of rock and electro-inspired tunes,[31] the most successful of which were "Clear" (1983) and its moodier followup, "Techno City" (1984). According to a recent bio on MySpace, Atkins claims to have ...coined the term techno to describe their music, taking as one inspiration the works of Futurist and author Alvin Toffler, from whom he borrowed the terms 'cybotron' and 'metroplex.' Atkins has used the term to describe earlier bands that made heavy use of synthesizers, such as Kraftwerk, although many people would consider Kraftwerk's music and Juan's early music in Cybotron as electro. Atkins viewed Cybotron's "Cosmic Cars" (1982) as unique, Germanic, synthesized funk, but he later heard Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" (1982) and considered it to be a superior example of the music he envisioned. Inspired, he resolved to continue experimenting, and he encouraged Saunderson and May to do likewise. Eventually, Atkins started producing his own music under the pseudonym Model 500, and in 1985 he established the record label Metroplex.[36] In the same year, he released a seminal work entitled "No UFOs," one of the first Detroit techno productions to receive wider attention and an important turning point for the music.[37][38] Of this time, Atkins has said “ When I started Metroplex around February or March of '85 and released "No UFOs," I thought I was just going to make my money back on it, but I wound up selling between 10,000 and 15,000 copies. I had no idea that my record would happen in Chicago. Derrick's parents had moved there, and he was making regular trips between Detroit and Chicago. So when I came out with 'No UFOs,' he took copies out to Chicago and gave them to some DJs, and it just happened. ” [edit]Detroit sound The early producers, enabled by the increasing affordability of sequencers and synthesizers, merged a European synth-pop aesthetic with aspects of soul, funk, disco, and electro, pushing electronic dance music into uncharted terrain. They deliberately rejected the Motown legacy and traditional formulas of R&B and soul, and instead embraced technological experimentation. “ Within the last 5 years or so, the Detroit underground has been experimenting with technology, stretching it rather than simply using it. As the price of sequencers and synthesizers has dropped, so the experimentation has become more intense. Basically, we're tired of hearing about being in love or falling out, tired of the R&B system, so a new progressive sound has emerged. We call it techno! ” —Juan Atkins, 1988 The resulting Detroit sound was interpreted by Derrick May and one journalist in 1988 as a "post-soul" sound with no debt to Motown, but by another journalist a decade later as "soulful grooves" melding the beat-centric styles of Motown with the music technology of the time.[43] May famously described the sound of techno as something that is " Detroit...a complete mistake. It's like George Clinton and Kraftwerk are stuck in an elevator with only a sequencer to keep them company." Juan Atkins has stated that it is "music that sounds like technology, and not technology that sounds like music, meaning that most of the music you listen to is made with technology, whether you know it or not. But with techno music, you know it." The sound exerted an influence on widely differing styles of electronic music, yet it also maintained an identity as a genre in its own right, one now commonly referred to as "Detroit techno." Chicago Main article: House music The music's producers, especially May and Saunderson, admit to having been fascinated by the Chicago club scene and influenced by house in particular. May's 1987/1989 hit "Strings of Life" (released under the alias Rhythim Is Rhythim) is considered a classic in both the house and techno genres.[46][47][48] Atkins also believes that the first acid house producers, seeking to distance house music from disco, emulated the techno sound. There is also suggestion that the Chicago house sound developed as a result of Frankie Knuckles' using a drum machine he bought from Derrick May. Juan Atkins claims: “ Derrick sold Chicago DJ Frankie Knuckles a TR909 drum machine. This was back when the Powerplant was open in Chicago, but before any of the Chicago DJs were making records. They were all into playing Italian imports; 'No UFOs' was the only U.S.-based independent record that they played. So Frankie Knuckles started using the 909 at his shows at the Powerplant. Boss had just brought out their little sampling footpedal, and somebody took one along there. Somebody was on the mic, and they sampled that and played it over the drumtrack pattern. Having got the drum machine and the sampler, they could make their own tunes to play at parties. One thing just led to another, and Chip E used the 909 to make his own record, and from then on, all these DJs in Chicago borrowed that 909 to come out with their own records. ” In the UK, a club following for house music grew steadily from 1985, with interest sustained by scenes in London, Manchester, Nottingham, and later Sheffield and Leeds. The DJs thought to be responsible for house's early UK success include Mike Pickering, Mark Moore, Colin Faver, and Graeme Park. Acid House See also: Acid house, Rave, and Second Summer of Love By 1988, house music had exploded in the UK, and acid house was increasingly popular. There was also a long established warehouse party subculture based around the sound system scene. In 1988, the music played at warehouse parties was predominantly house. That same year, the Balearic party vibe associated with Ibiza based DJ Alfredo Fiorito was transported to London, when Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold opened the clubs Shoom and Spectrum, respectively. Both night spots quickly became synonymous with acid house, and it was during this period that the use of MDMA, as a party drug, started to gain prominence. Other important UK clubs at this time included Back to Basics in Leeds, Sheffield's Leadmill and Music Factory, and in Manchester The Haçienda, where Mike Pickering and Graeme Park's Friday night spot, Nude, was an important proving ground for American EDM, including the first techno from Detroit. Acid house party fever escalated in London and Manchester, and it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. MDMA-fueled club goers, faced with 2 A.M. closing hours, sought refuge in the warehouse party scene that ran all night. To escape the attention of the press and the authorities, this after-hours activity quickly went underground. Within a year, however, up to 10,000 people at a time were attending the first commercially organized mass parties, called raves, and a media storm ensued. The success of house and acid house paved the way for wider acceptance of the Detroit sound, and vice-versa: techno was initially supported by a handful of house music clubs in Chicago, New York, and Northern England, with Detroit clubs catching up later; but in 1987, it was "Strings of Life" which eased London club-goers into acceptance of house, according to DJ Mark Moore. The New Dance Sound of Detroit Cover art for the 1988 compilation album, Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit The explosion of interest in EDM during the late 1980s provided a context for the development of techno as an identifiable genre. The mid-1988 UK release of Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit, an album compiled by ex-Northern Soul DJ and Kool Kat Records boss Neil Rushton (at the time an A&R scout for Virgin's "10 Records" imprint) and Derrick May, was an important milestone and marked the introduction of the word techno in reference to a specific genre of music. Although the compilation put techno into the lexicon of music journalism, the music was, for a time, sometimes characterized as Detroit's high-tech interpretation of Chicago house rather than a relatively pure genre unto itself. In fact, the compilation's working title had been The House Sound of Detroit until the addition of Atkins' song "Techno Music" prompted reconsideration. Rushton was later quoted as saying he, Atkins, May, and Saunderson came up with the compilation's final name together, and that the Belleville Three voted down calling the music some kind of regional brand of house; they instead favored a term they were already using, techno. Derrick May views this as one of his busiest times and recalls that it was a period where he “ was working with Carl Craig, helping Kevin, helping Juan, trying to put Neil Rushton in the right position to meet everybody, trying to get Blake Baxter endorsed so that everyone liked him, trying to convince Shake (Anthony Shakir) that he should be more assertive...and keep making music as well as do the Mayday mix (for the show Street Beat on Detroit's WJLB radio station) and run Transmat records...For years no one cared about what Juan and I were doing in Detroit, and then I found myself dealing with people that were jealous, out of the clear blue sky. ” Despite Virgin Records' disappointment with the poor sales of Rushton's compilation,[61] the record was successful in establishing an identity for techno and was instrumental in establishing a platform in Europe for the music and its producers.[62] Ultimately, the release served to distinguish the Detroit sound from Chicago house and other forms of EDM that were emerging during the rave era of the late 1980s and early '90s, a period during which techno became more adventurous and distinct. [edit]Music Institute In mid-1988, developments in the Detroit scene lead to the opening of nightclub called the Music Institute (MI), located at 1315 Broadway in downtown Detroit. The venue was secured by George Baker and Alton Miller with Darryl Wynn and Derrick May participating as Friday night DJs, and Baker and Chez Damier playing to a mostly gay crowd on Saturday nights. The club closed on November 24, 1989, with Derrick May playing "Strings of Life" along with a recording of clock tower bells.[65] May explains: “ It all happened at the right time by mistake, and it didn't last because it wasn't supposed to last. Our careers took off right around the time we [the MI] had to close, and maybe it was the best thing. I think we were peaking - we were so full of energy and we didn't know who we were or [how to] realize our potential. We had no inhibitions, no standards, we just did it. That's why it came off so fresh and innovative, and that's why...we got the best of the best. ” Though short-lived, MI was known internationally for its all-night sets, its sparse white rooms, and its juice bar stocked with "smart drinks" (the Institute never served liquor). The MI, notes Dan Sicko, along with Detroit's early techno pioneers, "helped give life to one of the city's important musical subcultures – one that was slowly growing into an international scene." Developments UR Featured on the cover of The Wire, November 2007 As the original sound evolved in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it also diverged to such an extent that a wide spectrum of stylistically distinct music was being referred to as techno. This ranged from relatively pop oriented acts such as Moby[66] to the distinctly anti-commercial sentiments[67] of Underground Resistance. Derrick May's experimentation on works such as Beyond the Dance (1989) and The Beginning (1990) were credited with taking techno in dozens of new directions at once and having the kind of expansive impact John Coltrane had on Jazz. By the late 1980s and early '90s, the original techno sound had garnered a large underground following in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium. The growth of techno's popularity in Europe between 1988 and 1992 was largely due to the emergence of the party scene known as rave and a thriving club culture. Exodus In America, apart from regional scenes in Detroit, New York, and Chicago, interest was limited. Producers from Detroit, frustrated by the lack of opportunity in their home country, looked to Europe for their future livelihood.[69] This first wave of Detroit expatriates was soon joined by a number of up-and-coming artists, the so called "second wave", including Carl Craig, Octave One, Jay Denham, Kenny Larkin, and Stacey Pullen, with UR's Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, and Robert Hood pushing their own unique sound. A number of New York producers were also making an impression at this time, notably Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, and Joey Beltram. In the same period, close to Detroit (Windsor, Ontario), Richie Hawtin, with business partner John Acquaviva, launched the influential imprint Plus 8 Records. Developments in American-produced techno between 1990 and 1992 fueled the expansion and eventual divergence of techno in Europe, particularly in Germany. n Berlin, following the closure of a free party venue called UFO, the club Tresor opened in 1991. The venue was for a time the standard bearer for techno and played host to many of the leading Detroit producers, some of whom relocated to Berlin. By 1993, as interest in techno in the UK club scene started to wane, Berlin was considered the unofficial techno capital of Europe. Although eclipsed by Germany, Belgium was another focus of second-wave techno in this time period. The Ghent-based label R&S Records embraced harder-edged techno by "teenage prodigies" like Beltram and C.J. Bolland, releasing "tough, metallic tracks...with harsh, discordant synth lines that sounded like distressed Hoovers," according to one music journalist. Berlin See also: Tresor, Love Parade, Hardcore techno, Gabber, and Electronic body music Germany's engagement with American EDM during the 1980s paralleled that in the UK. By 1987 a German party scene based around the Chicago sound was well established. The following year (1988) saw acid house making as significant an impact on popular consciousness in Germany as it had in England In 1989 German DJs Westbam and Dr. Motte established UFO, an illegal party venue, and co-founded the Love Parade. After the Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989, free underground techno parties mushroomed in East Berlin, and a rave scene comparable to that in the UK was established.[77] East German DJ Paul van Dyk has remarked that techno was a major force in reestablishing social connections between East and West Germany during the unification period. In 1991 a number of party venues closed, including UFO, and the Berlin Techno scene centered itself around three locations close to the foundations of the Berlin Wall: Planet (later renamed E-Werk by Paul van Dyk), Der Bunker, and the relatively long-lived Tresor. It was in Tresor at this time that a trend in paramilitary clothing was established (amongst the techno fraternity) by a DJ named Tanith; possibly as an expression of a commitment to the underground aesthetic of the music, or perhaps influenced by UR's paramilitary posturing. In the same period, German DJs began intensifying the speed and abrasiveness of the sound, as an acid infused techno began transmuting into hardcore. ] DJ Tanith commented at the time that: Berlin was always hardcore, hardcore hippie, hardcore punk, and now we have a very hardcore house sound. At the moment the tracks I play are an average one hundred and thirty-five beats per minute and every few months we add fifteen more. This emerging sound is thought to have been influenced by Dutch gabber and Belgian hardcore; styles that were in their own perverse way paying homage to Underground Resistance and Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 Records. Other influences on the development of this style were European Electronic Body Music (EBM) groups of the mid-1980s such as DAF, Front 242, and Nitzer Ebb.[84] In Germany, fans referred to this sound as Tekkno (or Bretter). This alternative spelling, with varying numbers of ks, began as a tongue-in-cheek attempt to emphasize the music's hardness, but by the mid-1990s it came to be associated with a controversial point of view that the music was and perhaps always had been wholly separate from Detroit's techno, deriving instead from a 1980s EBM-oriented club scene cultivated in part by DJ/musician Talla 2XLC in Frankfurt. [edit]A Techno Alliance In 1993, the German techno label Tresor Records released the compilation album Tresor II: Berlin & Detroit – A Techno Alliance,[86] a testament to the influence of the Detroit sound upon the German techno scene and a celebration of a "mutual admiration pact" between the two cities. As the mid-90s approached Berlin was becoming a haven for Detroit producers; Jeff Mills and Blake Baxter even resided there for a time. In the same period, with the assistance of Tresor, Underground Resistance released their X-101/X-102/X103 album series, Juan Atkins collaborated with 3MB's Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz Von Oswald and Tresor affiliated label Basic Channel had taken to having their releases mastered by Detroit's National Sound Corporation; the main mastering house for the entire Detroit dance music scene. In some sense popular electronic music had come full circle; Düsseldorf's Kraftwerk having been a primary influence on the electronic dance music of the 1980s. The dance sounds of Chicago also had a German connection as it was in Munich that Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte had first produced the 1970s Eurodisco synth pop sound. Minimal techno Main article: Minimal techno As EDM continued to transmute a number of Detroit producers began to question the trajectory techno was taking. One response came in the form of so-called minimal techno (a term producer Daniel Bell found difficult to accept, finding the term minimalism, in the artistic sense of the word, too "arty"). It is thought that Robert Hood, a Detroit based producer and one time member of UR, is largely responsible for ushering the emergence of the minimal strain of techno.[88] Hood describes the situation in the early 1990s as one where techno had become too "ravey", with increasing tempos leading to the emergence of gabber. Such trends saw the demise of the soul infused techno that typified the original Detroit sound leading Hood and others to redefine the music as "a basic stripped down, raw sound. Just drums, basslines and funky grooves and only what's essential. Only what is essential to make people move".[89] Hood explains: “ I think Dan [Bell] and I both realized that something was missing - an what we both know as techno. It sounded great from a production point of standpoint, but there was a 'jack' element in the [old] structure. People would complain that there's no funk, no feeling in techno anymore, and the easy escape is to put a vocalist and some piano on top to fill the emotional gap. I thought it was time for a return to the original underground. ” [edit]Jazz influences See also: Jazz, Jazz fusion, and Musical improvisation Some techno has also been influenced by or directly infused with elements of jazz.[90] This led to increased sophistication in the use of both rhythm and harmony in a number of techno productions.[91] Manchester (UK) based techno act 808 State helped fuel this development with tracks such as Pacific State[92] from the mini-album Quadrastate, and Cobra Bora, taken from the 1989 release Ninety. In Detroit, a producer heavily influenced by said jazz sensibilities at this time was Detroit's Mike Banks, a demonstration of which can be found on the influential Underground Resistance release Nation 2 Nation (1991). By 1993, Detroit acts such as Model 500 and UR had made explicit references to the genre, with the tracks "Jazz Is The Teacher" (1993)[75] and "Hi-Tech Jazz" (1993), the latter being part of a larger body of work and group called Galaxy 2 Galaxy, a self-described jazz project based on Kraftwerk's "man machine" doctrine. This lead was followed by a number of techno producers in the UK who were evidently influenced of both jazz and UR, Dave Angels' Seas of Tranquility EP (1994) being a case in point. [edit]Intelligent techno See also: Intelligent dance music and electronica In 1991 UK music journalist Matthew Collin wrote that "Europe may have the scene and the energy, but it's America which supplies the ideological direction...if Belgian techno gives us riffs, German techno the noise, British techno the breakbeats, then Detroit supplies the sheer cerebral depth".[98] By 1992 a general rejection of rave culture, by a number of European producers and labels who were attempting to redress what they saw as the corruption and commercialization of the original techno ideal, was evident.[99] Following this the ideal of an intelligent or Detroit derived pure techno aesthetic began to take hold. Detroit techno had maintained its integrity throughout the rave era and was inspiring a new generation of so called intelligent techno producers. As the mid-1990s approached, the term had gained common usage in an attempt to differentiate the increasingly sophisticated takes on EDM[100] from other strands of techno that had emerged,including overtly commercial strains and harder, rave-oriented variants such as breakbeat hardcore, Schranz, Dutch Gabber. Simon Reynolds observes that this progression "...involved a full-scale retreat from the most radically posthuman and hedonistically functional aspects of rave music toward more traditional ideas about creativity, namely the auteur theory of the solitary genius who humanizes technology...". Warp Records was among the first to capitalize upon this development with the release of the compilation album Artificial Intelligence[102] Of this time, Warp founder and managing director Steve Beckett has said “ ...the dance scene was changing and we were hearing B-sides that weren't dance but were interesting and fitted into experimental, progressive rock, so we decided to make the compilation Artificial Intelligence, which became a milestone... it felt like we were leading the market rather than it leading us, the music was aimed at home listening rather than clubs and dance floors: people coming home, off their nuts, and having the most interesting part of the night listening to totally tripped out music. The sound fed the scene. ” Warp had originally marketed Artificial Intelligence using the description electronic listening music but this was quickly replaced by intelligent techno. In the same period (1992–93) other names were also bandied about such as armchair techno, ambient techno, and electronica, but all were used to describe an emerging form of post-rave dance music for the sedentary and stay at home.[105] Following the commercial success of the compilation in the United States, Intelligent Dance Music eventually became the phrase most commonly used to describe much of the experimental EDM emerging during the mid to late 1990s. Although it is primarily Warp that has been credited with ushering the commercial growth of IDM and electronica, in the early 1990s there were many notable labels associated with the initial intelligence trend that received little, if any, wider attention. Amongst others they include: Black Dog Productions (1989), Carl Craig's Planet E (1991), Kirk Degiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology (1991), Eevo Lute Muzique (1991), General Production Recordings (1991), New Electronica (1993), Mille Plateaux (1993), 100% Pure (1993), and Ferox Records (1993). [edit]Free techno See also: Free tekno, Teknival, Free Party, Acid techno, and DIY culture In the early 1990s a post-rave, DIY, free party scene had established itself in the UK. It was largely based around an alliance between warehouse party goers from various urban squat scenes and politically inspired new age travellers. The new agers offered a readymade network of countryside festivals that were hastily adopted by squatters and ravers alike. Prominent among the sound systems operating at this time were Tonka in Brighton, DiY in Nottingham, Bedlam, Circus Warp, LSDiesel and London's Spiral Tribe. The high point of this free party period came in May 1992 when with less than 24 hours notice and little publicity more than 35,000 gathered at the Castlemorton Common Festival for 5 days of partying. This one event was largely responsible for the introduction in 1994 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act;[108] effectively leaving the British free party scene for dead. Following this many of the traveller artists moved away from Britain to Europe, the US, Goa in India, Koh Phangan in Thailand and Australia's East Coast.[107] In the rest of Europe, due in some part to the inspiration of traveling sound systems from the UK, rave enjoyed a prolonged existence as it continued to expand across the continent. Spiral Tribe, Bedlam and other English sound systems took their cooperative techno ideas to Europe, particularly Eastern Europe where it was cheaper to live, and audiences were quick to appropriate the free party ideology. It was European Teknival free parties, such as the annual Czechtek event in the Czech Republic that gave rise to several French, German and Dutch sound systems. Many of these groups found audiences easily and were often centered around squats in cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin. [edit]Divergence See also: List of electronic music genres By 1994 there were a number of techno producers in the UK and Europe building on the Detroit sound, but a growing range of EDM styles were by then vying for attention. Some drew upon the Detroit techno aesthetic, while others fused components of preceding dance music forms. This led to the appearance (in the UK initially) of inventive new music, some of which bore little, if any, relation to the original techno sound; jungle (drum and bass) being a primary example, its origins having more to do with hip-hop, soul, and reggae, than with the EDM from Detroit and Chicago. With an increasing diversification (and commercialization) of dance music, the collectivist sentiment prominent in the early rave scene diminished, each new faction having its own particular attitude and vision of how dance music (or in certain cases, non-dance music) should evolve. Some examples not already mentioned are trance, industrial techno, breakbeat hardcore, acid techno, and happy hardcore. Less well-known styles related to techno or its subgenres include the primarily Sheffield (UK) based bleep techno, a regional variant that had some success between 1989 and 1991, and a scene that was responsible for putting Warp Records on the map (largely as a result of its fifth release, LFO's self-titled 12″). By the end of the 1990s a number of post-techno [109] EDM styles had emerged including wonky techno, ghettotech (a style that combines some of the aesthetics of techno with hip-hop and house music), nortec, glitch, digital hardcore, and so-called no-beat techno Commercial exposure Underworld during a live performance Whilst techno and its derivatives only occasionally produce commercially successful mainstream acts—Underworld and Orbital being two better known examples—the genre has significantly affected many other areas of music. In an effort to appear relevant, many established artists, for example Madonna and U2, have dabbled with dance music, yet such endeavors have rarely evidenced a genuine understanding or appreciation of techno's origins. The mainstream music industry has been responsible for the growth of a huge remix industry. This is largely a drive to gain exposure for artists that are not identified with club styles such as house, techno, and drum & bass. Many club acts and dance DJs have made very successful careers out of remixing alone, Armand Van Helden being a good example. More recently, contemporary R&B has taken a significant foray into the dance genre, thanks largely to club scene remixes such as Freemasons' recent interpretations of Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, and whilst some criticize this as indicative of the music industry's seeking greater exposure for its big-act roster, it can also be viewed as a natural part of the process of musical evolution. One R&B artist, Missy Elliott, inadvertently exposed the popular music audience to the Detroit techno sound when she featured material from Cybotron's Clear on her 2006 release "Lose Control"; this resulted in Juan Atkins' receiving a Grammy Award nomination for his writing credit. Elliott's 2001 album Miss E... So Addictive also clearly demonstrates the influence of club culture. Hip hop and pop music producers have also incorporated elements of electronic dance music recently, some examples include Lady Gaga's single "Poker Face" use of Trance music sounds, and The Black Eyed Peas use of techno sound in their song "Boom Boom Pow" (after Fergie's vocals). In recent years, the publication of relatively accurate histories by authors Simon Reynolds (Generation Ecstasy aka Energy Flash) and Dan Sicko (Techno Rebels), plus mainstream press coverage of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, have helped to diffuse the genre's more dubious mythology.[112] Even the Detroit-based company Ford Motors eventually became savvy to the mass appeal of techno, noting that "...this music was created partly by the pounding clangor of the Motor City's auto factories. It became natural for us to incorporate Detroit techno into our commercials after we discovered that young people are embracing techno." With a marketing campaign targeting under-35s, Ford used "Detroit Techno" as a print ad slogan and chose Model 500's "No UFO's" to underpin its November 2000 MTV television advertisement for the Ford Focus. In attempting to sum up the changes since the heyday of Detroit techno, Derrick May has since revised his famous quote in stating that "Kraftwerk got off on the third floor and now George Clinton's got Napalm Death in there with him. The elevator's stalled between the pharmacy and the athletic wear store." Proto-techno See also: Kraftwerk, Italo disco, Euro disco, Synth-pop, New romantic, Electro music, and Electronic music Kraftwerk: Computer World (1981), first popularized in the U.S. by radio station WLBS-FM, "Detroit’s version of New York’s disco WBLS". In exploring techno's origins writer Kodwo Eshun maintains that Kraftwerk are to Techno what Muddy Waters is to the Rolling Stones: the authentic, the origin, the real. Juan Atkins has acknowledged that he had an early enthusiasm for Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, particularly Moroder's work with Donna Summer and the producer's own album E=MC². Atkins also mentions that "...around 1980 I had a tape of nothing but Kraftwerk, Telex, Devo, Giorgio Moroder and Gary Numan, and I'd ride around in my car playing it." Atkins has also claimed he was unaware of Kraftwerk's music prior to his collaboration with Rick Davis, which was two years after he had first started experimenting with electronic instruments.[121] Regarding his initial impression of Kraftwerk, Atkins notes that they were clean and precise relative to the weird UFO sounds featured in his seemingly psychedelic music. Derrick May identified the influence of Kraftwerk and other European synthesizer music in commenting that it was just classy and clean, and to us it was beautiful, like outer space. Living around Detroit, there was so little beauty... everything is an ugly mess in Detroit, and so we were attracted to this music. It, like, ignited our imagination!.[123] May has commented that he considered his music a direct continuation of the European synthesizer tradition.[124] Kevin Saunderson has also acknowledged the influence of Europe but he claims to have been more inspired by the idea of making music with electronic equipment: I was more infatuated with the idea that I can do this all myself. The noted popularity of Euro disco and Italo disco music of various acts including Moroder, Alexander Robotnick, and Claudio Simonetti (referred to as progressive in Detroit) and new romantic synth pop performers such as Visage, The Human League, and Heaven 17 on the Detroit high school party scene from which techno emerged[125] has prompted a number of commentators to try and redefine the origins of techno, by incorporating musical precursors to the Detroit sound as part of a wider historical survey of the genres development.[120][126][127] This results in a chronologically distinct point of origination being removed. To support this view, they point to examples such as "Sharevari" (1981) by A Number of Names,[128] danceable selections from Kraftwerk (1977–83), the earliest compositions by Cybotron (1981), Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder's "I Feel Love" (1977), Moroder's "From Here to Eternity" (1977), and Manuel Göttsching's proto-techno masterpiece[127] E2-E4 (1981). Another example is a record entitled Love in C minor, released in 1976 by Parisian Euro disco producer Jean-Marc Cerrone; cited as the first so called conceptual disco production and the record from which house, techno, and other EDM styles flowed. It is apparent that certain electro-disco and European synth pop productions share with techno a dependence on machine-generated dance rhythms but comparisons are not without contention. Efforts to regress further into the past, in search of antecedents, entails a further regression, to the sequenced electronic music of Raymond Scott, whose "The Rhythm Modulator," "The Bass-Line Generator," and "IBM Probe" are considered early examples of techno-like music. In a review of Scott's Manhattan Research Inc. compilation album the English newspaper The Independent suggested that Scott's importance lies mainly in his realization of the rhythmic possibilities of electronic music, which laid the foundation for all electro-pop from disco to techno. Another example of early EDM-like music has recently come to light (2008). On a tape, reportedly made in the mid to late 1960s by the original composer of the Doctor Who theme, Delia Derbyshire, is evidence of music virtually indistinguishable from contemporary EDM. Paul Hartnoll, formerly of the dance group Orbital describes the example as quite amazing and notes that it sounds not unlike something that could be coming out next week on Warp Records. [edit]Music production practice Stylistic considerations Reason: a popular software based music production environment In general, techno is very DJ-friendly, being mainly instrumental (commercial varieties being an exception) and is produced with the intention of its being heard in the context of a continuous DJ set, wherein the DJ progresses from one record to the next via a synchronized segue or "mix." Much of the instrumentation in techno emphasizes the role of rhythm over other musical parameters, but the design of synthetic timbres, and the creative use of music production technology in general, are important aspects of the overall aesthetic practice. The main drum part is almost universally in common time (4/4); meaning 4 quarter note pulses per bar. In its simplest form, time is marked with kicks (bass drum beats) on each quarter-note pulse, a snare or clap on the second and fourth pulse of the bar, with an open hi-hat sound every second eighth note. This is essentially a disco (or even polka) drum pattern and is common throughout house music and house-influenced genres such as techno. The tempo tends to vary between approximately 120 bpm (quarter note equals 120 pulses per minute) and 150 bpm, depending on the style of techno. Some of the drum programming employed in the original Detroit-based techno made use of syncopation and polyrhythm, yet in many cases the basic disco-type pattern was used as a foundation, with polyrhythmic elaborations added using other drum machine voices. This syncopated-feel (funkiness) distinguishes the Detroit strain of techno from other variants. It is a feature that many DJs and producers still use to differentiate their music from commercial forms of techno, the majority of which tend to be devoid of syncopation. Derrick May has summed up the sound as 'Hi-tech Tribalism': something "very spiritual, very bass oriented, and very drum oriented, very percussive. The original techno music was very hi-tech with a very percussive feel... it was extremely, extremely Tribal. It feels like you're in some sort of hi-tech village." Compositional techniques Example of a professional production environment Unlike other forms of EDM that tend to be produced with synthesizer keyboards, techno does not always strictly adhere to the harmonic practice of Western music and such strictures are often ignored in favor of timbral manipulation alone. The use of motivic development (though relatively limited) and the employment of conventional musical frameworks is more widely found in commercial techno styles, for example Euro-trance, where the template is often an AABA song structure. There are many ways to create techno, but the vast majority will depend upon the use of loop-based step sequencing as a compositional method. Techno musicians, or producers, rather than employing traditional compositional techniques, may work in an improvisatory fashion,[135] often treating the electronic music studio as one large instrument. The collection of devices found in a typical studio will include units that are capable of producing unique timbres and effects but technical proficiency is required for the technology to be exploited creatively. Studio production equipment is generally synchronized using a hardware- or computer-based MIDI sequencer, enabling the producer to combine, in one arrangement, the sequenced output of many devices. A typical approach to utilizing this type of technology compositionally is to overdub successive layers of material while continuously looping a single measure, or sequence of measures. This process will usually continue until a suitable multi-track arrangement has been produced. Once a single loop based arrangement has been generated, a producer may then focus on developing a temporal framework. This is a process of dictating how the summing of the overdubbed parts will unfold in time, and what the final structure of the piece will be. Some producers achieve this by adding or removing layers of material at appropriate points in the mix. Quite often, this is achieved by physically manipulating a mixer, sequencer, effects, dynamic processing, equalization, and filtering while recording to a multi-track device. Other producers achieve similar results by using the automation features of computer-based digital audio workstations. Techno can consist of little more than cleverly programmed rhythmic sequences and looped motifs combined with signal processing of one variety or another, frequency filtering being a commonly used process. A more idiosyncratic approach to production is evident in the music of artists such as Twerk and Autechre, where aspects of algorithmic composition are employed in the generation of material. [edit]Retro technology Instruments used by the original techno producers based in Detroit, many of which are now highly sought after on the retro music technology market, include classic drum machines like the Roland TR-808 and TR-909, devices such as the Roland TB-303 bass line generator, and synthesizers such as the Roland SH-101, Kawai KC10, Yamaha DX7, and Yamaha DX100 (as heard on Derrick May's seminal 1987 techno release Nude Photo).[68] Much of the early music sequencing was executed via MIDI (but neither the TR-808 nor the TB-303 had MIDI, only DIN sync) using hardware sequencers such as the Korg SQD1 and Roland MC-50, and the limited amount of sampling that was featured in this early style was accomplished using an Akai S900. The TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines have since achieved legendary status, a fact that is now reflected in the prices sought for used devices. During the 1980s the 808 became the staple beat machine in Hip hop production while the 909 found its home in House music and techno. It was the pioneers of Detroit techno [who] were making the 909 the rhythmic basis of their sound, and setting the stage for the rise of Roland's vintage Rhythm Composer. In November 1995 the UK music technology magazine Sound on Sound noted: “ There can be few hi-tech instruments which still command a second-hand price only slightly lower than their original selling price 10 years after their launch. Roland's now near-legendary TR-909 is such an example—released in 1984 with a retail price of £999, they now fetch up to £900 on the second-hand market! The irony of the situation is that barely a year after its launch, the 909 was being 'chopped out' by hi-tech dealers for around £375, to make way for the then-new TR-707 and TR-727. Prices hit a new low around 1988, when you could often pick up a second-user 909 for under £200—and occasionally even under £100. Musicians all over the country are now garrotting themselves with MIDI leads as they remember that 909 they sneered at for £100—or worse, the one they sold for £50 (did you ever hear the one about the guy who gave away his TB-303 Bassline—now worth anything up to £900 from true loony collectors—because he couldn't sell it?) ” By May 1996 Sound on Sound was reporting that the popularity of the 808 had started to decline, with the rarer TR-909 taking its place as the dance floor drum machine to use. This is thought to have arisen for a number of reasons: the 909 gives more control over the drum sounds, has better programming and includes MIDI as standard. Sound on Sound reported that the 909 was selling for between £900 and £1100 and noted that the 808 was still collectible, but maximum prices had peaked at about £700 to £800. Such prices have held in the 12 years since the article was published, this can be evidenced by a quick search on eBay. Emulation In the latter half of the 1990s the demand for vintage drum machines and synthesisers motivated a number of software companies to produce computer based emulators. One of the most notable was the ReBirth RB-338, produced by the Swedish company Propellerhead and originally released in May 1997.[140] Version one of the software featured two TB-303s and a TR-808 only, but the release of version two saw the inclusion of a TR-909. A Sound on Sound review of the RB-338 V2 in November 1998 noted that Rebirth had been called "the ultimate techno software package" and mentions that it was "a considerable software success story of 1997". In America Keyboard Magazine asserted that ReBirth had "opened up a whole new paradigm: modeled analog synthesizer tones, percussion synthesis, pattern based sequencing, all integrated in one piece of software". Despite the success of ReBirth RB-338, it was officially taken out of production in September 2005. Propellerhead then made it freely available for download from a website called the "ReBirth Museum". The site also features extensive information about the software's history and development. In March 2001, with the release of Reason V1, Propellerhead upped the ante in providing a £300 software based electronic music studio, comprising a 14-input automated digital mixer, 99-note polyphonic 'analogue' synth, classic Roland-style drum machine, sample-playback unit, analogue-style step sequencer, loop player, multitrack sequencer, eight effects processors, and over 500 MB of synthesizer patches and samples. With this release Propellerhead were credited with "creating a buzz that only happens when a product has really tapped into the zeitgeist, and may just be the one that many [were] waiting for." Reason has since achieved popular appeal and is now (as of April 2008) at version 4. [edit]Technological advances In recent years, as computer technology has become more accessible and music software has advanced, interacting with music production technology is now possible using means that bear no relationship to traditional musical performance practices: for instance, laptop performance (laptronica) and live coding. In the last decade a number of software-based virtual studio environments have emerged, with products such as Propellerhead's Reason and Ableton Live finding popular appeal. These software-based music production tools provide viable and cost-effective alternatives to typical hardware-based production studios, and thanks to advances in microprocessor technology, it is now possible to create high quality music using little more than a single laptop computer. Such advances have democratized music creation, leading to a massive increase in the amount of home-produced music available to the general public via the internet. Artists can now also individuate their sound by creating personalized software synthesizers, effects modules, and various composition environments. Devices that once existed exclusively in the hardware domain can easily have virtual counterparts. Some of the more popular software tools for achieving such ends are commercial releases such as Max/Msp and Reaktor and freeware packages such as Pure Data, SuperCollider, and ChucK. In some sense, as a result of technological innovation, the DIY mentality that was once a core part of dance music culture is seeing a resurgence.

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4. Feed Me Mega Mix

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Feed Me Mega Mix

Deep House 1. Achterbahn dAmour - Into the wilde (Original Mix) [Frank Music] (3:48) 2. Achterbahn dAmour - JX2 (Original Mix) [Frank Music] (7:35) 3. Achterbahn dAmour - The middle of (Original Mix) [Frank Music] (6:09) 4. Adryan, Sandrino - Either Or (Aeromaschine Revision) [Moodmusic] (6:06) 5. Adryan, Sandrino - Either Or (Marcus Sur Remix) [Moodmusic] (6:51) 6. Adryan, Sandrino - Either Or (Original Mix) [Moodmusic] (8:03) 7. Adryan, Sandrino - Either Or (Rob Slac Remix) [Moodmusic] (6:21) 8. Artful Dice - Peaceful Dawn (Original Mix) [Zelos Deep] (6:46) 9. Attaboy - Black Jack (Original Mix) [Night Drive Music] (7:57) 10. Camelphat - A Night With Dr Leary (Original Mix) [Vice Records] (7:28) 11. Carl Howson, D McAleese - Avoiding Sunlight (Original Mix) [Discotech Records] (6:51) 12. Carl Howson, D McAleese - Deleted Scenes (Original Mix) [Discotech Records] (7:30) 13. Chrono - Bitches (Original Mix) [Basica Recordings] (6:25) 14. Cuebrick - Get Up (Original Mix) [Galvanic] (6:00) 15. Cuebrick - Lay down (Original Mix) [Galvanic] (7:13) 16. Cuebrick - Lets Party (Original Mix) [Galvanic] (12:05) 17. Dan Caster - Every Morning (Morning Mix) [Supdub Records] (7:27) 18. Dan Caster - Musica (Original Mix) [Supdub Records] (7:52) 19. Dapayk, Padberg - Backyard (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (4:33) 20. Dapayk, Padberg - Continental Drift (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (6:19) 21. Dapayk, Padberg - Driveby Beauty (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (5:07) 22. Dapayk, Padberg - Play (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (5:51) 23. Dapayk, Padberg - Sweet Nothings (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (4:55) 24. Dapayk, Padberg - Too Lazy (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (6:01) 25. Dualton - Interlagos (Original Mix) [Exotic Refreshment] (7:13) 26. Fantastic Man - Look This Way (Original Mix) [Wolf Music US] (6:46) 27. Felipe L - Too Sexy Music (Andres Santana Remix) [FM Digital] (8:38) 28. Felipe L - Too Sexy Music (Christian Knoblauch Ajo Dub Treatment) [FM Digital] (8:10) 29. Felipe L - Too Sexy Music (Dubman F Remix) [FM Digital] (7:08) 30. Felipe L - Too Sexy Music (Original) [FM Digital] (7:13) 31. Felix Cage - Love Again (Souldust Remix) [Electronical Reeds] (6:16) 32. Felix Cage - Love Again feat Lazarusman (Marcin Czubala Remix) [Electronical Reeds] (6:42) 33. Felix Cage - Love Again feat Lazarusman (Max Duke Remix) [Electronical Reeds] (6:40) 34. Franck Roger, Terence Terry - Beaucoup La Fete (Original Mix) [Real Tone Records] (7:20) 35. Franck Roger, Terence Terry - Hustling Peoples (Original Mix) [Real Tone Records] (7:42) 36. Franck Roger, Terence Terry - This Is Now (Original Mix) [Real Tone Records] (7:40) 37. Gadi Mizrahi - So Addicted To You (Original Mix) [Double Standard Records] (7:17) 38. Gepy, Inigo Surio - Bandidos (Original Mix) [Beiak Records] (7:29) 39. Gepy, Inigo Surio - Cabernet Le Miserable (Original Mix) [Beiak Records] (8:11) 40. Giovanni DAmico - Get In love (Original Mix) [Night Drive Music] (6:00) 41. Hardmix - Acid House (Original Mix) [Hardmix Music] (5:39) 42. Hardmix - Concept (Original Mix) [Hardmix Music] (6:37) 43. Hardmix - Delirio Coletivo (Original Mix) [Hardmix Music] (6:47) 44. Hardmix - Future (Original Mix) [Hardmix Music] (6:28) 45. Higinio - Among Peer (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:27) 46. Higinio - Ethereal (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:57) 47. Higinio - For Real (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:12) 48. Higinio - Heaven Knows (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:54) 49. Higinio - Island Girl (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:21) 50. Higinio - Look to the Future (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:23) 51. Higinio - Random Variations (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (6:59) 52. Higinio - Restless (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] (7:08) 53. Iban Reus, Kodiak, Rad Damon - Space Expedition feat Iban Reus Rad Damon (Deep Mix) [Insert Coin] (6:49) 54. Jacksonville - Party on Strange Street (Original Mix) [Doppler Records] (7:21) 55. Jacksonville - Twilight Industries (Original Mix) [Doppler Records] (8:07) 56. Javi Lopez - Let Me Be (Dubman F Remix) [WhoBear Records] (7:41) 57. Jon Sweetname - Deep String (Original Mix) [Adult Music Records] (6:41) 58. Jon Sweetname - Minkast (Original Mix) [Adult Music Records] (6:47) 59. Kenflow - You (MellowHead Mix) [kenflowmusic] (4:32) 60. Kris Wadsworth - Cliche (Original Mix) [Morris Audio] (8:04) 61. Krl - Decay (Original Mix) [Wolf Music US] (5:57) 62. Krl - Deep Down (Ethyl Remix) [Wolf Music US] (7:24) 63. Krl - Deep Down (Original Mix) [Wolf Music US] (6:14) 64. Krl - Nerve (Original Mix) [Wolf Music US] (6:49) 65. Krl - There Is Nothing You Can Teach Me (Original Mix) [Wolf Music US] (6:46) 66. Marco Grandi - Love (Le Vinyl & Mani Rivera Remix) [Ready Mix Records] (9:20) 67. Marco Grandi - Love (Onur Ozman Frozen Confusion Mix) [Ready Mix Records] (7:12) 68. Marco Grandi - Love (Original Mix) [Ready Mix Records] (7:32) 69. Marco Grandi - Love (Sendos Fuera Remix) [Ready Mix Records] (6:20) 70. Matteo Domenici - Dirty Love (Original Mix) [Beat Control Records] (6:22) 71. Miguel Amaral - Free Soul (Original Mix) [Organika Records Exklusive] (7:23) 72. MLP - Follow Me Groove (Original Mix) [Lantus Recordings] (6:30) 73. MLP - How Do U (Original Mix) [Lantus Recordings] (6:04) 74. MLP - Love Me (Original Mix) [Lantus Recordings] (6:01) 75. Moe Turk - Redefine (Original mix) [Vibe Lebanon Records] (7:20) 76. Monkeys Bootique - Ledies & Gentelmens (Original Mix) [Night Drive Music] (7:07) 77. Oddvar - Shine On Me (Original Mix) [Darkstar] (6:43) 78. Oddvar - Well Shaked Mix (Original Mix) [Darkstar] (6:40) 79. Olaf Stuut - I See (Original Mix) [Rhapsodic Records] (6:29) 80. Olin, Savile - Horizon (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Suns Down Mix) [Wazi Wazi Music] (7:06) 81. Olin, Savile - Horizon (Marlows Raw Perspective) [Wazi Wazi Music] (7:08) 82. Olin, Savile - Horizon (Original Mix) [Wazi Wazi Music] (8:59) 83. Olin, Savile - Neigh (Original Mix) [Wazi Wazi Music] (7:58) 84. Paco Buggin - Paranoia Deep (Original Mix) [Infinity] (6:46) 85. Pepe Acebal - Alright (Original Mix) [Kindisch] (6:19) 86. Pepe Acebal - We Will Stay Together (Original Mix) [Kindisch] (6:22) 87. Phil Weeks - Pimpin 4 Weeks (Original Mix) [Robsoul Recordings] (7:14) 88. Rene Breitbarth - Diaphone (Original Mix) [Deep Data] (5:30) 89. Rene Breitbarth - Mermaid Syndrome (Original Mix) [Deep Data] (8:42) 90. Rene Breitbarth - Sympodia (Original Mix) [Deep Data] (7:31) 91. Rhadow - Memory Bliss (Original Mix) [Loudness Records] (6:48) 92. Ricky Garcia - The Slave (Original Mix) [SL Records] (8:11) 93. Savile - Well Wish (Original Mix) [Wazi Wazi Music] (6:39) 94. Sharon Pass, Greg Gibbs - Call My Name (Ambient Insrumental) [Peppermint Jam] (6:54) 95. Sharon Pass, Greg Gibbs - Call My Name (Ambient Vox Mix) [Peppermint Jam] (7:01) 96. Sharon Pass, Greg Gibbs - Call My Name (Anthem Instrumental) [Peppermint Jam] (8:19) 97. Sharon Pass, Greg Gibbs - Call My Name (Anthem Vox Mix) [Peppermint Jam] (8:04) 98. Simon Garcia - Bass II Bass (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings] (7:04) 99. Simon Garcia - Cavern (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings] (9:08) 100. Simon Garcia - Cavern (Wagon Cookin Remix) [Poker Flat Recordings] (8:41) 101. Simon Garcia - Options (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings] (8:13) 102. Soul Clap, Gadi Mizrahi - Romantic Comedy (Original Mix) [Double Standard Records] (6:49) 103. Soul Clap, Gadi Mizrahi - Yer Body Kills Me (Original Mix) [Double Standard Records] (6:30) 104. Soul Clap - Funk Sex (Original Mix) [Double Standard Records] (5:56) 105. Stefan Z - Connors Theme (Original Mix) [Rhombus] (6:35) 106. Stefan Z - Nova (Original Mix) [Rhombus] (6:58) 107. Stop Thinking - We Can Change (Original Mix) [PlusEins] (9:57) 108. Sunset Makers - All My Feelings (Original Mix) [Klam Records] (7:06) 109. Sunset Makers - So Good (Discosoul Remix) [Klam Records] (7:40) 110. Sunset Makers - So Good (Original Mix) [Klam Records] (7:40) 111. Sven Kerkhoff - Ambos (Chris Noise Remix) [Vogelfrei] (8:15) 112. The House Nerds - Express Oneself (Original Mix) [House Nerds Audio] (5:34) 113. The House Nerds - Thatll Do (Original Mix) [House Nerds Audio] (6:23) 114. Theo Arango - Blue Tracks (Original Mix) [ZenQ Recordings] (6:07) 115. Victor John Junior - I Love Sax (Magnus Wedberg AKA Tourist Mix) [Grand Theft Audio Recordings] (8:19) 116. Vincent Pisany, Andy B - Lexic Cluck (Original Mix) [Solfato Records] (10:42) 117. Vincent Pisany, Andy B - To Night (Original Mix) [Solfato Records] (8:06) 118. Yashin - Onda (Original Mix) [SPADES] (6:40) 119. Yashin - Onda (Wemove Remix) [SPADES] (8:58) Electro House 1. Miami Mashups - Feeling (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (6:45) 2. Miami Mashups - Higher Levels (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (6:05) 3. Miami Mashups - Rolling (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (6:08) 4. Miami Mashups - Sofi Needs A Drift (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (7:05) 5. Miami Mashups - Someone Like Hydra (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (7:56) House 1. Acoustic Food - 4 U (Original Mix) [Irma Records] (5:38) 2. Christian Hornbostel, Zons Of Zambesi - Zambesi (Album Mix) [Blissful Moods] (5:32) 3. DJ Slider & DJ Magnit pres. Slam DJs feat Zeni - Touch (DJ Leo Chad Dub) (5:38) 4. Don Gorda, Blue Wave - Lost For Words (Original Mix) [Blissful Moods] (5:20) Indie Dance/Nu Disco 1. Kike Fernandez - Green Sun (Original Mix) [Bedroom Chill] (5:01) 2. Kike Fernandez - Laberinto (Original Mix) [Bedroom Chill] (5:13) 3. Kike Fernandez - Urbano (Original Mix) [Bedroom Chill] (5:04) 4. Laurent Mauritz, K Fel - The Devil Is in the Detail (Extended) [Only Electro] (5:37) 5. Superlover - Sequential Circuits (Theatre Of Delays Remix) [Superlover] (6:42) Minimal 1. Acida Corporation - Shell Spectrum (Original Mix) [NoLogik Records] (8:08) 2. Acida Corporation - Sins Industry (Original Mix) [NoLogik Records] (8:10) 3. Ale Salas - Chiskeyro (Original) [Xela Digital] (7:35) 4. Ale Salas - Control (Original) [Xela Digital] (7:37) 5. Ambito - La Burrita (Jose Cabello Sasho Interpretation Remix) [4slash4] (8:52) 6. Ambito - Una Flor En Tu Pecho (Jose Cabello El Chivo Dub Remix) [4slash4] (9:19) 7. Andrea Viniolla - Call Me Fresh (Maverickz Remix) [NoLogik Records] (7:16) 8. Andrea Viniolla - Call Me Fresh (Original Mix) [NoLogik Records] (6:04) 9. Andrez, Miss M - Gotta Keep On Dancing Remix feat Miss M (Ale Salas remix) [BIT Records Mexico] (7:07) 10. Clark Davis - Tretroller (Rocko Garoni Remix) [Der Turnbeutel] (6:55) 11. Clif Jack - Pasion Nativa (Original Mix) [Officina Sonora] (6:57) 12. Clif Jack - Pasion Nativa (Remix One) [Officina Sonora] (6:01) 13. Clif Jack - Pasion Nativa (Remix Two) [Officina Sonora] (6:02) 14. Dan Caster - Every Morning (Ma Mix) [Supdub Records] (6:54) 15. Dani Sbert, Tony Kairom - Killer (Original Mix) [Bosphorus Underground Recordings] (7:20) 16. Daniel Kaufman, Markus Noise - Kontrol (Keira Remix) [MVitamine Recordings] (6:18) 17. Daniel Kaufman, Markus Noise - Kontrol (Min & Mal Remix) [MVitamine Recordings] (6:10) 18. Daniel Kaufman, Markus Noise - Kontrol (Original Mix) [MVitamine Recordings] (7:07) 19. Daniel Kaufman, Markus Noise - Kontrol (Swallen Remix) [MVitamine Recordings] (6:26) 20. Datastix - Penumbra (Original Mix) [Der Turnbeutel] (10:13) 21. Dj Henna - Xiki Xiki (Original Mix) [Underground Avenue Records] (6:02) 22. Djafar - Horn Aerial (Original) [Wald Und Wiese] (5:31) 23. Djafar - Rich And Rush (Original) [Wald Und Wiese] (6:12) 24. Djafar - Saw Dark (Original) [Wald Und Wiese] (5:42) 25. Dope Hex - People From the Spirit World (Original Mix) [Backroom Muzik] (7:23) 26. Ektor Eros - Calms The Soul (Original Mix) [Substudio Records] (7:51) 27. Ektor Eros - Change Sound (Original Mix) [Substudio Records] (6:48) 28. Ektor Eros - Distante (Original Mix) [Substudio Records] (7:03) 29. Elias, Kimeko - Bad Decisions (Original Mix) [Piso Records] (6:38) 30. Elias, Kimeko - Hodgepodge Of Bad Decisions (Original Mix) [Piso Records] (6:38) 31. Elias, Kimeko - Move Like Geiger (Original Mix) [Piso Records] (7:25) 32. Felipe Cobos - & Night And Vicious (Original Mix) [Psicopatik] (6:42) 33. Felipe Cobos - Certainty (Original Mix) [Psicopatik] (7:40) 34. Felipe Cobos - Do You Wanna Fun (Original Mix) [Psicopatik] (7:20) 35. Felipe Cobos - Next Level (Original Mix) [Psicopatik] (6:58) 36. Frankie Brass - 12Am (DJ Chuggs Remix) [Opto Digital] (7:37) 37. Frankie Brass - 12Am (Original Mix) [Opto Digital] (6:24) 38. G Mat - Cut Off (Original Mix) [Vi Tva Records] (6:45) 39. G Mat - Not Real (Original Mix) [Vi Tva Records] (5:50) 40. Halfsquare - Arithmetic (Original Mix) [Picche Records Ltd] (7:01) 41. 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Makarti - Takes Out (Original Mix) [Poker Dust] (5:32) 54. Makarti - Takes Out (Xbross Remix) [Poker Dust] (5:47) 55. Marc & Raum - Confused Singer (Original) [Mare Records] (6:36) 56. Marc & Raum - Mambo Nights (Original) [Mare Records] (6:15) 57. Marc & Raum - Over Here (Original) [Mare Records] (5:53) 58. Marc Throw - Carousel (Original Mix) [Be One Records] (6:54) 59. Marco P - Mindspace (Avrosse Remix) [Turning Wheel Records] (5:50) 60. Marco P - Mindspace (Original Mix) [Turning Wheel Records] (7:32) 61. Marco P - Mindspace (TekTunes Mrakacha Remix) [Turning Wheel Records] (6:00) 62. Mr Jonk - Incantations (Original Mix) [Electro Culture Records] (8:07) 63. Mr Jonk - Incantations (Ron Spears Remix) [Electro Culture Records] (7:28) 64. Mway - Eating My Arms (Original Mix) [Attary Records] (6:13) 65. Mway - Public Cuts (Original Mix) [Attary Records] (7:01) 66. Mway - Raks (Original Mix) [Attary Records] (7:16) 67. Nick Kennedy - Can You Help Me (Original Mix) [Hamburg Aufnahmen] (6:15) 68. Nick Kennedy - Mutiny (Original Mix) [Hamburg Aufnahmen] (6:07) 69. Ochu Laross - Black Queen (Original Mix) [Dser Records] (6:39) 70. Ochu Laross - Hell Purgatoty Paradise (Original Mix) [Dser Records] (6:54) 71. Ochu Laross - Universum (Original Mix) [Dser Records] (5:53) 72. Olaf Stuut - Sissyphus (Original Mix) [Rhapsodic Records] (9:44) 73. Redub - Man At Work (Original Mix) [JJ Records] (6:44) 74. Redub - Robotnik (Original Mix) [JJ Records] (7:07) 75. Stephen Advance - Be Crazy (Original Mix) [Drugstore Records] (6:09) 76. Stephen Advance - Bullshit (Original Mix) [Drugstore Records] (6:30) 77. Stephen Advance - One Thing To Say (Original Mix) [Drugstore Records] (6:30) 78. Syntec - A Little Simple Thing (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (7:48) 79. Syntec - Glockenspiel (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (6:47) 80. Syntec - Kroma (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (6:10) 81. Syntec - Peer Pressure (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (6:28) 82. Thomas Kaire, Ruiz Sierra - Flashback (Gitech Remix) [Freshportmusic] (5:45) 83. Thomas Kaire, Ruiz Sierra - Flashback (Original Mix) [Freshportmusic] (5:47) Progressive House 1. Afreakwent, Lulu Fonda - Cast Away (SPR Remix) [FunkVine] (7:04) 2. Alek - Epic (Original Mix) [South Beat Records] (6:45) 3. Barbaros - Bounce (Bodo Felusch Remix) [Earth Grooves] (9:02) 4. Barbaros - Bounce (Marcus Decay Remix) [Earth Grooves] (8:47) 5. Biskvit - Egyptian Tale (Original Mix) [AP66 Records] (5:07) 6. Biskvit - Waterfall (Original Mix) [AP66 Records] (6:33) 7. Cavin Viviano - BroMates (Good Side Mix) [Undertechnical Recordings] (5:19) 8. Cesar Dominici - My Love Is Pain (Original Mix) [Sundown Records] (7:32) 9. Chris Harvey - Emotional Confusion (Original) [Digital Sound] (8:37) 10. Danny Garlick - Warning (Original Mix) [Wulongzu Records] (6:45) 11. David Mel - Glory (Jericho Ismael Remix) [Bent Ant Records] (5:51) 12. DJ Brad Smith - Baja Sun (Original Mix) [Crescent Records] (7:45) 13. DJ Brad Smith - Remember When (Original Mix) [Crescent Records] (6:07) 14. Dominic James - Free To Air (Original Mix) [Undertechnical Recordings] (5:54) 15. Dominic James - Plumino Calling (Original Mix) [Undertechnical Recordings] (5:55) 16. Dynamix, Adrianne Harkins - Dont Want Another Man (Dynamix Vs Andrea Bertolini Radio Edit) [KULT] (3:56) 17. Dynamix, Adrianne Harkins - Dont Want Another Man (Dynamix Vs Andrea Bertolini Remix) [KULT] (6:27) 18. Dynamix, Adrianne Harkins - Dont Want Another Man (Marcus Gauntlett Dub Remix) [KULT] (6:50) 19. Dynamix, Adrianne Harkins - Dont Want Another Man (Marcus Gauntlett Remix) [KULT] (6:50) 20. Dynamix, Adrianne Harkins - Dont Want Another Man (Pagano Full Vocal Remix) [KULT] (7:03) 21. Dynamix, Adrianne Harkins - Dont Want Another Man (Wayne G Remix) [KULT] (8:17) 22. Esteban Aracil - Where Is The Love (Original Mix) [Candyloop Recordings] (6:22) 23. Esteban Aracil - Where Is The Love (Soultwister Remix) [Candyloop Recordings] (6:24) 24. Felix Cage - Mascarade (Nhar Remix) [City Life] (7:59) 25. FonLeman - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Artemil Remix) [Bomba Records] (7:30) 26. FonLeman - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Original Mix) [Bomba Records] (5:24) 27. FonLeman - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Sulocki Remix) [Bomba Records] (8:26) 28. FonLeman - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Teana & Tiida Remix) [Bomba Records] (7:15) 29. Franky Miller, Maria Edesse - Telephone (Original Version) [Swoop Records] (6:35) 30. Franky Miller, The Boy That Could - Wrapped Arround Your Finger (Original Version) [Swoop Records] (6:05) 31. Franky Miller - Afterwork (Vocal Version) [Swoop Records] (6:37) 32. Franky Miller - Musica (Original Version) [Swoop Records] (5:33) 33. Franky Miller - So Strung Out (Original Version) [Swoop Records] (6:10) 34. Ghostkick - Lust (Cavego Remix) [XP EDM] (5:48) 35. Ghostkick - Lust (Soundwhorez Remix) [XP EDM] (6:54) 36. Ismaelmoverbam - Uranium (Original Mix) [People Tech Records] (4:03) 37. JArt, Jay Low - Boom Beat (Dj Jump & Jenny Dee Extended Mix) [Melodica] (5:06) 38. JArt, Jay Low - Boom Beat (Molla & Marquis Remix) [Melodica] (5:22) 39. Joel Jungell - Pump It Up (Original Mix) [Incalzando Records] (7:01) 40. Jonny Calypso, DJ Milectro - Deep Inside (Original) [Global Ritmico] (5:43) 41. Jordan Rivera - One Night (Jack Ferreira Vocal Club Mix) [FSM Recordings] (6:00) 42. Ke Nobi - Ibiza (Extended Mix) [Green Alien Records] (5:15) 43. Kid Ghost - Dont Stop (Original Mix) [Living The Dream Records] (8:30) 44. LBOne - Love Avenue (Original Mix) [House StudioR Inc] (7:35) 45. Leach - Crying (Jekke Remix) [Neglected Grooves] (8:06) 46. Leach - Crying (Original Mix) [Neglected Grooves] (7:11) 47. Leach - Guinea Pig (Barry Coleman Remix) [Neglected Grooves] (7:50) 48. Leach - Guinea Pig (Original Mix) [Neglected Grooves] (7:50) 49. Leach - Guinea Pig (Thorne Monterra Remix) [Neglected Grooves] (7:11) 50. Lostrocket, John Kat - Musik Express (Original Mix) [220V Recordings] (6:36) 51. Marek - Once Is Not Enough (Extended Mix) [BRM Electro] (5:11) 52. Marek - Once Is Not Enough (Original Mix) [BRM Electro] (3:23) 53. Matt De La Peet - Artery (Original Mix) [Dbeatzion Records] (7:47) 54. Matt De La Peet - On My Way (Original Mix) [Dbeatzion Records] (6:33) 55. Matt De La Peet - Pulse (Original Mix) [Dbeatzion Records] (7:34) 56. MICR0 - The Lost Years (Mr Vinyl Club Edit) [Pinkpenny Records] (7:46) 57. MICR0 - The Lost Years (Original Mix) [Pinkpenny Records] (7:54) 58. Mistol Team - Buenos Aires Vampires (Original Mix) [Tronic B7 Records] (6:43) 59. Mistol Team - Cohetes a Marte (Original Mix) [Tronic B7 Records] (6:50) 60. Mistol Team - Princesa Salavina (Original Mix) [Tronic B7 Records] (5:57) 61. Mistol Team - Vendaval (Original Mix) [Tronic B7 Records] (4:56) 62. Muzikfabrik - Touch The Sky feat Gosha (Jozsef Keller & PeteR Remix) [Housesession Records] (6:52) 63. Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez - Lost In The Island (Guareber In The After Hours Remix) [Guareber Recordings] (7:15) 64. Nacho Chapado, Patricia Leidig - Time Is All You Need (Original Mix) [Guareber Recordings] (7:07) 65. Nacho Chapado, Smaz, Lou Mullen - Change Is Coming Up (Nacho Chapado Vocal 2010 Mix) [Guareber Recordings] (7:37) 66. Nassim M - Marrakech Bounce (Original Mix) [Housevisions Records] (5:45) 67. Nassim M - Marrakech Bounce (Skizo X Remix) [Housevisions Records] (5:37) 68. NHB, Fabrizio Pettorelli - Big Pot (Nickotine Mix) [Murky Beatz] (6:50) 69. OB - Pluck (Original Mix) [Groove Life Records] (6:52) 70. Ryan KP, Anthony Hicks - Freedom (Spidfire Remix) [UTC WIRED] (8:39) 71. Silvio Carrano - Virus (Original Mix) [MODA & Music Fashion] (6:08) 72. Tony Bezares - Dr Man (Doctor Love Alternative Mix) [Musiczone Digital] (6:42) 73. Tony Bezares - Dr Man (Original Mix) [Musiczone Digital] (6:42) 74. Tvardovsky - Brain Code (Santiago Garcia Remix) [Particles] (9:04) 75. Vadim Koks - Epidemic (Original Mix) [Dextrous Records] (6:30) 76. Vadim Koks - I Am A Houseman (Original Mix) [Dextrous Records] (6:25) 77. Vasiliy Goodkov - Emerald (Original Mix) [NRG Dance Records] (5:21) 78. Vasiliy Goodkov - Sunset (Original Mix) [NRG Dance Records] (4:55) 79. Ziger - Wait Till Tomorrow (Orelse Spiced Up Remix) [Mistique Digital] (9:00) 80. Ziger - Wait Till Tomorrow (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (6:32) 81. Ziger - Wait Till Tomorrow (TDallas Remix) [Mistique Digital] (7:10) 82. Zuckermann, Tabriz - Vibe (Feri Remix) [Deepsessions Recordings] (6:15) 83. Zuckermann, Tabriz - Vibe (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Recordings] (7:35) 84. Zuckermann, Tabriz - Vibe (Samotarev Remix) [Deepsessions Recordings] (7:10) 85. Zuckermann, Tabriz - Vibe (Stanisha BacK To Africa Mix) [Deepsessions Recordings] (9:49) 86. Zuckermann, Tabriz - Vibe (Tabriz Fairytale Mix) [Deepsessions Recordings] (7:29) Tech House 1. Dapayk, Padberg - Berlin Summer Nights (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (5:56) 2. Dapayk, Padberg - Endless Games (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (3:31) 3. Dapayk, Padberg - Fluffy Cloud (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (8:13) 4. Dapayk, Padberg - Take These Scissors (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (5:42) 5. Dapayk, Padberg - The Sun Came Up (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] (7:16) 6. Luis Sastre - If You Wanna (Muzikfabrik Remix) [Hilife] (7:11) 7. Luis Sastre - If You Wanna (Original Mix) [Hilife] (6:03) 8. Luis Sastre - If You Wanna (Steve Kid Remix) [Hilife] (5:17) 9. Mario Ochoa - Catapulta (Original Mix) [Avenue Recordings] (7:02) 10. Mario Ochoa - Dont Stop (Original Mix) [Avenue Recordings] (5:45) 11. Novikoff - Napoli (Original Mix) [Toubkal Records] (7:03) Techno 1. Alejo Loaiza - Colors (Original Mix) [Technical Deejays Records] (6:45) 2. Alex Bau - Heartattack (Original Mix) [Credo] (7:24) 3. Alex Bau - Hollywoodbullet (Original Mix) [Credo] (8:43) 4. Alex Denne - 1987 (Original Mix) [Groove Stuff Records] (6:06) 5. Alex Sounds - Deserted Mind (Suvorov Remix) [Beatbox Records] (7:48) 6. Andy Notalez - Soundgate (Original Mix) [Einwanderer Records] (7:15) 7. Andy Notalez - Take Over (Original Mix) [Einwanderer Records] (6:15) 8. Andy Notalez - Volt (Original Mix) [Einwanderer Records] (6:45) 9. Clark Davis - Tretroller (Marius Drescher Remix) [Der Turnbeutel] (7:15) 10. Clark Davis - Tretroller (Original Mix) [Der Turnbeutel] (7:04) 11. Collective Machine - Express (Original Mix) [Sound Of Acapulco] (7:10) 12. Cossy - Peaceless World (Original Mix) [Cue Records] (7:09) 13. D Diggler, Johannes Heil - Gut Sediert (Original Mix) [Starkstrom Schallplatten] (10:52) 14. Daniel Finker - I Dont Want It (Original) [UnderColors] (6:59) 15. Daniel Finker - Lixxx (Original) [UnderColors] (8:07) 16. Daniel Turner - Raiden (Meltek Remix) [Black Eye Records] (5:30) 17. Daniel Turner - Raiden (Original Mix) [Black Eye Records] (6:23) 18. Daniel Turner - Raiden (Sias Remix) [Black Eye Records] (6:52) 19. Daniel Turner - Raiden (Wuillermo Tuff Remix) [Black Eye Records] (7:45) 20. Datastix - Penumbra (Nadja Lind Remix) [Der Turnbeutel] (6:36) 21. Deepmonoteque - Do not turn around (Original Mix) [Sonido] (6:20) 22. DJ Premium One - Oertha (Mariano Santos Remix) [Pro Clubbin Records] (8:15) 23. DUnity - Geisha (Original Mix) [Beat Therapy Records] (7:09) 24. Endy DJ - Atlanta (Niko Pagnotta Rmx) [Spaceland Records] (6:00) 25. Filipe Postiga - Sadness (Original Mix) [Made With Passion] (8:05) 26. Flug 8 - Geschwindigkeit (Original Mix) [Sonido] (8:19) 27. Garizla - Thats All There Is To It (Apostolis Lamda Remix) [Hazard Minds Records] (6:44) 28. Garizla - Thats All There Is To It (Luism Remix) [Hazard Minds Records] (7:00) 29. Garizla - Thats All There Is To It (Original Mix) [Hazard Minds Records] (9:06) 30. Harry Hearing - Abstract (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (8:30) 31. Harry Hearing - Breathless Sky (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (5:19) 32. Harry Hearing - Lake In Fog (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (7:41) 33. Harry Hearing - Machinarium (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (9:30) 34. Harry Hearing - Microphobia (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (5:02) 35. Harry Hearing - Minus Zero (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (4:00) 36. Harry Hearing - Secret Life (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (5:56) 37. Harry Hearing - Slow Down (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (4:03) 38. Harry Hearing - Sodar (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (6:37) 39. Harry Hearing - Write For Yourself (Original Mix) [Mistique Digital] (8:36) 40. Hoshina Anniversary - Chicago (Original Mix) [GND Records] (4:07) 41. Ian ODonovan - Reign Orion (Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z Remix) [Stripped Recordings] (9:55) 42. Ian ODonovan - Reign Orion (Ian ODonovans Stripped Down Mix) [Stripped Recordings] (6:57) 43. Ian ODonovan - Reign Orion (Ioan Gamboa Remix) [Stripped Recordings] (9:17) 44. Johannes Heil, Tobias Felbermayr - Flashback (Original Mix) [Starkstrom Schallplatten] (6:47) 45. Johannes Heil - Ui Jui Jui (Original Mix) [Starkstrom Schallplatten] (6:05) 46. Johannes Heil - Wie Jetzt (Original Mix) [Starkstrom Schallplatten] (4:33) 47. Joseph Disco - What Ever It Takes (Original Mix) [Silicon Records] (6:25) 48. Joseph Disco - What the Fuck (Original Mix) [Silicon Records] (6:11) 49. Kasbah Zoo - Hornet (Original Mix) [Sonido] (11:23) 50. Lank - Random Condom (Barry Jamieson Remix) [AlterImage Recordings] (8:32) 51. Lank - Random Condom (Original) [AlterImage Recordings] (7:52) 52. Lee - Absinth (Original Mix) [Fracktional Records] (7:53) 53. Lee - Drunk (Original Mix) [Fracktional Records] (6:46) 54. Lee - Massive Punch (Original Mix) [Fracktional Records] (6:33) 55. Limbo - Paradox (Original Mix) [Perfecto Records] (8:16) 56. Marc Faenger - Jabberwocky (Original Mix) [Sonido] (6:14) 57. Marco P - Mindspace (Michael Schwarz Remix) [Turning Wheel Records] (8:15) 58. Mario Caprissio - From Zenit To Zero (El Torro Remix) [Zero Point Five Records] (6:10) 59. Mario Caprissio - From Zenit To Zero (G Castanis Straight Forward Rework) [Zero Point Five Records] (6:46) 60. Mario Caprissio - From Zenit To Zero (Original Mix) [Zero Point Five Records] (7:07) 61. Mario Caprissio - From Zenit To Zero (Stefan Senks Raw Techno Remix) [Zero Point Five Records] (7:27) 62. Mario Caprissio - From Zenit To Zero (Stefan Senks Techno Remix) [Zero Point Five Records] (7:02) 63. Martin White - Dopping (Original Mix) [Twisted Beats] (6:43) 64. Michael Strauss - Akio (Original) [XLR1507] (6:24) 65. Michael Strauss - Angry Racer (Original) [XLR1507] (6:37) 66. Michael Strauss - Watching (Original) [XLR1507] (6:13) 67. Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl - Zork (Brian Burger Mix) [Audio Stimulation] (10:34) 68. Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl - Zork (Original Mix) [Audio Stimulation] (6:57) 69. Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl - Zork (Peja Mix) [Audio Stimulation] (8:38) 70. Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl - Zork (Yan Cook Mix) [Audio Stimulation] (8:32) 71. Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl - Zork Rework (Original Mix) [Audio Stimulation] (8:29) 72. Nil By Mouth - Calcaneus (Original Mix) [Wasabi Recordings] (7:30) 73. Pallida - Palindrome (Original Mix) [Horns And Hoofs Entertainment] (8:35) 74. Pallida - Probe (Lazy Version) [Horns And Hoofs Entertainment] (8:32) 75. Pallida - Robots (Original Mix) [Horns And Hoofs Entertainment] (9:29) 76. Paris Liamis - KTaring Service (Original Mix) [Sonido] (9:08) 77. Paul Sparkes, Farshad Kay - Feet R Rocking (Original Mix) [Play My Track Recordings] (6:31) 78. Robert Feedmann - Black Pot (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (6:54) 79. Robert Feedmann - Polychromatic (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (6:45) 80. Robert Feedmann - Traversing The Asteroid Belt (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (8:56) 81. Salva Bawer - Crush I Feel Sucker (Original Mix) [666 Recordings] (5:07) 82. Salva Bawer - Hamelin Party (Original Mix) [666 Recordings] (5:32) 83. Salva Bawer - Ohhh Yes (Original Mix) [666 Recordings] (7:04) 84. Sean Random - TuSi (Luca Donzelli Live Remix) [Lophanta Music] (6:36) 85. Sotan - Metalic Star (Original Mix) [Eleonor Records] (6:48) 86. Sotan - Temptation (Original Mix) [Eleonor Records] (5:56) 1. Alex Kennon – Mindest (Original Mix) [Cimelde] (08:52) 2. Alex Kennon – This Is (Original Mix) [Cimelde] (08:23) 3. Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Cause Of You (Original Mix) [Suruba] (07:16) 4. Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Flashmob Thrill (Los Suruba Remix) [Suruba] (06:00) 5. Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Flashmob Thrill (Original Mix) [Suruba] (07:02) 6. Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Triple Cash (Original Mix) [Suruba] (07:29) 7. Antonio Santana – Give Me (Original Mix) [Soulman Music] (07:22) 8. Arash – Benedetto (Original Mix) [Be Real] (07:44) 9. Arash – Diclo For Animals (Original Mix) [Be Real] (07:50) 10. Arash – Heroes And Demons (Original Mix) [Be Real] (07:20) 11. Arash – I Want It (Original Mix) [Be Real] (06:34) 12. Arash – Luv Vibe (Original Mix) [Be Real] (07:45) 13. Blood Groove & Kikis – Deep Grain (Marcelo Nassi Remix) [Spring Tube] (06:49) 14. Derail – In Love (Original Version) [Lovely Mood Music] (04:59) 15. DJ Riquo – Mesmerizing Words (Original Mix) [Stereoheaven] (05:35) 16. Fabio Victor & Stephan C – Clumsee (Original Mix) [Soulman Music] (07:58) 17. Frankie Pep – Jammed (Cross Groove Mix) [Lovely Mood Music] (06:56) 18. Gareth Whitehead, Werner Niedermeier – Tsssp (Original Mix) [Soulman Music] (06:23) 19. Gastek – Liquideep (Hector Couto Detroits Remix) [Frole Records] (06:30) 20. Gastek – Liquideep (Original Mix) [Frole Records] (06:40) 21. Gastek – The Mind (Original Mix) [Frole Records] (08:12) 22. Gavin Herlihy – Endless Feeling (Original Mix) [Culprit] (07:50) 23. Gavin Herlihy – Tell Me What You Need (Original Mix) [Culprit] (07:07) 24. Gero, Virag – If Not Heaven (RiCkY InCh Funky Town Dub) [Dublife Music] (07:14) 25. Gero, Virag – If Not Heaven (RiCkY InCh Remix) [Dublife Music] (07:48) 26. Gero, Virag – If Not Heaven (Yoyo Dub) [Dublife Music] (08:15) 27. Gero, Virag – If Not Heaven (Yoyo Instrumental) [Dublife Music] (08:15) 28. Gero, Virag – If Not Heaven (Yoyo Remix) [Dublife Music] (08:15) 29. Gomo – Tribaz (Original Mix) [Suite Music] (06:55) 30. Graham Laverty – Mainline (Martijn Remix) [Deep Edition Recordings] (06:50) 31. Graham Laverty – Speaking Of You (Nikola Gala Remix) [Deep Edition Recordings] (08:16) 32. Graham Laverty – Speaking Of You (Original Mix) [Deep Edition Recordings] (07:08) 33. 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Myles Bigelow – Electric Samba (Original Mix) [Deep Culture Music] (05:56) 49. Myles Bigelow – Electric Samba (Percussion Ensemble) [Deep Culture Music] (05:56) 50. Myles Bigelow – Electric Samba (Sunshine Remix) [Deep Culture Music] (05:56) 51. Resumo – Get Down (Carl Howson & D McAleese Remix) [Discotech Records] (06:52) 52. Rockwell, Landers – Breathe In (Tim Rehme And Daniel Herrlicher Remix) [Nulectric] (08:51) 53. Rockwell, Landers – Breathe Out (Original Mix) [Nulectric] (06:47) 54. S.K.A.M. & Angelo Ferreri – Watch To Get Down (Original Mix) [Soulman Music] (08:26) 55. Senores Funkees – Sound Of Your Breath (Original Mix) [Good Old Records] (06:01) 56. Sven Tasnadi – Follow The Roots (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings] (08:02) 57. Teruel – Fire In Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Kreativa Records] (08:27) 58. Teruel – We Are Connected (Gog Remix) [Kreativa Records] (06:28) 59. Teruel – We Are Connected (Lee Webster Fractal Remix) [Kreativa Records] (06:05) 60. Teruel – We Are Connected (Lee Webster Remix) [Kreativa Records] (04:55) 61. Teruel – We Are Connected (Original Mix) [Kreativa Records] (08:32) 62. Those Beats – Bit Of Everything (Alex Macedon Remix) [Scenic Tones] (06:06) 63. Those Beats – Bit Of Everything (Gilbert Finnster Remix) [Scenic Tones] (08:13) 64. Those Beats – Bit Of Everything (Original mix) [Scenic Tones] (06:30) 65. Those Beats – Wax On Wax Off (Original Mix) [Scenic Tones] (07:32) 66. Ultra Soul Project – Agape Love (Original Mix) [Gruv Shack Records] (06:47) 67. Ultra Soul Project – Amazing (Original Mix) [Gruv Shack Records] (07:17) 68. Ultra Soul Project – Good Friend (Original Mix) [Gruv Shack Records] (06:15) 69. Ultra Soul Project – Happiness (Original Mix) [Gruv Shack Records] (07:29) 70. Ultra Soul Project – Uptown (Original Mix) [Gruv Shack Records] (05:38) 71. Will Saul, Glimpse – Into The Woods (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings] (07:11) 1. APeace – Dirty Pretty Things (Original Mix) [Tropical Madness Records] (05:10) 2. APeace – Splitting The Dna (Original Mix) [Tropical Madness Records] (06:46) 3. Benny Wave – Mono Traxx (Original Mix) [Indopendance] (06:19) 4. Benny Wave – R U Ready (Original Mix) [Indopendance] (05:19) 5. Dada Life – Happy Violence (Special Features Remix) [So Much Dada] (06:38) 6. Decibel – Teeth (Coin Operated Boy Remix) [Wearhouse Music] (05:46) 7. Decibel – Teeth (Lee Mortimers Pull Up Remix) [Wearhouse Music] (04:08) 8. Decibel – Teeth (Original) [Wearhouse Music] (05:29) 9. Demon Groove – Heavy Sense (Jeff T Remix) [POP ROX MUZIK] (05:19) 10. Demon Groove – Heavy Sense (Mr Boom Remix) [POP ROX MUZIK] (06:44) 11. Demon Groove – Heavy Sense (Original Mix) [POP ROX MUZIK] (06:42) 12. Diffuz – Amour (Original Mix) [Shake Your Ass] (03:23) 13. Diffuz – Nasty Fuck (Original Mix) [Shake Your Ass] (05:04) 14. Diffuz – RockFellow (Original Mix) [Shake Your Ass] (03:05) 15. Dirty Stop Outs – Out The Box (Original Mix) [Jump Digital Records] (06:37) 16. DJ Shevtsov – Doubting The Feelings feat Polina Griffith (DJ Morricone & Stanislav Shick Remix) [Mediadrive Records] (05:59) 17. DJ Shevtsov – Doubting The Feelings feat Polina Griffith (DJ Shirshnev Remix) [Mediadrive Records] (08:04) 18. Fast Foot – Space Man (Atomic Drop Remix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings] (04:45) 19. Fast Foot – Space Man (Bassive Remix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings] (06:23) 20. Fast Foot – Space Man (Dylan Kennedy Ft Tory D Remix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings] (06:32) 21. Fast Foot – Space Man (Soulfix & Melting Man Remix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings] (06:08) 22. Freq Maverick – Electron Bounce (Original Mix) [Ventuno Recordings] (06:20) 23. Freq Maverick – Heavy Future (Original Mix) [Ventuno Recordings] (06:21) 24. Fuckin Positive – Lie To My Face (Has Remix) [Forte Records] (06:42) 25. Fuckin Positive – Lie To My Face (Kid Optimus Remix) [Forte Records] (05:38) 26. Fuckin Positive – Lie To My Face (Original Mix) [Forte Records] (08:31) 27. Fuckin Positive – Lie To My Face (Revolution DJ Remix) [Forte Records] (05:59) 28. Fuckin Positive – Lie To My Face (Seed Remix) [Forte Records] (05:48) 29. Gam DJ – Away (Original Mix) [Unistory Music] (04:42) 30. Gam DJ – Key (Original Mix) [Unistory Music] (04:21) 31. Gam DJ – New Year (Original Mix) [Unistory Music] (04:12) 32. Gam DJ – Nocturne (Original Mix) [Unistory Music] (04:18) 33. Gam DJ – Sex (Original Mix) [Unistory Music] (04:50) 34. Gam DJ – Tone (Original Mix) [Unistory Music] (04:45) 35. Gustavo Brito – Im Not Afraid (Original Mix) [Ventuno Recordings] (06:11) 36. Jack Mazzoni, Bobo Landi – Where Is The Problem feat Marasco (Mbr Remix) [Urbanlife Records] (06:08) 37. Jack Mazzoni, Bobo Landi – Where Is The Problem feat Marasco (MGP Remix) [Urbanlife Records] (05:11) 38. Jay Robinson – Get Yeh (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] (03:52) 39. Jay Robinson – Just Bounce For Me (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] (04:46) 40. Jay Robinson – That Bloody Racket (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] (05:20) 41. Jay Robinson, Flameus – Get Dat (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] (03:35) 42. Jefr Tale – Solid Ground (Original Mix) [Hatrax Records] (06:30) 43. Jericho Ismael, Vuk Lazar – Highway (Dan Dickens Remix) [Exklusive Records Vidisco] (07:04) 44. Justin Perea – Inhale (Gustavo Brito Remix) [No Sense Of Place Records] (07:53) 45. Justin Perea – Inhale (Kunterbunt Remix) [No Sense Of Place Records] (05:47) 46. Justin Perea – Inhale (Original Mix) [No Sense Of Place Records] (05:40) 47. Marco Crastia – Love Me (Mirko Rinaldi Remix) [Daviddance] (05:55) 48. Miami Mashups – Glad You Came (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (05:57) 49. Miami Mashups – Jaws (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (04:22) 50. Miami Mashups – Rapture (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (05:38) 51. Miami Mashups – Snus Together (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (06:34) 52. Miami Mashups – Thunder Knas (Original Mix) [AttentionInc Music] (05:10) 53. Michael Canitrot – White Escape (Original Mix) [Aime Music] (05:37) 54. Screama, Jay Robinson – Down (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] (04:16) 55. Screama, Jay Robinson – In Control Mojo (4×4 Edit) [Monkey Beats] (04:15) 56. Screama, Jay Robinson – In Control Mojo (Ian Round Remix) [Monkey Beats] (05:15) 57. Slash – Canada Trip (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire] (08:54) 58. Slash – Step To Life (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire] (07:08) Adnan Balushi – Vita [06:37] Banana Groovz, Jackie – Saxy Thang (Richie Kidd’s Epic Journey Mix) [07:56] Barnes & Heatcliff – Yo-Yo! (Original Mix) [06:26] Barquero – Are You Ready (Original Mix) [05:33] Damon Paul feat. Patricia Banks – Without You (Bytes Brothers Remix) [05:24] Damon Paul feat. Patricia Banks – Without You (Edlington Dub Remix) [06:05] Damon Paul feat. Patricia Banks – Without You (Sean Finn Remix) [06:15] David Guetta & Avicii – Sunshine (A.M.R SOS Re-Edit) [06:15] Dero – Acid Door (Dero Animal Night Mix) [05:54] Dirty Sunchez – Work Your Body (Housepussies Remix) [05:02] D-Unity – Geisha (Original Mix) [07:09] Dzeko & Torres – Whoop (Original Mix) [05:53] Florian Arndt – Trix (Oscar De La Fuente Remix) [06:03] Funkerman – Blow (Original Mix) [06:41] Glamrock Brothers – Drunken Sailor (Club Mix) [05:26] Glamrock Brothers – Drunken Sailor (Dirty Bass Mix) [05:12] Groove Addiction – Gostosa (Davidj Remix) [05:34] Groove Addiction – Gostosa (Original Mix) [06:13] Gum Me – Nightgames (Original Mix) [07:18] Hollidayrain – Need You Back (Original Mix) [05:08] Jesse Voorn – Come On (The Whiteliner Remix) [05:19] Jono Fernandez Ft. Twin Atoms – Lights Are Fading (Bass Kleph Remix) [07:33] Jono Fernandez Ft. Twin Atoms – Lights Are Fading (Original Mix) [06:30] Kaskade Feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness-Gregori Klosman Remix [05:39] Kaskade Feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness-Mysto And Pizzi Remix [06:16] Kay-D – Awakening In The Green (Matteo Monero Remix) [08:48] Leon Bolier – You (Original Mix) [07:27] Lissat & Voltaxx Feat. David Jones – When You Call My Name (Lissat & Voltaxx Mix) [08:42] Lucky Charmes Ft Perry Mystique and Natalie May – Get Outta that Corner (Kid Kaio Mix) [05:21] Lucky Charmes Ft Perry Mystique and Natalie May – Get Outta that Corner (Seductive Mix) [06:08] Marc Kiss – The One & Only (Global Groove Remix) [06:00] Mario Ochoa – Catapulta (Original Mix) [07:02] Michael Feiner – Soleil (Original Mix) [06:22] Muzzaik – Work It_Alexey Romeo Julia Luna Instrumental [07:08] Nicky Romero – Generation 303 (Original Mix) [05:30] Nicola Zucchi – Kosmik (Original Mix) [05:46] Nicola Zucchi – Vertigo (Original Mix) [06:02] Patric La Funk & Dj Chus – Bel Amour (Pee4Tee Remix) [06:46] Paul Oakenfold Feat. Robert Vadney – Pop Star (Original Mix) [06:54] Sean Finn – Show Me Love 2k12 (Rene Rodrigezz Remix) [05:12] Sebastian_Drums_Ft._Mitch_Crown – Fly Again (Rob Adans Remix) [06:52] Sergio Mauri & Jerry Ropero – Love Is Beautiful (Jerry Ropero Remix) [08:06] Starpoppers – Vorwaerts (Vocalmix) [04:54] Tale & Dutch Vs Adassa – Little White Lies (Phun & Key Remix Edit) [03:40] Trilogy – A Little Less Coversation (Feat. Rudy MC) (Edit Mix) [03:42] Vada – Mainline (Original Mix) [06:51] Wawa – Crazy Sax 20_Boris Roodbwoy Ezzy Safaris Remix [06:11] Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love (DJ Chuckie Remix) [06:00] 1. Alex M. – Saturday Nite (Gordon & Doyle Remix) (5:37) 2. Alex Mind – Glowsticks (Cool Project Remix) (5:52) 3. Alex O’S'N – Killer Dreams (Original Mix) (7:26) 4. Barnett Lobel Feat. Sue Cho – Yours Tonight (Original Mix) (6:38) 5. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Nari and Milani Re-Work) (5:16) 6. BerliNYC feat. Shane Gunn & MDK – Theres A Place In France (Original Extended Mix) (5:34) 7. Blastaguyz – Rage (Original Mix) (4:57) 8. Blu Cantrell ft Sean Paul – Breathe (Andy Stroke Remix) (5:33) 9. Bryce feat. Carl Prit – Dance With Me (Paramond Remix) (5:43) 10. Carlos Barbosa – Come On (Tonic Remix) (7:02) 11. Cover Track – Just A Dream (Funkk Frikz Remix) (6:18) 12. Danny S vs TAITO – Rainbow (Downlow’d Remix) (6:33) 13. Evana Raaban – Like A Snake (Extended Mix) (5:10) 14. Fatman Scoop, Claudia – Just A Little Bit (Nuff! Remix) (5:28) 15. Felguk, Dirtyloud – Nudge (Original Mix) (4:52) 16. Froidz – Finally (Wobble Mix) (6:08) 17. Jadyn Maria feat. Flo Rida – Good Girls Like Bad Boys (BuzzShakerZz Remix) (5:47) 18. Jan Waterman – Wilhelms Song (Original Mix) (6:37) 19. Jaycee Madoxx – Never Say Never (Gordon & Doyle Remix) (6:09) 20. Jorge Jaramillo, Marcos Carnaval, Diego Ruiz feat. Lindsay Wrobel – Cant Let You Go (Minero Remix) (5:57) 21. Marc Korn feat. Mel – Der Mann Mit Dem Koks (Godlike Music Port Remix) (5:12) 22. Ralvero – Impact (Original Mix) (6:58) 23. Ropella Headz – Catwalk (Feat Mel) (Andytaker Radio Mix) (3:19) 24. Sheff – The Kitchen (Darth & Vader Remix) (6:45) 25. South Blast! feat. Paula P’Cay – Who Made It (David No Fuck And Vnalogic Remix) (5:03) 26. Stephen Laverty – Blow The Lid Off (Original Mix) (7:40) 27. Taio Cruz feat. Flo Rida – Hangover (Quentin Bross Remix) (5:05) 28. The Squatters – Sucka Punch (Little Bastard Remix) (6:49) 29. Vova Baggage & Syntheticsax Ft. Olya Milaxa – Under The Sun (Ivan Frost Remix) (6:06) 30. Yinon Yahel feat. Emmi – Tonight (Alfred Beck Remix) (7:56) Ash – Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii’s Hype Machine Mix) [06:15] The Scanners – Baby Blue (The Chaotic Good Remix) [04:57] AaA – Cant Get Enough by Black Eyed Peas by AaA [04:04] Captain Planet – Bullwack [04:00] Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)cutfad [04:40] Digitalism – 2 Hearts (NEUS Dubstep Remix) [04:28] Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix) [05:54] DotEXE – 38 Degrees [04:18] Bad Boy Bill – Fast Life (feat. Alex Peace) [03:12] Flo-Rida – Good Feeling (Bingo Players Remix) [05:33] Forekast – Mountain Stream (Original Mix) [05:47] Forekast/Fort Minor – Where’d You Go (Forekast Remix) [03:33] Gad Fadget Feat. Martin Sola – Addicted (2Complex Remix) [04:15] Innerpartysystem – It’s Not Getting Any Better (Treasure Fingers Epicwave Remix) [06:38] Wick-it the Instigator – Kanji Kinetic – Deep Down South (Wick-it Remix) [04:20] Lmfao-La La La(Xtra Testosterone Remix) [03:33] Lucky Date – Ho’s and Disco’s (Space Laces remix) [06:09] Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger (Aaron Bond Rmx) [03:42] Metzo, Titanoz – Memories (Mitis Remix) [03:50] MitiS – Written Emotions [04:39] NEUS – Dan Sena – Sound of Siren (NEUS Remix) [05:28] Nom De Strip & TJR feat. Sue Cho – My Life (Original Mix) [04:49] The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Forekast – Notorious Thugs (Forekast Remix) [04:11] Pendulum – The Island (Nasty Freqs Remix) [04:12] Reset! – Prepare To Fight [04:50] Kaskade – Room for Happiness (feat. Skylar Grey) [04:40] Roxa – Triboelectric by Roxa [04:10] Papa Skunk – Sex and Candy (Papa Skunk Remix) [03:19] Skorby – Los Angeles Original Mix [04:37] Skorby Eddy Munoz Aquino – From LA to London [06:51] STS9 – Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix) [05:55] The Chaotic Good – Princeton (Feels This Good) [03:22] Tom Hangs feat. Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Edit) [06:47] Tommy Trash – Future Folk (Original Mix) [06:01] TRiLLBASS & GENO COCHINO ft. Kelly McDaniel – U Can’t Fix (Figure Drumstep Remix) [06:03] 1. Alberto Fracasso – Pink Elephants (Original Mix) (7:48) 2. Antonio Plus – 21 Anos (Original Mix) (6:17) 3. Artem Abdrakhmanov – Rascal (Original Mix) (5:53) 4. Costantino Nappi and Micky Da Funk – Indaco (Daniele Petronelli Remix) (6:10) 5. Damolh33 – Whirl (Hernan Bass and Unluck Remix) (6:30) 6. Dani Sbert – Ready (Original Mix) (6:54) 7. Daniell Sbert – Out of My Brain (Original Mix) (5:29) 8. Dataminions – Park (Original Mix) (7:35) 9. David Prap & Willy Real – Burnout (Narkosky Remix) (6:16) 10. David Temessi – Omen (Momo Dobrev Remix) (7:36) 11. Dusted feat. Sabo – Nadastrom (9:33) 12. Emanuele Sorgato – Minimal Fitness (Stephen Advance Remix) (6:15) 13. F.I.E.L.D.Y – Poisenmaker (Original Mix) (7:22) 14. Homer Knv – Hammer (Original Remix) (7:13) 15. Konacri – Off The Record (Original Mix) (7:30) 16. Louie Cut – The Groove Bureau (Original Mix) (6:40) 17. Spencer & Hill – One Touch Away (Ton Def Remix) (6:08) 18. Tony Kairom – Countdown (Original Mix) (6:51) 19. Yuri Alexeev – Destroyer Of Your Brain (Kosheen DJs Remix) (7:23) 20. Zellyana – Electro Violet (Yuri Aleexev Remix) (7:43) 01. Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso Feat. Michael Feiner – Together (Thand Remix) 02. Jacques Lu Cont – Reload 03. Lykke Li – Follow Rivers (Funk D Remix) 04. Maksim Palmaxs Feat. Simon Latham – Falling (Original Mix) 05. Muzikfabrik Feat. Gosha – Touch The Sky (Jozsef Keller & Pete-R Remix) 06. Niels Van Gogh & Daniel Strauss – Go (Vocal Club Mix) 07. Oh My Daze – The Belly Rider (Original Mix) 08. Ronski Speed Feat. Sir Adrian – Seen It All (Original Mix) 09. Tonka – Atlantis (Original Mix) 1. Alexandra Damiani And Savage – Dont Cry Tonight (Alexandra D Extended Mix) (5:01) 2. Cascada – One More Night (Johan K Hypnotic Bootleg) (4:29) 3. Gym Class Heroes feat. Neon Hitch – Ass Back Home (Ashworth Remix) (5:24) 4. Javi Mula feat. Juan Magan – Kingsize Heart (DJ MELNIKOFF Remix) (4:13) 5. Jessie J – Domino (Myon & Shane 54 Radio Mix) (4:43) 6. Justin Corza & Greg Blast Vs. Addicted Craze – Could It Be Love (E-Grooves Remix) (4:56) 7. Michael Feiner – Soleil (Original Mix) (6:22) 8. Peter Luts – Cayo (2:56) 9. Sunloverz feat. Rosette – Fire (Mikro Private Mix) (6:26) 10. Syruz – Down And Up (Original Mix) (5:16) 1. Alien Cut & Dino Brown Feat Josy – Stop & Replay (Alien Cut Club Mix) (6:30) 2. Arminvampire – House Music (Original Mix) (5:06) 3. Badboys Brothers – La Mia Canzone D’Amore (Sasha Herz Mix) (6:07) 4. Beyonce – End Of Time (WaWa Extended Mix) (5:35) 5. Chris Lake – Sundown (Taurus & Vaggeli Remix) (6:24) 6. Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Ryan Riback Remix) (5:33) 7. Crystal Rock – How You Love Me Now (Gordon & Doyle Remix) (6:31) 8. Cyber State Pro – Needls (Original Mix) (5:07) 9. DJ Red, Revolvr – Lost My Adderall (Original Mix) (5:15) 10. Dj Viduta – Rock it (Original Mix) (5:13) 11. Flo Rida – Good Feeling (Jaywalker Remix) (4:51) 12. Frank Sinatra – Love and Marriage (QiDD USA Mix) (4:24) 13. Gloumout – Do You Like (Original Mix) (6:15) 14. Guenta K. feat. Kane – Crazy in the Night (Andrew Spencer Remix) (5:37) 15. Harry Hard – Phat Nav (Hardino Remix) (5:53) 16. Hide & Scream – Kraft (Electrophants ‘Hey!’ Remix) (4:49) 17. LJ MTX, Fast Foot – Drugs Sex Money Electro (Paul Anthony, ZXX & Southpaw Remix) (7:43) 18. LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It (Mord Fustang Remix) (5:20) 19. Mad Mark feat Alexander – Anywhere You Go (Dj Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 Remix) (6:58) 20. Main Room – Drunk Tonight (Hifi Twinz Remix) (5:20) 21. Mitis – Lasers In My Brain (Original Mix) (4:42) 22. Nicky Romero – Growl (LOOPERS Remix) (4:03) 23. Paradiso Girls Feat. Lil Jon – Patron Tequila (Gal Farage & Efi T Mix Miki Mor Re-Edit) (4:12) 24. Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat. Sue Cho – Hello (Dilemn Remix) (6:00) 25. R3hab & Swanky Tunes ft Max C – Sending My Love (Cazzette’s Already Super Human Remix) (6:00) 26. Robotic – Tomorrowland (Original Mix) (4:40) 27. Roll Deep – Picture Perfect (Dave Silcox & Matt Nash Extended Mix) (5:08) 28. Rusky Rusk, Dellmar – Freebell (Original Mix) (5:21) 29. Solar Shock – Collapsed World (Titanoz Remix) (6:30) 30. Spencer & Hill – I Want U (Dave Ramone Mix) (6:03) Ferry Corsten Simon Patterson Sander Van Doorn Paul Van Dyke David Guetta Feed Me DJ Solovey Korn Tommy Lee Limp Bizkit Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Swedish House Mafia Steve Angello Sebastian Bennett Prodigy Chemical Brothers Crystal Method Tiesto Armin Van Bureen DJ Feel Arty Bobina Chris Brown Daft Punk Kesha Pitbull Fedde Le Grand Judge Jules & Roger Shah Timbaland David Guetta Lady Gaga Ronski Speed Snoop Dogg Kid Cudi Bingo Players Chocolate Puma Britney Spears Axwell Girlicious Laidback Luke Dirty South Rihanna Spencer & Hill The Black Eyed Peas Boys Noize Akon Javi Mula Ludacris Vandalism & Angger Dimas Robert Miles Alicia Keys Bimbo Jones Cher Eric Prydz Inna Linkin Park Paul Van Dyk Sean Kingston Busta Rhymes Rolvario SHM Ian Van Dahl Rio Sidney Samson Wizard Sleeve Riverside Benny Benassi Clockwork Cyberpunkers Kelis Mason Nic Chagall Hy2rogen & Fr3cky Justin Timberlake Avril Lavigne Darude Delirium Edward Maya Empire Of The Sun Jay Sean Madonna Tiesto Xzibit Katy Perry Depeche ModeAlice Deejay Basshunter Gigi D'agostino Temper Trap Modern Talking Marco V Robbie Rivera Mastiksoul Dr. Dre Cascada Gorillaz Real 2 Real DJ Solovey The Pussycat Dolls Shakira Queen Atb Dave Aude Ian Carey Michael Jackson Mariah Carey Syke N Sugarstarr 2Pac Wiz Khalifa Martin Solveig & Dragonette Brooklyn Bounce Eminem Justin Bieber Rebecca Black royksopp Skrillex Elvis Presley wolfgang gartner sean tyas Bloody Beetroots Sean Paul Bob Sinclar R3hab Da Fresh Cosmic Gate Arty Far East Movement EasyTech The Cataracs Dev Chew Fu Lil Jon Taio Cruz Kylie Minogue Apster & Bassjackers Hardwell Jay Z Fast Foot Steve Angello Kanye West & Twista Pendulum Dada Life Deadmau5 Salt n Pepa Uppermost Quintino Avicii Bob Marley Cee Lo Green Duck Sauce Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Hyper Crush Klaas Leona Lewis Mustard Pimp Mike Candys Jack Holiday Porter Robinson Hard Rock Sofa Swedish House Mafia The Prodigy The White Panda Tim Berg Congorock FTampa Lazy Rich Diplo Cazzette Mohombi Soundprank The Partysquad Clinton Sparks Beyonce Funkerman Shermanology Kelly Rowland Oliver Twizt Nicole Scherzinger 50 Cent Vanilla Ice Faithless Example Kaskade Pleasurekraft Swanky Tunes Snow Patrol Dirtyloud The Game DJ Fresh Dash Berlin Bruno Mars Lil Wayne Drake ATB A&B Armin Only Alesso Soulja Boy SODMG Lil B Based God

nothing at of , which is

5. David Guetta Feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch

  • Published: 2012-12-18T22:59:51Z
  • By FilypuSha
David Guetta Feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch

001. The Aston Shuffle, Tommy Trash - Sunrise (Won't Get Lost) (Tommy Trash Version) 002. Chuckie, Junxterjack - Make Some Noise (Original Mix) 003. Eric Prydz - Every Day (Original Mix) 004. Hot Chip - Flutes (Sasha Remix) 005. Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Club Edit) 006. Tube & Berger, Milan Euringer - Lovebreak (Original Mix) 007. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin) (Extended Mix) 008. Zedd, Lucky Date - Fall Into The Sky feat. Ellie Goulding (Extended Mix) 009. Tradelove - Seven Nation Army (Club Mix) 010. Steve Angello, Third Party - Lights (Original Mix) 011. Justin Martin - Don't Go (Dusky Remix) 012. Robosonic - The Edge (Original Mix) 013. Firebeatz - Here We F*cking Go (Original Mix) 014. Burns - Lies (Otto Knows Remix) 015. Tiesto, Allure - Pair Of Dice (Original Mix) 016. EDX - Touched (Original Club Mix) 017. Duke Dumont - The Giver (Original Mix) 018. Jay Lumen - Get Ready (Original Mix) 019. Monsta - Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix) 020. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash - Reload (Original Mix) 021. Discopolis - Committed To Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix) 022. David Penn, The Cube Guys - In The Air (Original Mix) 023. Luca C & Brigante - Flash of Light feat. Roisin Murphy (Solomun Mix) 024. Hot Natured, Ali Love - Benediction (Original Mix) 025. Rampa, Meggy - Everything feat. Meggy (Mark Fanciulli Remix) 026. Stefano Noferini - Flash (Original Mix) 027. Daniel Dubb - I Got 5 On It (Original Rework) 028. Miguel Campbell - Rockin' Beats (Original Mix) 029. NiCe7 - New York (Original Mix) 030. Firebeatz & Schella - Dear New York (Original Mix) 031. Showtek, Justin Prime - Cannonball (Original Mix) 032. Oliver $, Sqim - Hoes (Original Mix) 033. James Silk - Can't Wait (Original Mix) 034. My Digital Enemy, Jason Chance - Got To Be Strong (Original Mix) 035. Jon Dasilva, Maceo Plex - Love Somebody Elsel feat. Joi Cardwell (Original Mix) 036. Yves V, Dani L Mebius - Chained (Original Mix) 037. Mulder (NL) - Natural High (Joris Voorn Edit) 038. Him_Self_Her - Gone Too Long (Original Mix) 039. 2Elements - Tell Me Boy (Deepdisco Remix) 040. Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Extended Mix) 041. Zedd - Stache (Extended Mix) 042. HNQO - As I See feat. Bip (Original Mix) 043. Rene Amesz, Camilo Franco - Get This (Original Club Mix) 044. Green Velvet, Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (Original Mix) 045. Kirsty - Hands High (Afrojack Remix) 046. Eric Sneo - Shut Up and Dance feat. Chris The Voice (Pleasurekraft Remix) 047. Plastik Funk, Tujamo - WHO (Original Mix) 049. Kaskade - Llove feat. Haley (Dada Life Remix) 050. Calvin Harris & Nicky Romero - Iron (Original Mix) 051. Miguel Campbell - Not that Kind of Girl (Original Mix) 052. Steve Angello - Yeah (Original Mix) 053. Monsta - Where Did I Go (Dillon Francis & Kill Paris Remix) 054. Chuckie, Promise Land - Breaking Up feat. Amanda Wilson (Bartosz Brenes & Tony Romera Remix) 056. Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct (Original Mix) 057. Christian Burkhardt - Delight (Original Mix) 058. Dannic - Flare (Orginal Mix) 059. John Jacobsen, Pink Fluid - Be With You (Extended Mix) 060. Fatboy Slim - Everybody Loves A Carnival (The Cube Guys & Analog People In A Digital World Remix) 061. Jay Lumen - Carpe Diem (Original Mix) 062. Adana Twins - Everyday (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix) 063. Tommyboy - Can You Feel It (Metodi Hristov Remix) 064. John Dahlback, Greg Cerrone - Every Breath feat. Janice Robinson (Lucky Date Remix) 065. Wankelmut, Asaf Avidan - One Day (Reckoning Song) (Wankelmut Remix) (Club Mix) 066. Alex Kenji, NDKj - Not That Kind Of Girl feat. Marga Sol (Mike Vale Remix) 068. X-Press 2 - Muzik Xpress (Eats Everything '20th Anniversary' Remix) 069. Groove Armada - Always Take Me Higher (Original Mix) 070. Alvaro - Make The Crowd GO (Original Mix) 071. Tradelove Vs. Sam Obernik - Bette Davis Eyes (Club Mix) 073. Sante - Homegirl feat. Lorenzo Hall (Original Mix) 074. R3hab, Shermanology - Living 4 The City (Original Mix) 075. UMEK - 100% Sure (Original Mix) 076. Candi Station - Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal) 077. Tom Staar - Cheyenne (Original Mix) 078. Skism - Experts (Original Mix) 079. Benoit & Sergio - Lipstick & Lace (Original Mix) 080. Alesso, Matthew Koma - Years (Vocal Extended Mix) 081. Contiez - Trumpsta feat. Treyy G (Djuro Remix) 082. M.A.N.D.Y. - Twisted Sister (Original Mix) 083. Markus Homm - City Tax (Original Mix) 084. Seven Lions - Days to Come feat. Fiora (Original Mix) 085. DJ Dan - Out Of Nowhere (Original Mix) 086. Ry, Frank Wiedemann - Howling (Âme Remix) 087. Maurizio Gubellini, Delayers - In Da House (Original Mix) 088. Kiko, Mihalis Safras - Mentos (Original Mix) 089. Mounsie - Turkey Business (Droplex Remix) 090. Karim Haas - Pussy Riot (Original Mix) 091. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin) (Joris Voorn Remix) 092. My Digital Enemy, Matteo DiMarr - Lattitude (Original Mix) 093. Sharam Jey, Tapesh - Over Me (Original Mix) 094. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan - Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (W&W vs Jonas Stenberg Remix) 095. Nero - Won't You (Be There) (Original Mix) 096. Tom Flynn - Do You Like Bass? (Original Mix) 097. Markus Homm - Red One (Original Mix) 098. Raul Mezcolanza - Follow Me (Original Mix) 099. Eats Everything - Vertigo (Original Mix) 100. Loverdose - I Remember (Original Mix) 1. Hardwell feat Amba Shepherd - Apollo (Original Mix) (5:11) 2. Nicky Romero & Nervo - Like Home (Original Mix) (5:31) 3. TJR - Ode To Oi (Original Mix) (4:31) 4. Nick Curly - Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix) (7:29) 5. Bingo Players - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix) (5:03) 6. Luciano - Rise Of Angel (Andrea Oliva Remix) (8:13) 7. Yousef - Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix) (6:50) 8. Dirty South & Michael Brun - Rift (Original Mix) (6:17) 9. David Guetta feat Taped Rai - Just One Last Time (Hard Rock Sofa Big Room Mix) (6:41) 10. Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Club Mix) (6:29) 11. Tommy Trash - Truffle Pig (Original Mix) (6:07) 12. R3hab - A Night In (EDC Orlando 2012 Anthem ) (Original Mix) (5:09) 13. The Aston Shuffle vs Tommy Trash - Sunrise (Won't Get Lost) (Tommy Trash Version) (6:03) 14. Tube Berger, Milan Euringer - Lovebreak (Original Mix) (6:14) 15. Prok & Fitch - Symphony (Mike Vale Remix) (6:35) 16. Hot Chip - Flutes (Sasha Remix) (9:29) 17. Afrojack - Annie's Theme (Original Mix) (5:50) 18. Chuckie, Junxterjack - Make Some Noise (Original Mix) (4:45) 19. Eric Prydz - Every Day (Original Mix) (6:43) 20. Showtek & Justin Prime - Cannonball (Original Mix) (5:48) 21. Crazibiza - Coco Loco (Original Mix) (6:13) 22. Audiojack - No Equal Sides (Original Mix) (7:36) 23. Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (WhiteNoize Remix) (6:55) 24. Abel The Kid, Keylanders - Zumba Socks (Original Mix) (7:15) 25. Daniel Dubb - I Got 5 On It (Original Rework) (6:00) 26. Robosonic - The Edge (7:05) 27. Loco Dice - Detox (6:49) 28. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix) (5:53) 29. David Jones - Rhythm Alive (Federico Scavo Remix) (7:18) 30. Claude VonStroke, Kry Wolf - Turbosteppa (Original Mix) (4:56) 31. David Penn & The Cube Guys - In The Air (Original Mix) (6:58) 32. Ray Okpara - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) (7:35) 33. The Prodigy - Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix) (4:36) 34. Daniel Portman - You're Not Alone (Original Mix) (6:51) 35. Tale Of Us, The/Das - Fresh Water (Original Mix) (7:09) 36. Tujamo - There It Is (Original Mix) (4:58) 37. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Your Love (Waze And Odyssey Remix) (5:56) 38. Tensnake feat Syron - Mainline (Dub) (6:11) 39. Swedish House Mafia feat John Martin - Don't You Worry Child (Extended Mix) (6:45) 40. Lunde Bros - Can You Feel It (Original Mix) (5:01) 41. EDX - Touched (Original Club Mix) (6:46) 42. Justin Martin - Don't Go (Dusky Remix) (6:30) 43. Alan Fitzpatrick - Skeksis (Original Mix) (6:54) 44. Jay Lumen - Get Ready (Original Mix) (7:14) 45. Franky Rizardo & Roul And Doors - Elements (Hardwell & Dannic Remix) (4:30) 46. Sidney Samson, Will.I.Am - Better Than Yesterday (Club Mix) (5:11) 47. Pryda - Bergen (Original Mix) (9:11) 48. Hot Natured & Ali Love - Benediction (Original Mix) (6:41) 49. Zedd - Codec (Extended Mix) (6:54) 50. BT, Nadia Ali, Arty - Must Be The Love (Shogun Remix) (7:35) 51. Stefano Noferini - Flash (Original Mix) (6:11) 52. Tujamo - There It Is (David Jones Remix) (5:19) 53. Doctor Dru - 2 Know U (Original Mix) (7:31) 54. 2Elements - Tell Me Boy (Deepdisco Remix) (7:03) 55. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer Remix) (5:05) 56. Monsta - Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix) (3:57) 57. Henry Saiz - Uncharted (Original Mix) (8:31) 58. Kaskade Ft. Neon Trees - Lessons in Love (Headhunterz Remix) (6:48) 59. Lee Foss & Marc Kinchen - Electricity feat Anabel Englund (5:35) 60. Arno Cost - Lifetime (Original Mix) (6:38) 61. DJ Dan - Out Of Nowhere (Original Mix) (5:56) 62. Claptone - Another Night (Original Mix) (6:12) 63. Steve Angello, Third Party - Lights (Original Mix) (5:08) 64. Rampa feat Meggy - Everything (Mark Fanciulli Remix) (9:11) 65. Above & Beyond Feat Zoe Johnston - Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (7:37) 66. Rachel Row - Follow The Step (Kink Beat Mix) (6:02) 67. Tiesto & Allure - Pair of Dice (Original Mix) (6:00) 68. Him Self Her - Gone Too Long (Original Mix) (7:17) 69. DJ Dan, TJR - Jacked Up Funk (Original Mix) (5:30) 70. Maxxi Soundsystem, Name One - Regrets We Have No Use For (Original Mix) (7:39) 71. Nicone - Why (Monte Remix) (6:47) 72. Green Velvet, Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (Original Mix) (6:19) 73. Lucky Date, Zedd, Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky (Extended Mix) (4:38) 74. Duke Dumont - The Giver (Original Mix) (6:29) 75. Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash - Reload (Original Mix) (6:00) 76. Oliver $, Sqim - Hoes (Original Mix) (4:40) 77. Discopolis - Committed To Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix) (6:16) 78. Zedd feat Bright Lights - Follow You Down (Extended Mix) (7:11) 79. Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan - BFAM (Original Mix) (5:18) 80. Michael Woods, Ester Dean - We've Only Just Begun (Extended Mix) (6:44) 81. Sian, Luigi Madonna - Royal Oak (Original Mix) (7:20) 82. Dank (USA), Jacq - Crystals (6:13) 83. Andres Power, Outcode - Mizu (Original Mix) (7:40) 84. Dave Aju - Caller #7 (Seth Troxler & Subb-an Remix) (8:16) 85. Wankelmut, Asaf Avidan - One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) (Club Mix) (7:16) 86. Fedde Le Grand, Nicky Romero, Matthew Koma - Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) (Jochen Miller Remix) (5:24) 87. Calvin Harris feat Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing (Extended Mix) (5:54) 88. Flashmob - Hot (Original Mix) (7:15) 89. Pryda - Recomondos (Original Mix) (6:47) 90. Luciano - Rise Of Angel (Original Mix) (16:02) 91. Ian Pooley - CompuRhythm (Dixon 4/4 Treatment) (8:11) 92. Burns - Lies (Otto Knows Remix) (6:19) 93. HNQO - As I See feat Bip (Original Mix) (6:34) 94. Lange - Destination Anywhere (Original Mix) (8:11) 95. Zedd - Epos (Extended Mix) (6:01) 96. Doctor Dru - Foolish (Original Mix) (7:04) 97. Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer - Strobelight (Original Mix) (5:15) 98. Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto - Metal (6:14) 99. Wax Motif feat. Madame Buttons - Never Fall Again (Original Mix) (4:33) 100. TV Noise - Kill The Radio (Original Mix) (4:39) 1. Achilles & One - Broken Love 2. Achilles & One - The Night 3. Achilles & One - You Every Day 4. Ajello feat Mara Redeghieri - Creature (Dub Version) 5. Ajello feat Mara Redeghieri - Creature (Jadoo Remix) 6. Ajello feat Mara Redeghieri - Creature (Vocal Mix) 7. Alejandro Mosso - Nightwalker (LoSoul Remix) 8. Alejandro Mosso - Nightwalker (Original Mix) 9. Andrea Scardamaglia - Baby Don't You Know 10. Andrea Scardamaglia - Morning Light 11. Beboo - Deeptronic (Original Mix) 12. Beboo - La Casa del House (Original Mix) 13. Cee Cee Cox - bolin heart 14. Cristian Alfino - Hobama (Original Mix) 15. Cristian Alfino - I Closed (Original Mix) 16. Cristian Alfino - The Well (Original Mix) 17. DJ Leandro - Heaven (feat Chris Yang) (Instrumental Mix) 18. Danja Uosh - When You Turn Me On (Original Mix) 19. Danja Uosh - When You Turn Me On (Pavi Remix) 20. Deeperholic - Love (DJ Spice T & QDeep Reloaded Remix) 21. Deeperholic - Love (DJ Vice L Remix) 22. Deeperholic - Love (Deeper Thoughts Damage of the Soul Mix) 23. Deeperholic - Love (Original Mix) 24. Deeperholic - Love (Solid Torry Deep Remix) 25. Dembora - Nahia (Original Mix) 26. Exzotic - Body & Soul (Original Mix) 27. Exzotic - House of Jazz (Instrumental Mix) 28. Exzotic - Inside Outside (Original Mix) 29. Exzotic - Jazzy Talk (Main Mix) 30. Exzotic - Journey (feat Tizmo) (Main Mix) 31. Exzotic - Lesson in Deep (Main Mix) 32. Giom - Hot Rabbits (Spiritchaser Beats Edit) 33. Giom - Hot Rabbits (Spiritchaser Remix) 34. GruuvElement's - Moody (Original Mix) 35. J Dovy - Choice (Original Mix) 36. J Dovy - If... (Original Mix) 37. J Dovy - La Musique (Original Mix) 38. J Dovy - Never Too Far (Original Mix) 39. Jacek Janicki - Sunshine Keys (Original Mix) 40. Jacek Janicki - We Love Sax (Fathead Johnson Remix) 41. Jacek Janicki - We Love Sax (Mauro B & Gerard C Remix) 42. Jacek Janicki - We Love Sax (Original Mix) 43. Jacek Janicki - We Love Sax (Paul & Zax Remix) 44. Jorn Johansen - Everything Must Change 45. Jorn Johansen - Suffering Every Day 46. Jorn Johansen - The Night Is Calling 47. Konig Balthasar - Disharmonia 48. Konig Balthasar - Don't F**k Your Dreams 49. Konig Balthasar - Keep Your Life Clean and Smoke 50. LTS - Do You Feel Me? (Nathan G Re:Shuffle) 51. Luka - GO DEEPER (Original Mix) 52. Luka - Where Did The Love Go (Original Mix) 53. Luke Miskell & Ittetsu - Sunny Side Up (Enzo Siragusa & Chris Lattner) 54. Mass Digital - make my love 55. Mattia Malerba - The Log (Original Mix) 56. Michael McLardy - Baby Don't Cry (Instrumental Mix) 57. Michael McLardy - Plastic Boy (Jack Wickham Remix) 58. Michael McLardy - Plastic Boy (Original Mix) 59. Michael McLardy - Zed's Dead (Original Mix) 60. Miko - get me 61. Myles Bigelow - Do It For The Juice (Original Mix) 62. Myles Bigelow - Expressionism (Original Mix) 63. Myles Bigelow - Primal Urge (Original Mix) 64. Nologo & Leo Almunia - Bad Bird (Original Mix) 65. Nologo & Leo Almunia - Bad Bird (The Clover Bird Swooping Remix) 66. Nologo & Leo Almunia - Bad Bird (The Clover In The Nest Remix) 67. Nologo & Leo Almunia - Just (Original Mix) 68. Null.eins - acid 69. Omar - It's So (Aki Bergen Instrumental) 70. Omar - It's So (Aki Bergen Remix) 71. Orelse - Life Sake (Original Mix) 72. Orelse - Life Sake (Rosenhaft Remix) 73. Orelse - Vigilante In Episode 2 (Original Mix) 74. Orelse - Vigilante In Episode 2 (Tosel & Hale Remix) 75. Orelse - Vigilante In Episode 2 (Zac F Remix) 76. Rafael Cerato - I Don't Care (Original Mix) 77. Rafael Cerato - Show Me That (Original Mix) 78. Reptare, Chhotima - Hold (Al Bradley's 3am Deep Dub) 79. Reptare, Chhotima - Hold 80. Reptile Youth - Be My Yoko Ono (Francis Harris & Gry Dub) 81. Reptile Youth - Be My Yoko Ono (Francis Harris & Gry Remix) 82. Roberto Pedoto - Fresh Funky Drops (Root Mix) 83. Roberto Pedoto - Night Train (Original Mix) 84. Ruten feat Paul Omaetxebarria - What for (Dub Mix) 85. Ruten feat Paul Omaetxebarria - What for (Original Mix) 86. Ruten feat Paul Omaetxebarria - What for (Yana NuSolution Remix) 87. Ruten feat Paul Omaetxebarria - Your mind (Original Mix) 88. Ryan Thompson - On The Floor (Original Mix) 89. Ryan Thompson - Please Let Me (Original Mix) 90. Ryan Thompson - Reach Out (Original Mix) 91. Scott Orlans - Last Laugh (Claas Reimer Remix) 92. Scott Orlans - Last Laugh (Original Mix) 93. Scott Orlans - Last Laugh (Sebastian Lomar's Deepmix) 94. Selvy - love ya 95. Shadow Child - 23 96. Shadow Child - The Verdict Pt. 2 (Kry Wolf Remix) 97. Shadow Child - The Verdict Pt. 2 98. Smooth Noise - 808 (Original Mix) 99. Smooth Noise - We Always (Original Mix) 100. Starskie, Van Lin - thinkin 101. Stefan Kaye - In The Moment (Original Mix) 102. Stefan Kaye - Late Night Player (Original Mix) 103. Stefan Kaye - Time Goes By (Original Mix) 104. Stefan Kaye - With You (Original Mix) 105. Timmy P - Morlands 106. Timmy P - What You Sayin (Chesus Oh! Remix) 107. Timmy P - What You Sayin 108. Tom Simmert - daybreak 109. Upstroke - 4 All (Original Mix) 110. Upstroke - Mysterious (Original Mix) 111. Urulu - In My Life (Original Mix) 112. Urulu - These Days 113. Vivid - Poles Apart (Urulu Remix) 114. Vivid - Poles Apart 115. Vivid - We Shall Return 116. Yoshuaa - Bird (Original Mix) Jackin House 1. Adam Nics - Fantastic (Original Mix) 2. Audiosoul - Bass Kinda 3. Audiosoul - Disko Balls 4. Audiosoul - Go Away Troika 5. Audiosoul - Hot Creation 6. Crussen - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? 7. DJ Zimmo - Fast Lane 8. Delgado - Drum Beats A Riddim (Original Mix) 9. Hedonist - Oh Baby! (Original Mix) 10. Jack Kerouak - Blue Jazz (Original Mix) 11. Joey Chicago - Feels like love 12. Julius Papp & Rick Preston - Mama's Back (Rick Preston's Less Horny Edit) 13. Julius Papp & Rick Preston - Mama's Back (Rick Preston's More Horny Edit) 14. K-nto - Your love 15. Kevin Kind - Boogie (Original Mix) 16. Kevin Kind - G-Funk (Original Mix) 17. Kid Vibe - Dream Hustlin 18. Le Babar - Give Me Love 19. Marc Fairfield - Lounge Lizard (Jack Kerouak Remix) 20. Marc Fairfield - Lounge Lizard (Original Mix) 21. Mario Dubbz - Summer Rhyme (Main Mix) 22. Mario Dubbz - Want And Needs (Main Mix) 23. Olivers & Riggs - Whenever 24. Robb Swinga - Keep it Goin 25. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - Feet On The Ground (Chuck Daniels & Dimitri Max Pho Fix) 26. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - Feet On The Ground (Derrick Carter's BHQ Voodoo Remix) 27. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - Feet On The Ground (Kalven Swell's Modern Motown Mix) 28. TBF - Magne (Original Mix) 29. TBF - Sexoplis (Original Mix) 30. Tom Special Interest - Breaking Bad (Original Mix) 31. Tom Special Interest - In a Box (Original Mix) 32. Tom Special Interest - Keep On (Original Mix) 33. Tom Special Interest - The Ex-Factor (Original Mix) 34. Wallas - Number one Progressive House 1. Ali Kiani & Gianpiero Ibiza feat Mary B - Take Me to the Night (G&G Fashion Party Edit Mix) 2. Ali Kiani & Gianpiero Ibiza feat Mary B - Take Me to the Night (G&G Fashion Party Mix) 3. Ali Kiani & Gianpiero Ibiza feat Mary B - Take Me to the Night (Radio Edit) 4. Brown Sneakers & Dave Manna - Tonight (Instrumental Mix) 5. Brown Sneakers & Dave Manna - Tonight (Original Mix) 6. Brown Sneakers & Dave Manna - Tonight (Radio Edit) 7. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Chriss Ortega's Pirates Radio Re-work) 8. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Chriss Ortega's Pirates Re-work) 9. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Die Hoerer Mix) 10. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Dirty Shade Mix) 11. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Extended Mix) 12. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Mat's Mattara Mix) 13. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Radio Edit) 14. Disco Dice - Party People (2k12 Re Edit) 15. Discoscience - Salsify (Alex Einz Remix) 16. Discoscience - Salsify (Carlos Russo Remix) 17. Discoscience - Salsify (Moussa Clarke & Sums Remix) 18. Discoscience - Salsify (Original Mix) 19. Discoscience - Salsify (Zakem Remix) 20. Druk - Find Me Love (DNM Remix) 21. Druk - Find Me Love (House of Virus Remix) 22. Druk - Find Me Love (Original Mix) 23. Druk - Find Me Love (Traiters and Haiters Drukme Dub) 24. Druk - Find Me Love (Traiters and Haters Club Dub) 25. Druk - Find Me Love (Traiters and Haters Drukme Vocal Club Mix) 26. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Benani Omar Remix) 27. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Glassol Remix) 28. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Haunted Dub Remix) 29. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Nicox Remix) 30. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Original Mix) 31. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Rafael Faria Remix) 32. Evolke - Not The Same As All Djs (Russell Remix) 33. Jack Like - Feel Free (Original Mix) 34. Jack Like - On The Top (Original Mix) 35. Jack Like - Yeah (Original Mix) 36. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Calar Del Sole Remix) 37. KRIS MENACE feat UNAI - Lone Runner (Axel La Baron Remix) 38. KRIS MENACE feat UNAI - Lone Runner (Koelsch Remix) 39. KRIS MENACE feat UNAI - Lone Runner (Undo Remix) 40. LAX feat PV - Love & Pride (DJ Prince Bigroom Dub Remix) 41. LAX feat PV - Love & Pride (DJ Prince Bigroom Remix) 42. Mike Mroz feat Randy Montalvo - Clouds In The Sky (Italia Mix) 43. Patrick Hofmann feat Max'C - V.I.P. (Andy LaToggo Remix) 44. Patrick Hofmann feat Max'C - V.I.P. (David Puentez Remix) 45. Patrick Hofmann feat Max'C - V.I.P. (Filip Riva & Christian Rothas Remix) 46. Patrick Hofmann feat Max'C - V.I.P. (Greg Silver & Chico Chiquita Remix) 47. Patrick Hofmann feat Max'C - V.I.P. (Soundplayerzz Remix) 48. Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano - In de Ghetto (Federico Scavo Mix) 49. Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano - In de Ghetto (Johnny Beast Mix) 50. Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano - In de Ghetto (Original Mix) 51. Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano - In de Ghetto (Party Killers Mix) 52. X-Tropic, Proocky feat Karina Flourish - Energy of Love (Dub Mix) 53. X-Tropic, Proocky feat Karina Flourish - Energy of Love (Vocal Mix) 54. Xara&Fedotova - Circles (De Mant remix) 55. Xara&Fedotova - Circles (Hypnotic Duo breaks mix) 56. Xara&Fedotova - Circles (Original mix) Soulful House 1. Big Will Rosario, Moody Groova - Let Youself Go (Out of Control) (Big Will Rosario's Deep Dark Mix) 2. Bit - Dream (Original Mix) 3. Bit - Something for You (Original Mix) 4. Caserta - Alright (Husky's RSR Disco Rub) 5. Caserta - Alright (Original Mix) 6. Caserta - Change Your Mind (Baby Maker Dub) 7. Caserta - Change Your Mind (Original Mix) 8. Caserta - Change Your Mind (Scott Diaz Mix) 9. Caserta - Oh No! (GMGN Remix) 10. Caserta - Oh No! (Original Mix) 11. DJ Exzo - Clemis Piece (feat Clement) (Original Mix) 12. DJ Exzo - Clubtology (Original Mix) 13. DJ Exzo - Half Past (feat DJ Mc'Brino) (DJ Exzo in Time Mix) 14. Dembora - Climax (Original Mix) 15. Devoted feat Itu - I Am For You (Devoted Original Beatimental Mix) 16. Devoted feat Itu - I Am For You (Devoted Original Mix) 17. Devoted feat Itu - I Am For You (Devoted Original Radio-Mix) 18. Devoted feat Itu - I Am For You (Devoted RepriseInvented by Devoted) 19. Devoted feat Itu - I Am For You (Devoted Reprise Instrumental) 20. Devoted feat Itu - I Am For You (Original Instrumental Mix) 21. Dr Renas feat Afrikan Roots & John - Luphelile (Instrumental Mix) 22. Dr Renas feat Afrikan Roots & John - Luphelile (Main Original Mix) 23. Exzotic - My First Piano (August C Tu Deep Remix) 24. Exzotic - My First Piano (Club Mix) 25. Exzotic - My First Piano (DJ Exzo Club Remix) 26. Exzotic - My First Piano (Main Sax Mix) 27. Exzotic - My First Piano (Original Mix) 28. Exzotic - My First Piano (Pianoless Club Mix) 29. Gianni N & Terry Lex - I Know U Want Me (Original Dub Mix) 30. Hunzed - Tierra (Original Mix) 31. Hunzed - Tierra (Quantizers Remix) 32. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Original Mix) 33. Julius Papp & Rick Preston - Mama's Back (JPapp Disco Dub) 34. Julius Papp & Rick Preston - Mama's Back (JPapp Disco Jazz Mix) 35. Kerri Chandler, William Rosario - Lastin Luv (Kerri Chandler's Deep Dub) 36. Loui & Scibi feat Liah Walker - All I Feel Is Love (Deeplomatik Remix) 37. Loui & Scibi feat Liah Walker - All I Feel Is Love (Original Mix) 38. Luka - 1961 (Lk Punch Mix) 39. Lusi Mel - Mine My (Soulfull Deep Mix) 40. Macchianera - Creole (Main mix) 41. Macchianera - Forest (Main Mix) 42. Mario Dubbz - Nice & Slo (Main Mix) 43. Orlando Dome - Soul Symbolic (Dome to the Dome Mix) 44. Patrick Khuzwayo & Deep Suite feat Michael Ashe - Love's Been Redefined (Deep Suite Remix) 45. Patrick Khuzwayo & Deep Suite feat Michael Ashe - Love's Been Redefined (Original Mix) 46. Patrick Khuzwayo & Deep Suite feat Michael Ashe - Love's Been Redefined (Room 806 Remix) 47. Pray for More feat Trevor Mako - Break 4 Love (Pray for More's in Love with Mjuzieek Remix) 48. QB - Yes No Maybe (QB's Hotstrumental) 49. SmallWonder Boys, Andrew'Rags' Richardson, Larry 'Sterio'McPhail - Dirty Dan (Miami Mix) 50. Solution Soul feat Nina Provencal - Breakdown (Adam Rios Instrumental) 51. Solution Soul feat Nina Provencal - Breakdown (Adam Rios Remix) 52. Solution Soul feat Nina Provencal - Breakdown (Instrumental Mix) 53. Solution Soul feat Nina Provencal - Breakdown (Vocal Mix) 54. Solution Soul feat Nina Provencal - Breakdown (Yusuke Hiraoka Instrumental) 55. Solution Soul feat Nina Provencal - Breakdown (Yusuke Hiraoka Remix) 56. Sonic Noyz feat Malebo - My Living Waters (Original Vocal) 57. Sonic Noyz feat Malebo - My Living Waters (Vocal Dub) 58. Ta-Ice - Forever (Main Mix) 59. Ta-Ice - High Pan (Original Mix) 60. Trackheadz feat Lee Anne King - Baby Steps (Main Mix) 61. Trix, Lady Patriot - Birds Of A Feather (Original Mix) 62. Trix, Lemon Boi - Le Beauha (Original Mix) 63. Trix - Barb-Wire (Original Mix) 64. Trix - Barb-Wire (Trix Ghost Remix) 65. Trix - Da Lady (Original Mix) 66. Trix - November Stone (Original Mix) 67. Trix - Red Indian (Original Mix) 68. Typheni - Is It Love (Harlum Remix) 69. Typheni - Is It Love (Hump Mix) 70. Typheni - Is It Love (Neal Conway & DJ Spen Afro Latin Deep Mix) 71. Typheni - Is It Love (Neal Conway & DJ Spen Afro Latin Remix) 72. Typheni - Is It Love (Original Mix) 73. Vick Lavender feat R.J Green - Do For Love (What You Won't Do) (Dejay Ceases Basement Mix) Tech House 1. Brown Sneakers & Dave Manna - Tonight (Tim Cullen Remix) 2. DJ Koutarou.A & DJ Kusda - Sky & Fly (Juanito Aka John Aguilar Remix) 3. DJ Koutarou.A & DJ Kusda - Sky & Fly (Original Mix) 4. Dani Rivas & Mario Otero - Pitch Fail (Original Mix) 5. Dani Rivas & Mario Otero - Retro Vox (Original Mix) 6. Dani Rivas & Mario Otero - The Farandula (Original Mix) 7. DeLToRo Dj - The Warehouse (Original Mix) 8. Dee Marcus - First Line (Original Mix) 9. Dee Marcus - Hello 18 (Original Mix) 10. Dee Marcus - Our Mashine (Original Mix) 11. Dennis Ramoon - Get The Bassline (Original Mix) 12. Flawless Funk - So Good (Gerald Henderson & Dj Haro Remix) 13. GruuvElement's - Jamie (Original Mix) 14. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Tastet T. Remix) 15. Jon Flores - Hands On Your Head (Dave Rose Remix) 16. Mattia Malerba - The Log (Albert Alonso Remix) 17. Omar - It's So (Mike Maze Remix) 18. Pray for More feat Trevor Mako - Break 4 Love (Christian Hornbostel Remix) 19. Rafael Cerato - Show Me That (Cony Remix) 20. Seamless - This Is Houston (James Organ Space Choir Remix) 21. Seamless - This Is Houston (Original Mix) 22. Seamless - Whatever It Is You Play On (Original Mix) 23. Shadow Child - Sensible Haircut 24. Yerbol - I Can't Stop Trbal (Original Mix) DJ Tools 1. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest - Love I Call My Own (Acappella) 2. QB - Yes No Maybe (Warm Days Keyapella) House 1. DJ Clash, Big Will Rosario - NightShift Daaaaa (Nightshift Late Mix) 2. DJ Koutarou.A & DJ Kusda - More Than (Gerald Henderson & Rio Dela Duna Remix) 3. DJ Koutarou.A & DJ Kusda - More Than (Original Mix) 4. DJ Leandro - Rainy Days (Original Mix) 5. Disco Explosion - A New Feeling (DJ Foop Mix) 6. Disco Explosion - Get the Funk (Ciko DJ Mix) 7. Flawless Funk - So Good (Bigboss Remix) 8. Flawless Funk - So Good (Club Mix) 9. Flawless Funk - So Good (Rewire Remix) 10. Hedonist - My Love (Original Mix) 11. Hedonist - My Love (Yakka Remix) 12. Hedonist - Oh Baby! (Nikola Vujicic Remix) 13. Jeff & Jessey - All About Your Soul (Original Mix) 14. Jeff & Jessey - All About Your Soul (Ramiro Bernabela Remix) 15. Jeff & Jessey - The Fire (Original Mix) 16. Jeff & Jessey - The Fire (RMO Rework) 17. Jon Flores - Hands On Your Head (Gabe Ramos Remix) 18. Jon Flores - Hands On Your Head (Original Mix) 19. Kevin Kind - Oceans (Original Mix) 20. Lesbian Whisperer - We Want It Now (RC BBQ Sauce Instr) 21. Lesbian Whisperer - We Want It Now (RC Ketchup Mix) 22. Mossa - House Unlimited (Bonus Edit) 23. Mossa - House Unlimited (Mike Shannon's La Cinta Rmx) 24. Mossa - House Unlimited 25. Mossa - Tom Bottom 26. Omar - It's So (Bob Sinclar Instrumental Remix) 27. Omar - It's So (Neuroxyde Instrumental Remix) 28. Omar - It's So (Neuroxyde Remix) 29. Paul Parsons - Sometime (Jerico Remix) 30. Paul Parsons - Sometime (Original Mix) 31. Paul Parsons - Sometime (Soulful Brothers South Beach Edit) 32. TBF - Black Flowers (Original Mix) 33. Tete Hernandez - Cata Nova feat Lada Sax (Original Mix) 34. Tete Hernandez - Monsoon feat Lada Sax (Original Mix) 35. Urulu - In My Life (Broke One Remix) Techno 1. Dembora, Claire Wilson - Satisfy (Jerico Remix) 2. Dembora, Jean Verheyen - Between The Sheets (Original Mix) 3. Joseph Mercado - Rock Candy (Hard Sweet & Crunchy Mix) 4. Reptare - Black Dog 5. Tintin - Day After Day (Original Mix) 6. Tintin - Subtropic (Original Mix) 7. Tintin - Under 2 (Original Mix) Electro House 1. Demoe Beats - Viva (Original Mix) 2. Demoe Beats - Viva (Pierce G Remix) 3. Demoe Beats - Viva (Sinseven Remix) 4. Discoscience - Salsify (FINISH HIM! Remix) 5. Discoscience - Salsify (Thanos T Remix) 6. Jack Like - Dynamite (Original Mix) 7. KNY Factory - Big Room Anthem (Herve Pagez Remix) 8. KNY Factory - Big Room Anthem (Original Mix) 9. KNY Factory - Big Room Anthem (Robert Firth Remix) 10. Kill City, Whiskey Pete - Come Out Swingin' (Original Mix) 11. Kill City - I've Got A Feeling (Original Mix) 12. Polaki - Electro People (Inertia & Alex Cosmo Remix) 13. The Squatters & Gerard McEwan - Signature (Original Mix) Nu Disco / Indie Dance 1. Djonah Laforge - Enslaved to Love 2. High Voltage Humans - Heated Hearts (Schlachthofbronx Remix) 3. High Voltage Humans - Heated Hearts 4. High Voltage Humans - Hymn of the Humans (Ben Mono Remix) 5. High Voltage Humans - Hymn of the Humans 6. High Voltage Humans - Laser Symphony 7. High Voltage Humans - Tetris for Lovers 8. High Voltage Humans - Tomahawk (Bostro Pesopeo Remix) 9. High Voltage Humans - Tomahawk (Soft.Nerd Remix) 10. High Voltage Humans - Tomahawk 11. High Voltage Humans - Voice 12. Hires - Holding Back 13. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Vincent Vega NuDisko DUB) 14. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Vincent Vega NuDisko Edit) 15. KRIS MENACE feat UNAI - Lone Runner (Acos CoolKAs Remix) 16. Le Tropical - Dancing All Night 17. Le Tropical - I'm Over You 18. Le Tropical - Livin' It Up 19. Le Tropical - The 90's Song (Spirit of House) 20. Le Tropical - You Don't Want Me 21. Reptile Youth - Be My Yoko Ono (Peaking Lights Remix) 22. Stereo Groove - Far Away 23. Tabasko - All I Need 24. Tim Overdijk - Boamb 25. Tim Overdijk - Realistic Pressure (Daytime dub) 26. Tim Overdijk - Realistic Pressure Electronica, TBD, Dubstep 1. Don D Selectah - 3Style Swagg 2. Don D Selectah - Act Killed & Buried 3. Don D Selectah - Chinese Eyes 4. Don D Selectah - Xtratrillestrial Lounge / Chill Out 1. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Thomas Lemmer Chillout Remix) Electronica 1. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Video Edit) 2. Jerome Noak feat Al Miller - You Got Me (Hypnotized) (Ziegler & Tony Clifton Remix) 3. Simon Fava & Tom Wax feat Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim (Simon Fava Mix) 4. Simon Fava & Tom Wax feat Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim (Tom Wax Mix) R&B / Hip Hop 1. Li Li - Back In The Day (Original Mix) 2. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - Feet On The Ground (Mark Farina's MJ Dub) Electronica, Dubstep 1. Seandroid - Blackout (Original Mix) 2. Seandroid - Eaten (Original Mix) 3. Xara&Fedotova - Circles (Miami Mc) Accapella, DJ Tools 1. Typheni - Is It Love (Accapella)

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6. A loving tribute to all things Radiophonic on a £4 Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Published: 2016-02-03T00:15:27Z
  • By Pi Synth
A loving tribute to all things Radiophonic on a £4 Raspberry Pi Zero

A much cleaner recording than the one I posted yesterday, with some enthusiastic whooshing ... here's the backstory. Over 52 years ago, I heard the Doctor Who theme for the first time at my grandmother's house in Sheffield, at the Stones brewery in Burton Road, Sheffield, the first ever episode. I was only 4 years old, the sounds terrified me, the whole family sat transfixed at the noises, which had been created some months previously by the awesome Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. No synthesizers, just wobulating oscillators, tapes and a shedload of patience, diligence and dazzling creativity. That was 1963. Now it's 2016 (bloody hell, last time I looked it was 1978) - can you believe you can do all that AND MORE for £4.99 today? One Raspberry Pi Zero (£4), one 99p USB audio interface, and the difficult bit - a huge bunch of very specialized, hardcore, time-consuming software development. This track has 8 Virtual Analog monosynths, one wavetable synth (polysynth but with polyphony set to 1 as I am somewhat lax with the noteOff messages throughout!) and a single sample replay synth for the Tardis takeoff effect. The VAsynths are : Channel 1 : kick/tom - noise, bandpass filtered slightly resonant, and an EG to shape the amplitude Channel 2 : snare (same setting as 1 but up the scale) Channel 3 : the old faithful 'Martyn Ware Glitterclap' - these 3 are not exactly canonical but I wanted to add in a blast of "Human League do Gary Glitter / Doctorin the Tardis" for the outro. This is a burst of noise modulated by a square wave LFO, shaped by an EG to become a decaying train of noise pulses, bandpass filtered and quite resonant to emphasise the clappiness Channels 4/5 : a pair of Radiophonic Wobulators, sin waves which warm up (some Phase Distortion, some morphing to slightly square) under a slow ramping EG, which also ramps up the LFO amplitude that is FM and AMing them. These have a bend range of +- 24 semitones for the giant 2 octave swoops Channel 6 : the diddly dum bass riff. This is really velocity sensitive, both in amplitude and in brightness. OSCB gets louder under velocity, and both OSCs sharpen up under hard bashing - the 'fine pitch' modulation output is hooked into a fast EG. So really hard hits sound like plucked strings, sharpening immediately under tension then going true very quickly Channel 7 : a bass 'slurp' for the grace notes - a slightly less bright version of the riff, and with a larger reverb send amount to distance it Channel 8 : a noise generator with a keyfollowed bandpass filter, with some resonance to be played manually (hence hamfisted noises throughout). Heavily feedback delay adds SFX swishy whooshy things to the mix - really spacey, dude! Channel 9 : a wavetable synth for the 'melodica' melodic notes Channel 10 : EXTERMINATE! Samples, for the heck of it Plus there are 4 delays with low pass filters and independent LR settings for delay, levels and feedback levels, plus a stereoizing reverb engine. Can you believe it - 10 whole synths, all of them awesome, 8 of them virtual analog, on £4.99 of computer hardware. Less than 5 quid!!! 2016 is an insane place to be. Thanks for the awesome arrangement Delia. And thanks to the Timelords for "Doctorin' The Tardis", spotting the unholy glory that is the mashup of Delia Derbyshire and early 70s glitterpop. So glorious a mashup that Hell's Bells, I just HAD to slap the tempo up from 140 to 143 BPM as the drums kick in. I go WHOO HOO every time that happens, and I don't often get actually excited by something I've created. p.s. major thanks to the team at without whom my tone deaf / 'cannot do intervals' brain would have struggled to make sense of this - this would have taken a month rather than 2 days!! Here's video of how this looks as it's playing - the Pi Zero is visualizing the sounds it plays at 1080p!! Take a look : and

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7. #DBreakaway Show - #Shellings [17.03.16]

#DBreakaway Show - #Shellings [17.03.16]

This week's feature event is our official birthday celebration of 9 years in the business and of course we arent stopping there. As we also unveil our costume theme "Utopia" for Notting Hill Carnival 2016. For tickets and more info visit the sponsored ticked button or our official website This week's show is also packed with Soca goodness with new pressure plays from St Vincent and Barbados. We also have new music from Grenada and our very own local shores here in the UK. Look out for fete competition next week. Track-listings: 1 - Square One - Aye Aye Aye 2 - Nigel Lewis - Take That and Cool It 3 - Chucky - See You 4 - Edwin Yearwood - Dushi 5 - Gozilay - Kout'e Manman'w 6 - Mantius - She Want A Shot 7 - Rancho - De Wine 8 - Fox - Staggerah 9 - Machel Montano HD - Tell Me 10 - Rupee - Standing Up Against The Law 11 - Alison Hinds - Wine To Deh Back 12 - Lil' Rick - 1 Juk For The Carnival 13 - Rudy - Proper 14 - Diamond - Champion 15 - Biggie Irie - Cyaan Be Over 16 - Sanctuary - Thick Bumpa 17 - Bomani - La Bush 18 - Galanaire - Fussing Time 19 - Luta ft Skinny Fabulous - Busy Tone 20 - Brother B - I gotto go 21 - Biggie Irie - One More Day 22 - Basil - Bounce Around 23 - JW & Blaze - Good Times Roll(NEW MUSIC) 24 - Bazuka - Plenty Woman (NEW MUSIC) 25 - Luta - Inside Dey *PRESSURE PLAY* (NEW MUSIC) 26 - Problem Child - Trophy *PRESSURE PLAY RIDDIM* 27 - Fadda Fox ft Skinny Fabulous - Going Mad (NEW MUSIC) 28 - King Bubba - Another One (NEW MUSIC) 29 - Leadpipe & Saddis - Make A Fete (NEW MUSIC) 30 - Olatunji - Oh Yay 31 - Kassav - Siyé bwa 32 - Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You 33 - Kassav - Mwen Di Ou Awa 34 - Bosca Bankes - Bam Bam Bolero 35 - Tallpree - Master 36 - Terri Lyons - Master 37 - Loose Cannon - Watch Me 38 - Killa & Legz Master 39 - D.L.R - Muddy Jab Roots 40 - Mason - In Yo Panty 41 - Muddy - Madd Jab 42 - Nutron - Scene 43 - Destra Garcia - Mash Up 44 - Otis - Tornado 45 - Danielle Veira - Fetting Problems 46 - Mikey & Blood - Roll It 47 - Lively - Mash Up 48 - Problem Child - RIOT 49 - Skinny Fabulous - The General (Lick Ah Shot) 50 - Lavaman - Wrenk 51 - Lavaman - More Horn 52 - Lavaman - Doh Look At We 53 - Shortpree - Ah Have It Laaang 54 - Hypa 4000 - Show Me Yo Wuk Up 55 - Hypa 4000 - Dutty Dancing 56 - Skinny Banton - Front Yard Wet 57 - Lil Rick - Wuk On Top Of Wuk (Remix) 58 - Peter Ram - Break A Way 59 - Ricardo Dru - Superman 60 - Fraud Squad - Yuh Wuk 61 - John Buck Wild vs Steely - Who Ya Doctor 62 - Bunji Garlin - Fete Is Fete 63 - Machel Montano - Mad Man 64 - Denise Belfon - Buss Dem Up 65 - Dan Dan - Sweat 66 - Farmer Nappy - Rental 67 - 5Star Akil - Different Me 68 - Lead Pipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling 69 - Inspector - Razor Blade 70 - Ricardo Drue - Bet 71 - Ricardo Drue - Professional 72 - Destra - Normal 73 - Patrice Roberts - Money Done 74 - Problem Child - For All Ah Dem 75 - King Bubba Mashup FM - Mashup "When Ah Touchdown" 76 - Marvay - Survive The Weekend 77 - Machel Montano - Temperature 78 - Teddyson John - Allez 79 - Lyrikal - Dip & Roll 80 - Kerwin Du Bois - All Kinda Kind 81 - Cloud 5 - No Behavior 82 - Angela Hunt Ft. Machel Montano - Party Done

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