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2. Dpat - Above Us (ft. Sango & Isles) | 'In Bloom'

Dpat - Above Us (ft. Sango & Isles) | 'In Bloom'

FULL RELEASE OUT NOW : "Above Us" comes from Dpat's forthcoming highly anticipated release 'In Bloom', out August 27, 2013 on Soulection. The track represents Dpat's soft, yet intentional beat structure full of dreamy keys, rnb charisma and Sango-infused basslines. Angelic vocals from Austin-based Isles are weaved throughout the track making this heater a preview of what's to come on 'In Bloom'. Discover: Artwork by SAMÜEL JOHNSON

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3. Dpat & Atu - Nothing Here

Dpat & Atu - Nothing Here

▶ Soulection ~ The Sound of Tomorrow ▶ | ▶ Discover: | ◈ This Thursday (June 26th): Soulection presents.. TSOT w/ Dpat, JMSN, Joe Kay, Andre Power, & J-Louis @ Echoplex (L.A.) ◧ Presales: ◧ RSVP: ◈ This Friday (June 27th): Soulection + Hegemony presents.. TSOT w/ GoldLink, Dpat, Joe Kay, Sosupersam, & Andre Power (Oak) ◧ Presales: ◧ RSVP: ◈ Saturday (July 12th): InTheLoop presents Too Future w/ Atu, Dpat, Penthouse Penthouse & more (Chicago) ◧ Presales: We recently heard that @Dpat & @Atu_N were working on an EP together and we couldn't wait to hear what the music sounded like. In fact, their progression from a year ago to now is undeniable. This is just a teaser for what's to come. Dpat has 3 shows coming up in LA and Oakland (back to back shows), & Chicago (Atu is playing). Stay tuned for more info. ** Discover the rest of our 'Freebies' series ➫

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4. Knew You w/ Atu, Dpat & Asante

  • Published: 2015-07-30T19:39:33Z
  • By Sángo
Knew You w/ Atu, Dpat & Asante

Knew You by Sango featuring:, and via Video 7

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5. Atu × Dpat × Sango – 3

  • Published: 2015-07-13T02:11:13Z
  • By Dpat
Atu × Dpat × Sango – 3

Vocals by Bosco

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6. Unbound

  • Published: 2014-04-25T16:44:42Z
  • By Dpat

"Unbound" is the bonus track to the vinyl release of the 'In Bloom' album. Available for download with vinyl purchase of 'In Bloom' at Premiered by Fader at

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8. WYN

  • Published: 2016-01-11T01:49:22Z
  • By Dpat

Vocals from What You Need by The Weeknd.

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9. H.E.R. - Focus (Dpat Remix)

  • Published: 2017-01-06T01:31:25Z
  • By Dpat
H.E.R. - Focus (Dpat Remix)

additional drum programming by Sango

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10. 'missing you' (ft. Dpat)

  • Published: 2013-03-23T04:02:21Z
  • By atu
'missing you' (ft. Dpat)

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11. Pearl - I Know (Dpat Remix)

  • Published: 2014-09-24T03:28:06Z
  • By Dpat
Pearl - I Know (Dpat Remix)

Pearl's debut album, Open, is out now: @white-room-records

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12. Dpat - Bloom | Out Now

Dpat - Bloom | Out Now

FULL RELEASE OUT NOW FOR FREE (Until September 10th): Lifted from Dpat's forthcoming 'In Bloom' project out on August 27, here is "Bloom", a dreamy yet dark masterpiece. THE FADER has premiered the track and video by VASH here: Artwork by SAMÜEL JOHNSON

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13. Enough Of You (Prod. By Sango, Atu & Dpat)

  • Published: 2016-04-28T17:42:52Z
  • By Azad
Enough Of You (Prod. By Sango, Atu & Dpat)

Produced by: @sangobeats, @alphatmu, @dpat Mixed/Mastered by Daniel Braunstein Creative Direction by Brando( Lyrics: hook: I can't get enough of you said I can't get enough of you I'm in love w the things you do and I can't get, said I can't 1 - Weathered the storm, I stayed pushing through the cold front The act of worryings like a prayer for what you don't want Shit, I used to be depressed thinking about you But I should care less, my futures brighter than some gold fronts I loved the idea of you Much more than I actually loved being with you What I mean is you wasn't a keeper, still I can name a couple of reasons why my mind was so deep into you I had broke up with my ex and was fiendin for admiration Plus the city loved you, i was seekin their validation Then I fell too fast, it got ugly during those late night calls, my demons was mad abrasive I had no shame that whole Summer Hitting everything that moved God damn it was cold Summer And all I really wanted was you 2 - Between you and the music game, girl I lost faith that year Had a whole lotta hate in my veins that year Shit, I know made mad mistakes that year Still if I could go back, I wouldn't change that, yeah You fucked the kid that introduced us And he was best friends with your ex, that shit is fucked up He said you was wack in the bed, it might be fucked up But that's how I knew he wasn't lying... And now you got a new man Heard he ride round town in a new Benz He's a go getter huh, he making new plans for you Tryna tell you what to do, well that dude ain't for you but no matter how I feel it ain't my place to act know I meant what I said, I won't take it back and no matter what I do, I can't change the past I just wish we coulda made it last, aw yeah 3 - Damn, I used to tear your walls up But now you're the reason that my walls up these girls should blame you when I don't pick they calls up getting mad confused, when I say I lost trust but I'm tryin to get my heart on the same page as my mind but it's harder than I thought to find a lady on the grind who understands the game and everything that's on the line for me... The other girls I left, they would cry for me How'd I fall for a chick that wouldn't ride for me If I dipped I bet she wouldn't blink an eye for me But she's the only one I see and thats the irony Yeah, I tried my best at replacing you I lost my soul trying to wait for you Look what you made me do, what can I say to you

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14. Over

  • Published: 2013-08-29T05:23:54Z
  • By Dpat

From the album 'In Bloom' out now via Soulection. Artwork by SAMÜEL JOHNSON Released by: SOULECTION Release/catalogue number: S030 Release date: Aug 27, 2013

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16. Dpat - Above Us (Pyxis Edit)

  • Published: 2014-09-11T14:24:57Z
  • By Pyxis
Dpat - Above Us (Pyxis Edit)

Free download for you lovely people!

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17. Dpat - Bloom (Ekali Edit)

  • Published: 2014-04-29T09:28:46Z
  • By EKALI
Dpat - Bloom (Ekali Edit)

Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Quick little 1 hr edit of one of my favorite tunes by one of my favorite producers @dpat

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18. I Know, Imani (w/ Dpat & atu)

  • Published: 2016-08-12T20:54:21Z
  • By asante
I Know, Imani (w/ Dpat & atu)

9 of 26 featured on @sonder "Undone" Mix @dpat @alphatmu to know more about my special ladyfriend.

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